HAWKEN is a multiplayer first person shooter for PC that places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battlefield of a dystopian world called Illal. With strategic, fast-paced gameplay, HAWKEN features incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes.
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Release Date: Feb 14, 2014

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Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“We are extremely happy to now offer HAWKEN as an Early Access title on Steam! We've been working hard fixing bugs, addressing feedback from the community and polishing up our design as we push forward towards our final release. HAWKEN is in the very final stages of BETA so you may notice a few bugs but we're ready for an expanded audience to try the game and have fun! HAWKEN is Free to Play so don't be shy about giving the game a try or recruiting your friends and family!

Please note that a pilot account is required to play HAWKEN. Use the following address to create a pilot account and you will be playing in no time at all: http://www.playhawken.com/enlist

We currently have 2 bundles available for purchase which offer players great game content at great discounts. We have a new lower price on the Prosk Starter Bundle and just launched the Mercenary Bundle which saves you an approximate 60% off the cost of purchasing each item individually!

If you were a player of HAWKEN previous to our presence on Steam please note that we are no longer be using our own launcher for the game but instead will be using Steam as a sole content delivery method. As a result we recommend that players uninstall any previous versions of the game before downloading the game here to avoid any potential conflicts. All your progress is stored remotely so you won't have to worry about losing anything!

We're excited to now bring HAWKEN to even more players and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!”
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July 29

Free Mech Test Drive: Infiltrator, Assault and Vanguard

Attention, mech pilots! For a limited time, you can test drive the Infiltrator, Assault and Vanguard mechs for free. Try before you buy! All 3 mechs are come fully equipped with items and internals.

Head to your garage to test drive these mechs right now until August 5!

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July 22

Free Mech Test Drive: Berserker, Raider and Brawler

Attention, mech pilots! For a limited time, you can test drive the Berserker, Raider and Brawler mechs for free. Try before you buy! All 3 mechs are come fully equipped with items and internals.

Head to your garage to test drive these mechs right now until July 29!

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“It's the type of experience that gets under your skin, making you want to come back for more.”

“Perfectly balanced mech warfare”

“HAWKEN is everything I ever wanted in a mech shooter”

Key Features

  • Fast Mech Gameplay: War is a Machine. Pilot hulking death machines and use massive weaponry to destroy your foes.
  • 18 Unique Mechs: Determine your method of mass destruction. Choose from 18 unique classes including the lightweight assassin like Reaper, the medium blitz mode Raider and the heavy tank-like Incinerator. Each mech is unique with their own special abilities, stats and weapon loadouts.
  • 6 Game Modes: Play cooperatively or competitively in the 6 game modes available. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault, Siege, Co-Op Bot Destruction and Co-Op TDM.
  • Stunning Dystopian Environments: Experience a planet in the depths of war. Battle across decaying cityscapes, desert towns, post-apocalyptic wastelands, jungle outposts and secret weapons facilities.
  • Loadout Customization: Customize your playstyle with a wide array of internals that offer passive improvements, as well as offensive, defensive and functional items. There's also a plethora of cosmetic enhancements to truly personalize your mech.
  • Arsenal of Weapons: Choose your weapons wisely. Massive sniper rifles, rotary cannons, ballistic spike guns, fireball launchers, corrosive chemical weapons and dual mode explosive launchers are just a few of your options for ordnance.
  • Variety of Items: Use the right tool for the job. Deploy a hologram to fool enemy mechs, use an EMP to shutdown their core systems and then launch a high explosive grenade or detonator for their fiery demise. Choose from 12 unique items which offer a variety of gameplay.
  • Enhanced NVIDIA PhysX: Take your battle experience to the next level with the latest in NVIDIA’s PhysX technology. Explosion and particle effects are incredibly more detailed to provide the optimal visual experience of mech warfare.
  • Oculus Rift Support: Fully immerse yourself in mech battles with gameplay support for the Oculus Rift.

About This Game

HAWKEN is a multiplayer first person shooter for PC that places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battlefield of a dystopian world called Illal. With strategic, fast-paced gameplay, HAWKEN features incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes.

HAWKEN features 6 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Co-Op Bot Destruction, Missile Assault, Siege, Deathmatch and Co-Op TDM. Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience that requires a different approach and hones a separate set of skills.

  • Team Deathmatch
    Two teams of six group together and battle as a team in a race to 40 kills. Fighting as a group and knowing when to play defensively is essential to survival.

  • Co-Op Bot Destruction
    Team up with three other pilots for 25 waves of increasingly intense encounters against computer controlled mechs and attack drones. Every fifth wave is led by one or more elite boss mechs that can’t be defeated alone. Move as a group, plan your attack, and spend your resources wisely to eek out a victory against all odds. Co-Op Bot Destruction is currently available on the Facility and Front Line maps, each featuring a unique set of enemies.

  • Missile Assault
    Split your team of six into groups and compete over three missile silos spread across the map. Capture a silo and maintain control over it to launch missiles against the enemy team’s base ship. Control all three missile silos to do bonus damage and end the battle even sooner. Flexibility and effective use of items are the key to destroying the enemy base before they destroy yours.

  • Siege
    Collect EU from two energy sources in neutral territory and return them to base to launch an attack ship at the enemy base. Fight for control over the Anti Aircraft battery in the center of the map to keep your ship from being shot down before it reaches and destroys the enemy base. There is no time limit in Siege, but every ship you launch is more powerful than the last.

  • Deathmatch
    Watch your radar and be careful not to expose yourself until you have the advantage in an intense free-for-all battle. The player with the highest score after 10 minutes wins.

  • Co-Op TDM
    Team up with 5 other pilots for online TDM against computer controlled mechs. If you want to jump into a match and have some fun without concerning yourself with human opponents, then this is the mode for you!

HAWKEN features a wide range of customization options that allow you to craft a unique look and equipment loadout that other players will remember.

  • Cosmetic
    Strike fear in your enemies and confidence in your allies with unique trim colors & paint patterns, chassis parts, thrusters, and repair drones. Taunt defeated opponents and make your teammates laugh with comic mech emotes and deployable hologram generators. Make yourself at home in your mech by using cockpit decorations, custom HUD colors and different combinations of primary and secondary reticles!

  • Practical
    Customize your play style and abilities with passive internals and deployable items. Internals take one to three of six available internal slots and range in effect from giving your mech a unique ability, such as dashing or doing a 180 spin in mid-air, to temporarily boosting damage or healing each time you gain a kill or assist. Items can serve as an additional weapon (e.g. EMPs, Grenades), a deployable piece of equipment that helps you and your teammates (e.g. Portable Scanner, Shield) or one that disrupts your enemies (e.g. Machine Gun or Rocket Turret, Radar Scrambler). Select a loadout that matches your play style to defeat your enemies quickly, support your team, or control tactically important areas of the map.

Game Guide

HAWKEN offers pilots numerous mechs in three different weight classes that fill a variety of distinct roles on the battlefield. Find the mechs that match your play style and study the strengths and weaknesses of enemy mechs in our comprehensive mech guide.

HAWKEN has numerous maps to explore. But you can’t always enjoy the scenery--or get your bearings--while boosting away from enemies. Our Map Guide includes interactive maps showing major points of interest for every game mode on every map, plus lore, screenshots, gameplay tips, and more.

Every mech starts with one primary weapon. You can purchase two additional primary weapons in the garage. You can purchase the alternate primary weapon at mech rank 3 and the prestige weapon at mech rank 5. You can swap your primary weapon in the Garage or in the Staging Area before a match or between respawns. Each mech only has one secondary weapon. They cannot be switched out for alternatives like primary weapons. However, all secondary weapons possess a special ability that provides additional functionality. Use the middle mouse button to activate that ability.

HAWKEN lets you change your equipment to customize and upgrade your mechs. You can equip a variety of useful items and deploy them in battle to gain an edge over your opponents.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Card Supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0 (NVIDIA 9800 GTX or AMD HD 5670)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1280 x 720 or Higher Resolution
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (64bit)
    • Processor: 3Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024MB Graphics Card Supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0 (NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD HD 6850)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Early Access Review
Click for Gameplay Trailer - Preview

+ fast tactic fights
- mechs feel like heavy soldiers

+ nice animated mechs
+ flying debris
- bad damage modeling

Game Size:
+ over 9 Maps
+ coop Survival Mode
+ 5 game modes

Combat System:
+ mechs with strengths and weaknesses
+ no waiting time after kill
- just a little range combat

Weapons & Extras:
+ 18 unique mechs
+ special abilitys
+ balanced weapons
- only 2 weapon slots per mech

+ fair F2P model
+ no imba mechs
- sometimes unfair matchmaking

Fans of mech games or just first-person-shooter fans in general will enjoy the speed and veracity at which HAWKEN delivers a powerful, engaging shooter experience.
Mechs of every shape and size, each with hundreds of customization options - whether functional or cosmetic -- abound the game marketplace, titillating potential buyers with relatively affordable prices. Nothing is of the dreaded "pay-to-win" model however.

The mech combat game is graphically very nice, especially for an indie title.
the maps are small, and the combat fast.
Before each match, players pick their mech. Mechs come in Light, Medium and Heavy classes.
Each offering a different play style. The game also gives each mech a difficulty rating. There's the Assault, a lightweight all-rounder that combines a medium range rifle with a TOW rocket launcher. Assault mechs are easy to use, but lack personality, like an off-brand toaster. The Rocketeer is more of a challenge, but a powerhouse in the right hands.

Each mech has a primary weapon and a secondary weapon.
you can customize their mechs in the Garage. three primary weapons are available to each mech.
Mechs can carry two items. offensive and support Items.
The Assault, for example, can instantly cool down its weapons if they overheat.

Mechs can be equipped with three internals, offensive, defensive and functional, which provide passive buffs and debuffs.
Leveling up buffs the mech's performance and unlocking new weapons, items and optimization. The cap is 25, at which point the player can choose to prestige the mech. Prestige will reset the mech's level back to 1 but will unlock special prestige weapons.
You'll earn optimisation points that you can use to advance through three RPG-style skill trees. Offence increases bullet damage, fire rate, and reduces weapon heat. Defence toughens up your armour and increases your dodge speed. Movement enables you to walk faster, makes you less visible to radar, and increases your fuel regeneration rate.

You start with a very old mech. this mech looks like a big tv screen with arms and big legs (very old one). Some players will probably end up buying Meteor Credits.
You'll have to spend 7000 Hawken Credits for that right . Or you could just spend 800 Meteor Credits instead - real cash. 800 Credits > around 4 dollars.

There are 5 game modes. deathmatch, team deathmatch, missle assault, siege and survival.
Deathmatch and survival are my fav. siege and missle assault are interesting too.
Missile Assault has two sides fighting to take control of three missile silos. When a silo is held, it continually launches rockets at the enemy base.
Siege mod: Players have to gather energy from the map, and bring it back to the base. When a certain amount is harvested, an big battleship is launched to the opposing team's base. When this happens, the other team has to secure an AA gun to shoot it down. Siege is maybe the best mode.

great mech shooter without a pay2win system. if you like heavy warmachines, choose your mech and jump in!

Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam (not the youtube video).
I make this for the Community and your help is greatly appreciated :)
Posted: October 2
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Early Access Review
The best F2P Mech shooter you can get on Steam.

- Highly addictive. Gain XP and equip your mech with thousands of weapon combinations.
- Earn about 500 in-game badges (like achievements) and uplevel your mech to highest rank.
- Contains a lot of paying elements (like XP booster, emoticons, and other cosmetic) but you can just ignore them. Because mostly you buy your upgrades with the in-game earned currency.
- Really cool maps and I've just played team deathmatch yet.
- Fall in love with Laila, your female guide ...

Can you believe this? - The game is still early access.
Posted: October 3
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24 of 33 people (73%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Hawken is a brilliant game. The sense of weight and scale is apparent. The combat, once you get the hang of it, is extremely fast paced and reactionary. You have to be quick to dodge using your boosters. Read your opponents moves and play strategically while still maintaining twitch reflex shooting. Its very, very intense. There really isn't any other game like Hawken out right now. Its like a Mech Sim FPS with an arcade game feel. As far as the F2P model, its rather well designed. The gameplay also looks incredibly stunning. No other game imo right now touts as much polish and detail visually, its remarkable that its F2P. The game will only get better from here on out. Get this game and decide it for yourself.
Posted: July 9
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Early Access Review
This game is a lot of fun, and has Australian servers! (I couldn't play titanfall because it kept making me want to play this game)

Yes this game is F2P which normally means it's Pay 2 Win. But honestly I was amazed at how little (or none) advantage you get from the upgrades. The only thing that's worth paying for is different mechs as they use different weapons, and if you want to use a different type of weapon, you'll need to fork out to get a different mech, or play the game a stupid amount of hours to earn enough ingame money. (If you want different mechs, or want every thing this game can possibly offer not including skins, buy a bundle, you'll pay once like any other game and have all you want, except skins...)

The default mech you recieve for free is perfectly balanced with the other 'medium sized' mechs, there is 3 sizes, light medium and large, all play together and all are supposed to be 'equal' they mostely are but it really depends on how you use them. There is a higher learning curve on the smaller mechs as you have to really make full use of your small agility boost or you'll die in 2 hits, larger mechs allow beginners to be a bit more lazy, especially if you find someone to repair you.

If you're a first time player, or not in a light mech make sure you always hang around your team mates! :) or prepare to be frustrated :(
Posted: July 18
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Early Access Review
This is a free-to-play game that is NOT pay-to-win. If you like TF2 or Counter-Strike, you'll probably like this as well. Basically, you pilot a giant robot-of-death with a team, or solo, and try to kill other players until the match is over. Thats it. Just don't get discouraged when you first start playing, because you have to make a seperate profile for the Hawken website, but is well worth it. Very fun, and very teamwork oriented. Kill me or get killed by me, JUST PLAY THIS GAME!
Posted: May 14
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Early Access Review
Don't let the Steam stat fool you, I've played this game for hundreds upon hundreds of hours, and it has all been worth it. The reason the Steam stat is wrong is because Hawken has been available for download since 2012, and it only recently became available on Steam. If you don't believe me, here's a couple of links to screenshots proving it right here: 1 and 2

Ever since I first got into the Alpha way back in 2012, I've been absolutely hooked to Hawken. Hawken is an excellent first person shooter in the tradition of games somewhat along the lines of arena shooters like Quake or Unreal Tournament, but with a nice mech flair that gives Hawken a very unique feel. There are well over a dozen mechs in the game, all with their own play styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and with quite a bit of customization for each one, from the way they perform to the way they look. You can unlock these customizations simply by playing a mech, or by buying them with the in game currency. Free cosmetic customization options unlock as well as you level up the individual mechs (mech level) and your overall earned experience across all mechs (pilot level).

When I first got into it, I was a little worried since, as a free to play game, the possibility of pay-to-win rearing its ugly head was always a possibility, but my fears remained unfounded. Like all developers, these guys need to make money, but they've limited the pay-only stuff to the cosmetic options like camos, thrusters, and repair drones that all have no effect on game play. You of course have the option to buy new mechs and such straight away, too, but it's never a requirement. All the mechs and weapons are balanced very well overall, and there has never been a single MUST HAVE mech or weapon that gives you an advantage over everyone else.

I did, personally, buy a Brawler the moment the game entered open beta, as I knew from the closed testing it was the mech for me. However, every other mech, weapon, item, and internal in the game was bought with the currency I earned simply through playing - and I have them all. There is a grind - but it is nowhere near as heinous as it is in plenty of other free-to-play titles out there, and I enjoyed every bit of the game play, I never once felt like I was having to grind out the equipment. On top of all that, the community in this game is phenomenal. I never wanted to get involved in an official community, or in a clan before. It had always seemed stupid and pointless and bleergh. However, I was slowly pushed into it with Hawken, and it's been a tremendous experience. So many of the players are extremely helpful, the developers are friendly and responsive, and my experience as a whole with this game was profoundly affected by my interactions with the community here. Seriously, it's shockingly good for an online game.

Tl;dr: There is no third person. This game is great. Go play it.
Posted: February 11
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