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This Starter Kit is a Steam exclusive! It is perfect for new players who are looking to start their adventure in Neverwinter!

Pack Contents

  • Fey Panther
    A supernatural creature comes from the Feywild to help worthy adventurers stalk their prey. The Fey Panther is an aggressive companion that will rake and claw your enemies to their demise. It has base stats in Power, Critical Strike and Armor Penetration. Additionally, if it is one of your active companions, it provides Life Steal and Deflect bonuses to your character.
  • Greater Stone of Health
    An inscribed stone that allows you to instantly recover to full health. Has 200 charges.
  • Adventurer’s XP Booster
    A boost that grants 25% more experience for your next 10,000.
  • 5x Scroll of Mass Life
    Scrolls that recover you and party members within 50 feet from near death with full health.
  • 5x Portable Altars
    Shrines that you can summon which allow you to invoke, recover injuries, and heal over time.
  • 10x Greater Scroll of Identification
    Scrolls that can be used to identify magic items up to level 60.
  • 25x Skill Kits
    Helpful kits that can be used to bypass the class restriction on resource nodes throughout the game.

All items may only be claimed by one character per Perfect World account!

Redemption Instructions

Visit http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/6005943 for instructions on how to redeem your code!
After searching for nearly an hour and many attempts to copy and paste my CD Code into the ARC launcher it finally worked. Now I can lose my life again.. (Was originally a Beta tester, forgot which email I used for the Beta account. ;-;)
ok im almost level 10 and I STILL dont have my Fey Panther, the rest came at differnt levels with no problem but not having my Fey panther is ticking me off!! love playing the gsme so far BTW
Just to know about it, you have to redeem the code in the ARC official neverwinter site, and then you go in the game to The "Reward Claims Agent" in "Protector's Enclave" .he is at the north west side of the map.
I dislike not being able to transfer my Fey Panther from my old character to my new ones.
Well... it was very confusing to go through the redemption process... don't just go to Arc & try to redeem this, use the link at the bottom of the product write-up!

I collected my kit from the rewards agent in-game, & among the gear was the collar for my new pet/companion, the panther. When I clicked on the collar, it wanted me to name the panther, so I did... then nothing!

The collar disappeared from my inventory, but the panther NEVER showed up!

Since I am soloing this game, so far anyway, I really was attracted by the idea of having a pet that would be useful when the bad guys started to gang up (as they so frequently do).

Edit: Ok, I found my panther... of course, it could have been sooooo much easier if "instructions" had come with the package.