HAWKEN is a multiplayer first person shooter for PC that places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battlefield of a dystopian world called Illal. With strategic, fast-paced gameplay, HAWKEN features incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes.
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Release Date: Feb 14, 2014

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“We are extremely happy to now offer HAWKEN as an Early Access title on Steam! We've been working hard fixing bugs, addressing feedback from the community and polishing up our design as we push forward towards our final release. HAWKEN is in the very final stages of BETA so you may notice a few bugs but we're ready for an expanded audience to try the game and have fun! HAWKEN is Free to Play so don't be shy about giving the game a try or recruiting your friends and family!

Please note that a pilot account is required to play HAWKEN. Use the following address to create a pilot account and you will be playing in no time at all: http://www.playhawken.com/enlist

We currently have 2 bundles available for purchase which offer players great game content at great discounts. We have a new lower price on the Prosk Starter Bundle and just launched the Mercenary Bundle which saves you an approximate 60% off the cost of purchasing each item individually!

If you were a player of HAWKEN previous to our presence on Steam please note that we are no longer be using our own launcher for the game but instead will be using Steam as a sole content delivery method. As a result we recommend that players uninstall any previous versions of the game before downloading the game here to avoid any potential conflicts. All your progress is stored remotely so you won't have to worry about losing anything!

We're excited to now bring HAWKEN to even more players and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!”
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June 20

Dev Update - Q&A

Now that we're home from E3 I've put together the questions you have and had the Devs take a pass at answering. I hope this information helps put your minds at ease that the PC is still going to be around. We're not replacing it with the consoles, the consoles are a new addition to the Hawken family. Click here to read the full Q&A/

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June 13

Dev Update - Catching Up! Coming Soon - PS4 & Xbox One!

The E3 Announcement for Hawken on Play Station 4 and Xbox One is finally released!  We hope you're just as excited as we are about the news. 
Ever wondered just what was going on for the past year or so? We figured a high level timeline might be of interest :) 
The long and short of it is that the console port is a fantastic addition to Hawken. It brings the gameplay we all love to a very wide audience, and we’ve all kinds of good plans for the future. The PC platform is going see all kinds of benefits; we’re in the process of getting all platforms up to feature parity, and from that point on, the Illal sky is the limit.
March 2015 – Reloaded Games acquires Hawken assets

This was the big rescue-style emergency recovery action to make sure Hawken didn’t disappear.

June 2015 – Console port starts to ramp up
505 Games happened to notice when we acquired the Hawken assets. They pretty quickly mentioned they thought a console port would make a lot of sense, and so after some negotiation time and some exploratory research, an agreement was signed that put Hawken on the road to becoming a console title. Prior to then, we had to sort of remain in a bit of a holding pattern, because depending on the possible console port work, the nature of immediate development efforts would have been drastically different. This is probably when you may have noticed capnjosh becoming a little less-than-precise in his communications ;)

July 2015 – Initial code merge for PlayStation 4 port
This involved merging some 26,000 files. I'm sure you can imagine how mind-numbing that can be. Our tech director had done this a number of times before, so when he finished, the game was surprisingly close to running. Things generally compiled, but, as you can guess, it becomes a hugely painful process of addressing every compilation problem, adding more logging, iterating, and generally going into super-focus mode for hours and hours and days and days. If you don’t mind doing that, then, well game dev may be for you.

August 2015 – First raw PlayStation builds
This phase took the longest, since it had to set things up to work with the upcoming Xbox One merge. It also was where we had to also port the Hawken-specific online subsystems; this proved to pretty time-consuming on its own. All throughout, we made sure it ran on PC, which helped with testing overall, and it also allowed for faster dev work for the rest of the team. 
September 2015 – Xbox One code merge and first builds

During this process we had to upgrade to DirectX 11. We had to merge 3 different rendering pipelines into one so future development could be faster. 

October 2015 –  Significant playable builds for console. UI starts to become a challenging little beast
Here’s where the development started to get interesting. Talk about complex.

November 2015 – UI proves to be far more of a problem than anticipated.

The problem essentially boiled down to pretty old tech debt. The UI code had had to be structured to handle a lot more than ActionScript 2 was really well-suited to handle, so there were added layers of complexity that made work very slow for people unfamiliar with all the context behind where and why things were coded the way they were. Clean, well-engineered code, yes, but very complex.
December 2015 – Started a UI rebuild; winter illness

The idea behind this was that we could not get satisfactory console controller input. Shifting focus between all the elements on the existing UI was proving near impossible. So, we sort of had no choice but to try rebuilding a new UI framework using all the experience of past console port work and current best practices. This process was very time consuming, and I’m sure our publisher can emphasize how worrisome it all was ;)
January 2016 – Revert to old UI with help of original U programmer; framerate gets better
Out of nowhere, Jay Elwanger happened to become available. He knew how and why code was the way it was and he loved Hawken. He was able to do a proof-of-concept UI update that indicated we did not have to scrap the entire old UI. This work allowed us to put focus back on the engine-specific porting work.
February 2016 – Services layer updates, continue UI, reschedule launch dates

We upgraded frameworks for the back-end services, we improved handling, created all the server-to-server communications systems required for console authentication and purchases. Kind of a complex bundle of things there, let me tell ya. Good thing is it’s all fairly reusable and pretty clean.
March 2016 – More services updates, hosting and deployment adjustments
The services layer saw upgrades to things like processing efficiency, security, and compression of data in transit over the network. Hosting systems and the services layer had to updated to handle the now-multiple platforms per environment. Deployment systems, build servers, gameserver hosts, and services machines all saw changes. And all the while we had to keep in mind how we can ensure the live PC game is supported.

April 2016 – First certification checks on Xbox One
The Xbox team at Microsoft was excited to see Hawken on the Xbox One, and they actually did a few pre-certification reviews for us. And then they even had an expert do an analysis of some PIX captures. You know when you get to hear a true expert on some topic sort of explain what they’re seeing, what they suspect could be a cause, and then some historical background on why something could be happening? Yeah, there are some really smart people over at Microsoft.
May 2016 – First certification submissions, massive bug fixing

Having a game build in certification testing is nerve-wracking. You go for several days fearing the worst – dozens of Condition For Resubmission items (in Xbox parlance) or Must Fix items (in Play Station testing terms). The stakes are high at this point ; it takes a week or two from the time you do final commits for a build to when that build is done with submission testing. Getting fixes retested and approved can be that long plus the time it takes to find and fix the issues. It was in May that we lost someone who had become a great friend and huge Hawken supporter, Jay Elwanger. We were all stunned and we still miss him. He loved Hawken, and he poured some fantastic work into this game. I’m proud to have known him.

Summer 2016 – Launch, relaunch, and updates
There will undoubtedly be some cleanup and fixes required after the console launch, but during all that we will be preparing for the PC relaunch. Why didn’t we do the PC first? A commitment to launch the console version first and the desire to solidify that release before we tackle the task of making sure all the existing data in the PC game is handled right. We also have what we expect to performance improvements, a new patcher, and the new faster services layer. Most importantly, we have structured the project so that any development efforts apply across all platforms, so once we have all the platforms up to the same version, all future development should proceed in lock-step.
Future development targets, roadmap, and more will be released over the coming weeks.

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“It's the type of experience that gets under your skin, making you want to come back for more.”

“Perfectly balanced mech warfare”

“HAWKEN is everything I ever wanted in a mech shooter”

Key Features

  • Fast Mech Gameplay: War is a Machine. Pilot hulking death machines and use massive weaponry to destroy your foes.
  • 18 Unique Mechs: Determine your method of mass destruction. Choose from 18 unique classes including the lightweight assassin like Reaper, the medium blitz mode Raider and the heavy tank-like Incinerator. Each mech is unique with their own special abilities, stats and weapon loadouts.
  • 6 Game Modes: Play cooperatively or competitively in the 6 game modes available. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault, Siege, Co-Op Bot Destruction and Co-Op TDM.
  • Stunning Dystopian Environments: Experience a planet in the depths of war. Battle across decaying cityscapes, desert towns, post-apocalyptic wastelands, jungle outposts and secret weapons facilities.
  • Loadout Customization: Customize your playstyle with a wide array of internals that offer passive improvements, as well as offensive, defensive and functional items. There's also a plethora of cosmetic enhancements to truly personalize your mech.
  • Arsenal of Weapons: Choose your weapons wisely. Massive sniper rifles, rotary cannons, ballistic spike guns, fireball launchers, corrosive chemical weapons and dual mode explosive launchers are just a few of your options for ordnance.
  • Variety of Items: Use the right tool for the job. Deploy a hologram to fool enemy mechs, use an EMP to shutdown their core systems and then launch a high explosive grenade or detonator for their fiery demise. Choose from 12 unique items which offer a variety of gameplay.
  • Enhanced NVIDIA PhysX: Take your battle experience to the next level with the latest in NVIDIA’s PhysX technology. Explosion and particle effects are incredibly more detailed to provide the optimal visual experience of mech warfare.
  • Oculus Rift Support: Fully immerse yourself in mech battles with gameplay support for the Oculus Rift.

About This Game

HAWKEN is a multiplayer first person shooter for PC that places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battlefield of a dystopian world called Illal. With strategic, fast-paced gameplay, HAWKEN features incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes.

HAWKEN features 6 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Co-Op Bot Destruction, Missile Assault, Siege, Deathmatch and Co-Op TDM. Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience that requires a different approach and hones a separate set of skills.

  • Team Deathmatch
    Two teams of six group together and battle as a team in a race to 40 kills. Fighting as a group and knowing when to play defensively is essential to survival.

  • Co-Op Bot Destruction
    Team up with three other pilots for 25 waves of increasingly intense encounters against computer controlled mechs and attack drones. Every fifth wave is led by one or more elite boss mechs that can’t be defeated alone. Move as a group, plan your attack, and spend your resources wisely to eek out a victory against all odds. Co-Op Bot Destruction is currently available on the Facility and Front Line maps, each featuring a unique set of enemies.

  • Missile Assault
    Split your team of six into groups and compete over three missile silos spread across the map. Capture a silo and maintain control over it to launch missiles against the enemy team’s base ship. Control all three missile silos to do bonus damage and end the battle even sooner. Flexibility and effective use of items are the key to destroying the enemy base before they destroy yours.

  • Siege
    Collect EU from two energy sources in neutral territory and return them to base to launch an attack ship at the enemy base. Fight for control over the Anti Aircraft battery in the center of the map to keep your ship from being shot down before it reaches and destroys the enemy base. There is no time limit in Siege, but every ship you launch is more powerful than the last.

  • Deathmatch
    Watch your radar and be careful not to expose yourself until you have the advantage in an intense free-for-all battle. The player with the highest score after 10 minutes wins.

  • Co-Op TDM
    Team up with 5 other pilots for online TDM against computer controlled mechs. If you want to jump into a match and have some fun without concerning yourself with human opponents, then this is the mode for you!

HAWKEN features a wide range of customization options that allow you to craft a unique look and equipment loadout that other players will remember.

  • Cosmetic
    Strike fear in your enemies and confidence in your allies with unique trim colors & paint patterns, chassis parts, thrusters, and repair drones. Taunt defeated opponents and make your teammates laugh with comic mech emotes and deployable hologram generators. Make yourself at home in your mech by using cockpit decorations, custom HUD colors and different combinations of primary and secondary reticles!

  • Practical
    Customize your play style and abilities with passive internals and deployable items. Internals take one to three of six available internal slots and range in effect from giving your mech a unique ability, such as dashing or doing a 180 spin in mid-air, to temporarily boosting damage or healing each time you gain a kill or assist. Items can serve as an additional weapon (e.g. EMPs, Grenades), a deployable piece of equipment that helps you and your teammates (e.g. Portable Scanner, Shield) or one that disrupts your enemies (e.g. Machine Gun or Rocket Turret, Radar Scrambler). Select a loadout that matches your play style to defeat your enemies quickly, support your team, or control tactically important areas of the map.

Game Guide

HAWKEN offers pilots numerous mechs in three different weight classes that fill a variety of distinct roles on the battlefield. Find the mechs that match your play style and study the strengths and weaknesses of enemy mechs in our comprehensive mech guide.

HAWKEN has numerous maps to explore. But you can’t always enjoy the scenery--or get your bearings--while boosting away from enemies. Our Map Guide includes interactive maps showing major points of interest for every game mode on every map, plus lore, screenshots, gameplay tips, and more.

Every mech starts with one primary weapon. You can purchase two additional primary weapons in the garage. You can purchase the alternate primary weapon at mech rank 3 and the prestige weapon at mech rank 5. You can swap your primary weapon in the Garage or in the Staging Area before a match or between respawns. Each mech only has one secondary weapon. They cannot be switched out for alternatives like primary weapons. However, all secondary weapons possess a special ability that provides additional functionality. Use the middle mouse button to activate that ability.

HAWKEN lets you change your equipment to customize and upgrade your mechs. You can equip a variety of useful items and deploy them in battle to gain an edge over your opponents.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Card Supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0 (NVIDIA 9800 GTX or AMD HD 5670)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: 1280 x 720 or Higher Resolution
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (64bit)
    • Processor: 3Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024MB Graphics Card Supporting DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0 (NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD HD 6850)
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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31 of 31 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
914.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 23
Overview as of 11/23/2016

The community as it stands is a troll pit of people who couldn't truely troll anywhere else. Reloaded keeps making promises of new content new updates blah blah blah, but never happens. The official forums are pretty much useless with a 5 post "pre-acceptance" rule because the community thought it'd be ♥♥♥♥♥ and giggles to post gore porn on fake accounts.

Reloaded themselves have a lackluster presence for the community, what used to be constant contact has now trickled down to once in a blue moon contact. As far as their "Customer Support" goes, it makes EA/Ubisoft look good (No I'm not kidding, up to 2 months before a ticket reply).

Another big issue, the Reloaded moderators have become far to "friendly" to the community and are by no means professional. Often times being in the back pockets of select community members, letting them get away with what they please, as well as striking down ban hammers on anyone that looks at them funny. I've seen at least 12 people get banned in this way.

Second biggest issue is the attitude of the community. They outright hate outsiders and new players alike, if your new and unknown to them, you're instantly " a smurf of a known player" because in their minds the game is "to small for new players to be joining." Not only do they do this but they make major assumptions based simply on play style, if your a b-hopper as is common in most twitch shooters, which is what this game has devloved into. Steer outright clear, other wise you'll be "accused of being a known hacker that does the same thing."

Due to the nature of how the community acts towards new players it's really hurting the game badly, just two months ago, there were over 200 people a day, now it struggles to stay above 50 players for more than 2 hours. Late night gaming is almost impossible since numbers often drop into the teens if not the single digits.

Something Reloaded needs to crack down on is the ability for end users to modify graphics configs/inis, in it's current state, a specific user on the official forums has a "Plastic Hawken" config which removes all textures and effects, granted it increases game performance on very low end machines that don't meet minimum, but at the same time, it gives those who are using said config unfair advantages, since Predator cloaking no longer has static across the screen, ISM disruptors no longer blind the player, with all lighting/shading turned off, looking straight into the sky in some maps no longer have sunlight glare. Not to mention everything turns white, while enemies are a darker hue of white, with bright contrasting red boxes around them to really highlight where they are including beyond walls.

In the matter of match balancing, it may as well not even exist. In theory matchmaking is centered around a Match Maker Rating or MMR system, similiar to ELO in QuakeLive, however. The old devs [Adhesive Games] put code into the matchmaker algorithm to enter a "panic state" when a sutable match isn't found for the players' rating number. It starts with an initial deviation of 200, and slowly expands out to a maximum of 500, before the "panic state" is engaged, and throws the player into any match that has an open slot. This often leads to very high rated players often in the 2400~3000 range, getting placed into matches with pure just signed up newbies. Which the person proceeds to stomp all over entirely, those of which who stream these "PUG" matches as they call them, often sit behind their keyboards, gloating about their own skill, and how, as one streamer has put "[insert racial slur, cuss, etc here] shouldn't run and just die". Said streamer, supposedly offers "advice and training" on the official forums, but yet treats the same people like they're trash under his feet. This attitude is adopted among many of the so called "prominent members of the community."

Which leaves you to wonder what the exact mentality of the community is, since it seems to be, the more immature/arrogant/egotistical you are the more important you are??? The best part is these "high standing members" blame not their actions but rather on the actions of "known hackers" who haven't been seen in months, as the reason for the declining member count as well as the scarcity of new players.

One last thing about the community, is their inclination to use well known map exploits, be it, getting outside of starting gates, climbing up on buildings, or just in general getting to places you shouldn't be. When they themselves do it, it's glory all round, cheers to everyone. But yet let someone else repeat what they just done which is a clear violation of rules, and it's grab your torch and pitforks you got a manhunt on your hands, gotta burn that criminal you know! Meanwhile, they act as if what they did is perfectly fine but yet you do it and it's OHHHOHOHO NO BAN HAMMER TIME!

In closing, Reloaded should just pull the game from Steam until it's ready for re-release, because in it's current state, it's hardly playable, and it just keeps hurting it's own reputation to stay up. No one knows Hawken as "That fun mech shooter that was released on 12/12/12", but rather it's now known as "Hey isn't Hawken that troll pit with broken matchmaking and unfair balancing?"
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
107.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 8
This game was fantastic.... really sad to see the state it's in now.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
15 people found this review funny
10.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 24
Nominated for "I'm not crying, there's something in my eye" award, because the state it i in right now is just sad.
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11 of 13 people (85%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1,141.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 15
This is not really like other 'mech games. It is basically a twitch shooter with very little customization. This game is hardly updated with barely any added content as time goes on. It suffers from a sour community as well.
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
143.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 20
The game is great in its core and i highly think everyone should try it. Its not like Mech Warrior online where you focus more on tactics and skill, its an arcade mech shooter. But in its current state with the playerbase its hard to find a Deathmatch or Siege servers as people are simply not playing. TDM servers exist and are mostly full (4/5/6) players per team. This brings me to another point of TDM, the balancing system. In a nutshell its s*it. The lvl 30 players (myself included) get paired with 2 or 3 other lvl 30s while the other team has 3 beginners and maybe 1 high level player. But this game has a special place in my heart so i'm giving it a No becuse i still have hope that it will rise back to its full glory and not be left to die.
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
49.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 10
great game but sadly it lacks in everything from players to weapons per mecha maps ect. I would love to see this game make a come back but it seems to be left to die as one of the best mecha games I have ever played.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
106.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 28
Not exactly a fantastic game. I was really exited about this game because it had pretty good graphics, was free to play, and most importantly, I love mech related games. When I first got it, it seemed like a lot of fun but a couple matches in, I was getting stomped on by max level players. I thought that it was just some bad luck, but several hours of time put into this game, it looked like the matchmaking system needs some TLC. Moreover, the community is rotting, it consists of a minority of players with an awful god-complex that don't like incoming new players and call you a hacker. Also, the map exploits, the freaking map exploits. Time and time again, I've seen whole groups of mechs camping on the top of a building destroying everything, winning the match 6-34, four times. Whats worse is when those camping players see anyone else doing it, they call you a hacker and mute/ban you. Hawken has pretty much the most toxic community that I've seen for the most part. But there are a good handfull of players that are high level, but are very accepting of new players and don't exploit; but in an already microscopic community, those players are rare. Lastly, the devs... I have a special message to you:
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Seriously, there has been not a single patch/update/release/anything related for who knows how long (not since I've played which is mid june 2016) been in beta pretty much its whole lifetime, doomed to join the never-ending cycle of update promesed : never happens and join the rotting pool if forever indev games that never leave beta or alpha. But if the current devs do, in fact, improve the game via patch/update/release/anything related, it better be frikken awesome. What a shame, the game had such potential...
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
5.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 10
Great multiplayer action, i highly enjoyed it. It really gives you a feeling, that you playing mobile robots. ( of course there are not mobile too XD), overall this game has great design, awesome ( realistically robot-like) fights and great surroundings. I had this feeling, that i'm in some future in real battles with tough robots. I played only 2 types of robots, but had so much fun with them. Robots can also use some items in battle, like for example put a turret in middle of fight or creat a force field, that lets you hide in the middle of fight from enemy's atacks and heal yourself ( your team players can use this field too ). Though i'm not sure if multiplayer is alive now, so play at your own risk.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 2
This game is good, its extremely fun to play and ive had my fair hours of enjoyment out of it but I feel, that this game is just simpy better on a console, because simply the way the game handles mouse sensitivity is just damn awful, when i first got into a game i thought the sensitivity must be by defualt low and when i turned up the sensitivity to a fairly high set, i found it too much of a chore to turn around and navigate and as a fast pace game this shouldnt be like it, thats why i feel this game would be much better on a console as the way the camera navigation is set would feel more natural on a controller not a mouse, i do like the game but unfortuantly the camera navigation is just too akward to get used to and looking around is just too much of a chore so this review will be negitive
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
177.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 26
Man, I wanted so badly for this game to become something.

Strong arena style mech FPS. Game has a lot of soul and potential but is pretty much dead due to a mismanaged developement cycle, poor balancing and generally steep learning curve. Poor matchmaking system made even worse by smurf accounts, aimbotters and generally toxic players.

Aimbot is meta.
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Recently Posted
shakotan coop
111.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 3
great gameplay; awesome graphics and free. Good community too
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600.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 3
Great game for a free to play. Have never grown tired of it!!!!!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
80.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 2
very fast-paced, lots of exploding mechs. 10\10
Helpful? Yes No Funny
i7 5930k
7.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 2
+ Amazing graphics
+ Game engine is well optimized and even utlize more then a single core.
+ Gameplay is fluit and controls are easy to comprehend.
+ Matching doesnt take long and is quite engaging

- Sound effects leave much to be desired
- Troll/Troxic Community.

But I will recommend this highly action packed game.
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88.2 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 2
I lost my mechs, sent ticket and still waiting for an answer :(
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4.4 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 2
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Mr. Shire
2.5 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 1
Where to begin

The game has this "mechanic" where your camera speed is very limited, almost as if you're using a gamepad.
By the way, improving mouse sensitivity doesn't fix this, so sorry about that.
This will be the first thing you notice when you get into training mode (that and they straight up tell you about it).
Nothing was more frustrating than having my camera speed limited in an FPS; it made me want to backflip into my staircase.
"But what if someone is shooting you in the back? Can you turn in time?". There is a fix for this, and it's similar to what was in Left 4 Dead where you can do an instant 180 degree turn.

Matchmaking is a leaky bucket of phlegm that you're forced to guzzle it down and smile afterwards.
I played at least 8 matches; I played with some of the exact same people, so if you're hoping for different players, you may as well get a refill on that bucket, it might do something different this time around.
So if those people i played with decide they're done playing, i'm just left here holding my ♥♥♥♥♥, which isn't different from any other night.
But this alone just shows how stagnant the community is; unless you invite some friends who are willing to stomach this.

Undeniablly the worst part about this game lands it in the fourth circle of hell.
This game suffers from the perfidious sin that is microtransactions.
In the begginning of the game you only get one mech to play with until you get enough in-game credits to purchase others.
While these credits can be acquired by completing matches, the aforementioned problem regarding matchmaking makes it a bit tricky. If you want to get those mechs faster, you may as well get out your visa/debit/paypal and give them your money in exchange for in-game currency!
This is the biggest problem, especially considering the fact that most items and upgrades for your mechs cannot be acquired until you reach a certain level. But you can avoid that grind by shelling out some paper Oooh!~
This puts new players on the cutting block by not being able to compete with players that have top tier gear. This-along with the fact that this game apparently doesn't update anymore- is probably one of the reasons this game's playerbase is dying.

TL;DR gameplay is clunky, contains microtransactions, and has a dying playerbase. Do. Not. Bother.
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30.9 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 1
Love this game, a blast to play and a lot to try. I may not have played it recently but I have been very busy and am drawn into many games at the moment. Even my favorites like tf2 and warframe have not been touched in months. I will definately come back to this game when i have the time.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
3.8 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 1
Helpful? Yes No Funny