Spark Rising is a fast paced, arcade action oriented, dynamically generated, but still with some user generated content first person shooter. Take down a mad god and his endless army that is tearing the galaxy asunder!
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Releasedatum: 8 mei 2014

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Wat de ontwikkelaars zeggen:

“Spark Rising Early Access is your chance to play Spark Rising while in a wee infant state so that you can help us raise this baby into a grand game one day. Which pretty much means that much of the game in its current form is in flux, and is very raw. The final form could change dramatically based on your feedback, your care, your love, and your rants. This is a work in progress and therefore contains all sorts of wonky bugs, which could be fun to screw around with, or turn you into a madman. Or woman. Whichever you prefer.

So what exactly can you expect from an early access game? Pretty much this:
  • Bugs that make you go hmmm.....
  • Features yet to be added
  • Full features that may get axed because they sucked
  • Save files that will eventually be wiped
  • Missing or unclear objectives
  • Changing control schemes as we optimize
  • Graphics and performance that has yet to be optimized

If you are the sort of trend setting gamer that loves the behind the scenes look at what we are creating, warts and all, and loves the idea of shaping this game from a baby to an adult, then this early access is for you. But if the thought of this sort of thing makes you want to smack a baby, we suggest that parenting ain't quite for you. Better you wait to play a more stable game, and wait until we officially launch the game.

Currently the game is expected to stay in early access form for at least the next 8 months. Based on how things progress, we either continue to build the game in early access form or officially launch. Either way our plan is to continue to add features to the game for some time to come.

For early backers of our game before we launched on Steam, if you prefer a Mac version you will get it. For the launch on Steam, we will only sell the PC version at this stage. The Mac version will come a few months afterwards.”
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12 augustus

Spark Rising 6.0 = Summertime Fun

Spark Early Access 6.0 is now alive and twerkin! Here’s what’s in this update:

The gameplay is now more streamlined and keeps the action front and center. It’s also much tougher, bordering on a rogue like experience. Enemies will hunt you down! Survival requires real twitchy fingers, and some strategy. We’re gathering data on how people play… and die… which will be helpful in determining the right balance. If you have other thoughts, please do share with us in the feedback form built right into the game!

Check out the snazzy new Beefy! He’s like a Die Guy on roids. He may be slow, but watch out for his arm cannon! There are now several flavors of turrets. The totem turret could spew a mix of deadly fireballs, ice balls, and dark balls… which are poisonous gaseous enemies in of themselves. Or be careful of the Diggler turret that burrows up from the ground. Or shake in fear of the Triple Diggler! The dropship has been overhauled to look like a flying massive turtle. Why? Why not. And there’s the Fly Guy you gotta watch out for who will nail you from afar and from above with his twin lasers.

We simplified the way power ups work. Now each time you pick up a new ability it instantly becomes the default secondary ability you have. You always have your primary weapon, and juggling your secondary ability is going to be the real challenge!

Try out the new spear gun and see if you can nail the one hit kill. Or sample the new fireball blaster and bounce bounce bounce. Or lay waste with watermelon bombs. Great for napalming enemies back to the ice age! You also got a new shield ability that recharges. Very useful! Though beware. If you sprint often, it drains your energy which powers your shield...

We wanted the environment to feel a bit different each time you load up a game. So you might have noticed that there are different levels of brightness, different skyboxes, different colored trees and fog. Sometimes you’ll see a flock of birds. New environment objects might pop up here and there as well. Some which provide bonuses. We won’t spoil it for you! Kirby?

Enemies now try to avoid falling over the side of the world. Less stupid, right? They also are much better at navigating around this wacky world. We also fixed a bunch of crashes. Added in some new sound fx. And reduced visual glitches which popped up randomly before. Since this is an early access game, we try to avoid too much of this sort of fixing early on, so you’ll continue experience wacky stuff. Hopefully nothing that feels too game breaking.

We introduced different exo-suits in our last update… but it wasn’t all that interesting. So we pulled it out this update to rework it. The boss has also been hidden away so we can tweak it some more. Needs more… flavor. We did build a seemingly cool visual effect when you sprint, but… it was so disorienting that we killed it. Right now you can collect coins but there isn’t a way to spend just yet. Now this is where you come in. What you would like to spend coins on? Weapon upgrades? Unlock exo-suits? New music? Share with us your thoughts in the forums!

We decided to include a fun Easter Egg in the way our world names are generated. It’s a shout out to the hundreds of people who backed us over the past year. We know it’s been a long ride, and we appreciate your support over all this time.

And oh yet, we’re testing out a pet concept. Say hi to Fitbot! He’s also the star of a few mobile apps you should check out!

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16 juni

Spark Rising 5.0 Will Challenge You

Spark Early Access 5.0 is now here! Here’s what’s included in this update:

Conquest Mode is now designed to be a gauntlet that you must blast your way through. A whole lotta gameplay balancing went into this so give it a whirl! Enemy AI has been improved so they hunt you down more diligently now. It’s tough, and requires some quick thinking and strategy to beat 10 worlds. There are a few varying objectives for this version. If the idea of having different objectives is fun, we'll introduce more!

Watch out for the Summoner who can conjure up ghosts that hunt you down. They can go through walls so watch out! We haven’t updated any animations for her yet, but wanted to test how battling her feels before we finalize the visuals. You’ll also notice that other enemies have been changed. The turret uses a new design, though we don’t fully reveal how it stacks up like a totem just yet. The drop ship has been redesigned visually, but it’s main attack patterns aren’t fully baked yet. That’s coming soon as well.

You’ll start to see new enemy squads pop up. These squads could be patrolling, or hiding waiting to ambush. With a batch of enemies to take out you gotta be careful of getting swarmed, which is a typical Red Army tactic. Ongoing, as we introduce more enemy types, these new enemy squads can change up the battle situation dramatically.

The worlds are less sprawling now, so that battles are more contained. This ups the intensity, and there’s less roaming around. In fact, the whole pace of the game has changed because of it. You’ll also find that each time you load up the world, there are now several times of base designs. Volcanos, sheer cliffs, dangerous narrow paths all exist, which makes traversing more challenging.

We introduce a new energy bar that can be used to power your new shield. This recharging shield gives you some temporary protection before your health is drained. The energy bar can also be used to power your power jumps, grapples, and sprints, but how that will work ongoing really depends on whether you find that mechanic interesting.

Based on feedback, we wanted to go back and rework this. In our last update you could use your coins to buy new exo-suits, which gives you different movement, health, etc. stats. But you wanted something a bit more different per suit, so well tackle that. As an example, a Ninja suit should have some other ninja like abilities. Perhaps a boost that gives you invisibility? Something like that!

The way we handle loot drop, weapons and objects will change in future releases. The idea being that once you get a new drop, it should encourage you to play differently. Rather than let you have access to all the abilities at once, which few people seem to be using, we’ll tweak the UX so that the emphasis is around that new pick up you got. Next update will also start to see much more enemy variety. Our goal is that each time you hit the play button, something feels different.

Have fun, and as always, we appreciate the feedback. Unlike many other games which marches towards a set goal that is already all designed by the team, we take a feedback oriented approach and adjust course based on it. The journey in conceptualizing this game is what makes it unique!

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Over dit spel

Spark Rising is a FPS where you conquer worlds and fight back against a mad god that is tearing the galaxy asunder.

You play as a Spark Bot and you must betray your master god to save what's left before reality is twisted all to hell. The problem is... how do you fight back against a god that can break heaven, earth and hell? Plunder rare crystals and loot to build up enough power to fight back. And perhaps the story might end with you as a hero.

Join us in this journey in the creation of Spark Rising!


Engage in battles, destroying one base another another, conquering one planet after another... you're thirsty... for destruction! What makes our battles so much fun?

  • Dynamically Changing Galaxy - No two locations are ever the same as some battle maps are procedurally generated, others are user generated
  • Destructible Fortresses – All structures and defenses are completely destructible
  • Upgrade your Battle Exo-Suits – Gather rare crystals and loot to upgrade your exo-suits to take on a god
  • Creative Mode - Build stuff...Sandbox-style!

  • Steam Workshop Support - Easily share your creation with others
  • Import From Minecraft & Qubicle - Easily import millions of creations, whether it’s your own or someone elses
  • Backstory - Reveals the story behind your Spark Bot, and its origin
  • Co-op Gameplay – Play online co-op in any game mode
  • Battle Pet – Hunt down, and train pets to serve you in battle and help you find loot


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MG graphics memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT touch this game. While they game had a good concept it has go nowhere extremely fast. The devs don't seem to do much for it, and the main creator seems to love going on vacations more than working on the game.
As an early access game it lacks any real play-ability, I have followed this game since the beginning and nothing of value has been added. the screenshots above on spoofed and none o it was actually what it seems, at first glace it seems like a game with depths, but animation is terrible, gameplay is about a flash game worth of content and nothing is being worked on.

To me it would feel the devs just don't care enough about this game and seem to just avoid it as I would recommend you should.
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I will update this Review, when new updates come out and things change!

I played Alpha 4.0 that just came out. So if you have seen the game before (see screenshots in the Shop!), it did change quite a bit (It will change even more in the future). Afaik the art-direction will stay like that (might change a bit). (6 parts of cluesless gameplay)

I did play the older Versions too, but they are not representative anymore, so i cut that out at the end. Sorry, that´s the reason it has no real ending.

I like the graphics and performance was ok. You have slow-downs when you activate Boost or many Enemies are around. Imho the game runs good and playable without bigger issues (AMD X6, 8GB Ram, GTX560Ti Oc). I had absolutely no crashes or really big bugs (Textures are flickering when in window-mode).

TL/DR: Minecraft and "Drunken Robot Po.rnography" made a baby, while playing Super Mario on LSD. A lot of crazy fun and i can´t wait to get more of it and better and bigger Bosses (just saw one yet). There will be Minecraft-like crafting and building (Sandbox/Creative-Mode not integrated in 4.0) and Multiplayer.

So do i recommend it? Absolutely, if you want a crazy shooter (like explained above) and have the money to spare. If you´re not sure, where the journey will bring Spark Rising to, you should maybe wait for another update (the Dev is really quick afaik with integrating user-requested things, if they make sense though!).
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3.1 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 10 mei
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Okay, here goes:

First Gamemode: Started playing, got addicted, thought this isn't that bad but not worth $10.

Second Gamemode: After i relised there were more gamemodes and started playing them i though it was pretty cool, you know, after the giant TITAN THAT RAMPAGES THOUGH A CITY (would be better if he had a solid body that could break stuff though)

Third Gamemode: Now this is the only reason i wrote this review, because the third gamemode is basucally just a first person megaman game where you run through a world filled with Nintendo based areas (Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, etc) and you shoot at targets and shy guys..... THAT IS ♥♥♥♥ING AWESOME!!! But it would be better if there was a way to turn the timer off!
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0.8 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 30 mei
Recensie tijdens vroegtijdige toegang

- Unique setting/graphics
- Decent aiming and movement


- In early access for a long time
- Meh enemies
- Boring to play alone
- Nothing much to accomplish
- No multiplayer
- No minimap, descriptions or any real tutorial that help you understand the game. For example, you might be told: to "Destroy 4 consoles", but you have to find the consoles yourself in a big level and have no indication of where to go. Another example would be that right after you complete an objective such as "Destroy 4 consoles", you get told to "Exit level and find waypoint" - You actually have to go search even more while fighting against noob AIs that give no challenge.

Wouldn't recommend right now.
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0.9 uur in totaal
Geplaatst: 7 mei
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Advertised as having jolly MP; does not actually have this feature.
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