Last Knight is over-the-top jousting action in a beautiful brutal fantasy world! It comes with bucketloads of content and is inspired by outstanding third-person platformers like Crash Bandicoot.
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3 ott 2014

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23 ottobre

Halloween Event

It is Halloween already in Last Knight!

Grab yourself a pumpkin, carve some holes in it and throw it on your head or on your helmet.

As it is Halloween, fading beings of the spiritual world, also known as ghosts, to be precise ghost rider, roam the kingdom. But do fear them not. Rather look above, bad weather might struck you down! With a flash that is. Most importantly look out for all those fancy randomly generated pumpkin hats you can find. Skeletons and Bucket Heads of course wear them too. You got to adapt your fashion to this seasonal event, because nothing is more important than getting wasted with style.

Anyway, enough of the talk, jump into the saddle and ride into the night or rather wicked Halloween darkness - or most likely a painful death!

- In case you are scared of all this and want to snicker out you can do that now, when you right click in the Library on Last Knight you can go in the Properties and under Beta you can choose No-Events which is simply the regular version without any events.

If you got a 3D printer and still need some real Halloween decoration check out this official Last Knight skeleton remodeled to a fully moveable haunting thing:
Or some little pumpkins which share a similiar design to those you find in Last Knight:
Or Print the Knight helmet:

Happy Halloween!
David Hagemann
Toco Games
@TocoGamescom -
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“Its just damn fun. That is why we play games, right?”
Alex Coccia, Greenlit Gaming

“By the end of a run-through you will be left breathless and your brain buzzing as it slows back down to reality.”
Tom Christiansen, Indie Game Mag

“The production values are top-notch, especially for a game that comes with such a low price tag.”
Matt Suckley, God is a Geek

Elenco Caratteristiche

  • OVER-THE-TOP JOUSTING! - Countless enemies had been shot, hacked and slashed in the history of games. Now it is time to ram a wooden lance in some gut, send your foes flying, and watch them bite the dust! Body parts ripping off, ragdoll horse physics, and destructive environments included.
  • A BEAUTIFUL BRUTAL WORLD – Dive into a magical fantasy world full of treasures and adventures! Don't be fooled by the cartoony looks: here, simply bumping into a silly wooden fence spells a sudden end to your hero's life. If you fancy dying in a more heroic way, how about getting swallowed by a giant toad, falling into a lava pit, exploding from eating too much turkey, getting impaled by a Hitler Snowman, or just getting lit on fire by a dragon!
  • BUCKETLOADS OF CONTENT – Divided into three major parts - the Story Mode, the Endless Journey Mode and the Rogue Rider Mode - this game has a lot to offer and there is always something new to accomplish, find, or unlock. Power-ups, characters, view modes, mutators, quests, game mode variations, randomly generated hats, you name it! Did you ever wish to be a skeleton king with a fancy wig riding over rainbows on a flower-pooping pink unicorn? It's all up to you in this game!
  • INSPIRED BY CRASH BANDICOOT – Good third-person platformers were always hard to find on PC, when consoles sport countless shining examples: the first Crash Bandicoot titles, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and Super Mario were all a big inspiration for Last Knight. This game kicks it up a notch with non-stop jousting action, no-health instant death, procedurally-generated worlds, as well as custom-crafted levels with Knightmare levels in-between. To top it off, the new Rogue Rider Mode pushes it all into a rogue-like direction, and if you don't like third-person view, try playing in first-person mode!

Informazioni sul gioco

Last Knight is a unique genre mix that combines platforming, action-packed riding
and ragdoll physics driven jousting! It is fast-paced action in a never ending randomly generated Unreal Engine powered fantasy world!

The story mode put it's player in control of a squire on its way of becoming a knight. But before he can prove himself, events of epic proportions make him the last hope for the kingdom! On his heroic adventure he will have to fight the horned bucket heads and oversized hungry creatures. He will have to get through a wide range of dangerous environments as well as his own Knightmares. But beside the story there is much more. Various game modes let you adventure through always different never ending generated worlds filled with riches and dangers. On your journeys you will also find quests that will take each of the characters on different missions in the hunt for fame and glory as well as gold and chivalry. Gold can be spent on fancy power ups, while chivalry can unlock world bending mutators and different view modes like the intense first person view. Cutting-edge features like a fully dynamic randomized weather system and a collision system that can alter basically everything of the world geometry make this game even more over the top.

  • A full-fledged adventure in the story mode
  • Randomly generated world in the different endless modes
  • Your own adventure in a generated kingdom in the Rogue Rider Adventure mode
  • Wide range of different fantasy environments
  • Quests and rewards system
  • Beautiful graphics archived with the Unreal Engine
  • Unique Power ups and other special unlock-ables
  • Customization with different characters
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Ragdoll physics feedback
  • Impacts alter and deform the world
  • 3rd Person, First Person and Bird's Eye view modes
  • World Mutators, Body Mutators and randomly generated hats

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP or higher
    • Processore: 2.4GHz Dual Core or 2.6GHz Quad Core
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 512MB Shader Model 3.0 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3870 or 1GB Nvidia GeForce
    • DirectX: Versione 9.0
    • Memoria: 900 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Windows compatible sound card
    • Sistema operativo: Windows XP or higher
    • Processore: 2.6GHz Dual Core or 2.8GHz Quad Core
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: 512MB Shader Model 3.0 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3870 or 1GB Nvidia GeForce
    • Memoria: 900 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: Windows compatible sound card
    • Sistema operativo: 10.6
    • Processore: 2.5GHz Dual Core or 2.6GHz Quad Core
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Memoria: 900 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: OSX compatible sound card
    • Note aggiuntive: - Long startup loading on OSX, Fast CPU recommended
    • Sistema operativo: 10.6
    • Processore: 2,6 GHz Dual-Core i5 (3,1 GHz Turbo Boost) or 2,2 GHz Quad-Core i5 (3,4 GHz Turbo Boost)
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: Nvidia Graphics Card
    • Memoria: 900 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: OSX compatible sound card
    • Note aggiuntive: - Long startup loading on OSX, Fast CPU recommended
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