Age of Wushu is a free, action MMORPG based in an ancient Chinese world of kung fu. The game features eight different martial art schools to choose from, dazzling aerial duels, and a sophisticated system of combos and counters.
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Data de lançamento: 27/mar/2014

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7 de outubro de 2014

Server Maintenance - 10/8/14


All Age of Wushu servers will undergo server maintenance on 10/8/14.

Start - Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 3:00 AM CDT (Wednesday October 8, 2014 - 1:00 AM PDT)
End - Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 7:00 AM CDT (Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 5:00 AM PDT)

All services will return to normal after the maintenance period.

Patch Notes:

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30 de setembro de 2014

No Server Maintenance - 10/1/14

The regular scheduled maintenance has been cancelled for this week! Enjoy the extra hours of server up time!

Get ready for our next expansion coming in October, Winds of Destiny!

Find out more here!

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“Age of Wushu brings fresh life to stale genre features, and even gives your character an intriguing, danger-filled life when you're offline.”

“Age of Wushu is more of a creative attempt at trying to escape the box of classic MMO design then it is something completely new and different.”
Ten Ton Hammer

“This is a successful blend of familiar MMO concepts with plenty of unique twists”
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Sobre este jogo

Age of Wushu: Snail Games’ topnotch sandbox MMORPG that lets player become an aspiring Kung-Fu master and experience the captivating, oriental world of Ancient China. By combining revolutionary combat with beautiful renderings, players will master a variety of martial skills as they delve into a unique self-realization path to the pinnacle of power.

Players are given tons of freedom unparalleled in modern MMORPGs in their journey to master the ancient Chinese martial arts, to delve into their character's unique story, to face the consequences of every action, and to fulfill their destiny.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated, Revolutionary Combat
    The challenging combat system offers a flashy visual feast: in essence, it boils down to utilizing countering combinations of Overt, Feint and Parry to strategically overcome your opponents. Experience dazzling aerial fights and graceful combo moves! Imagine fight & chase scenes in Hero or House of Flying Daggers: soar through the air with flight prowesswhile you skirmish all over the city.
  • An Alluring, Vivid World
    Traverse through cities with enchanted waterways and bridges, Imperial palaces of golden grandeur, tavern bustling with merchants and sinister alleyswith lurking black figures – immerse yourself in the most realistic and enchanted depiction of Ming Dynasty ever created. In the lawless world of Wuxia, we deliver classic architectures and breathtaking landscape straight into your view. Age of Wushu – a world filled with natural and human wonders.
  • Dynamic Encounters, Endless Adventures
    Events in Age of Wushu are not planned, but experienced. These experiences are mysterious and can occur without any warning. You could run into a bit of serendipity or find yourself in a bit of trouble. Some of them could confer a life-changing set of martial arts skills without the player having to lift a finger. Or you could wear yourself out, only to receive a reward as valuable as a simple stone.
  • The Choice is Yours
    The game puts an emphasis on freestyle PvP and sandbox aspects by implementing ample related system: gratitude and revenge where the game makes sure you remember your killers, player/NPC affinity, random encounters, challenges & instances, secondary factions and an elaborate guild system that often require political choices in forging allegiances. With the addition of an expansive gathering\crafting system, you decide how to live in the lawless world of Jianghu. Become a successful merchant, a righteous constable or an outlaw that disregard all rules: the choice is always yours.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows® 8 /Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce6600 or equivalent,Video memory: 128MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows® 8 /Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor: Pentium Dual-Core E6 series or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce9600GT or equivalent,Video memory: 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
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Publicada: 27 de setembro de 2014
O jogo é bastante legal, bem fiel as novelas chinesas de kungfu, eu joguei ele um bom tempo, obviamente não na steam, mas o legal dele é a falta de "leveis" em que tudo o que você precisa é de apenas ficar online para upar rsrs (claro que os vips podem upar offline também) o jogo é um pouco pay4win porque tem um sistema de vip bem op, os vips podem trabalhar durante offline e podem upar a inner e qualquer outra habilidade em offline também, mas acredito que isto não seja um problema, já que no mundo de hoje pagamos até pela água para lançar nossa bosta descarga abaixo.

Dou nota 8/10, o único "ruim" seria o combate do jogo, que é uma super mistura de target com ação, isto deixa meio confuso, fora isto o jogo é ótimo!
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Publicada: 29 de dezembro de 2014
This will be my 3rd time writing a review for AoW. My first review I deleted myself because, well, I hit delete instead of edit, my bad- but I was goin to change it completely anyhow. So I rewrote it, and it became the #1 helpful negative review for a while(I'll get into why in a second), then I stopped playing for a while. And again I started playing again for another 3-4 months. Somewhere inbetween playing again and now my #1 negative review has "dissappeared".
So here's a new one in two parts: one for the game, one for Snail Games USA.
TL,DR version at bottom.

--------On the game itself.--------
This game is like most F2P games--- F2P and P2W. Also lots and lots of grinding, or just pay for silver.
In beta the tutorial, menus, actions, well almost everything were explained horribly and it wasn't just the translations. Even when I made a smurf character after the Winds of Destiny addition in Oct-14, it was still mostly the same. The cutscenes are still translated horribly, but usually makes for some funny reads.

Combat is based on ping, if you bought the latest cash shop set for 30$, and if you have the rare ultra-powerful ancinet move sets(you get them easily by paying players for them with silver). Last time I played everyone was in mostly the same 2-3 schools and used the same cash shop sets and/or ancient sets.
The one thing I really like about this game was the random encounter system, where you can possibly get great skills and useful items for crafting by making npc's like or hate you . But you get the random encounters rarely if you don't pay for VIP.
Graphics are alright, nothing too special.
Music is ok for some area/scenes' songs and horrible for others.
Flying skills can be fun but only half of them are really useful.
Crafting mini games are ok, better than some mmo's.

--------Snail Games USA customer service horror story--------
I started playing AoW about 1-2 months before beta ended(I think in Feb/March 2013.) I ended up getting VIP about a week before release, and actually bought the Gamestop retail edition when it was officially released out of beta(April 2013). I have played AoW from roughly Mar-13 to 9-11-13 then from Feb-14to Nov-14, and had kept my VIP status 90-95% of the time, bought the retail edition, payed for in-game silver(from Snail's site), and was paying for cosmetic item/mount rentals. Since Mar 2013 to Sep 2013, I had purchased 2,150 gold from Snail's official site(using Zeevex cards), and I ended up(stupidly) spending 718$+ on 2,150 gold for in-game for cash shop items.

The little break from playing was because my account was frozen for no reason, for 1.5-2 months.
I had set up a stall overnight(VIP only) an hour or less before server maintenence, with the contents worth I think over 3000+ Taels of item(most of the higher valued items I was selling were scripts, although I was also selling cash-shop gold items too.
So I went to sleep, woke up the next day and tried to sign into my only character, and my account was frozen. So I check my Snail Passport, just a freeze notice.
After many inquiries as to why, I finally get told I was "involved in illicit taels activities" about 2-3 weeks after being frozen(their old ticket system was being worked on in midst of all this). Then another 2-3 weeks go by and I get a reply, and I'm quoting my Snail Passport reply: "Greetings. We have checked your account (acc. name) in system. The query result inform that it invovle to trading illegal tales. We consider that the illegal taels amount is not too much. Offical decide to unfreeze for you. Please do not do that again. Thanks for support."
I had ONLY ever topped up, purchased silver, and/or gold from SNAIL'S OFFICIAL SITE. I've always assumed somone who bought silver from a non-official source, bought the items off me in my offline stall, and I got punished as well.
The worse part of it was that for the 1.5-2 months I was frozen I had VIP, cosmetic items, mounts, and a windrider that all went to waste, some of which I had just started the rental time. I was told in another ticket that they cannot and will not even give me the same items back. I played for about a week and was still mad at what happened and how they went about it, then i quit playing for about 4 months or so.

When I started playing again my plan was to try to play it 100% completely F2P. I did this for a while, but after being VIP for so long it just sucks playing it f2p. Almost every little thing in the game is pretty limited to free players, which is great to battle gold bots/etc, but if you start off as a f2p player it might be ok. But if you were VIP before but now now, you will hate it. I ended up having people in game buy it for me for in game silver for the last month or so I played in Oct 14.

-------------TL, DR ------------------
AoW is a high-learning-curve, mediocre at best, usually confusing F2P and P2W mmorpg that is full of fetching/finding/grinding, repeating the same boring raids, laughing at the bad translations, and always waiting on the time-based rank+skill leveling system.
The combat is useless unless you have good ping and you pay for the cash shop sets or a lot of in-game money for highly coveted rare skills from ancient sets. Not paying for VIP is very restrictive. Most the people playing are in the same few schools and use mostly the same sets and combos.

Honestly, do yourself a favor and just don't waste your time on this game.If you end up doing so, do not give them any money, for what happened to me and many, many, others, could happen to you.

I was completely stupid and spent 700$ while wasting a year+half of my time so you didn't have to.

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Publicada: 29 de outubro de 2014
playing this game is like constantly being extorted by an asian landlord but instead of rent he just wants you to pay for pictures of him in different fighting stances
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Publicada: 7 de novembro de 2014
Im still playing. Only issue i have is the extreame cost for items people sell in market. Keeping the people who have alot of money TOP in the rankings. If it was not so pay2win i would like it even more.
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Publicada: 6 de setembro de 2014
Stay VERY far away from this game if you don't have a large wallet that you don't care if it gets smaller.

Might seem fun, but what you're actually getting is a poorly-translated, half-baked Chinese grinder with a few open-world elements, most of them are broken or missing. The biggest offender is their "Tornado" weather event which allows you to get some pretty good skills, but the mechanics are very broken both in the tornados themselves AND the npcs you must fight during it to earn a small amount of the items needed to earn it.

Brought up a lot of the points to GMs over my 2 months playing this game, all I heard was "I'll tell a developer about it" which is Snail speak for "♥♥♥♥ you."

If the broken, missing, and poorly translated elements don't persuade you from staying very far away, this game is HEAVILY reliant on Pay-To-Win, and they can't even do THAT right.

VERY FEW martial arts "skill sets" you can earn in game will be viable in surviving the 100% PvP environment. All of them require large amounts of "Tael" you only earn by either buying them from Snail itself, trading with players that have them (it's THE market currency), or earning them in very small amounts from a small group of in-game events (most of them require you have a VIP status, which is like $10 a month).

The ones you can only get through cash aren't even available through cash anymore. Only the "flavor of the month" newest set they made can be bought, then when the next skill set comes along it vanishes into the void, never to be gotten again.

They USED to have a system where you can buy gift boxes for "Jade Fragments" to trade for these older skills, but Snail took these out of the cash shop and only made them available through "Top-up" events (recent one was $300 real money to get 10 "Ding" (10,000) tael, some items, and 150 jade fragments in order to buy ONE whole complete skill).

The other way is to get the select skill sets in the "Jade Deity" edition sold here, but that's a gamble. You get only 2 skill sets out of the ones available, and you can get duplicates. Sure, you could try selling the duplicates, but some of them fell out of favor in game and no one will buy them in favor of newer sets. Do you REALLY want to gamble on $60? Didn't think so.

Speaking of the Top-Ups, they run those as often as they do maintainance, every weekend. Every time they bait players by hiding something cosmetic or a new skill set they're about to release behind the $300 option, just fishing for suckers, I mean, "players" to buy it.

Let's not get started on the ping. I've never seen a game where I was consistently above 200ms until this game. Would be great if that was just how the game was, but some people are living very close to the server or paying a 3rd party a subscription for lower pings (Like BattlePing) and having 30, 20, 10ms or less. This means if you get in a fight with ANYONE, they're probably gonna have A) A cash set you can't get anymore, B) EXTREMELY overgeared from buying silver taels from Snail, or C) Outping you so hard that you won't get a hit in.

If you hit the "Install" button even after reading this......You're a ♥♥♥♥♥, and Snail welcomes your wallet!

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Publicada: 22 de fevereiro
This is one of those games that has so much potential if only it had a few tweaks.

The Good:
-Not your typical MMO mob fest grind as your key internal skills are learned over time (kind of similar to Eve's system) + daily training
-PvP based game
-The core gameplay is just plain fun. It is a mix of reaction, combos and skill.
-So much diversity for combat sets - there is PvP balance between the starting schools (with some major BUTs)
-Tons of stuff to do such as school wars, guild wars, script stealing events and other events
-Crafting Mini games are pretty fun
-The game as a TON of depth
-Lore is awesome
-You're a badass warrior in Ancient China

The Bad:
-Probably one of the most extreme examples of Pay to Win that I've ever seen in an MMO, from start to finish, Snail games feels like they always have at least one of their hands in your pocket. There are guys in China that have spent upwards of $20,000 USD on this game
-Ancient Sets (really only achieved through sheer luck and P2W) can completely ruin the game. 1 person with an ancient set can take on up to 10 people at a time (Ancient Tai Chi). To get these Ancient sets, only a few people on the server have them, and they've paid probably a few thousand USDs for them
-You can bypass the Eve like skill system with enough RL $
-Basic Cash Shop sets can run $60 and are generally a minimum requirement in PvP
-This game is hard as hell to learn. Poor english translations and the tutorial is pretty confusing. Players from China have a massive advantage with the knowledge they can access. Heck, the wiki isn't even filled out in English and most Chinese players use their knowledge to their advantage.
-Brutal Lag. Battleping / WTFast is pretty much a requirement.
-If you fall behind, you can almost never catch up - the best way for new players is if a new server opens up. It is so hard to catch up to players (since there is always sometime to train and become more useful in PvP), even at 3 months old with regular play time, you can still be 1-2 shotted by year old Ancient set users.
-RNJesus - anything and everything to do with gear/items/sets is so Random - weapon and armor rolling, gear drops, rare drops, event drops, with a tiny % being able to get what they want.

Avoid. It is games like these that could be so much more if they were subscription based w/o a cash shop. It completely ruins the experience. The sad thing is there is so much fundemental gameplay in AoW that they did a really good job on that you wish could be added to other MMOs to make them more fun.
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Publicada: 10 de janeiro
great game, fun PVP cool movement abilities good community. I dont recomend this to PVEers however PVPers and RPers this is a great game for you
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Publicada: 28 de março de 2014
Só pra quem tem muita paciência, porque, pra ser ♥♥♥♥ nesse jogo, tem que jogar direto por meses, é como treinar artes marciais na vida real, demora, muito k, mas é legalzin.
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Publicada: 17 de maio de 2014
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Publicada: 13 de julho de 2014
Bem Legal
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Publicada: 19 de setembro de 2014
E um bom game!
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Publicada: 28 de novembro de 2014
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Publicada: 9 de outubro de 2014
Muito Bom
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Publicada: 29 de dezembro de 2014
mutio bommmmmm
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Publicada: 25 de outubro de 2014
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Publicada: 29 de março de 2014
nao recomendo jogabilidade mal feita nao gostei muito
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Publicada: 13 de maio de 2014
não gostei
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Publicada: 8 de agosto de 2014
I really wanted to get into this game. Videos I saw on YouTube showing gameplay got me hyped up to get into the game immediately, but boy was I disappointed. Do note that this review is being written with not much time actually played, though for a reason.

The good:

1) Immediately after getting out of the tutorial, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of ambient activity. Npcs and offline players were roaming about the city, making it feel very alive. I saw beggars, watchmen, peddlers, and dockworkers all going about their own business.

2) There appear to be some fairly unique crafting skills and professions that the player can take part in, though I didn't get to experience any of this.

3) The game was pretty-ish. It may have just been the art style or setting, but the starting area (after the tutorial) was visually pleasing atleast to me.

4) I have heard that there are really cool crime-related systems in place that allow players to kidnap, pk, spy, and steal scripts.

The bad:

1) Terrible tutorial. I am okay figuring things out myself; I've played games with rediculous learning curves in the past with no problem (AO, UO, and AC if you need examples), but when an implemented tutorial does nothing but waste my time, I get irritated.

2) Half-♥♥♥♥♥ audio. The oriental music was loud and obnoxious, the rain sounded like faint tv static, and cutscenes almost completely lacked sound. What sounds I did hear were all 2 or 3 second long sounds looped haphazardly over themselves.

3) Both of the control schemes provided to you are clunky at best.

4) The first hour or so of the game is filled with tedious and straight up BORING "back-and-forth" quests. After dredging through the poorly paced and buggy tutorial quests (which accomplished nothing), I joined the Tangmen school and proceeded to run back and forth between stale, emotionless and voiceless npcs, doing nothing but talking.

5) Quests don't seem to give any hint as to where quest locations are, practically forcing you to use the game's auto pathing feature, which is straight up lame.

6) Interface icons are strewn randomly around the screen, letting you know about seemingly useless information that you probably could've figured out on your own if the interface was more intuitive in the first place.

7) Movement itself is clunky. Your player model doesn't seem to accuractely represent where you're standing/looking, so bumping against walls and getting stuck on invisible wedges is extremely prevalent when try to make use of acrobatics.

8) It feels like the game lacks interesting stuff to do. After I got sick of the quests, I sort of just wandered around looking for stuff to do. To my dismay, I could find nothing.

9) The game feels like a complete time sink. To "progress" or advance your character, you have to cultivate skills, which is time based.

10) They combat gold sellers in all the wrong ways. Instead of actively monitoring gold sellers, they locked off global chat channels from what I'll just call lower tier characters. This, while keeping gold sellers out of world chat (not local chat mind you), this also means that new players that are having problems with the game (of which there are many) have a rediculous time finding assistance.

11) Of the people that I actually came into contact with (not many - most were offline, begging in the streets), about 10/10 of them were veteran players who wanted nothing to do with me. After watching a husband and wife kill each other in town, I was chased around by some girl in fancy armor that was glowing red, who seemed intent on figuring out a way to kill me.

12) AoW is just another hardcore chinese cash grab mmo.

As I did point out at the start, I haven't played very much yet. I'll try (and I do mean TRY) to continue playing the game to experience some of the more positive points - if my opinion changes later, I will edit this review to show that. Also, if you're an AoW veteran and have a kind heart, I'd definitely appreciate some guidance into how to really get into this game. I really want to like it.
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Publicada: 28 de março de 2014
You like pay to win? than this game will be one you will love. At the start you get to see about 7 NPC's who each try to get you to buy something as well as a bunch of gimicky keep playing for auto rewards, which is just standing in a street waiting. They even have a stall option that keeps you logged on long enough to get the waiting rewards, but only for VIP payers, everyone else must stall the old fashioned way... or just go play somethign better. Oh yeah and you know a game is pay to win when the entire global chat is people selling the in game currency.

Did i mention they have a stall option.... litterally it says its the stall option.... and you have to pay for it!!!
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Publicada: 20 de junho de 2014
Pros : One of the most beautifully rendered and visually stunning games Ive ever had the pleasure of playing. Unique and engaging crafting system and player economy system. Easy to level with challenging quests, side quests and minigames. Unique and innovative combat and character skills systems. Ability to purchase in game content that aids in raising skills or earn similar content with your own in game time and effort.

Cons : The game is a little complicated to learn to begin with. One cannot simply dive in and understand the systems without going through the tutorials and I highly recomend reading the wiki and watching the tutorial videos that are available. The open pvp system is really kind of a let down for me, it encourages targeting of new and lower level characters by those who have higher levels and for my tastes really hurts the new players over all experience. While I applaud the ability to earn decent equipment and skills through time and effort. I still find that the real game perks lean toward those who pay for the vip status. Not so much that I would call it an outright pay to win game but enough to hinder some of the gameplay for me and make leveling a bit of grind.

Over all I love the game. There is still a lot for me to learn about it and the team is developing new content and recently brought a new server online as well. If you love adventure RPG's and dont mind taking the time to learn the new and innovative systems then AoW is definately worth trying.
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