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Free-to-play 3D MMORPG in a massive industrial fantasy world! Steambikes, swords, airships, sorcery and steampunk science in a fully realized urban universe! A city of industrial wonders sits on the brink of collapse. A world of mechanical precision has been brought to the verge of war.
Release Date: Mar 6, 2014
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Gearing up for the Labor Day Promos

September 1st, 2014

Hello all,

We just embraced the Labor Day, one of the most important holidays in Northern America (including the United States and Canada). As is known to all, it’s a time to celebrate and reunite with friends and family. For us, we do want to pay tribute to all dedicated players who play CoS and support us all along – Promos and Events!

Biggest Electrum Bonus Ever!

Kicking off at 2AM for US servers (6AM for EU servers) today, players who recharge Electrum will get 50% more bonus Electrum for free. This special promotion will be available on all platforms and payment methods, including the main website, Kongregate, Steam, Facebook, Yahoo Games and Armor Games.

This Labor Day-exclusive special recharge bonus will be live for 24 hours only (find your time zone here: (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html).

Labor Day Special Event

Besides, we prepared abundant events to celebrate the ongoing Labor Day, Now all players who power up their characters with Electrum have the chance to receive up to 4 Orange Mercenary Card Boxes, 13 Mercenary Exp Books and the rare Aristocratic components (Coat and Jacket).

Always feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Make sure to stay connected for more news, updates and events from the CoS official website

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Mercenary Time - Anomaly the Mystery

August 29th, 2014

Among all Orange Mercenaries, what we are gonna bring in today is one of the most mysterious in the world of Nexus. With a alien-looking head, crawler body shape, transparent skeleton and the ravishing spillover spraying from the tail. Who made such a creature?



Ability: Ranged Area Attack
Ability: Bafflesmash I - Melee attack, hits multiple targets, deals x% damage, has a chance to reduce y% Precision for several seconds.

Now, we prepared everyone a chance to get this stunning Mercenary for FREE if you can satisfy him with:

1. Write your comments on his abilities, appearance, etc, everything about him under this post, but watch your word, he is always in bad temper, lol;
2. Or make him a life, as vivid as possible, Nexans would love to see this;
3. Or write and post whatever you can think of for Anomaly, look at his “flickering” body.

Basic Format:

Playing Server: US1/US2/US3/EU1/EU2
Character Name: xxx
Comment: “The size of his Helm is….”

Make sure to get your comments or stories up here by next Tuesday, and then we will pick and announce the 10 most impressive ones. Each of the winners will receive a Mercenary Card – Anomaly as reward.

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“The environments in City of Steam are as detailed as they are unique.”
Greenlit Gaming

“The beauty is in accessibility; I can be logged in and exploring this industrial-era fantasy world in under ten seconds.”

“This game is already pushing some technological limits with just its existence.”
Blistered Thumbs

Feature List

  • So Much to Do!
Stunning variety of quests, goals and challenges.

  • Lightweight!
Play from any computer without bulky client installation.

  • Systems!
PvP, Company, Events, etc, features of an MMO and more.

  • Gameplay!
Hardcore or Casual, Ten Minutes or Ten Hours.

  • Graphics!
Sets a new audiovisual standard for a cross-platform web & client game.

  • Teamwork!
Go at it alone or adventure with friends.

  • Customization!
Augment weaponry with visible components.

About the Game

Free-to-play 3D MMORPG in a massive industrial fantasy world! Steambikes, swords, airships, sorcery and steampunk science in a fully realized urban universe! A city of industrial wonders sits on the brink of collapse. A world of mechanical precision has been brought to the verge of war. The New Epoch is ending, and what comes next will change the Great Mechanism forever.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 6800GT, ATI X800 XL or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or equivalent CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GT 430, AMD HD 5570 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
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The Good:

It will satisfy your RPG thirst... for a while (about 20-30 hours until you hit a grind wall or a realization of a huge game flaw which will be explained later in this review). The story is decent. It isn't your cliche cookie cutter story out of a rpg recycling bin, and is good enough to come back for more.

There are lots of quests to do, besides the main story line. In fact, later on, most of the leveling will occur from doing sidequests rather than the main questline. At any time of the day, there will be a global event for you to participate in and earn gold or gear.

There is a guild system and a PVP system. There are 2 types of PVP, which I find pretty ingenious. The first is your regular PVP combat... the more powerful character wins. The second is where the game equalizes the playing field for both characters. In other words, a lvl 50 character vs a lvl 10 haracter will have the same exact stats. This helps newbies become acclimated to the combat system.

THe PVP system is also implemented in a variety of ways. There are 2v2, 3v3, 1v1 equalized PVP duels. There are guild wars. There is a regular 1v1 pvp based on the strength of your character with the AI controlling the opponet.

The Bad:

It's... yes, you guessed it, a godamn pay to win. I have added a few of the top players (ranked in PVP and level) how they attained their current statuses. One told me she paid $1000 (no I counted the zeroes correcly) and the top 2 paid over $2k. The items that are purchasable only with electrum (the in game currency only obtainable through cash) are ultra end game gear that have no level requirement. It takes about a little over $100 USD to gather most of it. (If you want all of the gear, itll be an upwards of 200, excluding armor upgrades which can become very costly.)

What's worse is that this gear is unobtainable anywhere else. You MUST pay. While other games may offer xp boosts, temporary gold gain boosts, or a sweet aesthetic item (like leagues of legends), this game falls within the very definition of pay to win: exclusive ultra gear for those who drop money. (Even Leagues lets you eventually buy champions if you grind hard enough. This game doesn't.)

Sadly, it rewards this type of behavior. Those who pay money, even get to claim more rewards for charging their credit cards.

Consequently, this Pay to Win encouragement totally destroys the guild PVP system out of the water due to the higher tier companies having members who have paid their way to glory.

Aside from the major pay to win flaw, there are other faults with the game. Item customization is very lackluster. While there are color rankings for rarity, there is no INHERENT customization of stats. E.G. Diablo 2 had great item customization in terms of different rare items providing alternate stats to skills and even helped characters gain abilities. For CoS, the rarer the weapon, the stronger the stat. Each item adds one stat. (Yes, just one stat... different pieces of gear add different stats) Item customization is minimal.

SO is the skill system. Over the course of your gameplay your character will receive 5 more skills on top of 3 default ones. You unlock a skill every 5 or 10 levels. When you do unlock a new skill: you are given a choice of 3 different skills that do different higs. You pick one and level it up as you progress. This means, the game has 15 different skills for each character.... as I said, builds are not very diverse. This is not like D2 where there are vastly different builds... a different build varies by 2 skills. THATS IT.

Gameplay is unresponsive and at times, is severely handicappd by lag. Lag is a reocurring problem as there are only 2 servers.. both located in the US.

As you begin playing, the pay to win problems will be masked by the fact that there are just so many evets abvailable for you to do. However, as you begin to gain a decent grasp of what the game offers, you slowly realize the huge, lingering grind wall in front of you. The novelty wears off, and the tedium of grinding begins. Main quests are the same: dungeon clearing with a boss at the end. This is when you start searching for alternate methods of lveling faster, as it begins increasingly difficult to reach the next level.

This is where you fall trapped to the pay to win scheme. You begin to think bout spending real cash on offers such as"brand new ultra gear!" "Tired of being ♥♥♥♥t? SPend 200 dolars and become awesome!"

Bottom Line: The game is pure pay to win. Unbearably and horribly pay to win. Stay away. It encourages the behaviour with rewards for those who spend money. Not worth your time. Spend your time elsewhere looking for another RPG. Not here.
Posted: April 20th, 2014
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This game is really good for people who don't have hands, like me, because it has the option to play its self.
Posted: March 6th, 2014
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Here is the main problem with this game. It basically plays itself. Everytime you click on your quest tracker to take you to where you need to go, it will do so, which is fine and all until you get to where it wants you to "complete the dungeon objective." Then it puts you into "Auto Combat" which you can turn off and fight on your own, but why is that even a thing? Why have a game that can play itself and allow you to just sit and use potions while the game fights for you?

The game is also still buggy in the tutorial section. I kept dying repeatedly against one of the first bosses because i got stuck on absolutely nothing and kept getting pulled back and forth to the same spot so I had to keep relogging before it finally stopped doing that.

All in all, the game has a good idea for what it was going to be when it was in pre-alpha but something made the devs change their minds or something to make it like it is now with the "hold your hand" combat system and still many bugs to be found. Definitally not worth my time anymore unless they fix the problems.
Posted: March 6th, 2014
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Before we begin, I didn't get very far. I have no idea on the end-game nor how a lot of the "paying" system works. This is just based of me jumping in and getting bored very quickly. This game was released back in 2013, then shut down due to "lack of players", and then re-released back in December of 2013. And now it has been released on Steam. That should make anyone wary to begin with.

Though the setting sounded interesting and was the main reason for me trying it, everything else was just awful. Once the whopping 60Mb(?) download is finished on Steam you can jump right in to the game. Except it's running in a window; a web browser window that is cleverly disguised as an actual window. It's a web-browser game. Not to say this is a bad thing, but there's no full screen option. Even Runescape has that now (or so I've been told.) - [EDIT: There is a full screen option, it's in the top right of the screen. Thanks to Delcarius] There's graphical settings, but I had everything set to max and it still looked pretty bad. Low quality textures and low-poly models everywhere. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is due to running the thing in a browser. But I know Unity can produce much better looking stuff than this.

There are no EU servers, only two NA servers (or that is what was shown for me.) As it was only a small download, you have to download the game as you play it. Loading up areas could take some time if you do not have a fast internet connection (I have Fibre Optic so it was okay for me.)

Character creation is extremely limited and you pretty much have a choice of one or two faces for each race per sex, and you get to mess with the hairstyle a bit. That's it. For a game released back in 2013 this isn't really acceptable.

Once you've created your character and are in the first zone you are met with a cluster♥♥♥♥ of a UI. Somewhat reminiscent of WoW when someone has way more AddOn's than they need. Due to having experience with many MMO's I could navigate it well enough. And they do give the option to go into tutorial mode if you have no idea what is going on. You have the usual Action Bar, Map, Health and Mana/PP/whatever orbs, chat, and little icons for everything else.

The combat leaves a lot to be desired, it's pretty generic and the animations are of poor quality (good god the animations.) Apparently there's an automatic mode for combat which should tell you all you need to know, but don't quote me on that. Sufficed to say you can barely pay attention and just destroy everything in sight. The combat areas early on in the game consist of instanced dungeons where you need to kill a required number of enemies, collect shillings and kill a boss with other objectives sneaking in there every now and again. You may be put in the instance on your own, or be with other players. I wasn't really sure what was going on to be honest.

The one thing I did like was the animated cutscenes, I liked the style and the voice acting wasn't too bad for the most part. They gave a back story of what was going on. Sadly, the NPC's are not voiced so I guess they couldn't afford it or something.

In terms of "IS THIS GAME P2W?" I can't tell you, It looks like you can buy a mountain of experience boosts and other things with real money, and subscribers (optional monthly fee payers) get a bunch of benefits. In any case, the benefits are not purely cosmetic so paying money does give you an advantage over others in specific aspects of the game.

Overall, it's a pretty generic MMO, with a boring combat system and with a poorly executed artstyle. Topped off with the limitations of being run in a web-browser. I wouldn't recommend it.
Posted: March 6th, 2014
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I've seen this game a couple times around the web, and had good hopes for this game...

...turns out it was nearly anything but good, wich really made me sad.

Only 'good' things i could fint, was the setting. Magitech/steampunk is fun...but that was about it.

VERY heavy pay2win model, big subscriber advantages, buy yourself to rank 1 in cash shop if you got the dough, and at base just another bland, linear, hotkey based hack'n slash-ish mmo without anything really new or intuitive.

Oh, open pvp anywhere at level10+ for those who could actually LIKE being stomped around every other minute by heavy cashers/endgamers.

Yes I may have <1h played, but there's a lot to understand by simply exploring the menus and experience with similar games...

So, with this, I say farewell to this game, and will never come back.
Posted: March 6th, 2014
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