„Beware Planet Earth!“ è un intrigante mix dei classici giochi di strategia difensiva e di gestione del tempo e sarà disponibile per la prima volta su PC attraverso Steam. Salva le tue mucche dall'invasione dei Marziani costruendo difese efficaci con torrette, trappole e oggetti, e spara alle ondate di omini verdi con la tua Pistola...
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Data di rilascio: 11 apr 2014
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"Martians want to steal your cows, why do they want the cows? You have a family to sustain, you need those cows, protect them at all costs!"
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Beware Planet Earth! for STEAM gets a 33% discownt from June 2nd to June 8th.
Protect the innocent cows from earth and enjoy electrifying gameplay, comical enemies and huge cowtent on this discounted title:
• Exclusive Cowtent on STEAM: a multitude of new levels and enemies inspired by Valve’s universe
• Endless Fun: full story mode with 46 levels over 4 seasons, plus 28 bonus challenges
• Intense action: grab the Zapper and overpowered machines!
• Wacky machines: 20 crazy machines, from the classical Defensive Tower to the less-classical Helicowpter

And remember…The Cow is a Lie!

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Good news everyone! The Steam keys are currently being issued!


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Riguardo questo gioco

„Beware Planet Earth!“ è un intrigante mix dei classici giochi di strategia difensiva e di gestione del tempo e sarà disponibile per la prima volta su PC attraverso Steam. Salva le tue mucche dall'invasione dei Marziani costruendo difese efficaci con torrette, trappole e oggetti, e spara alle ondate di omini verdi con la tua Pistola laser!

Key Features

  • Contenuti esclusivi per Steam: una valanga di nuovi livelli e nemici ispirati all'universo di Valve!
  • Divertimento infinito: modalità Storia completa con 46 livelli suddivisi in 4 stagioni, oltre a 28 sfide bonus!
  • Stile di gioco semplice e diversi livelli di difficoltà tra cui scegliere: modalità Veterano per giocatori esperti e Normale per principianti
  • Azione frenetica: impugna la tua Pistola laser per attaccare i Marziani e potenziare all'estremo le tue macchine!
  • Macchine fuori di testa: scegli tra 20 stravaganti marchingegni, dalle classiche torrette difensive all'Elimucca!
  • Nemici mortali: oltre 20 Marziani bizzarri, tra Teste di metallo, scienziati pazzi e ninja!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1,8 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64 MB Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct Sound Compatible
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct Sound Compatible
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22.2 ore in totale
To me, it's hard to make a 2D Cartoony style like this entertaining, and honestly I laughed a lot as I discovered the cows along the seasons, the aliens' animations, and of course, Barney ! This toilets cabin makes him so alive, and yet we never see the guy ! Now, imagine that all the 'towers' you put in the fields are alive too... Man, this ambiance is soooo fun ! It's actually a part of the machine, but it's also its eyes. It's a vent, but it's also its mouth. Just love the design of these characters/machines ! Mobs have suits, costumes, cohesive animations, and their abilities are related to their appearance. You could guess what it can or cannot do by just looking at them. It's very pleasant and made me feel like I was watching a good old cartoon from Tex Avery/Hanna Barbera. So alive !

Then came the game... I really don't like Tower Defense game type. BPE is the first one I DO want to complete ! God, I felt entertained all time long ! The first levels were clearly designed as tutorials. That's why all the people who got used to play TDs may be bored, but I think their experience will allow them to complete these levels very fast, to finally get to...


Here is how you can turn a simple TD into a frenetic game experience : developpers managed to give you this intense feeling of being overwhelmed, without simply adding mobs, and mobs, and a new wave of mobs... The ZAPPER ! They also played on mobs' resistance, and finally managed to balance mobs' speed, defense, zapper's power, machines' utility and player's actions so that you have a lot of things to setup, manage and use... but in a very effective way ! Everything is damn simple to understand and use, and provides a lot of fun ! Don't... forget... to use... the ZAPPER ! It's your best ally all game long !

And finally, a new dimension came to my attention: mobs' transformations ! You think you killed it, it turns into something else ! Hard Rockers turn into "Berserk Hard Rockers", Zombies turn into graves, where new smaller zombies emerge, ... but I won't spoil everything ^_^ I found these game mechanics very inventive !

A lot of TDs should take example on this game. It's simple, yet effective and terribly addictive, fun and easy to play, and includes a very well balanced challenge.

I should have given feedback on the 'charismatic' fields, or on the growing number of aliens' spawn points as you progress in the game, or maybe on the evolutive environment (mushrooms and their spores, ice forming on your machines during winter and the zapper's utility at this moment of the game,...), and maybe I should have told you about the bosses, the drill, the gears or the cow bell... but I really have nothing to say about it, because everything was part of the fun, and very well thought !

Play this game, it really worths its price !
Pubblicata: 12 aprile
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40 persone su 50 (80%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
8.4 ore in totale
Cute little gem of a game! It's Plants vs Zombies in space ! Well on earth, tehcnically xD

Don't be fooled by all those colours: there is actually quite a bit of depth poured into the gameplay, and the zapper makes sure you basically never sit idle (on the contrary, you must constantly decide if/what to boost or explode), and that's where it differs from many other TD's (and from PvZ, specifically): apart from building towers and picking up ressources, you are always active with what is basically a multi-tool, there's not much waiting involved.

Veteran mode is also quite handy, and I'd recommand tower denfense... veterans ^^ to actually enable it. I'd even say it's worth to turn it on from start. You won't get to make many mistakes and get away with it, but the difficulty isn't offputting either, and as long as your strategy is sound, you shouldn't get stuck wondering what went wrong. "Normal" difficulty I didn't try so I can't really comment, but it sounds nice to be able to play with less focus, or to enable less-hardcore players to fully enjoy the game I guess. Plus, you can always switch between Normal/Vet with the flick of a button apparently.

There's a whole bunch of animations, graphics, easter eggs, you name it. You get everything from ninjas, to secret agents reading news papers unsuspectingly, to Martian ladies filing their nails and cleaning up the alleys :D

Gameplay wise, there's something I found rather odd at first for a TD: compared to mostly every other TD I ever played, the maps are rather small, and towers have very limited range (basically just 3 squares). I was afraid of that at first, but it turns out that it just makes you think about placement and synergy even more, instead of just spamming long ranged OP towers everywhere like in some other TDs. Speaking of which : the game starts slow, but it's kind of a tutorial even though it doesn't officially says so. You gotta hang in there for the first 4 or 5 levels, but after that you get the zapper and get to occupy yourself with it, and start seeing more diversity towers-wise.

All in all, much more fun that some random movie, at the price of a movie theater ticket ;p
Pubblicata: 12 aprile
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32 persone su 42 (76%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
17.3 ore in totale
At first the game starts pretty slow, but the pace really cranks up a notch after the "tutorial" levels. Everything's explained in great detail (maybe too much for some people?), but after those explanations, the fun really begins and boy does it get hectic at times!
The main originality is the "zapper" (a raygun you get at level 6 I think), and it's used pretty much everywhere: you can shoot down creeps with it (although it's quite weak compared to your actual towers and traps, and it breaks down if it overheats, so you have to manage that too), and you have lots of interactions. For example, quite early in the game, you have G-men like martians that your towers can't detect until you blow his cover with the raygun. You can also zap away the forcefields the mad scientists cast around other martians.

It really adds a great deal of action to the game, it's unlike any other tower defense game I've played so far (in which you basically deploy your towers and wait for them to do the job until you get enough money to put some more).

The graphics are cute and really fun and the music is cool too. It look like PopCap's "Plants versus Zombies" and is every bit as good (although quite different when you get far enough in the game).

The demo is good but don't be fooled: the learning/difficulty curve is actually smoother in the game (although the beginning is still quite slow). Oh also, you have two difficulty modes: normal and veteran. Normal is pretty easy, Veteran is the opposite and will have you yell at your computer, only to come back for more right away :p
Pubblicata: 12 aprile
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20.7 ore in totale
This game is both cute and has depth. It will appeal to casual players who want to see cute / funny things on the screen (think plants vs zombies crowd) and also to the players who want depth of strategy (think defence grid players). I have finally found a game that will appeal to both me and the girlfriend. Easy buy after playing the demo. Try it. I bet you'll like it.

And don't let the laser gun turn you off, like it did me at first. I thought it was just a tedious laser to shoot stuff with while trying to build defences etc. But it actually adds a layer of strategy, as it doesn't just damage the bad guys, it does things like lower shields and other status changes, and supercharges particular towers.
Pubblicata: 13 aprile
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40.3 ore in totale
This game exceeds expectations. Tons of fun and a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. The cutesy cartoony design totally fooled me. Haha. Very addictive too.
Pubblicata: 12 maggio
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