MotoGP™14 is back with a comprehensively overhauled and improved graphics engine. New game modes, all the riders from the 2014 and 2013 seasons and legendary riders from the history of the MotoGP™ give you the chance to live the dream of being a real rider.
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"Trully Excellent Game, WAY better than '13, and really fun, the new and improved carrer Mode Is Just Awesome, like CodeMasters F1 Series"

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MotoGP™14 Season Pass available!

MotoGP™14 Season Pass available!
The complete set of MotoGP™14 DLC is now available. Enhance your racing experience with exclusive download contents that will add more in-game feature!

Can't make a decision? Buy the MotoGP™14 Season Pass and have access to all the DLC contents released!

Here's a list of the available DLC:
  • MotoGP™14 Laguna Seca Red Bull US Grand Prix DLC
  • MotoGP™14 Red Bull Rookies Cup DLC
  • MotoGP™ 14 Donington Park Circuit DLC

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MotoGP™ 14 Donington Park Circuit DLC now available!

MotoGP™ 14 Donington Park Circuit DLC is now available!
Complete your racing experience with exclusive download contents that will add more in-game feature!
  • MotoGP™ 14 Donington Park Circuit DLC
This new downloadable content adds the Donington Park British GP to your selectable tracks to Grand Prix, Championship – offline game modes – and all online modes, with the exception of Sprint Season.

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“"If you're the kind of MotoGP fan that watches every race without fail, then reliving the Real Events 2013 is a genuine thrill"”

“"Milestone has thrown itself into the next-gen with a game that is even more involved, more comprehensive and more polished than its predecessor, taking both the structure and dynamics of the game to the next level."”

“"A very decent racing adaptation with a good degree of simulation that offers the full racing experience."”
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The official video game of the MotoGP™ hits the track with all the riders from the 2013 and 2014 seasons, as well as legendary champions from the history of the MotoGP™. Race on all the official tracks and take on your adversaries on the brand new Argentina circuit. Put yourself to the test with new game modes, including online Split Battle and offline Real Events 2013, not forgetting the compelling career mode. MotoGP™14 has been completely overhauled thanks to the new graphics engine that gives players the opportunity of experiencing all the thrills of being a real MotoGP™ rider.


    • OS: Windows®Vista™ SP2, Windows®7 SP1 or Windows®8 or Windows®8.1
    • Processor: Intel™ 2.4Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce 450 or ATI® 6850 or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 4.0) with at least 512MB of display memory.
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 18 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of these cards are not fully supported. All OS are supported in 32 or 64 bit.Windows®Vista™ SP2 must be updated with KB 971644 (platform update to DX11)
    • OS: Windows®7 SP1 or Windows®8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 290X or better (Laptop versions of these cards are not fully supported) with 2GB of display memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 18 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Laptop versions of these cards are not fully supported. All OS are supported in 32 or 64 bit.Windows®Vista™ SP2 must be updated with KB 971644 (platform update to DX11)
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It's a lacklustre console port. If you can get past that then please feel free to read further.

The game is 'good' and probably the best bike racing simulator I've played, and as a biker I buy them all. The physics engine is generally pretty decent, the bikes themselves are faithfully modelled and of course its nice to have the Dorna permissions to include the full roster of teams and rides. But that's it.

The game is built on a clearly dated engine that has reached, if not passed its end of life cycle. I'm playing on a fairly competent machine, i7, 16Gb, GTX670, SSD and the game performs poorly with frequent stuttering. Garage scenes are particularly ugly with massive screen tearing and corruption when selecting the bike to confirm which developments to complete. Very poor.

Racing is generally good. There's a decent sense of speed and simulation going on though the sound of the bikes is pretty off. AI is generally perfunctory at best. They ride and do what they're supposed to do though have no real character; you can certainly tell that it is algorithm riding the bikes.

However the biggest negative is the startling fact that this is a poorly optimised console port and Milestone hasn't done anything to even attempt to hide this fact: No graphics options, poorly optimised UX (for PC), No way to Quit to desktop(!), no way to save custom controller configurations...

Milestone don't tend to patch their games. I don't expect any of these issues to be addressed.

End of the day I waited until the game was on sale before buying as I'm fully aware of Milestone's track record and history with respect to their games and support there on in. I paid GBP 14.99 and feel that I have a fair value for money at that price proposition.

Summary; it is a 'good game' for an unambitious console port with the usual trappings of what that entails. Don't buy at full price!
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Best physics in a motorcycle game so far. Been playing on Pro physics with an XBOX One controller. The throttle response and traction control feedback from this controller is outstanding as it has a hepatic feedback in the brake and throttle triggers. One I got past the learning curve (no pun intended) the game became very addicting. The detail at the track (COTA in particular) is very accurate. Even the billboards and advertising is spot on as seen at each persepctive track. Finally a motorcycle racing game that I can appreciate.
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In it's current form, it seems like a step back from MotoGP 13. There is currently no way to adjust the AA, shadows, fog, etc. There also are very apparent bugs present…for example, once in career mode you cannot exit to the desktop without force quitting with the task manager. There is no way to save controller settings. The frame rate slows down and gets choppy and I even have the 2 settings turned off (AFX and High Res textures) where with MotoGP 13 i have everything set to on and high without the slightest hit to framerate.

This iteration feels rushed and thus far a single V1.1 patch has not been released since the game came out in June of 2014. If the patch comes out and the improvements are made then I will change my stance. I want to love this game as MotoGP is a passion of mine. As it stands I barely can add the word "like" when describing it.
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This game is far from optimised for the PC platform. We've been waiting for a patch to fix many bugs, major and minor, since June, and so far we still have a game working at 75%.

The community support from Milestone has been terrible since the launch of this game. Communication has never been their strong point for titles like MotoGP, WRC, etc, which I suppose is equally as bad as their efforts to release games which are worthy of being retail releases.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes I have is the limited video options you get with this title. As per usual in a Milestone game, you cannot change the video settings in-game; the launcher is where you have to make your changes, and once you're in-game, that's it. Not only that, but the options you actually get to choose from are dire, and the game, even when bumped up to the highest settings, looks tacky for a PC game. I wouldn't consider myself that much of a graphics snob, but there's a line you cannot go back over once we're into a new generation.

There's a good game in here somewhere, but it's surrounded by problems, from stupid to complex. Therefore, I won't be recommending this game, neither will I be recommending any Milestone product until they pull their finger out to improve 1) the quality of their games for release, and 2) their general customer support.
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Let me start off by saying i have been a fan of motogp most of my life and this game is good in bike and rider detail. Its very pretty looking but the tracks are pretty ugly but really you dont notice because your consumed with trying to keep the bike on two wheels. I found the game and career mode a big upgrade from motogp 13 personally i love. The pros weight out the cons just need to appreciate the little details and the resemblance to real life.
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Good fun game. The presentation is a bit flaky in places and there are a few bugs but there are plenty of fixes and workarounds to be found on other forums. Nothing gamebreaking.
Gameplay is superb and career mode is solid. Physics and handling are spot on the money.

If you expect a perfect game stay away, but if you're comfortable making an effort to get it running nicely, it's definitely worth it.
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best motogp ever (handling etc..), but the graphic AA quality still better gp13 though, yebis engine is nice btw. Try using DSR (geforce) or VSR (radeon) to reduce the zaggies. see you all on the starting grid :D
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unplayable.. Other's experiences may vary upon when and what error will occur. But regardless you game will crash, often.
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After getting rid of the unlocks (by cheating with a temp .mix file) I actually enjoy this one a lot more.. but at least dish out a hotfix for PC users so we can save our controller setting.. I know it only takes 2 minutes to set them as I want them.. but it's 2 minutes of pure hatred from your lack of support!
How long can it take? one person one day to let the PC-crowd drive instead of fixing controller settings at each startup!

And NEVER ever add unlocks to a even a 'semi-sim'!

LVL 39 to drive a Ducati?!?

I always used cheats to get rid of your insane unlocks, and always will continue to do so! I didn't find the fix until yesterday, and my 3 hours playtime, since june!! have tripled in one day.

Been playing it a little more, and it actually grows on you more and more. the unofficial fix for controllers settings to stay did it even better.
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Very nice game except you cant close it!, I love everytrhing about it except going into control panel to end this thing
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I love this game, but the graphics are terrible. When will they ever make the best motogp ever?... you have the chanc milestone... whats wrong with you guys?
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motogp 13 is the better buy motogp 14 has too many problems not worth the headache
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I bought the game while it was on sale. The bikes are beautiful but other than that the graphics are quite outdated including the rain effect.

The game is quite hard actually I think you need a proper gamepad to play it properly or to have a chance at podium finish. It has helmet camera and while using it, external sounds are a bit muffled which is a nice touch.

It also has a rather annoying bug that disables you from exiting the game most of the time so I'm forced to play in windowed mode to be able to go to task manager to shut the game down. Additonally, change to controls won't get saved either.

If you like MotoGP then this game is probably good for you. If you're intrigued by MotoGP this game might fill the void until a better alternative comes.

Buy it while it's put on sale by steam.
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this is amazing one of the best motorcycle games ever
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Brilliant! Superior in almost every way to MotoGP™13. And the ways that it's not as good are so minor they aren't worth mentioning. I should know, I've played MotoGP™13 for 121 hours so far.;)
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if you like motorcycles and if you like to watch motogp you would like to play this game,special multiplayer trust me haha
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This game is unplayable there are so many tech bugs I dont know where to start. My 1.8 hrs on record has not been playing the game it has been looking at a frozen screen just before it loads a track up. no support from the dev team can not belive i waisted 39.99 on this game.
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24.3 小时(记录在案的)
N1 !!
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Yeah, I saw all the bad reviews and still bought it. You know how useful those reviews are, you know, the ones from kiddies that don't know how to ride a motorcycle in the first place, or don't have the funds to buy 14 so thats why they like MotoGP2013 better? Don't listen to Steam Reviews, Youtube gameplay or check out twitch to see how good a game is before you write it off. You are missing out if you don't and are into motorcycle racing, this is a great game with aggressive challenges. It's too real for everyone else. You need a gaming computer to play it, otherwise stop complaining about choppy graphics and stuttering gameplay. It runs perfectly smooth on my machine, if you have video card issues, fix it and stop leaving bad reviews because you'd rather buy another game for your computer rather than upgrading it so you can actually play the new game how it's supposed to be played. Oh, by the way, you're gonna want a controller for this one. Mouse and keyboard don't work very well, for me at least. I highly recommend it.
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This game is horrible. If you want to throw away money just save yourself time and flush it down the toilet, which happens to be the same thing the developers did with everyone's suggestions for the horrible MotoGP13. Shame on me for buying this crap.
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