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Bigfoot, l'abominevole uomo delle nevi, il mostro di Loch Ness... i criptozoologi stanno cercando di seguire le tracce di queste creature e studiarle. Una compare anche nelle leggende della gente Ashanti del Ghana.
Data di rilascio: 18 ott 2013
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Acquista Secret Files: Sam Peters

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Acquista Secret Files Franchise Pack

Include 4 oggetti: Secret Files Tunguska, Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis, Secret Files 3, Secret Files: Sam Peters

Informazioni sul gioco

Bigfoot, l'abominevole uomo delle nevi, il mostro di Loch Ness... i criptozoologi stanno cercando di seguire le tracce di queste creature e studiarle. Una compare anche nelle leggende della gente Ashanti del Ghana. Queste leggende parlano di creature notturne dalle sembianze umane che infestano gli alberi e rapiscono le loro vittime portandole con sé nelle caverne per succhiarne il sangue: gli Asanbosam. La bravissima giornalista Sam Peters è appena scampata a un'eruzione vulcanica causata da alcuni terroristi su un'isola indonesiana, e già riceve dalla sua boss la prossima destinazione: l'Africa. Eventi strani si stanno verificando a Bosumtwi, un misterioso lago vulcanico; esistono davvero gli Asanbosam? Sam Peters lo scoprirà in questa breve storia della serie Secret Files.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows® Vista™/Windows 7™/Windows 8™
    • Processor: Pentium® IV 2 Ghz Single Core equivalente o superiore
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Scheda grafica compatibile con DirectX® 9 con almeno 128 MB di RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 750 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Scheda audio 16 Bit compatibile con DirectX® 9 (opzionale)
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Sam Peters is a reporter who is Blonde and awesome, she goes to great lengths to remind players of this in her dialog. The secret files of Snob Peters, is very short maybe 3 hours. The puzzles are entertaining from solving some locks, to putting paper and maps together which is interesting. Sam also tends to discuss often her ex-boyfriend for some reason which is flat out bizarre, as this individual is nowhere in the game.

The game starts on an island with a mystery and a volcano, but you dont explore it you just inflate a raft on the beach and leave in the opening screen, thats it there are 2 screens. The rest of the game is spent on an island which is real short. The game is less about mystery and more about the life and times of Sam Peters and her ex boyfriend.

Sam Peters Official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh0AhrY9GjA

Rating: 2/10 Value: $2.99
Pubblicata: 7 luglio
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Not the longest game in the world, much shorter than the other 3 Secret Files games, but if you enjoy classic point and click puzzle solving with long rambling dialogue you will probably enjoy this. I found it too tedious and short for my likings. It seemed it was over just as the plot started to get slightly better.
Pubblicata: 23 giugno
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Not recommended. I enjoyed the previous Secret Files but this is not even 2 hours long, there's nothing to say about it. Don't buy it.

You dont have time to get into it that you're already done, when the story ends you're like "cool, things are gonna get started" but nope. The End. I couldnt believe it. Very frustrating.
Pubblicata: 21 giugno
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It depends on your expectations really. I read some reviews and knew this game would be uber short, so I waited until it was dirt cheap and bought it. I'm a fan of the Secret Files series and this features a minor character from Secret Files 2 and is set around the same time as that game.

Considering I paid so little, the 2-3 hours it took me to beat it turned from potentially "not long enough" to "decent entertainment for little cost".

So be warned, this is a very... very short game with only three unique settings, two of which can be passed in about 10 minutes. The third location has about 5 or 6 screens in it, which you travel to and from to solve puzzles.

The best thing about this game is the puzzles are logical and not stupid. This makes the game very easy if you've played adventure games. The story actually isn't bad either for such a short game and the graphics + sound are fine.

Consider this a casual adventure to spend a few hours on and you may like it. Expect a long, fleshed out adventure game and you won't. I recommend getting it on discount or in a bundle.
Pubblicata: 2 agosto
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That's a real short adventure game, didn't take more than 3 hours to finish!! The shortest adventure I ever played. Wasn't bad though, glad I got it in an offer.
Pubblicata: 19 luglio
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Holy cow...an adventure game with LOGICAL PUZZLES! I knew they had to exist. Even a dumb-♥♥♥ like me can complete this one within a perfectly reasonable time-frame...okay, maybe I had to google a walkthrough once or twice, but ONLY once or twice. If you're in the market for a short but well-told tale with a few slightly creepy (though never quite full-blown "scary") bits, you can't do much better than getting this one when it's on sale...though the full current asking price of ten bucks is perhaps a bit steep for well under five hours of gameplay. Beware the Asanbosam!

Verdict: 7/10.
Pubblicata: 4 dicembre 2013
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