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THE FOOTBALL MANAGER FOR EVERY FAN         User-friendly, easy to grasp and fun to master. FX Eleven believes in offering a game system designed for every football fan out there: agile, powerful, full of options and extremely fun.
Release Date: Jan 31, 2014
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FX Eleven updated to v.2.4.2. New features and improvements

February 14th, 2014

Thanks to all the suggestions made by our growing community of FX Eleven players, constant improvements are being implemented. Detailed below are the most relevant changes in version 2.4.2:

  • Improved algorithm for calculating the end result in "Final score" mode
  • Increased time for non-practiced strategies (Watch game mode)
  • Scouting messages now include country and division, making it easier to look for a player
  • Improved quick editor that allows adjusting a player's name by right clicking
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Improved video sequences before watching a game
  • Enhanced system for displaying player achievements when they coincide with provisional standings (Watch game mode)
  • Enhanced simulator graphics (Watch game mode)
  • Adjustments in classification system
  • Adjusted texts
  • Adjusted player data base
  • Multiplayer games that shut down when one of the managers is fired
  • Multiplayer game crash when one of the managers is relegated to a division not included in the game
  • Game crash after penalty shootouts
  • Bug that caused additional penalties to be included in a shootout when changing from "Highlights" mode to "Watch game" mode for the second half of overtime
  • Bug that caused too many red cards to be given in "Watch game" mode

Gracias a las sugerencias aportadas por la creciente comunidad de jugadores de FX Eleven se incorporan mejoras permanentes al juego. A continuación se detallan los cambios más relevantes de la versión 2.4.2:

  • Mejorado el algoritmo del cálculo en el modo Resultad
  • Aumentado el tiempo de las estrategias no entrenadas durante el visionado del partido
  • Añadidos país y división en los mensajes de los asistentes para facilitar la búsqueda de jugadores
  • Mejorado el editor instantáneo para el cambio de nombres de jugadores con botón derecho
  • Incorporadas mejoras gráficas en el interfaz
  • Mejoradas las cámaras de entrada al partido durante el visionado
  • Mejorada la forma en la que se muestran los logros de los jugadores durante el visionado del partido cuando coinciden con la clasificación provisional
  • Mejoras gráficas en el visionado de partidos
  • Ajustes en el sistema de clasificaciones
  • Ajustes de texto
  • Ajustes en la base de datos de jugadores
  • Partidas para varios jugadores en las que el juego se cerraba al ser despedido uno de los mánagers
  • Partidas para varios jugadores en las que el juego se bloqueaba si uno de los mánagers descendía a un división no contemplada
  • Bloqueos del juego tras una tanda de penaltis
  • Problema que hacía que se sumaran penaltis a la tanda final cuando se pasaba del modo Eventos al visionado del partido en la segunda parte de la prórroga
  • Problema que hacía que se mostraran demasiadas tarjetas rojas en el visionado del partido

Grazie ai suggerimenti inviati dalla crescente comunità di giocatori di FX Eleven, è stato possibile apportare delle migliorie permanenti al gioco. Ecco le modifiche più rilevanti della versione 2.4.2:

  • Migliorato l'algoritmo del calcolo nella modalità Risultato
  • Aumentato il tempo delle strategie non collaudate durante la visione della partita
  • Aggiunti paese e categoria nei messaggi degli assistenti per agevolare la ricerca di giocatori
  • Migliorato l’editor istantaneo per la modifica dei nomi dei giocatori con il tasto destro
  • Integrati miglioramenti grafici nell’interfaccia
  • Migliorate le visuali d'entrata della partita durante la visione
  • Migliorato il modo in cui si mostrano i meriti dei giocatori durante la visione della partita quando coincidono con la classifica provvisoria
  • Migliorie grafiche nella visione delle partite
  • Adattamenti nel sistema di classifica
  • Adattamenti dei testi
  • Adattamenti nella banca dati
  • Partite multiplayer nelle quali il gioco si chiudeva quando uno dei manager veniva licenziato
  • Partite multiplayer nelle quali il gioco si bloccava se uno dei manager retrocedeva a una categoria non contemplata
  • Blocchi del gioco in seguito a una ronda di calci di rigore
  • Problema per il quale venivano sommati rigori ai calci di rigore finali quando si passava dalla modalità Eventi alla visione della partita nella seconda parte dei supplementari
  • Problema per il quale si mostravano troppi cartellini rossi nella visione della partita

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“FX has found a new football manager formula with a personality of its own. A simple game you will quickly enjoy that has much greater depth than its predecessor.”
76/100 – IGN

“FX Eleven has without a doubt become a true and excellent alternative to the Football Manager saga.”
7/10 – http://www.z-giochi.com/recensioni/fx-calcio-2-0-recensione-112708

About the Game

User-friendly, easy to grasp and fun to master. FX Eleven believes in offering a game system designed for every football fan out there: agile, powerful, full of options and extremely fun.
Signing the new contract. Getting to know your squad. Discovering the club's facilities. Being presented to your supporters. Finding your starting lineup. Bringing out the best in every player. Watching them grow under your guidance. Cheering them on when they display rehearsed moves on the field. Feeling the fans' support...
It's small details like these that remind you why you love football.

As the club's manager, you will be responsible for making all the decisions: expanding the stadium, hiring your coaching staff, signing and renewing players, fixing ticket prices... Lay the foundations for a truly competitive team.

Plan and direct your youth divisions' tactics and training sessions. Keep an eye on every one of your young footballers until you find a true talent. Enhance his performance by increasing his confidence: give him the chance to play with the first team and realize his full potential. You might just turn him into a world-class star.

Key features

  • Make yourself a career as club manager and work your way up to the top. Win achievements with different teams. Earn yourself a reputation: "Lucky charm", "Giant Killer" or "Professor", an expert in finding future stars in your youth divisions, among many others.
  • United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy... The first and second divisions of all of these competitions are played simultaneously, along with the third division in the Spanish and Italian championships. Leagues, cups, international tournaments, preseason matches... 450 teams, each and every one of them in constant evolution.
  • More than 11,700 players created one by one that will become truly unique under your leadership. Players grow and evolve depending on your actions. Throughout their career they can acquire “Achievements” that will in turn affect the entire game universe.
  • Upgrade and expand your stadium, customizing the facilities to adapt them to the football club you wish to create.
  • Don’t just sit on the bench. Make decisions and apply them from the sideline to change game dynamics: choose when your team should put pressure on rival players, when to use the flanks, when to keep the ball... Or design your own moves on the field in real time!
  • Instantly customize players, kits and shields with MyTeam, the editor that gives you total control; create your ideal squad, a club with football legends, or the team of friends you play with on the weekends.
  • A game in constant evolution with new features suggested by the community: manager track record; fun and agile transfer system; squad stats; player evaluation after each match; top scorers, goalkeepers and footballers with most assists; lineup of the week; sponsors; trophy room; man-to-man markings...

Press Reviews

  • VANDAL (Score: 78)
    A fun title that is highly recommendable. While easy to play, it does not lack depth; it has a really promising player ecosystem and a very solid editor.
  • MICROMANIA (Score: 90)
    FX has been able to create, polish and expand a new manager concept that lets players feel the excitement of being a coach. A game you will love if you like football.
  • HOBBYCONSOLAS (Score: 8)
    A great evolution from the first title and a very promising franchise. Thanks to the performance attribute, every player in FX Eleven is unique.

User Reviews

  • "This game is addictive: I'm a totally hooked! It has nothing to do with other managers where you get lost amongst the thousands of options and never-ending data loading... This one is straightforward!"
    (Arresius, FXFutbolmanía forums)
  • "I like the whole coaching module: lineup, tactics and training. It makes you think and make different decisions each week. It is easy to understand yet hard to make the most out of everything the game has to offer..."
    (Eucarlinhos, FXFutbolmanía forums)
  • "I think it's a great game with even greater potential; the interactivity when watching a match, the possibility of practicing tactics and plays to obtain extra seconds, a game that is both original and strategic, you can find everything at a simple glance."
    (Loki, FXFutbolmanía forums)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel Series 4, NVIDIA GeForce 6600, ATI Radeon X1600 or higher with 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Helpful customer reviews
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2 reviews
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This game in very enjoyable, it is the Steam version of another game that FX Interactive published in Spain couple months ago: FX Futbol. It is a football manager with a very nice interface and many options to tweak your team and tactics. I end up suffering the 'just one more turn' syndrome every time I play.

Downside is it does not have official licenses nor real names, but with the built-in editor you can change almost everything, or save time and download the mods made by the community that put the real teams, shields, kits, and so.

You can find the mod here (it's in Spanish so follow the link titled: "Descarga FXF Revolution 2.0 – Nombres y escudos"). It's not updated for FX Eleven but it works fine (I did a screenshot if you want to check), just change "FX Futbol 2.0" with "FX Eleven" in the installation path.
Posted: January 31st, 2014
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28 of 35 people (80%) found this review helpful
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1 review
24.8 hrs on record
This is the new version from scratch of PcFutbol, a myth in Spain about football games.

This new version can offer a lot of fun according your level of interest, if you want to have a basic manager game, this is a good option because you can set to Automatic a lot of things like training sessions , renew the players contracts, the healthy care.... but if you want full control, be aware you will have a lot of work each week.

It is only a manager, you can not play with the players in the match but you can watch them and give orders even draw tactics in real time over the field, that will depend on the daily work of your players ans training sessions.

For the moment the game don´t use licenses, for that reason you will not see real names like Casillas, C. Ronaldo... but you can edit the names and use it as a mod, in fact there is a mod already with all REAL names and shield of the teams available for download in the next link:

Click on "Descarga FXF Revolution 2.0 – Nombres y escudos" to download
You will have to add the folder mod in the folder C:\Users\PcName\Documents\FX Interactive\FX Eleven (create the mod folder)

You can see more info in the web page http://www.pcfutbolmania.com
Posted: January 31st, 2014
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22 of 31 people (71%) found this review helpful
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1 review
1.2 hrs on record
This game has a lot of FUN!

For sure it’s not as exhaustive as a well know football simulator, but FX does intend to be a GAME and it really got it.

You can control finances, upgrade your coliseum, buy and sell players, decide about the young players, hire employees…

The match simulator is quite well done. You can “shout” different orders as direct attack, aggressive defence, pressure… You can see also your stadium in the match, at the current size and status … Some animations must be improved, however.

This game has been released some months before in DVD, so the game is quite polished by now, no bugs at all.

Something important to notice is that real names do not appear in this game. You can edit a lot of things from the game itself: names, but also colours, graphics… a lot of things. In fact, you will find some sites on internet with patches for real names if you really intend it.

I sincerely recommend it for this price!
Posted: January 31st, 2014
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1 review
7.2 hrs on record
In the moment I wouldn't buy this game again,
The overall managment is good and reduced to the basics like stadium, sponsors, some trainers and so on.

The training is quite fast, just drop the people on what you want them to get trained in.

What I don't like is the match calculation. I have very often red cards, don't shoot a lot of goals and in the 2D match the players are not doing what you told them.
There are things where you think why the hell it wasn't a goal, why didn't he made a pass to the free guy over there and things like that. Maybe it is just standing for a bad attribute that the passing and running is sometimes strange. But when a striker, how bad he is, got the ball and only the goaly in front of him, just 20 m tu run, why the hell is he turning around and passing to a guy where two defenders are around. There are a lot of situation where you think, if that would be Fifa 13 you would have scored even when you got the first time a controller in your hand, but you can just look how three striker don't manage to get the ball in the empty goal.

In general there are not enough goals. Not only in my matches, in the complete league. 2:0; 2:1, 1:0 is normal. Three goals for one team, not very common. Last time the complete league drawed 6x 0:0; 2x 1:0 and one time 2:0.
The last of the Bundesliga (Braunschweig) is here first after 5 games. Bayern won 2 out of 5 games and drawed one....

Strange. The game calculation need to be changed in a way that you got the feeling that you can change something with what you are doing and that the rest is realistic.
Posted: February 1st, 2014
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1 review
3.6 hrs on record
I like the game overall very much. It's easy to understand, with all the basic features a footbal manager should have, really enjoyable. You can see how your tactial lineup is working on the field, which is also very accurate.

But then you watch a lifematch and see the behavoir of the teams. Ok i could life with the behavior from goalkepper, defenders and midfield, but especially the strikers behave ridiculous and like idiots, which ruins the game experience in my opinion. They don't shoot in promising positions.
Examples: The striker gets a good pass, he is alone around 10m away from the goal.
Instead of shooting, he turns around and make a 30 meter pass back... wtf
Then the striker gets the ball, around 25m away from the opposite goal, the way is free only the goalkeeper is in the way.
Instead of running straight to the goal and try to shoot, he stumble around until the defenders are there, and if he manage then to dribble around 2 defenders and stands in the penalty area where he could shoot, he go for dribbeling the goalkeeper also, where he finally loses the ball. So my team only shoot 4 goals in 10 matches, and only 1 of them was a striker goal after a corner, the other 3 of them were scored by free strokes. And i always had 2 strikers with good shooting ability on the field, but who cares if they don't shoot.

So please work on that dear devs, or at least make another possibility for the interaction menü while watching the game like: Shoot directly on goal NOW!!!
Posted: February 3rd, 2014
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