"BlackSoul: Extended Edition" is a third person adventure game with an intriguing story set in England in 1972: people have been turned into psychotic killers by an unknown infection and you must try to help Ava and Sean survive in the quarantined area and find out the truth.
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Date de parution: 26 fév 2014

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In the future

We are still working to make a better game.

Here a list of things to do:

1. fix loading screens
2. add gamepad support
3. enhance fonts ( for menu )
4. make better characters and animations

À propos de ce jeu

"BlackSoul: Extended Edition" is a third person adventure game with an intriguing story set in England in 1972: people have been turned into psychotic killers by an unknown infection and you must try to help Ava and Sean survive in the quarantined area and find out the truth. You won't spend all your time on a killing spree, but you'll need to solve many puzzles which will challenge you.

Forget any government research labs in which they're working on some kind of ultimate weapon; instead think of something much sadder and crueler...and even if the story is not based on truth, we'll tell you about some events that really happened in the mid century.

Configuration requise

    • OS: Xp SP3, 7 and Vista
    • Processor: 2.8Ghz dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512Mb with OpenGL 3.0 ( Intel chipset not supported )
    • Hard Drive: 3200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: low budget graphics might not work - Windows 8 is not officially supported
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Posté le : 1 novembre
A waste of money.

When I loaded the game, I found the writing was almost impossible to read as the text size was tiny and the letters were kind of muddled. I started it up and got to the house wherupon I managed to solve an astronomy puzzle. I then kept getting killed by zombies as I had no weapon and couldn't find one, despite finding ammo.
Gave up as I couldn't get into it and couldn't read the text. Yuk!
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Posté le : 13 novembre
I really wanted to like BlackSoul: Extended Edition because it's an old-school survival horror that pays homage to the classics, such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, but I just can't due to the large amount of bugs, glitches, loading screens and camera issues.

The first problem I noticed with the game was the horrendous "Cinematographic" camera which sometimes aims at the ground for some reason, but thankfully, you can choose the far better tracking camera which helps a lot when you're navigating through dark areas. Loading screens are a pain the backside too because they're everywhere, even you're about to enter a small room. However, the developers will be removing most of them in a future update (if that will ever happen).

One of the main problems that I had with BlackSoul: Extended Edition is that I was defenseless. The first weapon that I picked up instantly vanished from my inventory, so I had no choice but to run from one room to another while avoiding zombies who just so happen to be standing on paths that I need to take. As soon as I died, I quit the game and uninstalled it.

Right now, I can't recommend this game to anyone, not even those who enjoy the classic survivial horror games of the 90s. If the main issues that I mentioned in this review are solved in a future patch, then I will consider playing this game again and hopefully give it a positive review.
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Posté le : 9 novembre
An incomplete game that was probably still going to be bad once it was "finished." I can forgive the weak controls and budget graphics, but the camera work is a travesty. There is no way to get any sense of where you are. Apparently, the developers said 8 months ago fixes were coming. I think we can assume that's not happening. Don't buy this game, I'm relieved I got it in a bundle.
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Posté le : 2 novembre
This game has the same movements and scare factors as the original Resident Evil.
The characters and storyline is extremely boring.
Couldn't find any weapons to use, no idea how to fight zombies, wouldn't bother.
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Posté le : 26 juillet
Depuis que j'ai acheté ce jeu, j'ai attendu la, soi-disant, mise à jour miracle qui apportera le support des manettes en plus de virer des chargements inutiles, j'ai l'impression de m'être fait arnaquer sévèrement à un tel point que l'envie d'y jouer si la fameuse mise à jour arrive... Ne vous laissez pas leurrer par les screens car, comme le dit le vieux proverbe :

" Les apparences sont parfois trompeuses. "
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Posté le : 24 juin
I cant even launch this game without it crashing. After some time I decided I would reinstall it and not to my surprise absolutely nothing has been done. So on top of the all the bad reviews it also doesnt even start. The developers obviously dont care enough to fix the broken mess that this game is. Not to mention the rediculous resolutions they have to offer that no one even uses. If there was at least some effort being shown on the devs part I wouldnt have such an issue with this game. Stay away from this game at all costs.
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Posté le : 1 juillet
I'm 32 years old, I grew up on Commadore 64 and NES. I know games, in fact I'd call them an obsession. Probably an unhealthy one. In all of my years I have never seen something like this. This game is utter trash, a game devoid of explaination and worth. It dumps you into a world with no context and meaning. It opens in an office, then in mere minutes you are whisked away to another nameless character lost in a forest - I assume its the first characters sister? I ended this game with 15 minutes of gameplay, I honestly dont think this game is salvageable as it seems the developers have been trying to fix it for a long time.

Do not buy.
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Posté le : 23 juin
Nope. I can't do it. Been punishing myself lately by installing and forcing myself to play through garbage bundle games as a way to teach myself a lesson while trimming down the back log. GAMES AS PUNISHMENT. YOUNG MAN YOU EAT YOUR BRUSSELSPROUTS RIGHT NOW. Not this game though. Congrats. Controls worse than a car with no steering wheel with graphics worse than Zork. Eat eight sh|ts.
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Posté le : 17 août
if you can stomach a low budget survival horror game that harks back to older titles like silent hill or resident evil, then you're in for a weird and hellish trip.
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Posté le : 3 octobre
A badily broken mess of a game that could of been a great throwback to survival horror
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Posté le : 1 août
Its glitchy,buggy and the worst part is that stupid camera views that are just unplayable
big no no no no no no no no NO.
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Posté le : 29 mai
Let me get this out of the way: I wouldn't define BlackSoul: Extended Edition as a good game. It's got too many problems with it for me to say that. And honestly, the only people who are going to enjoy it are those that liked B-Tier horror games in the late 90s and early 2000s, games like Deep Fear or Blue Stinger or Kuon. However, despite all of its problems, I did end up enjoying the game, and it does get better as it goes along.

BlackSoul: Extended Edition is an old-school styled survival-horror game, where you utilize limited supplies, puzzles, and clunky tank controls to make your way through several locations. The story is that you're a brother going to a nearby forest to rescue your sister... You play as both through the course of the game. However, honestly speaking, the story hardly has any presence, and the ending is disappointing. But I did enjoy the notes that you occasionally pick up in the game. They were interesting enough, and honestly most of the game's story is told through them.

Audio-wise, it's mostly good. The music deserves particular mention, as it's all quite good and very horror-sounding, and adds a lot to the game experience. Audio isn't bad, and some of the ambiance is legitimately creepy, but some sounds, like the sounds the zombies make, get way too familiar and aren't particularly fantastic. And the voicing is god awful, but thankfully there's only like four spoken lines of dialogue in the whole game.

Graphics actually aren't too shabby for a small budget indie effort. Some good lighting effects, interesting designed rooms, and good art direction. A few places managed to visually strike with me. However, some areas look far better than others, the animations in the game are wonky, and some textures (especially outside) are notably very low quality.

The gameplay is rather simple. Your character moves like a tank, find key items, solve puzzles, and make progress to the next location. Enemies blockade your way, and should either be taken out or avoided. You have limited ammo and healing items, so making decisions about your inventory is crucial. One feature here to note is that if an enemy manages to grab and gnaw on you, you get poisoned, which slowly drains your health. You have to find and use antidotes to heal poison, but they're limited, so sometimes its better to stick with being poisoned as you may very well quickly run into and get poisoned again by another enemy.

On that note, there's only three types of enemies in this game; Slow-stumbling zombies, speed-walking Zombies, and sprinting zombies. So basically, there's only zombies in this game. The speed of the zombie is random from zombie to zombie, but notably different zombie models take a different number of hits, which is always the same with that particular zombie model no matter what speed they move at. This limited enemy variety leaves definitely things to be desired, but also ultimately doesn't take too much from the game, as there's a larger focus on puzzles and exploration, which thankfully there is some good variety on.

The game is not short actually, it should take someone 10-16 hours to complete it the first time. The game has eight main locations, and it should be noted that they get better as the game progresses (the later areas I found a lot more enjoyable and interesting than the first few). The ultimate trial in the game comes from the second main location, The Graveyard. This location drags on, has a lot of backtracking, and honestly is probably the worst location in the game. But it's after this point the game also starts to get a lot better after the fact.

The puzzles are varied and fun, ranging from astronomical puzzles, riddle puzzles, slide tile puzzles, visual puzzles, memory puzzles, and more. The harder puzzles also have a 'solve it' option if you get stuck on them. However, a few puzzles were lifted directly out of old horror games and just altered around a bit, the most notable one being a clone of the Piano Puzzle from Silent Hill 1.

There's a few clone elements here actually. The game has a few scares and a few of them are effective, but a few were carbon-copied from Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

And this is all ignoring the game's biggest problem; it's performance. The developers chose a very old engine to make the game, and it has a lot of problems. You have to manually resize the window. The game crashes every so often. While I had no issues running it, some people have to overcome hurdles just to make it work. A lot of this is on the engine the developers chose, which pre-dates even the Source Engine, but why the developers chose this engine and rolled with it when it has so many problems especially on modern machines is beyond me.

And generally speaking I wouldn't call this a good game, or a game for everyone to experience. Honestly, if you do not have severe love for the genre, you should probably pass. There are far better horror games, and this game's problems can wear thin if you're not patient. The game gets better as it goes along, but it's nowhere near the quality of, say, Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

But as a genre enthusiast I actually did enjoy my time with it. I'm a gamer that has played a lot of horror games from all different eras of the genre. The good atmosphere and scares in places, music, puzzles, and interesting environments later in was enough for me. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't really love the genre or lack patience, but there are some interesting ideas and moments here for fans of the genre, and while it lacks elements it really shouldn't (this game would of honestly been so much better with a better story and enemy selection), it did keep enough going for me to want to keep going.

Difficult, flawed, and only really for genre enthusiasts with patience and acceptance for flaws, the game isn't a hidden gem, but rather a mixed bag of good and bad which managed to keep me interested during its 10-16 hour campaign. It's really not for everyone, and it's not what I would call a good game, but it was interesting to see a raw low-budget modern indie take on the genre with clearly bigger ambitions and heart from people who loved the genre, but missed a few notes of what makes it what it is, but tackle other areas fairly well.
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Posté le : 26 février
Edit: After downgrading my drivers, the game actually runs. It should still be patched so that it works with the beta drivers. The game will only open in 640x480 window mode, so I had to maximize the windowed game which results in the text being COMPLETELY illegible.

This game is abyssmal. I've played 50 minutes now, and it is inexcusibly awful. Everything is inconsistent. Unacceptable and terrible sound design, loading times for EACH TINY LITTLE AREA in the game. The inventory is a complete joke and looks like it's designed in paint with textures and pictures slapped together from Google. I've recorded my 50 minutes of gameplay which contains my first impressions. Will link to them here shortly.

Technical disaster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLl6fKPidss&feature=youtu.be For more details.

First Impression / Playthrough Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_BIFQp13Kk
Part 2: http://youtu.be/saY_-iWSs2I
Part 3: http://youtu.be/vIIXXBmKpww
Part 4: http://youtu.be/flBGuPxet9M
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Un développeur a répondu sur 28 fév à 11h46
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Posté le : 26 février
BIG NOPE. Not for now at least. Guys do yourself a favor and don't be fooled by screenshots and all (Specially old school Resident Evil fans like me).

Controls are clunky, lightning effects are messed up, it's not playable at all...

And please, let us change aiming and shooting controls. I rather run with "v", aim with "x", shoot and use with "c", and check iventory with "z".

My expectations were too high, what a huge disappointment.

EDIT: Shader / Light Effects are still messed up. The inicial forest problems was fixed, but I keep having shader problems inside the mansion. It's STILL unplayable.
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Posté le : 26 février
My first post > (Will not load at all, literally unplayable in its present condition. "Blacksoul.exe has stopped working" everytime I attempt to load the game, suggested fixes found so far have failed to work.)

EDIT: To test to see if downgrading my drivers would resolve the issue, I have rolled back my drivers and the game has finally loaded without error, the driver issue is currently being looked in to by the developer and I would like to extend a thank you to the developer for the feedback towards my initial response.

In saying that, I have mixed opinions on my first impressions, the overall atmosphere of the game so far is at least on the right track to what I came to expect and I do like the soundtrack to accompany this, however the immersion is soon broken by the frequent mass of loading screens between each small segment (by that I mean room by room). I currently found the best way to play the game is in cinematic view in the traditional fixed camera Resident Evil style and am more than pleased to see this in another horror game rather than the over the shoulder action cam. so that's a gold star there ! well done !

On a further sidenote, the scenery and settings for the game have been rendered beautifully and really lend to the atmosphere !

However the cons still out weigh the pros but not by the largest stretch I originally thought when the game wouldn't work. With some performance tweaks to reduce the frequency of loading screens, re-designing of the Inventory UI to a better standard, control scheme to possibly allow controller support and finally some extended hardware supprt to prevent further problems that I originally faced, the game has alot of potential, but at present I would say it feels more like an early access game with its issues rather than a finished product (no offense intended by saying that) and would benefit from further developement.

As stated before, it does have potential and I hope the developer will have continued support and updates for this title, I am more than hopeful for further updates and will look forward to changing my opinion to "recommended" in the near future.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 6/10
Control: 7/10

Overall 67%
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Posté le : 27 février
(!!!DO NOT BUY!!!)
The game tries to recreate the original resident evil games, but fails in almost every way.

Poor texture, model and animation quality while also being very dark and almost all black and white.
Controls are limiting only back, forward, aim, action, inventory and reload make's it painful walking around without being able to look around while you move. A very poor U.I the first document's you can't read the bottom line because it go's off screen and map's that were scribbled with the black pen in paint. It's poorly designed I could walk into a area with a enemies before the game gave me a weapon. And it fails to create atmosphere without any build up to the first encounter it played horror music way to loud when the first zombie appears and a minute to long after he was dead.

This game is bad by mod standard's.
The original resident evil game's from over 10 year's ago are way better technicly and for gameplay.

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Posté le : 15 avril
Why so much hate on this game?

People this is old school survival horror not some new school Resident evil crap.

The game is great yes it has bugs and glitches but this game is one of those games that has Re-play factor its like the old "REAL" RE games mixed with alone in the dark mixed with silent hill!!

This is how a third person survival horror game should be and what i like about the devs too is they put in the option of static cam or over the shoulder cam!!!! how many AAA games do this for there fans? Re fans have wanted capcom to do this for years!!! This is developed by 2 guys "2 GUYS" and they can do what capcom can't????

Keep the good work up XeniosVision this game is a masterpiece in the survival horror genre.
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Posté le : 27 février
Whelp Im a sucker for survival/classic resident evil games soooo I brought the game and played for awhile now. And I can say, its very.. uhm... whats a polite way of saying this, amateurish. It looks rather poor in textures and animations aren't that great even though the lighting can be interesting at some points. (Why is there no turning-in-place animation?) I would give it a pass if the gameplay is good buuuut... the gameplay isn't good. Its very sluggish. While classic Resident Evil is tankish and sluggish, it passes cause its nicely animated and beautiful. And much of the action comes in reacting fast and carefully. Here~... Theres little to think about and hardly anything to challenge you as far as the first enemies are involved. (Unless you count the controls themselves as challenge. Why can't I look one way and move another way?) Sorry, even some of the atmosphere falls off. I shook my head at the RE1 inspired bathroom scene. (Seriously?)
I can't recommend this. It plays poorly and it has very little charm to help.
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Posté le : 12 avril
On Desura everybody is like AWESOME GAME on Steam evrybody is like it SUCKS...Im with Desura guys it is very nice game for a very nice price
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Posté le : 3 mars
Black Soul is by no means a 'bad' game.

Just depends on how pampered your tastes have become over the past few years.
The game is really reminiscent of how survival-horror games were back in the late 1990's and early 2000's
I am talking about titles like: Martian Gothic Unification, Countdown Vampires, Carrier, Deep Fear, Galerians, Blue Stinger, and Alone in the Dark.. just to name a few.
Not just the big polished Resident Evil and Silent Hill blockbuster killer app and remakes we've all grown accustomed to.

I can totally understand why some people might be put off by a game like Black Soul. It isn't without its minor flaws and frustrations you'd expect from such a game. I personally enjoyed the 10+ hours I spent playing through it. You can tell the game developers are huge fans of genre, as a result the game plays out as a sort of love-letter to the games of that era. Black Soul had a few genuine thrills, a couple of cheap scares, an interesting epistolary story, a stellar cinematographic camera mode, and a killer soundtrack. I wish more companies, 'indie' or otherwise, would be as ambitious to create such a game.

Plus, one of the final levels in the game is a recreation of an actual abandoned psychiatric hospital. I mean, How cool is that!
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