Are you ready to party? A chilling night of reckoning is unleashed upon guests bold enough to party on Halloween at an abandoned farm house. A freakish fest filled with menacing mysticism awaits your arrival ... That’s of course, if you’re not too afraid to RSVP.
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Çıkış Tarihi: 21 Mar 2013

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24 Ağustos

Shadows: Price for Our Sins and Windows 10.

Dear Fans,

It has come to our attention that some players are not able to see the cut scenes that are in the game. This issue is mainly related to a video card driver problem in Windows 10. Of all the computers we have surveyed with Windows 10 (DX Diag reports) we had found that the default Microsoft video driver was installed. So if you're unable to see the videos in game, please update your video card drivers to the latest and see if this helps. If after updating your video card drivers, you still are unable to see the videos, please send a DXDIAG report to and I will submit this information for our QA Team to look at.

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“What makes Shadows: Price for our Sins worth playing—what it does best—is its unusual item use, as well as its often surprising interactivity.”
4/5 – Gamezebo

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Are you ready to party? A chilling night of reckoning is unleashed upon guests bold enough to party on Halloween at an abandoned farm house.

As children, you and your friend, Samantha, would play at an old farm during your summer vacations. Years have passed, and Samantha has invited you to join her and a group of fellow students back at the farm for a Halloween party. Little does anyone know - but a demonic force will be crashing the event.

When the partygoers game spirals out of control, a portal to a world of darkness opens to imprison their youthful souls. They soon join company with the rest of the cursed souls collected by the lord of darkness. You alone are their sole hope of rescue.

A freakish fest filled with menacing mysticism awaits your arrival ... That’s of course, if you’re not too afraid to RSVP.

  • Wallpaper
  • Soundtrack

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 8 / Windows 7 /Windows XP / Windows Vista
    • İşlemci: 1.0 GHz
    • Bellek: 1024 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: DirectX 9.0
    • Depolama: 1150 MB kullanılabilir alan
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6 kişiden 6 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 9.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 5 Eylül
10 ghosts, 8 friends, 1 disgruntled girlfirend who plays at being a witch, and a Jumanji like game board all on Halloween night, as if this would not cause enough trouble even in real life, let alone on an acclaimed haunted farm.

Story: Dylan is invited to a Halloween party of friends by her girlfriend Samantha (with special interest falling on Parker, the unrequited love). While Dylan is taking a phone call from her concerned mother all her friends are sucked in the Jumanji-like game board. (I personally do not think Miss Disgruntled (Dylan's girlfriend, Samantha) actually realized the game board was haunted by the ghosts of a previous tragedy. The "haunted" gameboard simply recognized similiar natures, and history repeats.) Simple enough storyline.
NOTE: I really like the opening where the car headlights light up the pumpkin from behind before the car is seen and drives past.
NOTE 2 - Safety announcment: Please do not talk on your cell phone while driving even if it is your mom calling.

Of all the reviews I read, good and bad, after I played the game I only have this to say: This is an old school Hidden Object game. This is how they all used to be when actual storylines were first being introduced and being refined. The games centered on the Hidden Object scenes, with the occassional pick up of inventory items to be used later or to solve some puzzle. The games were not as strictly linear as they are now, but had a more "open world" feel with "bottle necks". The games were also not nearly as "hand-holding" as they are now. The gamer had to think and OMG guess about what had to done, plus click everywhere. Yes it was and is annoying and frustrating but that is partly what made the game challenging, out thinking the game/developers.

Being a fool for old school this was a really refreshing game for me to play. Very different puzzles and needing a completely different mind set compared to more recent and HD graphic "hand-holding" games of today. One of the complaints centered on the half-completed objects in the hidden object scenes. Well all I can say to that is you got what you clicked (Do remember this game was made before 3D was standard, so the objects were drawn in, not overlayed.)

The actual puzzles of this game include suduko, logic, slide, matching, "minesweeper" among many other types. This game includes a vast and usually unseen variety of puzzles compared to the color, sound, and match fare of today. So no crying about how hard the puzzles are, expand your repertorie.

If you want a challenging game and are bored with the standard fare of today, try yesteryear (in game time 2 years is like 2 centuries). This game overall is quite challenging. No penalties for hints which I had almost forgotten about being so used to today's games where there are penalties for hints, map use, and misclicks. Hints were standard fare in old school and the gamer was expected to use the hint button... a lot, as well as be click "happy". Guides and YouTube did not exist then like they do now.

Old school games did not have (or require) achievements, in-game or later the all important steam achievements. They especially did not require trading cards to even be considered playable. So if as a gamer one is looking for those things, this game has none of that. So welcome to the adult version of "Highlights" and enjoy what made the games of today what they are today.
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3 kişiden 3 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 10.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 3 Eylül
Horror on All Hallows Eve!

Well! Cattiness goes a long way for some people - for others it's just an annoying matter of fact, that some people have the tendency to exactly emulate this behaviour patterns. And I am afraid, that is one of the real true horrors in life.

Especially certain age groups have this trouble, regardless of gender issues. This game has a surprising Halloween story that is telling such a type of story, and it does it in a very good way. The sound is atmospheric for a horror/nightmare HOG, the graphics are just fine (actually, you can play this game through without using a hint because the graphics are quite crisp and you'll be able to find anything when you just use your eyes). The riddles though are a bit... overused, but it has some things within the story that make this game a nice waste of time.

  • Good graphics with clear HOS.
  • Atmospheric Sounds.
  • If you like the type of movies, where adolescend young people are the victim either in a slasher or a paranormal ghost story, you'll be loving the game.
  • It offers some of the more outlined backdrop stories.
  • Some Riddles are overused now.
  • Replayability as with most HOG's tends to zero.


The game actually is fun if you like movies like Paranormal Activity, or Helloween, or... well Nightmare on Elm Street... But still don't expect too much - it is a HOG and Remains one. That said, the game is a bit too expensive at 9,99 € so take care to get it either on a sale, or by Voucher ... or bundled!

The game makes a great Hallows Eve Gift for one of your loved ones too, especially if they love playing such games.
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1 kişiden 1 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 14.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 3 Ağustos
In this game, you play as some teenager who constantly throws away sharp objects and hammers as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of your friends from a Halloween party hosted at the most haunted house in the universe, and whether or not your immensely bitter best friend with access to mysterious occult artifacts is somehow involved.

The hidden object scenes are serviceable. Most scenes use the 'one or two items are arbitrarily hidden behind another item' mechanic, which is kind of stupid, but at least your mouse highlights whenever you hover it over such an object. One big flaw is that the list of objects only displays about half the total for that scene, and you can't 'click ahead' and clear an object if it's not on the visible portion of the list.

The puzzles are definitely the game's weakest point. Many of them are unintuitive (the fish/bathtub one springs to mind) and perhaps because of this a lot of the puzzles include a complete solution under the '?' menu, which if you find yourself reaching for it I don't know why you wouldn't just click the Skip button altogether. I also have a specific beef with the sudoku puzzle late in the game; I wanted to try and puzzle it out on my own, but turned the game off to go to sleep. When I returned to the game the next day, none of my progress had been saved. (An earlier puzzle, one of those beams of light/mirror deals, saved the positions of its lanterns even after quitting and returning, so this was a particularly boneheaded move).

Sometimes the 'take item to a certain location' puzzles were a bit obtuse, but fortunately the map highlights any place you can interact with given whatever items you have in your inventory. There really are a lot of locations, and as a result hidden object scenes are rarely repeated.

The plot is typical bananas revolving around a cursed board game and a bunch of dead losers whining about how they were personally responsible for sending the whole estate to Hell, despite it being out of their hands thanks to a big ol' curse. The more interesting plot, ironically, is the teen drama involving one of the protagonist's friends going bonkers enough to send the whole class to Hell, but sadly that's hardly touched upon.

I wish Steam let you rate games as mediocre, but I suppose in the end I'd recommend this game. Definitely not at full price! I'd say hold out for at least 75%, or wait for it to pop up in a bundle again.

Oh, almost forgot: This game had an awesome cat, an awesome crow, and three awesome owls.
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1 kişiden 1 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 0.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 24 Ekim
For now, I'm not recommending "Shadows: Price for Our Sins Bonus Edition." There's a notice on the game's Library page dated from August 24th letting people know about problems with Windows 10, video drivers, and cutscenes. I'm trying to run it under Windows 10 with the lastest Nvidia drivers and after the first couple of cutscenes, ended up with the problem (just a blank, black screen during the cutscene). There doesn't seem to be a fix for this yet. Along with that, in the two cutscenes I was able to see, the voice volume was inaudible. I think the cutscene volume might be tied to the music volume slider in the options (since I had that turned off), but can't really check it any more. Also, on a game-related note, just after the start, I was totally stuck. It turns out I had to try to drive away from the area first. Of course, I'd never have thought of that, since I'm playing a game and actually want to BE there and figure out what's going on.

I'll update this when I try to run it again.
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59 kişiden 50 tanesi (85%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 6.1 saat
Yayınlanma: 21 Aralık, 2013
This is an occasion when I wish Steam had more options than "Yes" and "No" for recommendations. This isn't a bad game for it's low price point. I would never replay this though.

This hidden object game drew me in with it's Halloween-themed story. At first it starts as a basic haunted house story and then it turns into Jumanji junior in a sense. The entire plot revolves around your friends being trapped in a board game and the ghosts of the game's last victims haunting the farm. They send you on a bunch of fetch quests, so only a fraction of the game is about finding hidden objects. I managed to finish the game in around 6 hours, so that's not bad for the $4 or so I spent for this on sale, but I also lost interest about two-thirds of the way through. I stopped reading the diary pages, for example.

The fetch quests were grinding on me. Some of the objects in the hidden object scenes didn't look anything like I would ever imagine them to look like. Some of the puzzles didn't have clear directions and if you hit the "?" to get an explanation, it focused more on telling you how to beat it than explaining the objective. Some of the later puzzles are very generic like they ran out of ideas near the end. For example, two of the last puzzles are a Sudoku puzzle and a sliding tile puzzle.

There are some good animations that might look like a puppet show starring silhouettes, but the simple visual style had its charm. The voice acting over them is pretty bad. Early in the game, there are a few animations with higher production value. The graphics are nice for a hidden object game, though those animations are a bit hazy. Maybe they just didn't like the HD resolution.

Each location is interesting enough and works with the Halloween theme for the most part.

The developers made this game very easy to complete. Can't find a hidden object? Use a hint. Can't solve a puzzle? Skip it. Not sure where to go next? Just look at the map. It shows you. It'll be hard to get frustrated with the game when it provides you so many bypasses.
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