DarkBlood online delivers an arcade-style side-scrolling cross between Action and MMORPG in a dark world currently in peril. Become a protector of the realm as you choose between 6 classes and 12 sub-classes. Unite against your enemies; slash, dash and destroy all those who stand in your way!
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Data wydania: 22 Lip, 2014

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"Dark Blood Online pits player versus player in exciting arena combat. As the descendant of a fallen hero, it is your task to discover the evil seekin..."
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Server disconnection

Dear all,

We are very sorry to say that currently we are having server disconnection issue and this is caused by physical problem in server machine so we are putting our efforts to figure out the problem as soon as possible.
However it might take few days and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.
Once all the problem is solved, I will give you the update.

Team Dark Blood Online

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12 marca

Let's Fish Treasures! March 14 ~ 15 PST

Hello guys,

On this weekend, Fishing event will be coming to the game.

Premium grade reinforcement scrolls are added on the reward list


Minor Weaon/Armor Random Reinforcement Scroll
Enhanced Weapon/Armor Random Reinforcement Scroll
Premium Weapon/Armor Random Reinforcement Scroll

March 14 ~ 15 PST

Good luck!

DBO Support Team
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O tej grze

▶DarkBlood Online shows game features of an Action RPG[Action 50% + MMORPG 50%]
-Action: Hack & Slash / Various Skill / Dungeon Play
-MMORPG: Competition/ Multiple way to Level Up/ Guild System

▶18 different classes: Total 6 different classes & 12 different sub-classes(3D character customization system)

▶Main 4 Classes/ 2 classes coming soon!

▶And you can fight with more than 250 different types of monsters

▶All Backgrounds work are made 2D based. 2D based background are optimized for ‘Side Scroll’ gaming

▶Darkblood is “Controller Friendly”. A specific command system for controllers is made so that all skills for each class can be used. Furthermore, each skill can be customized and set on the keyboard via short-cut(hot key), allowing for easy play.

▶DarkBlood brings a dark fantasy and world view concept. Providing solid scenario, along with interesting quests that provides engaging play for user(s). Especially, providing an even higher level of play through quests such as Monster Trial play.

▶DarkBlood not only provides Dungeon Play and PvP, but also various life skill related entertaining tasks such as Crafting, Rides, Pet, fishing, Card collecting are provided.

▶You can also join facebook fansite to see Darkblood cartoon and news.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Darkbloodsteam
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkbloodSteam

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Intel Premium 4 2.42 GHz / AMD XP 2600+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce FX 5700 / ATI Radeon 9600 PRO (128MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00 GHz / AMD Athlon 3200+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6600GT / ATI Radeon 9800 (256MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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341.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 9 lutego
Short Version:
It can be fun, but it's pretty clear that development for this online game ended back in 2013, meaning it has no future, and I expect this version to be shut down around the middle of 2015, or sooner. I'd suggest you not bother with the game, but if you really want to start playing, don't plan around any sort of long term investment.

Long Version:
This is a game in the same online brawler RPG genre of other games such as Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), Continent of the Ninth (C9), and Elsword, but being 2.5D shares more in common with other 2.5D games within the genre like DFO. I've been playing this game off, and on for a few years now through different publishers, in various regions. It can be fun, but also can suffer from various annoyances like excessive environmental clutter, overly flashy effects, or related, which can make it difficult to see what's going on, so you'll get hit, or killed as a result, which feels cheap. As this is a 2.5D game, with characters, and enemies that are generally tall, or even flying/floating, it can be troublesome to line up your attacks just right, especially when skills can have a small vertical AoE range. Then even though some like it, being forced to play as a completely different character from your own to complete some quests is something I've always found rather annoying. All that, and other things aside, once you get into a good grove, and you're using a class you like, playing can be pretty fun.

The real problem is that this game is evidently no longer being developed, an online game with no continued development, will be shut down, and once that happens, you can't play anymore. If I remember the dates correctly Dark Blood was shut down in Japan in May 2014, China in August 2014, and South Korea in September 2014. Considering as how those in South Korea, Japan, and maybe even China can also play this version, and as the South Korean release was already without new content for about a year when it was shut down, if there was ANY intent to further develop the game, the publisher (NEXON GT, formally known as GameHi) should have been extremely anxious to tell everyone about that from the start. Instead, they've been avoiding the issue at every turn, their silence on the matter says a lot. The longer that went on, the less willing I was to keep playing, till I eventually quit.

Considering how quickly they were releasing old content when there clearly was no new content to follow that up with, their seemingly minimal investment in the game (using Facebook, and the Steam community hub as a game website, when they have a company site to run one from, not getting proper translations done, etc), and how they completely avoid the topic of the game's future, it looks like they planned for this to be a short lived venture from the start. At this point, I doubt this release will even make it to its one year anniversary (July 22, 2015). Getting into an online game with such a dismal future is not something I can in good conscience recommend to anyone.
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13 z 16 osób (81%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 26 stycznia
Feels more like a browser game than a standalone game. Action-RPG in style of eastern games (lots of monsters, big numbers floating around, etc.) Sometimes too fast to notice anything. Not very hard to master, controls are keyboard (or gamepad if you prefer) centered. Graphics are not very bad but nothing special, either. Store sells cosmetic things like costumes and skins. Its an average game, in general.
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7 z 8 osób (88%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
841.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 10 stycznia
Awesome Game! Very freindly community. However like most other F2P be careful of the nickle and diming with the ingame store items. I wasnt a fan of the "stress" system but I noticed the higher level I got the longer it took to actually reach the daily cap. Over all very fun/addictive game. I recommend giving it a solid shot.
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8 z 10 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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0.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 stycznia
Medival DFO. Keeps you in the mood until March 2015 starts and you start playing actual DFO.
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6 z 7 osób (86%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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0.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 maja
well...if you like arcade game and boobs.
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7 z 9 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
172.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 18 grudnia, 2014
Awesome game I spend many hours playing - but STRESS SYSTEM ruins it all!
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4 z 5 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
219.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 31 grudnia, 2014
This is not your average normal MMORPG where you tab target ,auto-attack, and smash buttons 1-9 forever.

Dark Blood is more like a fighting game like Golden Axe or Double Dragon, but in a MMORPG world.

The most awesome aspect of this is that you can create combos like other fighting games.
And get 100+ hit combos on mobs if you know what your doing.

Downside at the moment is the stress system which limits the time you can play on one character, but you can use potions which you get from different quest in the game to lower the limit. This limit is reset daily and you can still play other characters, they each have their own stress bar.

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11 z 19 osób (58%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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8.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 4 stycznia
"boob slider"

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2 z 3 osób (67%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 maja
Dear God but the controls are horrific!
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5 z 9 osób (56%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
20.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 19 grudnia, 2014
Love it, bloody, violent and fast action game. Lots of killing and looting. Also it's cool it has time limit on daily play, at least im not on pc 24/7 :D

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25 z 32 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
25.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 lipca, 2014
Gra swoje przeszła. Nie bardzo byłem wówczas zainteresowany tą grą pod niesławnymi skrzydłami machiny zwanej Outspark. I za ten wybryk, muszę przeprosić.
Postanawiam, wyjątkowo, rozpocząć recenzję od tych negatywnych stron produktu Dark Blood.
- Znienawidzony stress system/stamina - mnie również się on nie podoba. Ale patrząc na to z punktu niezamkniętego w domu nastolatka, mającego również inne zajęcia i hobby, możliwość aktywnego grania przez cztery godziny i wymuszona przerwa, nie jest niczym złym. Jeżeli ktoś bardzo chce - proszę, istnieje quest dzienny na wykonanie energy drinka u alchemiczki za złowione ryby. A złowienie ich to kwestia wydatku rzędu 50k i godziny oczekiwania. I możecie tłuc uparcie dalej. Jeżeli wam nie wystarczy osiem godzin młucenia stworków oraz, powiedzmy, dodatkowe półtorej na bieganie, jakieś PVP i tak dalej - to bardzo mi przykro, ale należycie do elitarnych no lifów i polecam znaleźć sobie inne zajęcie.
- "P2W" - a nie prawda. W item shopie nie ma absolutnie nic, co zniży stress postaci. Jedyne co kupicie to jakieś potki, kostiumy, ewentualnie szmelc, typu koń, który służy tylko do ładnego wyglądania.
- Grafika z PS2 - prawda, nie podoba się, nie graj. Nie truj dupy innym.
- Haha, DLC XD - to nie są DLC. Jeżeli tak bardzo ci one przeszkadzają i widzisz je pierwszy raz w życiu, bo odpaliłeś Steama, polecam przejrzeć inne gry MMO na tej platformie. Odkryjesz, że taki zabieg istnieje absolutnie w każdej produkcji.

Z trudem przyznaję, że Dark Blood to pierwsze MMO, które samo z siebie przytrzymało mnie cały dzień przy komputerze. Zadniedbałem Paulo Coelho. Na wszystkie "niedodności", które z czasem za pewne zostaną zniewelowane, bądź przestaną być takie natarczywe - znajdziecie w grze metody, aby to ominąć i to wcale nie dużym kosztem. Po prostu grajcie. Gra dostaje ode mnie solidną ósemkę.
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7.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 14 lutego
Dark Blood to dungeonówka, która przywędrowała do nas w Korei Południowej. Oznaczona jako „18+”, bo zawiera w sobie niewygodną treść dla młodszych graczy. Nie chodzi jednak o sprawy erotyczne, tylko mocny, brudny klimat, mnóstwo krwi i „piekelną” fabułę. Naprawdę Polecam :))!
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0 z 1 osób (0%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 lipca, 2014
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2 z 6 osób (33%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
254.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 lipca, 2014
Pay2win game? , levling stopped at lvl 9 need to wait 10 hours really?, I like it game is good , those who play 24/7 will not reign the game, everyone got justice in this game if u bored with play fishing 1 char u can go lvl up alt and get amazing hack'n'slash dungeon side scroll experience. Thx for reading. lvl 17 RecklessKilla
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2 z 6 osób (33%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
219.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 24 lipca, 2014
nice game
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390 z 446 osób (87%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
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1,034.7 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 25 lipca, 2014
If one has read any of the reviews for this game, you will already know about the Stress and limited play per day.
If one can ignore that for a moment, one will discover plenty of other reasons to avoid this game. Let's also put aside the inconsistencies in translations (especially noticeable on set items), and the dreadful canvas chat that most players use to draw male genitalia.

The character creation is severely limited. Not only are there gender locked classes, there are only 3 or so faces, the incredibly stupid "Chest" slider for females, and limited choices of hair & skin colors. Want more colors and faces? Prepare to pay for them! Dyes for hair & skin can be bought. But not only that, there are multiple dye levels (ranging from $.50 to $4 each), with the most expensive giving you a chance to make one's color pick more precise. I am not kidding. I've never seen something so ridiculous in all my gaming years. Dyes are available for weapons, armors, avatar or costume pieces, and what is labeled "vehicles" or mounts.

Another pay item, mounts. Most MMOs have them, horses or other creatures that allow one to get around faster. Dark Blood's pay mounts are NOT PERMANENT. For a 30-day mount, it's $12 USD. Who in their right mind would pay that much?
Storage expansion, $4 for 30 days. Shared storage, which, like most of the other things this game requires payment for, is usually standard for a game like this: $2 for 30 days.

I feel ashamed for getting my brothers to try this game with me on its release day. I do not recommend this game at all! Stay away! Or if one needs further proof, install the game just to check out the in-game store.

08/06/2014: I found out that when using a dye, one must select a box of color from the palette. After that, get ready for something even worse than what I orginally thought, a little circle bounces around the area that was selected. Then one must press "Stop" and whatever color it lands on is the color that the weapon/armor/hair/skin/mount is changed to.

There was also new ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ added to the in game store recently. The boxes that give you a random Vampire or Samurai avatar item... can give potions instead. NOWHERE in the description for the item does it say could also drop potions. This game is bordering on fraud.
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9 z 38 osób (24%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.3 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 lipca, 2014
syf syf syf
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334 z 517 osób (65%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
0.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 lipca, 2014
This game has a few serious issues that corrupt an otherwise fun game. The primary, and most offensive issue is the "stress" system. You can only go into so many areas and fight before you are too "stressed" to continue. The fanboys of this game will be happy to point out that you can still happily wander around town and ogle your character, or go fishing and craft a potion to extend your playtime. Either way, this type of mechanic is unnacceptable and unnecessary in a f2p game. (If you doubt that statement, I'd like to cite 'League of Legends,' 'Path of Exile,' and 'Marvel Heroes' as just a few examples of successful f2p games without gameplay limiting cash grab mechanics.

The second problem with this game was the worst, copious, obstructive, intrusive, and completely over the top screen tearing I have ever seen. Yes, there is a check box for v-sync. No, that check box doesn't work. Yes, I tried to find a solution on the forums. Yes, my google-fu failed me.

The last, and slightest problem with this game, is the ridiculous and over the top boob physics, complete with boob size slider action! Yes, you too can now create your very own pair of walking, fighting boobs! Normally, I could care less about this sort of thing, however in this game, it was just bizarre, and gave it the feeling of playing a bad boob jiggle sim.

In conclusion, I plead with you to avoid downloading this horrid steaming pile. The fighting mechanics are alright, and honestly, I'd probly have stuck with it a lot longer if they hadn't included that horrendous "stress" system. Send greedy publishers a message, and avoid at all costs.
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8.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 października, 2014
Grindy, repetitive game which expects you to repeat the same stage over and over and over again before allowing you to move onto the next stage.

This is really just Nexon's Dungeon Fight Online/Dungeon and Fighter clone.

If you liked DFO/DnF, you might like this.
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45 z 62 osób (73%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
Według 1 osoby ta recenzja jest zabawna
0.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 lipca, 2014
Great game.. to bad i only got to play for 30 minutes now i cant play for 24 hours ... anoying as ♥♥♥♥ enough on its own to never touch it again
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