"BlackSoul: Extended Edition" is an old school survival horror game with an intriguing story set in England in 1972: people have been turned into psychotic killers by an unknown infection and you must try to help Ava and Sean survive in the quarantined area and find out the truth.
User reviews: Mostly Negative (85 reviews)
Release Date: Feb 26, 2014

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"An old-school third person survival horror game. Developed by XenosVision."

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June 11

Update 1.2 - Loading Screens Fixing

Hi everyone,

BlackSoul version 1.2 is now live.

With this new update we finally managed to remove all those remaining boring loading screens from the game, both for Ava and Sean.

Next is coming soon.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned.

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May 22

Update 1.1.3 - Sean gameplay


we managed to remove almost all of the boring loading screens you run into playing as Sean...keep working on the remaining.

Log update:

  • Removed loading screens in the Woods
  • Removed loading screens in the Ziegler's farmhouse

Thanks for your support.

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About This Game

"BlackSoul: Extended Edition" is an old school survival horror game with an intriguing story set in England in 1972: people have been turned into psychotic killers by an unknown infection and you must try to help Ava and Sean survive in the quarantined area and find out the truth. You won't spend all your time on a killing spree, but you'll need to solve many puzzles which will challenge you.

Forget any government research labs in which they're working on some kind of ultimate weapon; instead think of something much sadder and crueler...and even if the story is not based on truth, we'll tell you about some events that really happened in the mid century.

System Requirements

    • OS: Xp SP3, 7 and Vista
    • Processor: 2.8Ghz dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512Mb with OpenGL 3.0 ( Intel chipset not supported )
    • Hard Drive: 3200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: low budget graphics might not work - Windows 8 is not officially supported
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Posted: February 15
BlackSoul tries to recapture the magic of those classic survival horror games from the 1990s, such as Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Unfortunately, Blacksoul resurrects many of the flaws from that era, while leaving most of the enjoyable elements of those classics dead and buried.

The negatives? Loading screens between each... and... every... single... room... transition. Any amount of horror atmosphere BlackSoul might have otherwise had is completely ruined by the immersion-breaking load screens. The only dread I experienced while playing this game resulted from the knowledge that I'd have to stare at that loading screen again when I moved to the next room.

Then we have the clunky character/camera control. The ridiculously simplistic and boring combat. The inability to 'Esc' out of various menus. The terrible sound effects, animations, lighting, and textures. The awful character models.

Now, I'm generally of the opinion that good art design is more important than the latest whiz-bang graphical effects - but even in that sense, BlackSoul looks dull, flat, cheap, and uninspired.

As for positives, BlackSoul does have a decently suspenseful soundtrack; music is very important in maintaining proper atmosphere in these sorts of games, and they did manage to get that right. Puzzle design, while not brilliant or innovative, is at least logical (mostly), and the game generally provides all the clues necessary to solves its puzzles without resorting to pure guesswork.

Sadly, it takes much more than 'decent' music and 'okay' puzzles to make a good survival horror game. I wouldn't recommend BlackSoul to even the most die-hard fan of classic survival horror.
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43.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 9
One of the most enjoyable games I've played in recent memory. It is absolutely riddled with flaws but it manages to be a great game regardless of them. If you can get used to them and treat them as 'rules' the flaws don't overcome all the love with which this game was designed, and the more work they do on the game, the more easily recommended it becomes. The awful load times are *gone* now. I imagine they contributed hugely to the low score on this one, but they've been fixed.

No official controller support. That's mandatory in a game like this. I played with Xpadder but there should be integrated support already. Xpadder needs to be run as administrator and it can still be a bit wonky.

Now, who's the game meant for is people that are fans of the original Resident Evil games. I see some Silent Hill in here as well but mainly Resident Evil. If you're familiar with them you can tell by my Steam avatar that I'm fond of Resident Evil. My favourites in fact. What that means for thi game is something similar to fixed cameras, and it operates with tank controls. Many people have criticised the controls of Resident Evil for being poor, but they're very finely tuned (besides the very first game in 1996) and carefully designed; they just take a whole lot of getting used to. Unfortunately, Black Soul's are not a good. The truth is it's the camera. People are mainly thrown by the camera in Resident Evil and that's the case here. The trouble is Resident Evil's cameras are perfectly designed (from Resident Evil 2 on; the 1996 game had abysmal cameras), so it's really a matter of getting used to them. Black Soul's camera is not well designed. But I got used to it. There's an over-the-shoulder camera as well but don't play it that way, please. Makes it boring. Live a little and get acclimated to the regular camera.

The mystery is compelling, both in gameplay and story. Unfortunately, though the story is generally well done (despite being done nigh entirely in documents) the finale doesn't quite deliver. Worth playing to the end, though.

A huge difference between this and Resident Evil is the lack of auto-aim. *Usually* it's not a problem, per se, but I'd have preferred a different sort of combat. This takes far more getting used to for people not accustomed to fixed cameras, although I wish there were a lot more properly fixed camera angles, supplemented by the auto-aim of Resident Evil. The way it's done now is a 'cinematographic' camera that follows you from a sort of weird (but workable) angle for nearly all areas where there's combat, and the fixed angles are largely reserved for non-combat areas.

Combat system is lacking but combat is clearly not the focus of the game. It works well enough, but I prefer classic Resident Evil. A chief problem I do have with it is that if you run past a bunch of enemies, so long as they're aware of you you can't interact with any thing but doors (actually, I think you can pick up health and ammo). This makes combat essentially necessary in many cases where I'd have just called the lift and left.

My other main problem is I wish saving were a bit less exploitable. Game's a bit too easy this way.

And last is the map. I appreciate what they were trying to do, and if you follow the map from the beginning of an area it's grand, but if you try to pick up in the middle of one of these maze-like sections you'll have some trouble. I'm conflicted on this.

If you like classic Resident Evil, get this game. Really.
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34.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
As much as I want to write a negative review for the Devs not sticking to their word and fixing a lot of the problems (last update was literally a year ago tomorrow), the game isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. I almost beat it, the only reason I gave up was because I got sick of going in circles and just lost momentum. It's not Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but if you're into the genre, like worser B-Game genre, it's actually quite entertaining.

Note, I did not spend 35 hours on this game as it says. Honestly, probably a solid 8.
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Posted: May 18
This game looked good to me but got mainly negative responds, so I figured out I'd buy and see for myself, specially considering the cost. Here is what I have found.

Gameplay/playability: After the last update most of the annoying loading screens have been fixed, which is a good thing since it appeared to be the most annoying topic. Launcher acts weirdly at startup but then the game runs smooth. Also I had minor troubles capturing the screen when I tried streaming this game. Remapping keys is tricky, since I have found options to remap forward\backward movement, but not left\right, but as long as you don't hate WSAD you'll feel comfortable. Cinematic screen has been said to be a pain, but tracking mode makes it close to RE 4\5\6 games. Fights don't seem difficult on the highest available on first walkthrough level to me, but I think I'm just playing fine-ish. Puzzles are very appealing, require imagination but not designed to keep you at one place for ages.

Visuals\style gets very high grade from me. If you price high-res textures and modern visual effects, this definitely won't work for you since technically the graphics is somewhere at resident evil 2 level. On the other hand, if you can bear that, I think overall level design is catchy and stylish, pretty well made (you don't expect to see things like lens flares in a game like this, but they are there).

Sound\atmosphere is overall haunting and much better than were my expectations for it. Probably the hardest thing to compare to other games, but I think it is done pretty good.

Story: I'm sorry, I haven't gone too far to make a judgment on that.

Summary: This game is what it claims to be--an old-style survival horror. Those always had few issues so unless you're really willing to trash this game down for some reason I don't see any point in bringing it up, 'cause it is still more playable than most of games coming out lately. Closest game on all aspects that comes to mind is Alone in the dark 3, from recent games--Resident Evil Remastered (which loses to BlackSoul on almost every aspect in my opinion). Complete steal for it's price and one of the nicest games I've played recently.
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Posted: May 21
very similar to old-skool resident evil.

my favorite thing is you can change the camera from old skool resident evil style like in code veronica where the camera follows you but switches at certain points, or you can make it just like resident evil 4, over the shoulder.

the atmosphere is even similar to older resident evil. it has the creepy eerie feeling to it that you got when playing resident evil 1-3.

the zombies look awesome and so far are traditional walkers.

the graphics are to my liking, not the best graphics in the world but they work beautifully for this game.

there are puzzles that are just like what you'd see in resident evil. find the knob to this door, find the key for that, what's missing here? etc.

finding ammo, weapons, keys, etc are just like resident evil.

if you liked the older resident evil games at all, then you will love this. or if you never played them but like survival horror games then get this.

controls are easy to use, but it takes a minute to get used to. perhaps they need to add side stepping. you can turn with the mouse, and the keys WASD are to move around but A and D turn you, unlike most games, but i can already turn with the mouse, i keep using A and D to move around corners as i would in other games but keep forgetting it doesn't do what i want lol. not game breaking at all though.

despite the few cons this game has it is still very fun and a great game.

don't listen to any other reviewers that give this game a bad rating, they don't know what they are talking about.

the game does not load in every room. the loading times are not very long.
the camera isn't bad at all. etc. the game is fine as is. the game seems to run completely fine, i have not ran into any bugs or glitches yet, and the devs say they are still working on it. so buy this game and help them....and yourself.

never listen to a critic and find out for yourself!!!
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