Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain Soviet vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fuelling stations, garages and lumber mills.
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Дата на излизане: 12 юни 2014

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"If only every game worried so much about its mud physics."

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24 декември

Happy Holidays from the Oovee team

Good day off-roaders,

As 2014 comes to a close - we would like to thank all of our fans for supporting us and would like to look back over the year. We have experienced good days and we have experienced hard days - while we can only wish for a walk in the park, we must face the truth that there will always challenges to contend with.

With the success of Spintires and further expansion of the game planned - we see that we couldn't have come this far without the support of all of you. Every day is a learning curve and every day is different - it is now that we should learn from the past so we can move successfully into the future.

Going forward into 2015, we look to see the release of mod support... a feature that has been patiently awaited by you all. Furthermore, both paid and free downloadable content will be makings it's way to you all, where new maps, trucks and game modes will be creating a longer playable life span to the game.

There is much to be enjoyed in 2015 and we hope that you will continue to support us on our journey, creating Spintires for you all to enjoy.

As it is that time of year to share good will and presents - as a Christmas present from everyone at Oovee Game Studios and IMGN.PRO, we are sharing with you a free map called 'The Pit'.

Before we leave to spend the holidays with our families, we would like to wish you all Happy holidays and a fantastic New Year!

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7 ноември

Beta Channel update - 06/11/2014

Good evening off-roaders,

At 8:30pm on Thursday 6th November, a new beta build was made available - covering a large array of fixes and improvements for you all to enjoy.

Below is the list of fixes you will be able to find:

- Sharpen image filter
- Ghosts for all player trucks
- Option to capture screenshots without HUD
- Fixed multiplayer inter-truck collisions issues

- Minor truck physics tweaks
- Heat haze effect

- Diff lock now does increase fuel consumption, but damages truck + visuals for diff lock damage
- Winch truck now automatically accelerates when player accelerates
- If winching trucks' trailer, tractor will accelerate in accel mode
- Individual map saves
- Sharpen effect & heat haze tuning
- Cursor hotspot fixed in full screen
- Fuel tankers auto-refueled at garages and gas stations properly
- Fisherman achievement obtained by cheating fixed
- More steering wheels support
- Only show servers with appropriate version
- Maz-535 original look

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Относно тази игра

Spintires™ is an Intel® award winning off-road driving experience designed to challenge the player's driving skill and endurance.

Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain Soviet vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fuelling stations, garages and lumber mills.

Collect lumber with the crane attachments and try to deliver them to the objectives. Try not to damage your vehicle or consume all of the fuel, prior to completing the objectives. Use the surroundings to your advantage, you may need to winch yourself free!

The real-time deformable terrain will challenge even the most seasoned offroader. Do you accept the challenge?

Системни изисквания

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Window 8
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Game is compatible with: Gamepad Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Confirmed Steering Wheel support for Logitech G25/G27 - Other models have not been tested; This game is 32-bit application
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Window 8
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Game is compatible with: Gamepad Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Confirmed Steering Wheel support for Logitech G25/G27 - Other models have not been tested; This game is 32-bit application
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35.9 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 30 октомври
THERE IS A TECH DEMO AVAILABLE FOR FREE, GET IT HERE; http://www.spintires.com/#!/demo . I highly recommend that you download and try it before purchasing, purely because you may find that you don't get on with the game for one reason or another. The download file is only about 100 Mb, so there's really no excuse not to try it. That said, the tech demo is quite different from the actual release. However, if you like the concept of the demo enough to pay for the release, then, in all probability, you won't be dissapointed.

I think that Spintires could be accurately described as quite a devisive game, that is to say that you'll probably either really like it, or find it the most mind numbing tedium you've ever experienced in gaming. It's like Marmite, you'll either love it, or you'll hate it.

Personally, I love it. The games that I tend to enjoy most are those that afford you a great deal of freedom to choose what you want to do and how you want to do it. in short, I love sandbox games. I think that Spintires could be described as a sandbox, admittedly all you can do is drive around in some mud, but you're free to choose the vehicle you want to use, the modifications for that vehicle, the direction you drive said vehicle in, create challenges for yourself and so on. If, like me, you're into your sandbox games then I highly recommend that you try it. I find it a great game to finish an evening's gaming with. It helps to wind me down from explosions, guns, violence and high levels of intensity commonly found in games (at least the games I play) these days. Put your favourite album on, play half an hour of this game and you should be pretty chilled out.

In terms of actual content, there are seven different vehicles, ranging from a little jeep, to a massive eight-wheeled leviathan of a machine, each with customisable features, such as trailers and tyres, and five different maps. Each map is about 1 Km squared. This may not sound like an awful lot of space to play with, especially if you're into your sandbox games, but the nature of the landscape is such that the challenge is more or less constant and you're not often moving with a great deal of speed. For example, if you make a journey across one of the more challenging maps with a trailer full of the medium sized logs, without any hitches, then it'll probably take you about fifteen to twenty minutes. I have never felt like I wanted bigger maps. That said, dont expect much aesthetic variety between maps, they all look very similar, broadly speaking. However, as I have said, some maps are certainly harder to navigate than others. In terms of what there is to do, it really depends on how inventive and creative you are as a gamer. If you like to stick to the formal objectives of a game, that is, what the game is explicitly telling you to do, then you'll be sorely dissapointed. The objective on each of the five maps is the same, unlock all of the cloaked areas, discover and unlock all of the vehicles present on the map, discover and unlock all the garages on the map, and deliver timber from the lumber mill to the objective. That's it in terms of formal missions. That said, getting your first load of lumber to the mill is incredibly satisfying. On par with landing on the moon for the first time in Kerbal Space Programe (KSP players will know what I'm talking about). If you're more creative and create your own challenges then you'll get a lot more mileage out of this game, for example, driving across one of the maps without using all wheel drive in the UAZ. If you're an experienced sandbox gamer then you'll get far more mileage (literally) out of this game.

I have to put in a word for the aesthetic appeal of this game. In my opinion, Spintires is one of the most beautiful games I have in my library, although I'm aware that there are others who hold the contrary position (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all). The graphics are quite unique, they have an almost tilt-shift kind of thing going on (if you don't know what that is, google it, I guarantee you'll like what you see, no, it's not boobs). They're almost kind of stylised. The look of the vehicles and the environment do an incredible job of creating this wonderful Russian ambience.

The physics, on the whole (I'm looking at you, magical jumping rocks) are stellar. The ground deformation (in most cases) is reliable and beautiful to look at. I can safely say that I am not aware of any other game that has done it as well as Spintires has. The water is also amazing. It looks gorgeous driving through it, having it splash around your truck, rather than being this inert entity in the game world. The suspension on all the vehicles is awesome, as is the tyre deformation. It legitimately looks like your vehicle is driving over what it is supposed to be driving over (or through, on some particularly bad roads you'd be hard pressed to say that you were actually driving on the road). Trees shake as you bump into them, flex as you anchor you winch to them and pull, saplings bend and snap as you drive over them. If you like physics games, or games that do physics well, and can justify buying a game on those grounds then I'd recommend picking this up. If you like BeamNG Drive or Next Car Game for their physics, then you'll like Spintires (but not because of the soft body physics, I hasten to add. The soft body physics are perhaps the only aspect of the physics in Spintires which may be considered to be deficient).

On top of this the game runs (in my experience) very well indeed. I'm not particularly well versed in performance and optimisation, so I cant say much here, but what I can say is that this game runs considerbaly better than you might think. I do all my gaming on my Lenovo Z585 Ideapad, so I'm running it on an AMD Radeon 7660G + 76070M dual graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and a quad-core processor, running on Windows 8. It's a less than ideal gaming setup, but it's the best that I can justifiably afford. I can run Spintires with everything at maximum and get a (fairly) solid 30 frames per second, often higher. So for those of you like me out there with low-powered rigs, then spintires is probably a game you can enjoy in all it's glory. Again, if you're having reservations based upon doubts about how well it'll perform, get the tech demo (link at top of review, it's free).

Most of what I've said so far has been positive, however, there are a couple of negatives. Don't expect frequent updates. Even the updates that there have been really have not changed much. This is probably down to Oovee being such a small studio. Also (I can't verify this, since I've not played the multiplayer), apparently you can't save your progress in multiplayer, once you quit the game, all the work and cool stuff you are your friends pulled off is gone. On the subject of saving, there are no quicksaves. You can't roll up to a river and quicksave just in case you don't make it across. It's do or die. For some this may be incredibly frustrating. For me, however, I tend to find that the absense of a quicksave feature forces me to play much more carefully and methodically. It gives real weight to challenges, and provides a genuine sense of achivement when you overcome an obstacle. I can see why people may not like this, but personally, it's a feature who's ommission I am pleased with.

So overall, I'd say Spintires is a great, unique, solid game. But get the tech demo and decide for yourself. Oh, a word of warning, if you buy Spintires because you liked the tech demo and expect lots of new features and a good deal more 'game' then you're going to be dissapointed. If on the other hand you're infatuated with the tech demo and want some more trucks and maps to play with then you'll be delighted.

TL;DR, Get the tech demo and decide for yourself (link at top of review).

Thanks for reading, hope this helped :).
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30.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 6 ноември
First things first: never play this game in single player, its like having only 1/4 of the fun.

One of the best games i heve played in my life.
The reasoning for this is that this game looks like another dull singleplayer simulator ALTHOUGH it isnt!
The goal is very simple, get logs from one side of the map (lumbercamp) to the other side('s) of the map (sawmill).
But achieving this goal is not as easy as it seems.
Yesterday before i started a Hardcore map with 4 friends we discussed around 15 min what our plan of approach was for a specific map.
We thought we had it all figured out... we were wrong.
But we had the uttermost fun in being wrong while our trucks broke down, fell down, did a roll over, got stuck, or drowned.
Underestimate this game while you buy it. and recieve a big fat middle finger in your face while playing and having stomach ache's of the laughing.

Do you recommend this game? HELL YES
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81.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 10 октомври
Good idea and platform, but it's not even close to $30.00 worth of content, it has 7 different trucks (though 2 are pretty much useless) 5 maps, no single player career (it doesnt even save your progress inbetween maps), no mod support and no steering wheel support. The Dev's are dishonest and string people along and just use the same excuses "we're a small team it takes a while" "we are really busy everyone is working their ♥♥♥ off" "our only programmer is on vacation for a month" and than get their shills to repeat the same thing, ignoring the fact that these were things THEY promised us in a few weeks not 3 or 4 months. When the game came out they promised major updates with in the following few weeks, a few months later the list has gotten smaller and it keeps getting pushed back. My biggest hope for this game is that Ovee gets bought out and some one who has their s*** together starts managing this project because it has huge potential but it seems to take them for ever to impliment the biggest changes. By late 2015 early 2016 this should be an amazing game, till than don't hold your breath.
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19.4 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 4 ноември
Getting bogged simulator 2014. 10/10.

TL;DR: Best offroad game ever. Has it's shortcomings but the dev seems to be on holiday.

Ok, seriously, I've been following this game a long time. I put +30 hours into the beta and about +100 into the dev/ tech demo, the one with all the mods. I downloaded about 20 vehicles and all the maps, even had a go at importing/ modding some vehicles myself and played with making a (♥♥♥♥♥♥) map. All on an AMD laptop around the minimum required spec and it ran pretty well.

So far I've only put a few hours into the main game, so this is more of a first impressions than a full review. I'm playing on an i5-4670k, 16gb of 2400 ram and a gtx 970 (g1), I can run anything on ultra no problem and this game is no different, it runs really well on ultra settings except for bad stuttering at the title animation, idk.

Theres 5 big, open world offroad maps but most of the map is hidden until you reveal it by visiting various locations on the map. Your objective is to haul timber from the logging locaions to the destination, on REALLY bad, muddy roads and trails, across rivers, up and down slippery hills. You start with basic vehicles that are almost useless against the terrain and have to explore to find more vehicles and reveal the map. A general strategey is to find your logging truck, unhook the trailer, equip it for exploring by fitting bigger tyres and taking off the crane etc and exploring the map, to find the vehicles and routes to complete the objective.

It's based in Russia, so expect really muddy forest logging trails and mostly Russian vehicles, from 4x4 to modern 6x6, ex-ww2 6x6 all the way up to massive 8x8 ex-missile carriers with a logging trailer attatched. Look up Russian truck trials on youtube to see the sorts of machines and terrain you might have to tackle.

It tries to be a simulator, with controls for enabling all wheel drive, diff locks and trying to manage the fuel use that goes with it, vehichle damage etc. You can easily get completly bogged or stall your engine in a river, or just smash up your truck so much it needs repairs and you need to find a way to recover. Most vehicles have winches to pull you out but you might need to bring in a fuel truck or repair vehicle to get the job done, there's lots of options for fitting out the vehicles with different gear. Wheel chains to big wheels, extended range fuel tanks to fuel carriers, vehicle protection and all sorts off logging options, you can have cranes and a trailer to haul long logs (hard) or just haul multiple loads of short logs on the tray. All the attachments and load weigh down the vehicle, so having a crane on the front might be a bad idea but then again, you might need it to try and recover. Yeah, you can control the cranes etc but it's not easy.
It's really well made, best offroad game ever but it has a few shortcomings. Lots of fun if you like that sort of thing.

I love it.

The Bad:

-Less vehicles than beta's, some are just missing in action. Maybe licencing related so it's ok..

-No mod support. Some of the work done by the modding community was awesome, it's a shame that's missing now. Some of the community maps and vehicles were really good and it would add a lot of value to the game if they were allowed to be implemented but I can understand the dev wanting to make a complete game that's not diluted by mods, so again, it's ok. The included vehicles are enough.

-Not very newb friendly, just basic explanation of the controls and objective, thats it. Even with +100hrs in the beta's I still had some trouble working it out, some more explanation and an in-game tutorial would be welcome.

-The camera is same as it always was and takes some getting used to. It's 3rd person, you use mouse to rotate around the vehicle. Sometimes you can get stuck and not be able to view the situation correctly (eg clip into cliffs or buildings and can't see.) Have to try and drive out blind. The community has been pleading for a first person/drivers seat view for years, it would make the game SO much better but nothing yet..

-Steering wheel suport was implemented but then broke in an update so that only really simple wheels can be used properly or the pedals don't work correctly. Lost multi axis support so you can't use seperate gas and brake pedals. I own a g27 and was looking forward to using it, I haven't tried yet but apparantly it won't be good, combined with the view it makes me sad. Better wheel support and 1st person view would make this game AWESOME.

-Dev seems to be on holiday, promisied a lot but updates are rare. This is a really good game but it could be so much better if the Dev did some work to adresss the long-standing concerns of the community and gave the game some bug-fixing polish. People are upset becase it's such a great game that could be made so much better with a bit more work, I'm pretty sure it would finacially benefit the dev in the long run but hey, the holiday is deserved, just hope they come back to work on this game some more.

-If I turn off the engine, the handbrake gets stuck on and the truck can't move. Maybe it's just me... Protip- don't turn off the engines.

-No proper saving, you can only continue your last game. I play some rogue-likes like ftl etc so it's ok but saving progress on each map would be good.

-Too much mud, I'd like some more variety in the terrain like deserts and rockclimbing but it's mostly LOTS of mud.

-Aparrantly multiplayer is a bit broken.

-It's hard.

-I get bogged a lot.

The Good:

-THE BEST OFF-ROAD GAME EVER. It is soooo good. Really, the best. Nothing comes close since an obscure game from the late 90's.

-That fully deformable terrain is awesome, the only other game that had anything even close to this was some ps2 motorcross game from over a decade ago.

-REALLY good vehicle physics, proper independant suspension, tyre deformation etc. The physics in this game are great.

-5 BIG open world maps, shame the're all mostly mud, needs more deserts, rocky hillclimbs, snow etc, but what's ther is enough for hunderds of hours of gameplay.

-Day/night cycle.

-It looks great. Like really great, sometimes you stop just to admire the view.

-Awesome water, both visuals and physics.

-All the trees, foliage and scenery reacts well, hit a big tree and it shakes, hit a small tree and it might snap and fall over. Hit a medium rock and it moves and stays in it's new position...

-It really is lots of fun to play.

-It's hard.

-I get bogged a lot.

So my impressions are that this is a great game and lots of fun, most of the time playing you think it's a 10/10. But it could be so much better. So it's a 9/10 with the support from the devs but it could pretty easily be a 10 if they stopped their holiday. So the Final score, as the game is right now, is an 8.5/10. Great game but... Worth the money, especially if you like offroading. I waited and bought it at 40% off, very happy with my purchace even if it's never updated, there's lots of hours of fun to be had as it is.

As I see it, thre are 4 possible outcomes:

-The game is never updated. Very sad but what's here really is good enough, the massive potential just makes this possibility hard to accept. It won't do well as a result.

-A few small updates and bugfixes, it will be and will do better.

-Dev implement's community concerns like 1st person, proper steering wheel support, varied terrain etc, the game will do well.

-Dev finishes holiday and goes all out. Fixes all the little things, adds lots of varied maps and vehicles, different game-modes, mod support. Maybe even some dlc. ♥♥♥♥ing motorbikes and quads, tracked vehicles... Best off-road game ever, will be played for years and do really well, dev will be rich.
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Публикувани: 21 октомври
I had high hopes for this because the tech demo was briliant and supported mods. I probably have more time playing the tech demo than the full release because it doesn't support mods. The developers first said that mods were gonna be supported at release, didn't happen. Then they said it should be an update in 2 weeks that is gonna add support, didn't happen. Now 5 months after release they say there is an update comming, hmm...should I thrust them? I'll believe it when I see it ;)
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31.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 28 септември
Bought this game for something to fulfill my weekend and im dam glad I did get it, wish i bought this ages ago

Lets look at the game i give honest opinion, there is alot of things that could be changed in the game, but the way the developers have put it together they have made it work.

Game looks great and is not to much load on your PC, handling is also has a great feel to it, the multilayer side of it works well if you play with friends, maps are just the right size to have fun on them, controller support i used a mixture of gamepad and keyboard which is not really necessary but work well for me.

Camera view and camera control can be rather frustrating at times, no vehicle select when choosing your map, sounds are a little odd at times, no wheel support at the time of this review, few extra buttons would be great, multilayer lobby campers people with rooms that never start the game

Overall its a good game and can be quite addictive and easy to loose track of time, the main reason i delayed buying this game was due to no wheel support, but after playing it im not sure if its highly important, thew is room for improvement and it does leave door wide open to DLC not sure what future holds for this game but im hope its a good one.

Very enjoyable is it worth the price I would say yes.
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31.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 31 октомври
I am simply gonna say this game is AWESOME!
update: this game has ruined it for other games in my steam account, been playing it at least 6-8 hours in the past 2 days, despite its simplisty, there is too much do apart from carrying logs, especially when playing it hardcore, since you`ll have to tow the other trucks, refuel them, repair them, in case they got damaged or ran out of fuel, so a single log delivery takes more than just a loading taking the road and unloading, cuz you simply cannot expect what will happen, you might damage your car on the way or run out of fuel, it`s just the kind of game I was looking for, and by the way this is only the original game, there are alot of mods you can install for it!

original review:-
I purchased it less than aday ago and I have already gone 8 hours on it, if your outdoorsie, love off-roading even for a little bit, this is the game for u.
- I come from a background of truckers and off-roaders where my grandfather was a hardcore heavy machinery, with trucks parts everything business and my uncles are all truck drivers or off roaders. so when I saw this game on steam for 40% I was like what is that game, clicked on it, watch some videos and was amazed by how great it looks, and the mud, omg the mud, my this thing is the best off-road simulator ever.

- it is the exact feeling and effect I get when I drive my nissan xterra and jeep liberty in the mud or off roading, the engine roaring, the exhaust of the trucks, the water everything bring back memories, the only thing that is missing is the smell of diesel when u step on a truck, it`s just amazing.
-visuals:- the game utilizes an engine call veeEngine, which is basically made specificly for this game, and is build from the ground up, so it`s perfectly optimized for pc, along with all the physics, altering enviorment, ground etc, and water, it won an intel award in 2009 using direct x9 technologies.
the game looks surprisingly good, I swear man when I saw the videos I was like, damn it my system wont be able to play it since it looks so good, I have sli gtx 670 4gb, and believe it or not it only uses 60% of only 1 gtx 670 for a 1440p monitor, this is crazy, this engine puts other engines to shame, and yes I may dare to say cryengine 3 or whatever it name is, maybe a notch below but cmon this game can be played with intel graphics with ease, and it makes me wonder why others game are not utilized like this, all I have to say in visuals is that this engine opened a new possibilies in pc gaming that we never saw before.

- gameplay:- I know I havn`t played much, but the mud playing, engine roaring and nice effects make this game very re-playable, cuz the ground never stays the same, the roads are the same but what happens is that u maybe lucky and encounter a dry road or a very muddy, lacky road, it depends, and thats whats great about this game, controls are very easy and it has full controller support, so u can play with mouse keyboard or gamepad or of course a wheel.
also you get to do simple missions such as transporting lamber wood, and parts, there are trucks scattered all around the map that unlock when ur close to them, and believe me when I tell u every truck drives and feels very different, the devs did a really good job in simulating the real feel driving off-road. if get stuck in the mud u go back to garage grab a good toing truck to get ur truck out of
mud. it`s just there is too much to do, there is even a multiplayer that I havn`t got into yet.

- value:- I mean really it depends, I purchased this game for 18$ and its original price is 30$, for me I would gladly pay 30$ why? cuz this is a game that I would actually play, I have like 20 or 30 games in my account that I havn`t even played it, I just keep buying them and stacking them up cuz they were in discount, I stopped doing that and starting to look only for the games that I am seriously into, and this game is one of them, I mean I can`t get enough of it, there is too much to do in this game. the only problem is that the game feels a bit incomplete, but there are very minor bugs so the game is perfectly playable.

if you thinking of buying it just do it if your into this kind of gaming style :)
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Публикувани: 19 октомври
Most People when they look at buying SpinTires look at its 30$ price tag and think "is it worth it"

I know there are bugs still and some framerate hiccups whe you park a lage amount of vechicles in one area and another bug would be when 2 light sorces in one area it will make the only area you can see is where youre headlights are ... granted you dont need them to see at night anyways as well the long log cart can sometimes have a tire bug out and go underground this has only ever happened when at the garage area attaching it.

now im done with the bugs The gameplay can be grindy at times but other times you will ither be frustarated or flying to the finish with a grin the game is designed to be a challenge so it can get frusarating when you flip over your biggest truck or you could have a clear run with no hiccups and be like "yea its done" but the best runs are where youre going in blind and juding the landscape before action and creating a struggle within the game to get to the objective without fliping or breaking your truck as well as making sure you have enough fuel for your ventures on those runs you will be smileing because you overcame a challenge not because it was a uneventful jouny.

Graphics are asstounding the mud and vechicle deformation is the best ive seen the only other games ive seen that goes into this level is Beam NG Drive ( same devepoers of Rigs of Rods) , Next Car Game , Rigs Of Rods , of course these games are damaged based this one is mud based and the damage physics on the trucks seems to not be affectid by what you hit where you it it unlike the games i listed

Multiplayer- the multiplayer within SpinTires is local host so you can have up to 4 people in one game session there are some sync bugs that have yet to be patched but this feture can speed up game sessions and help new people to the game learn how to react to there inviroment accordingly and of course play with youre friends / pals

in my own opinion this game is worth the 30$ price tag if you intend on playing it for a while and if you like challenge as well as acheivement hunting some aheavements are a challenge in themself as well as this the game Supports modding which extends its playability and can even bring to light more styles of gameplay one being to poencially build bridges of all kinds when it comes to getting across a river or vally
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53.8 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 17 декември
Spintires is a unique game with beautiful graphics. So close to being a good game...

Unfortunately it has a terrible camera design which leads to much frustration. Achievements are hit-or-miss. I know of at least 3 that didn’t unlock when completed. Who knows how many are bugged.

Why do developers keep releasing unfinished and poorly programmed games? Because the consumers keep accepting it.
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Публикувани: 2 ноември
Spin Tires is the premier 4x4 game available today. It's physics and graphics blow away any other 4x4 game on the market. If you want an off-road simulation game, then look no further than Spin Tires. It does have a few bugs, but those are over-shadowed by the fun that can be had playing a game with friends. Just when you think you've got a map or a route figured out, everything can and may go wrong. You may have taken a trail a few dozen times before without fault, then suddenly find your truck buried in the mud or worse yet, rolled onto it's side, dumping your load of lumber in the process. I keep playing it for the unpredictability inherent in such a game. You just never know how the game will play out. You may complete a game without fail or you may fail, fail and fail again. In my opinion, the best part of the game is when you fail, then overcome your fail by getting that truck out of the situation you put it in, then use it to deliver a load to the objective.
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10.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 октомври
TL/DR below: Getting-stuck-in-the-mud simulator. 8.5/10

In some ways this game may not be considered "complete" - but the important question for me is this: is it fun? (Is it worth my $30?) My experience thus far has yielded a definite "yes." The only "objective" is to pick up logs on one side of the map, and deliver them to another. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Even on "casual" mode - this is far more challenging than I thought, and in the best possible way. If you enjoy carefully navigating heavy vehicles through terrain they have little to no business being on, this game is for you.

More specifically:

Vehicles: There are a decent variety, and each has a different feel and driving style. By default, each has different equipment that serves a different function, though many are customizable and each to a different degree. Mainly, there is the cargo function, and support functions. Get your favorite truck stuck in the mud or flip it over making a bad turn? Whip out the heavy slow one and wench it out! Smash it into a boulder? Bring in the repair vehicle. Run out of fuel? There's a tanker for that. Just feel like exploring in something faster? Go find the little jeep thing stuck in the woods.

Driving Mechanic: Weight plays a huge role in the feel of driving, and once your vehicle is loaded-up, every few yards of movement become a strategic series of decisions. Should I brave that pile of large rocks or try wading through that pool of uncertain depth? Is your vehicle sure-footed on 8 wheels but slow as father time - or is it fast as a rabbit but top-heavy like a bobbing-bird? Seriously - getting stuck in the mud has never been this fun. The driving feels mostly realistic - certainly enough to suspend my disbelief, and make me feel like I'm really piloting many tons of metal, rubber, and wood through a slimy river-bed.

Graphics / Physics: This is a beautiful game. Muddy, swampy, sloshy, beautiful. Not only is the level of graphical detail very impressive, but the physics and voxel deformation match it in kind. Tires smoosh under the weight of cargo and deform over rocks. Mud squishes out of the way of your tires and splatters all over your cabin in higly convincing fashion - and it even slowly dries over time. Water reacts absurdly well to disturbance and current - this might be the most convincing 3d water I've ever seen in a game. It isn't perfect - but it's still the best I've ever seen. As mentioned above, the driving and physics thereof are not perfect, but they are better than most when it comes to off-road - and I've never played a game before this one that accurately portrays the feeling of getting bogged-down in wet river-mud. Seriously. This is very convincing gloopyness, and the splatter of mud and splash of water are of higher quality than you're likely to see anywhere else.

Gameplay: This is really all about the experience of driving these machines in this environment - that is: big heavy trucks over packed-dirt, wet grass, rivers and puddles, and of course - mud. Lots of mud. There is an objective in each map, and near as I can tell it's always the same - but as I said, that doesn't make it a simple task. There are also "cloaking points" - which are basically an alternative to "fog of war" that obscure the map, as well as garages and vehicles to discover - and in hardcore mode - to repair, refuel, and reclaim. Each map is hours of fun.

That said - my one gripe on the current version of this game is that starting a different map will overwrite the save from another - so until you finish a map, it's best to stick with the one, as you can continue after quitting the game. However, the developers have explicitly stated this will change in the next update - so hey! If this sounds like a dealbreaker to an otherwise awesome experience, put this on your wishlist and check back later. You might want to check the free tech-demo on their website to get an idea what this is like - that's what I did. I bought the game at full price, and I am not at all disappointed - $30 very well spent, in my opinon. The technology in the full game has been pushed a lot farther: every aspect feels better, more polished, and more realistic - but the demo will at least give you a feel for whether you will enjoy this style of driving or not.
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27.3 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 28 октомври
The game has potential, but is never updated, they always talk about updating it but they never do, We were supposed to have mod support for this game (a feature that was in the beta, but removed for release) within a few weeks of it being out, it's been 4 months and they have't added a single second of content, which wouldn't be so bad if they implemented the mod support that is already functional so we can make our own truck atleast, but nope, they just want your $30, i doubt this game will ever have a major update, seems to be dead already
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198.0 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 октомври
Totally recomend this game. was hilarious when my friend said he knew what he was doing in the mud, then got the MAZ7310 8x8 STUCK IN A DITCH... never played a vehicle based game with so much detail to the world and physics. if you get kinda bored after beating all the maps go to Spintires.nl FOR BEST MODS EVER. everything from front-end loaders to Brute-F350 and everything in the midle. even gta vice city on pc with mods not this fun lol
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39.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 30 октомври
Bought on Steam sale. What a great game.
Don't believe the doom merchants. This is original & different. You don't even need a killer PC to run it. I never thought driving simulated trucks in the mud could be so much fun. Plenty here to keep interest for many hours. Then theres the mods! Maybe one day the devs may finish it! But even if they don't this is well worth your brass as it is. I never reviewed anything before but this game doesn't seem to have had a fair chance.
First the forests. Beautiful & just like a Russian forest should be. Only thing no bears. Yes I have been there & it looks just right. Makes you want to pick mushrooms..... Shame to despoil it by driving over trees really ;-)
The veachles drive as you would expect that they would. I've driven heavy forestry machines in this country. And a wide variety of heavy tracktors & all wheel drives. Some here some in Russia. The ones that are comparable are great. Low ground pressure tyres do not grip so well on tarmac, Maybe a bit more road noise on tarmac would be more realistic but you can't have everything. Physics very good for the big trucks. The smaller 4x4's bounce too much. Like they don't have dampers. But thats really nit picking.
Sounds are fantastic. Engines roaroing. Mud flying. Water foaming. Then when you've turned the thing over. You can listen to the birds & admire the sunrise. Pity you didn't see the narrow bridge in the dark till it was too late........
What's not to like. Probaly we have to wait for Spintires 15 for perfection but this will do for now.
I can even play it with my kids on my knee as there are nothing to give them nightmares.
They say there are bugs. But in a few hours game play I have only once had a truck that got confused about it's diff lock. Recovering it to a garage fixed it. Snow would be nice. If you havn't seen Russia in the snow you havn't lived. Bit hey theres a mod for that! Morning mists are good.
A lot of fun for big kids like me. Pleasantly surpriced by this one. Usually I get something that won't run on my PC in sale.....Well worth a tenner or thereabouts. Makes a change from killing things..........
Buy it on sale & see for your self.
Edit, Nobody can say this game isn't updated. 4 Beta updates since this review & one downloading now. Join the Beta program and see the work going into this!
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Публикувани: 1 декември
I find it strange that I like this game as much as I do. After all I get easily frustrated and angry when I get my car stuck in the snow. But I find SPINTIRES delightful and satisfying from how much hard work it forces you to put into it.

SPINTIRES is a game that puts you in the middle of some isolated forest or marsh, and your goal is to deliver logs from the lumber yard to the mill. Sounds straightforward.
However, the terrain will prove to be your biggest obstacle. Most 'roads' are nothing more than muddy trenches, destinations sit at the top of steep hills, and it will become necessary to haul logs and trailers through rivers...which may end in disaster. Fortunately, you have some pretty hefty trucks at your disposal, a couple of which can barrel over smaller trees with no problem.

The aforementioned satisfaction comes from trudging through the mud and reaching your destination with your load intact. There's a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you get your vehicle stuck and manage to winch yourself to a tree and pull yourself out.

The physics SPINTIRES is something to boast about. The terrain changes under your tires, depending on the vehicle you're operating; mud gets kicked up, roads get chewed up, small bridges might collapse under your weight.
You can play more casually by respawning your vehicle to an unlocked garage or not have to worry about shifting gears manually. But there is a hardcore mode where respawning is disabled, providing a more realistic experience; if your vehicle is stuck submerged in a river, you need a bigger truck to pull it out.

Even so, at the start of each level your traveller's map will be covered in black spots. To uncover these, for better or for worse, you need to drive to the source of these spots to remove the cloaking. This promotes more aggressive exploration, though this is more of a negative than a positive for some players, as there is no option to have the entire map visible.

There is a multiplayer option in SPINTIRES as well as steering wheel support, though there are many people who have had issues with both lately. Briefly glancing through forums, there might be some fixes that can clear up these issues, but hopefully the developers will look into the problems quickly and patch them out.

All in all, I highly recommend SPINTIRES. I've sunk a lot of hours into delivering logs across a marsh and walked away feeling satisfied and very entertained. Sounds strange, but, if you give it a try, you might be surprised at how fun it can be.
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19.1 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 10 юли
After playing the game for around 20 hours, I like Spintires but it could be more. After 3-5 hours of playing the game, I started to wish Spintires was a road construction game. Delivering logs could have been more of a plot point. Some logging company sets up shop, they need to set up a decent road network before logs can be moved. They hire you to build the roads. You go from area to area picking up materials and dropping them off where the road construction is. You drive various vehicles and construction equipment to mark the routes, flatten the ground, and remove rocks. Once the road is done, the logging company is able to move logs and you win. You can either deliever logs on your fancy road and enjoy your work, or move on to the next map.

I'm still going to recommend this game, but only to gamers who enjoy choose your own adventure games. What you do and how much fun you have is pretty much up to you. Its a fun game and definitely a techical achievement, but it could have been more. It feels like this is a tech demo with a sprinkle of game added to it. Hopefully the devs land a nice contract for a new game using this tech.
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9.6 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 1 ноември
Great game, 4 player co-op, quite hard game, but once you finish the maps, you feel rewarded. interesting concept and very interesting game.
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Публикувани: 6 октомври
In this review I am to write on my personal opinion on what makes Spin tires a good game however also mention key points which need improving.


. Most realistic off road game there is currently.
. The graphics are beatiful and the fact you can alter the terain is stunning.
. The game runs well on lower spec PC's.
. Multiplayer gameplay is very enjoyable and awarding at the same time.
. Map designs are fantastic.
. The crane system at first is very confusing however once you get the hang of it, it's very enjoyable experience.
. Sounds are very realistic and fantastic.


. There are glitches in the game which I have personally experienced, theses range from missing one of my rear dulley wheels, managing to flip over the biggest and heaviest truck in the game while towing one of the smaller trucks, and lastly having my medium load come off my trailer however didn't break down and was stuck to my trailer, which In the end I had to get another trailer. Will note theses are rare occurrences and I have only experienced theses issues once.
. The fact you can not load your fellow online players or friends with logs via the crane due to the logs being clicent based and not sever based.
. Online games seem to have alot of leavers when games are starting.
. Must have a good internet connect to host severs or objectives will not count.
. Feels that the game isn't quite finished yet.

Worthy mentions.

. Having more content and maps in the game.
. Having a more advance weather system, rain, snow, thunder and lighting.
. Seems that the dev team seem to be slow on updates and news.
. Some maps have certainly similarities example some roads and off road tracks but most maps do make up for this.
. There is an modding scene however I havn't experienced so I can not make a comment however what I have heard it's ment to be amazing. All I know if you mod your game you can not go on to muliplayer for the time being.
. Camera view takes some time to get use to but expecting updates for this in the near future.


Overal I think the game is an very enjoyable experience and since currently it's the only game type of this kind I would say give it a try, however knowing that there are still issues and the lack of content might put a few people off, however even if you are not a fan of driving simulators which might change your opinion. A must is if you know or can get friends to buy this game aswell it will totally transform the game and lead to many hours of enjoyment. If you are still not sure wheather or not you want to purchase Spin tires I would highly reccomend spending a few moments on youtube of game play and possiblely modding if that floats your boat.
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7.2 изиграни часа
Публикувани: 3 юли
10/10 Got stuck in communism mud, called towing service.
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Публикувани: 8 ноември
Relaxing fun, your only enemy is the enviroment...and possibly physics.
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