Entra en el legendario universo de Might & Magic con este fantástico juego de cartas de estrategia en línea. Con más de 770 cartas, elige tu héroe, construye un ejército con criaturas, hechizos, edificios y fortunas y vence a astutos rivales en batallas de proporciones épicas.
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"Well developed and highly fleshed out card game, similar to that of magic: the gathering or hearthstone. Loads of fun and a great time killer."

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22 de abril

Time of Renewal wrong amount in DLC

Hey Champions!

On Friday players purchasing the Time of Renewal DLC on Steam identified an issue where they received only two ToR boosters instead of the two boxes that should have been received.

This issue has since been addressed and is now fixed.

What can I do if I received the wrong amount of packs in the game?
We would like to ask all players who were affected by this to contact our support .

What information do I need in the support ticket?

First please make sure that you log in with the same account you made the purchase with and use the following options in your ticket:

Platform: PC
Product: Might and Magic Duel of Champions
Category: Billing
Subject: Steam DLC Issue

Please provide with your ticket a copy of the receipt of purchase that Steam provides by email!

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16 de abril

Time of Renewal is finally here!

Time of Renewal is a brand new expansion to the Might & Magic: Duel of Champions universe!

This new set contains 170 cards comprising of 24 new cards and 146 rebalanced cards.
As well as the ToR set we are bringing balance passes on a variety of cards from existing sets. Also included in this update are new achievements, animations and effects, as well as client stability improvements.

To help you get started new additional DLC has been shipped in Steam.

You can read more about Time of Renewal in our fourms:

The complete patchnotes for Time of Renewal are available here:

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Recién actualizado

The Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Development Team is proud to release Time of Renewal, an exciting new expansion with cards, features, and fixes!

Contains 170 Cards
24 new cards and 146 cards from the open format, reborn and ready to fight in standard.

New features

We added new card sleeve themes
  • Haven Theme
  • Inferno Theme
  • Necropolis Theme
  • Sanctuary Theme
  • Academy Theme
  • Stronghold Theme
  • Neutral Theme

New Cards:

    • Surging Golem
    • Manastorm Titan
    • Power Blast Titan
    • Crimson Wizard
    • Griffin Captain
    • Falcon Holy Priest
    • Falcon Praetorian
    • Blind Justicar
    • Shadow Lilim
    • Shadow Breeder
    • Abyssal Lilim
    • Breeder Progenitor
    • Skeleton Master
    • Necromancer Reinforcer
    • Ichor Spinner
    • Ichor Weaver
    • Ushio Naga
    • Shinobi Thief
    • Shinobi Gunshi
    • Shinobi Whisperer
    • Sahaar Archer
    • Harpy Shaman
    • Bone Ancestor
    • Sahaar Raging Chieftain

As well as the ToR set we are bringing balance passes on a variety of cards from existing sets. Also included in this update are new achievements, animations and effects, as well as client stability improvements.

You can read more about Time of Renewal in our fourms:

The complete patchnotes for Time of Renewal are available here:

Acerca de este juego

Entra en el legendario universo de Might & Magic con este fantástico juego de cartas de estrategia en línea. Con más de 770 cartas, elige tu héroe, construye un ejército con criaturas, hechizos, edificios y fortunas y vence a astutos rivales en batallas de proporciones épicas.


Disfruta con el histórico juego de facciones del universo de Might & Magic en un formato completamente nuevo. Descubre un montón de cartas ilustradas con gran belleza, con los célebres personajes, hechizos y héroes de la serie de juegos Might & Magic.


Objetivo del juego:
• Vence al héroe de tu rival desplegando criaturas, lanzando hechizos y sacando partido a los edificios, las fortunas y los eventos.

Elige una facción:
• Hay 6 facciones distintas con su propia historia y estilo de juego singulares: Santuario, Infierno, Necrópolis, Bastión, Refugio y Academia. Descúbrelas todas y domina sus estrategias.

Elige tu héroe: 
• Hay más de 46 héroes para elegir. El héroe que elijas determinará la facción a la que pertenecerá tu ejército, tus niveles iniciales y tu salud. Además, cada héroe tiene acceso a ciertas escuelas de magia.

Prepara tu ejército para la batalla:
• Usa el creador de baraja para componer y gestionar tus barajas. Las posibilidades son infinitas, y puedes crear tantas como quieras. Cada baraja consiste en 1 carta de héroe, 8 cartas de evento y una combinación de entre 50 y 200 cartas compuesta por cartas de criatura, hechizo y fortuna.

Domina el campo de batalla:
• ¡Lleva tu baraja a la batalla! Hay 16 posiciones en el campo de batalla donde puedes desplegar y reubicar tus cartas, lo cual ofrece una amplia variedad de enfoques y posibilidades para elaborar una buena estrategia.

Juega diferentes modos de juego: 
• Combate rivales en línea en duelos de 1 contra 1 con o sin clasificación. Participa en los torneos diarios o crea el tuyo propio. Gana recompensas y desbloquea desafiantes logros según vayas subiendo en los marcadores.


• Charla con amigos y rivales mientras juegas, y visita los foros oficiales para mantenerte en contacto con la comunidad de Duel of Champions.
• Busca las últimas noticias y actualizaciones siguiendo Duel of Champions en Facebook, Twitter, YouTube y Twitch.
• Reta a tus amigos directamente o deja que el sistema Matchmaking encuentre un rival digno de ti.
• Participa en los diversos torneos en línea y los marcadores.


• Juega y sube de nivel para desbloquear gratis recompensas que incluyen cartas, barajas, potenciadores, monedas, pases para torneos y comodines.
• Consigue gratis cartas exclusivas completando logros y ganando torneos.
• Visita la tienda de Emilio y aprovecha las ofertas especiales para ampliar tu colección de cartas.

¡Mantente al día sobre tu juego! Entérate de las últimas noticias, ofertas y mucho más en…
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/MightMagicDuelofChampions
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/duelofchampions
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/MMDuelofChampions
TWITCH: twitch.tv/duelofchampions

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
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Publicado el 7 de julio
Pues esta bueno el juego, llama la atencion y es muy interesante
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Publicado el 24 de abril
Exelente juego, lo mejor de Magic
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Publicado el 6 de febrero
I've used to play the non-steam version before, so my playtime here is inaccurate.
MM: DoC struggles with several issues that make it hard to enjoy in the long run.

Firstly, progression is very slow. Rewards for a single match are negligible and you're only rewarded with a reasonable amount of gold (basic currency) when you level up. The problem is, after the first few levels it will take you around ten hours of playtime to get another one. Some mechanics are in place to make the grind less monotone, but they have their own share of issues.

There's a PvE mode available in the form of campaigns. Each campaign consists of 5 missions that, upon being completed with one of the six available factions for the first time grant a significant amount of gold plus some experience points. Clearing the entire campaign with a faction also grants a free booster pack. The problem is, those free boosters are largely useless, since following an overhaul in 2014 most cards from older sets can no longer be used in ranked play. The gold rewards for campaigns also happen to have a nasty incident in their early history. Two weeks after being introduced those rewards were increased by a factor of five and this increase was not retroactively applied to players who already cleared the campaigns. Since the increased rewards were ridiculous - clearing 2 missions took next to no time and granted as much as a single level up normally does - pretty much all the players who weren't already veterans found themselves in a situation where it would simply be easier for them to start the game anew (which isn't allowed), even if they already spent money on it.
The previously mentioned overhaul also made it impossible to gain seals (premium currency) without paying money for the game, even though previously they were received upon leveling up and as a reward for 6 consecutive days of playing. Since every new card pack is only available for seals for the first few weeks, this also means that paying players now have an actual advantage over non paying ones.

There's also a lot of balance issues. Unless you manage to build a decent deck, which involves lots of grinding or spending several AAA titles worth in money on card packs then you'll struggle even against mediocre necropolis players, mostly because dark magic school is broken to the point where it enforces the meta (not worth it to use any creature costing more than 4, because otherwise casting Soulreaver or Death Seal will remove it for a lower cost, while casting Wither will make it useless). Necropolis isn't exactly overpowered though: it just isn't really possible to counter if you lack cards, so for the first ~40 levels or something around ten times that amount in dollars/euros.

If you bothered to read this wall of text, you might've noticed that most problems are nailed down to the controversial overhaul, that:
1. added PvE campaigns and then screwed over everyone who finished them
2. made over half of the cards in the game useless by excluding them from ranked play or the so-called 'standard format'
3. removed all the free ways of gaining premium currency, except for some achievements that are mostly hard or even impossible to get without paying for the now obsolete card sets in the first place.

Point #2 effectively negatively affected paying players by making some neat decks that require a select pool of cards useless and wasting their money in the process, point #3 made the game feel like a 'pay to win' for free players, while point #1 was a bad decision that screwed over everyone. What all of those points have in common is that the combination of these things irrecoverably ruined the trust in the developer that many players had at that time.

Even with those problems playing MM: DoC can be enjoyable from time to time, but as far as I'm concerned, major updates tend to create more problems than they solve, not to mention that removing what used to be half of the cards available in game from ranked play instead of actually bothering to balance them (and not even managing to tweak the remaining half properly) was probably the most lazy development decision I've ever witnessed.
If you're looking for a more complex alternative to Hearthstone, you might want to check out Infinity Wars instead.
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Publicado el 18 de abril
See how all the positive reviews are really old? The game is way too expensive and then they reshuffled things and made a ton of stuff no longer usable and it's just not worth your time. It's a shame because it was a good, fun game

If you aren't willing to spend a decent amount of money on a regular basis to buy cards in a game no one plays, then this game is not for you.

Edit: some people would like to point out that there are now various formats of play some of which will let you use (modified versions of) your old cards. I didn't mention this because it doesn't matter. The only way to get old cards is if you already have them, and so if you play the old style you will be playing pretty exclusively against people who already spent a ton of money on their cards.
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Publicado el 7 de mayo
I love CCGs, and the Might and Magic universe, and I recommend this game, with warnings.

Overall this is a great game with lots of intricate strategies and very versatile card selection. It's terribly frustrating. I love the game and collecting as many of the different cards as I can, and there are some problems with the economy as mentioned in other posts. I have logged over 900 hours, and 1700 duels. I currently have 914/996 of the different cards. Whether you like games like this for the sake of collecting the cards or are just trying to get that 4th Arcane Eagle for your deck, than you should expect to fork out some dough or become a total shut in and dedicate your life to grinding.

The game is very Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Luck is a significant factor as well as far as who gets the curse of having to go first. I know that generally the first turn player statistically will more often get to also attack first, but the second player gets a card draw, a bonus card AND the first player doesn't get to boost their hero on the first turn! Bizarre.

I like how there are separate 'standard' and 'open' game modes. Open is for old school players that are fortunate enough to already have a good collection of the best legacy cards. My mistake was spending so much time trying to grind in open. Some rebalancing was done, and I am optimistic that there is more to come. A lot of cards were recently rebalanced and introduced into standard mode. While I would love to say that I want to see more of this in future expansions, this will bring me to my next point.


I had set out with the crazy goal to try and get a copy of every single card from every set, as any obsessive collector would. The only way to get the legacy cards now is by paying, aside from the wildcard farming (and infernal pit) or saving all your gold and waiting every 3 months or so for waiting for Emilio's packs to be available for gold. Doing this presents a small problem though...

With each expansion, newer stronger cards are coming out that naturally players want to get their hands on as soon as they can to maintain an edge over their competitors. Particularly, Sins of Betrayal and Time of Renewal especially have introduced a lot of powerful new cards. So if all of the hard, hard, hard earned gold is needed for the newest, and priciest packs, than you need to decide whether your efforts are to work towards staying competitive, or getting really rare legacy epic cards. (900 hours and i still don't have Eleonore, unfortunately I started not long before Base Set II came out) This wouldn't be an issue if legacy packs or Emilio's packs were always available for gold, or if you could still earn seals.

Regarding my collection, I'm roughly 2000 wildcards away. About 800 booster packs...


Overall, getting cards is slow. Even with daily achievements (which sometimes take hours to finish), it generally takes a few hours just to get a single pack.

Seals are finite. After your early achievements, I think you end up with a grand total of 1600 or something. Enough to get a box and a couple of packs. Seals are the only everyday way to get old cards and they only available for real money. They recently became even more overpriced.

Ubisoft needs to reintroduce weekly seals in the login bonuses. Not necessarily a lot, averaging maybe about 100 a week or so just so players can get cards a little quicker. I'll compare this model to the Pokemon online CCG, which (up until recently at least) gave a booster pack for every 5 login days. On login bonuses alone, DoC would get you a free pack after logging in every day for roughly 3 to 4 weeks. Don't even think about skipping a day or you will reset the week and have to wait even longer for the coveted wildcards.

There are a few basic things that Ubisoft can and should do to drastically improve the economics of the game and put it back on top.

- Seals should be available in the weekly login bonuses, or they need to be WAY less stingy on the number of seals provided for $$
- Emilio's packs should be available for gold at all times
- The infernal pit should offer rares, epics, and heroes more often and way less commons from Base Set II and the timer should be 4 hours, instead of 8
- Better achievement rewards (banners? ... seriously?)

Some economical improvements and continued balancing and this game would put it on top to stay for a long time to come.

If you found this review helpful and are starting a new account, feel free to use my referral code, you'll get extra cards to start out! RCACTG
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