Spark Rising is a sandbox FPS where you conquer worlds and do the unthinkable: Take down a mad god and his endless army that is tearing the galaxy asunder.
Çıkış Tarihi: 8 May 2014
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Geliştirici ürün hakkında ne diyor:

“Spark Rising Early Access is your chance to play Spark Rising while in a wee infant state so that you can help us raise this baby into a grand game one day. Which pretty much means that much of the game in its current form is in flux, and is very raw. The final form could change dramatically based on your feedback, your care, your love, and your rants. This is a work in progress and therefore contains all sorts of wonky bugs, which could be fun to screw around with, or turn you into a madman. Or woman. Whichever you prefer.

So what exactly can you expect from an early access game? Pretty much this:
  • Bugs that make you go hmmm.....
  • Features yet to be added
  • Full features that may get axed because they sucked
  • Save files that will eventually be wiped
  • Missing or unclear objectives
  • Changing control schemes as we optimize
  • Graphics and performance that has yet to be optimized

If you are the sort of trend setting gamer that loves the behind the scenes look at what we are creating, warts and all, and loves the idea of shaping this game from a baby to an adult, then this early access is for you. But if the thought of this sort of thing makes you want to smack a baby, we suggest that parenting ain't quite for you. Better you wait to play a more stable game, and wait until we officially launch the game.

Currently the game is expected to stay in early access form for at least the next 8 months. Based on how things progress, we either continue to build the game in early access form or officially launch. Either way our plan is to continue to add features to the game for some time to come.

For early backers of our game before we launched on Steam, if you prefer a Mac version you will get it. For the launch on Steam, we will only sell the PC version at this stage. The Mac version will come a few months afterwards.”
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12 Mart

Spark Rising 3.1 Will Tickle Your Spark Bone

This quick update addresses a number of optimization issues, so you should be able to eek out smoother framerates. Optimization is never done, so we'll continue to address more with each update. And there are a bunch of tweaks, bug fixes and balancing elements addressed. And we threw in a few new features. Dig in!

  • Double jump added back
  • New feature to adjust draw distance to min, default, max
  • Size of voxel structures increased
  • Feedback form email field fixed
  • Enemy formations improved
  • Placement of turrets and enemies improved
  • Drop rates for pick up items tweaked
  • Floating islands on aerial enemy bunkers easier to grapple to
  • UI reduced in size
  • Propulsion cube tweaks and fixes
  • Dropship tweaks so that you don't fall through them
  • Visual cue of what a console is so you know what to destroy in a base
  • Size of mini floating islands increased

    After this update, we begin version 4.0. Stay tuned as we soon tease what's coming next!

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6 Mart

Spark Rising 3.0 Will Make You Giddy O

This update brought to you by the letter O and the word YEAH! Now that the world engine is mostly stable, we brought back some of the past features you enjoyed, and introduced new bases for you to conquer!

New enemies

  • Z Bat Drone
  • Dropship
  • Turret
  • Die Guy Squad
New bases & spheres of influence mechanic
  • Aerial enemy bunker
  • Munitions depot
  • HQ
  • Shield generator
New objects
  • Propulsion cube
Upgraded world environment
  • Upgraded visuals
  • Mini floating islands
  • More dense forest areas
  • Greater structure density in bases
  • Islands all have bottom half filled on
  • Trying out different skyboxes
Misc features since 2.0
  • High score board
  • New FOV slider
  • Default settings for sound, music and FOV
  • Feedback form so you can share your thoughts
  • Credits screens to thank everyone who worked on the game
  • Debug mode for testing

Other tweaks & improvements
  • Upgraded UI to Unity 4.6
  • New behavior routine for Die Guy Lolo
  • Tweaks to loot drop rates
  • Grapple hook improved
  • Adjustment to movement speed, velocity, jumping and such
  • Difficulty tweaks to weapons damage, fire rate, and number of enemies on screen
  • Lots more sound effects
  • More visual effects for destruction
  • Bye bye snowmen and candy canes :(

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Bu Oyun Hakkında

Spark Rising is a sandbox FPS where you build up your power, and fight back against a mad god that is tearing the galaxy asunder.

You play as a Spark Bot and you must betray your master god to save what's left before reality is twisted all to hell. The problem is... how do you fight back against a god that can break heaven, earth and hell? Plunder rare crystals and loot to build up enough power to fight back. And perhaps the story might end with you as a hero.

Join us in this journey in the creation of Spark Rising!


Engage in battles, destroying one base another another, conquering one planet after another... you're thirsty... for destruction! What makes our battles so much fun?

  • Dynamically Changing Galaxy - No two locations are ever the same as some battle maps are procedurally generated, others are user generated
  • Destructible Fortresses – All structures and defenses are completely destructible
  • Upgrade your Battle Exo-Suits – Gather rare crystals and loot to upgrade your exo-suits to take on a god
  • Creative Mode - Build whatever you want...Sandbox-style! Gain access to designer tools that we use
  • Rapid Build Features - Build whole cities quickly as you can easily place, copy, import, and save whole structures

  • Steam Workshop Support - Easily share your creation with others
  • Import From Minecraft & Qubicle - Easily import millions of creations, whether it’s your own or someone elses
  • Backstory - Reveals the story behind your Spark Bot, and its origin
  • Co-op Gameplay – Play online co-op in any game mode
  • Battle Pet – Hunt down, and train pets to serve you in battle and help you find loot

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MG graphics memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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