Fight your way across the galaxy in this epic action game from the makers of the 2011 AIAS Strategy Game of the Year "Orcs Must Die!" and the 2012 AIAS Mobile Game of the Year "Hero Academy.
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Дата виходу: 28 січ 2014
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Fight your way across the galaxy in this epic action game from the makers of the 2011 AIAS Strategy Game of the Year "Orcs Must Die!" and the 2012 AIAS Mobile Game of the Year "Hero Academy."

Battle hordes of dangerous alien creatures, space pirates, and killer mercenaries with blaster and blade as you travel from star to star, uncovering the secrets of the multiverse.

Make contact with the Echoes, mysterious beings from alternate universes who will lend you their abilities and aid you in your quest to save humanity from an alien menace. Acquire a myriad of powerful weapons and armor, watch your abilities grow to unmatched levels, and prepare to take on the most fearsome opponents in the galaxy!

Includes the complete "Echo Prime" Soundtrack!

Key Features:

Remastered for PC – New maps, new enemies, retuned economy, visual enhancements, and new PC controls.
New Hardcore Mode - Test your mastery. How far can you get without dying?
Upgrade Your Arsenal – Over 100 pieces of gear with a diverse mix of deadly effects, from fire to toxic, all unlockable at no additional cost.
Echoes of the Multiverse – Discover and unlock dozens of “Echoes”, alien life forms from alternate universes. Echoes will offer you powers and abilities to help you on your missions.
Share Echoes – Use your friends’ Echoes in combat to help them level-up, and level up your Echoes when your friends use them!
Random Campaign Generation – Every player’s experience is different!
Includes the Full Soundtrack – All 14 tracks of the Echo Prime soundtrack are included when you buy the game!

Note: The "Echo Prime" Soundtrack can be found in your Echo Prime folder in the Steam directory:

...Steam\steamapps\common\echo prime\soundtrack

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 1200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Some integrated Intel HD graphics cards have been known to work but are not officially supported.
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1.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 29 січня 2014 р.
I purchased this without realizing it was an iOS/Android game. For a portable game Echo prime isn't half bad. I can see how the gameplay would lend itself well to that platform. However, the features that make it ideal for a cell phone don't translate well to a home enviroment. The game is clearly intended to be played in 10 to 15 minute spurts and that shows in the level design and make-up. Levels are blazingly short and incredibly repetative, most likely to compensate for the presumed limited space of a phone or tablet. Also, the designers left in many of the touch related instructions. During the initial traning mission the player is encouraged to "tap a place on the ground to move there" or to "Swipe to dodge!"

Echo Prime's gameplay tries to find a home somewhere between a clickfest like Diablo and classic arcade Beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage but it misses the key notes that make those two genres enjoyable. You gain money from grinding missions which you use to buy weapons and armor which you then grind kills on to get "Echoes" which are essentially spells that can level. It's a fairly steep and obvious treadmill. Though, the only incentive I can see for continuing to upgrade your gear is the chance to unlock new Echoes. You aren't encouraged to upgrade your gear because the enemies are hard, in fact quite the opposite. I was able to play to level 8, about an hour in to the game, without purchasing new items. The AI is too predictible or, in some cases down right dumb, to pose any type of a threat to a competent player.

Lastly, the story: more spefically the almost complete absense of one. You're a guy on a ship flying around space and beating up aliens, pirates and robots whose character models don't really differ that much.

All in all, I can understand how this would be an enjoyable game on a mobile platform but at the end of the day there is enough substance or depth here for the game to have lasting appeal.
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3.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 28 січня 2014 р.
Fun game that still shows its mobile roots so it's best enjoyed in short bursts. Levels are small, short, and often composed of smaller sub sections separated by loading screens. Of course the main feature is the presence of Echoes, which are various boosters or abilities, both active and passive. They're really varied and you can borrow for each mission one of three echoes offered from other players (nifty!). There are a variety of missions but they mostly revolve around defeating enemies in a linear manner, defending an item, or surviving waves.
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14.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 28 січня 2014 р.
Game needs to be fixed. Controller does not funtion correctly. Also, I get stuck everytime after beating a level, so I have to exit game and open it back up to play the next level. I really enjoy the classic feel that it offers for the first couple of levels I played, but I just can't give it a good review right now--It's unplayable as is. If they fix it, I will probably, then, give it a thumbs up.


It seems they have fixed some of the issues. It works!

Ok, good linear side-scrolling classic type of game. Love upgrading echoes and gear, abilities are cool and fun to master, and there is a whole lot of monsters and robots to see and demolish. However, game does have a few drawbacks. Some controller functionality issues are still present but not bad. No, not all pc games need to have controller support, but its nice to have options. For this review, I used and took into account the functionality of both types of controls--keyboard and controller. Even when using a keyboard, I can go to wierd empty pages when selecting some of the menu links--but you can just back out of it by clicking back or pressing b on controller. With that said, functionality for both controls are fine now, and you should have no problem getting through game using either.

Game can seem a little difficult at start. Its not really hard to get from level to level to start, its just knowing what echoes are and following the story line that may be a problem at the start for some.

Anyway, I give the game 6.5 now and 6.75 if small glitches and controller stuff is fixed.
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9.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 6 липня 2014 р.
Echo Prime was originally an iOS action RPG, and it shows, having very simple controls. Worse yet, the controls in the PC version really don't work that well - sometimes clicking anywhere near an enemy will shoot at it, even if it's already dead. Also, your dodge roll behaves erratically and buggily, often not really moving you the way you want it to move, or at all.

Likewise, it shows its iOS roots by having a lot of very simple, repetitive levels. It took me about 10 hours to complete the campaign (at least through hitting level 33 out of 50 and getting the final campaign achievement, End of the Line), but most of this was essentially just grinding the same kind of missions I'd already completed a dozen times over. Further, it's not a loot-fest at all - basically you just get to pick one of three or so items for each slot from the store each time you hit a new tier of 5 levels.

The Echoes do look amusing and provide for on-the-fly character customization for each level, and some of the boss fights are amusing when the controls aren't actively getting in your way of completing them, but all in all I can't really recommend this game at any price. It's just not fun.

Sorry, Robot Entertainment. Your other stuff's all good, so maybe try again!
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21.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 29 січня 2014 р.
Ok. Let's be honest. This game is boring. And the only thing that bring me to buy this game is developer name. Robot... guys that create Orcs must die! (Awsome game btw). Well I played this game couple of hours hoping that something changed, but... few new enemies, same twin brothers-levels and mechanics like "Devil may cry" for very young childrens. One button i mean. Without combo or smt else.
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1.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 30 січня 2014 р.
First Impression
A Nice game! I feel like a little kid playing a Gameeboy game, that old pew pew game with those futuristic sounds! It's just, PLEASE it needs to be ported better onto PC.

This game is clerly an iOS/Android game, as a lot of people say, but if developers change it enought, so you can move with WASD, the skill work well with the 123456 and they also should put some special DLC for PC. I just ask one thing, IMPROVE the gameplay for PC, with that i mean:

1: More items (Come on dudes!)
2: More diferent enemies.
3: Controller?
4: PvP.

If you're taking reviwes seriously, do what people say this game needs, because if you develop this game well, it'll go fly fr and high.
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9 з 12 людей (75%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
0.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 6 лютого 2014 р.
Truly an unimpressive game. Echo Prime was made for mobile phones and it shows. Its basic and shallow gameplay is fun for sessions of 10 minutes, after that it becomes extremely repetitive with its bland shooting and melee mechanics and awkward controls. The only decent part of the game is the fact that you can buy better gear, but what good is that if you don't even want to play it in the first place ? Skip !

[Rating: 62/100]
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18.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 23 лютого 2014 р.
I found this game a blend of fun and frustrating. It isn't a deep game, every level boils down to either 'shoot things' or 'don't get shot', but that has a certain mindless appeal. The levels are short, and it's easy to digest quick matches when you only have 5 or 10 minutes to sit, which is nice.

The game has a few bugs, none of them game-ending. The most annoying one I found was clicking on the bottom right of the screen (where your active powers are) sometimes minimizes the game for no discernable reason. The game itself doesn't pause when this happens, so sometimes by the time I had brought the game back up I would be dead.

There is a story that you follow, which is minimal but adequate. Gear progression is reasonable, although I found myself shoe-horned into a certain type of gun because of a certain mission type that only rewards that type of gun.

Overall the game is a simple distraction, and if you need something mindless to fill the time it's probably worth it. That being said, you aren't missing anything special if you don't pick it up.
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15.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 5 лютого 2014 р.
Pleasantly Surprised!

The guys at Robot Entertainment have released another great title. However, it's another IOS title, that has been given a port to PC. Am looking forward to them doing another full PC game, most likely that'll be Orcs Must Die 3, but after having played Hero Academy, I was alright with trying out another IOS title from them.

Surprisingly it is better then expected. I went into this purchase with very low expectations, because I hadn't heard anything about it, you couldn't google much about it, and their certainly was little to no youtube reviews about it, so I really went into this game puchase blind, which after the CONSORTIUM fiasco (Don't Buy CONSORTIUM) really made me hesitant about buying another game so soon with such little information out there about it.

This game is a Hack & Slash, Side Scrolling, at times having a brawler feel, with RPG Leveling and Equipment "stats" elements. It has a lot of depth, for being IOS, and it's a great port to PC, so much so, that if you didn't know it was IOS, you might not suspect it being an IOS game initially. Although after about an hour of play through, it gets to a hint where it asks you to touch the screen, that's kind of a dead giveaway :D:

The game is definately best played in short bursts. It was meant to be a time killer on the go, and you may want to just play it when taking short breaks from other games, or while killing time waiting for other friends to log in.

It also has a friend network, where you can borrow a unit from your friend for a mission. Your friend will recieve the mission rewards at the end. Which I feel is a neat feature, but it also gives you a little bit of that "Facebook" vibe.

Right now it is 20 percent off, and you get a free copy of Orcs Must Die 2 with that purchase, so if you already own that title, then it's a great game to gift a friend. However if you don't own Orcs Must Die 2, but have thought about buying it, then now is the time, because buying this game is like getting Orcs Must Die 2 half off, and getting Echo Prime for free! No time to buy it like the present!

4/5 Stars on PC 5/5 Stars if you buy it to play on your Tablet
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3.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 25 серпня 2014 р.
Very meh.

Visuals are fine. Think OMD and OMD2.

Plot is almost comically rushed. "Hi I'm a spaceman - oh god my ship is being attacked - hey look an alternate universe." Ridiculous.

Gameplay is TERRIBLE. Movement is almost entirely mouse based (wasd are used for dodge rolls), with the mouse serving as both a movement and attack command, meaning running from an enemy who has approached you is nearly impossible. To add icing, the game switches automatically to melee when enemies are close, meaning if you're a distance fighter and spent a ton on a fancy gun, you can only use it when enemies aren't running towards you, which is almost never.

Combat in OMD was excellent. The weapon selection was diverse and interesting in both games and allowed the user to choose their own playstyle and fight from wherever they wanted. Better still, they could run wherever they wanted as well, be it to the frontlines or away from a losing battle. In Echo Prime, you get a gun and a sword, and only the gun has any sort of variety. Furthermore, clicking anywhere on the screen when an enemy is at point blank will make the spaceman lunge TOWARDS the enemy. First thing I did was upgrade my dodge distance so I could roll far enough away from enemies to be able to use the move option again, since mouse movement is the fastest way to escape, but dodging is the only thing the user has full control of.

Also, the tutorials are completely underinformative. You can dodge and shoot in the same command by clicking and dragging away from an enemy, which is what I do the vast majority of the time, but the tutorial never mentions this. I found this out accidentally shortly before dying, where I also learned the QA team didn't press the dodge roll buttons during the death animation, or they would have found out you can make the spaceman wiggle around most absurdly as he keels over.

The extra features are nice-ish. Boosts and abilities come from aliens called Echoes. You can use other players' echoes during missions to borrow their powers for one mission and in return, give them experience to be used toward upgrades. You can pay in-game money to pick an Echo from your list of friends, but there's no real reason to. Odds are the ability wont make much of a difference. Most of them are uselesss, weak attacks with long cooldowns or piddling increases to things like attack, defense, or critical chance. The only ones I used modified dodge distance and healing, since dodging is so important and taking damage is so easy what with the stupid, suicidal player character.

Overall, the game is just nowhere near as fun, addicting, or polished as OMD or OMD2. I love Robot, but I hate Echo Prime.
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3.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 20 червня 2014 р.
I wanted to like it, but it's clearly a broken port of a decent at best iOS game.
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2.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 30 січня 2014 р.
This isn't a deep, thought provoking game. It's the game you turn on when you come from work to chill out and relax. And that it seems to do very well.
There is a huge choce of abilities to, meele and ranged wepaons, one in each hand, large selection of gear to get, a lot of dodging and blocking, a lot of grinding - feels very much like what you might get if you bred Diablo with a random sidescrolling fighter.

It's a shame it came from iOS to PC, as it results in worse graphics and some design choices that seem weird on tabletop, but nothing major, all works perfectly well with K+M.

Overall, I do recommend it, because it is good at what it is trying to do and the price is nice for the amount of fun you might get out of this.
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3.8 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 1 лютого 2014 р.
Great fun!
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0.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 12 лютого 2014 р.
First impressions:

Echo Prime, originally a mobile game, now ported to PC and available on Steam. Surprisingly, the game does quite well on PC, although it could be just a bit better.

For a mobile port, Echo Prime does a certainly good job. The only issue I have with this port is that the game still plays like a mobile game, you touch, or in this case, click, to fire your weapon or move. The game would have been immensely better had WASD movement been implemented, while still maintaining the click-to-shoot mechanic. As it stands, you’re unable to fire when walking/running, which is fairly annoying considering WASD movement could have been implemented without any impact towards balance.

The game is split into multitudes of “worlds” and levels. Each level does not take long to complete, but there’s quite a bit of them. I’d estimate maybe four hours to beat the game? That’s plenty of content for a game like this.

Oh, and there’s an arena mode, which I spent a lot of my time in. The arena is my favorite place to be while playing Echo Prime. Infinite enemies coming at you in waves, all in good fun. That, combined with the game’s customization options, really make the game shine. There’s plenty of upgrades and weapons available for unlock and purchase as you go through the game, leveling up.

I can’t say I recommend the game at its full price of $10, but if you’re able to pick it up during a sale, then go for it.
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7.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 22 березня 2014 р.
A small,compact fun game. The game is enjoyable in short burst,which is ideal for certain gamers. I'm happy with it because I got it on sale and with Orcs Must Die 2 as a bonus. For the amount of money I spent,I really couldn't complain.

Combat is done point and click style.The main character fights with both melee and gun,and uses "Echo"'s for certain "magical" type attacks.There are diffirent weapons and armor,as well as "Echo" 's to collect...not a huge plethora of items,but enough for a small game. Items also level up with each kill,so the more you use an item the better it gets. There are no character classes,other races etc typical with rpgs,so in that sense it falls behind.

For me,the game's appeal is the action-rpg style mixed with fast paced shooter mechanics.I like the fast combat,smaller maps and collecting loot.I also like how I can play 10-20 minutes,have fun, and feel satisfied.

This is not a game that requires an investment of time/money to be enjoyable,nor is it a AAA game or an epic story driven saga. It is not a graphically beautiful game either,by today's standards. But it is made by competent developers and sold at a fair price.
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17.2 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 7 лютого 2014 р.
game is kinda a grind and the character u play as seems OP game will keep u busy max lvl is 40 as u lvl up u buy new gear
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2 з 3 людей (67%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
0.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 31 січня 2014 р.
Tried to echo, failed to do so, was prime instead :(
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23.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 19 лютого 2014 р.
If you like mindlessly clicking things - this is the game for you!

Basically all you do is click stuff with your mouse. The levels are extremely repetitive - they all pretty much look and feel the same. Other then clicking stuff, you can dodge and block, but it's rarely needed if you choose a heal "echo" like I did. The echo's are a bit interesting, but the game itself is not. I'm very bored after an hour and I find the game's mechanics a bit annoying: you can't just hold down your fire button (and the shift key to stand still), you need to constantly release the mouse button, re-target, hold the mouse button again. It's hard to explain until you try it, but the bottom line is that it's just not very fun.

I can see this being decent for a tablet game, but it doesn't have enough substance for PC. Frankly I only bought this game to support Robot Entertainment because OMD2 is such an amazing game. Honestly I think they should get back to what they are really good at - Orcs.

Robot Entertainment: please release more DLCs for OMD2 and get to work on OMD3 (including a level editor) - that's the only reason I paid $10 for Echo Prime and the only reason I recommend others buy it too.

Your #1 OMD Fan
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0.3 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 16 листопада 2014 р.
The gameplay is very repetitive, aim, click, destroy, repeat. It's actually not a half bad game graphics wise, it just gets rather boring after awhile of doing the same thing. Plus the game seems to be easy, I like a challenge.
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0.6 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 29 січня 2014 р.
Some interesting mechanics here that might be served in a more ambitious game, but you essentially fight wave after wave of identical enemies in identical straight line hallways with no strategy and no goals besides making it to the end of the hallway in order to move on to the next hallway. It's modestly entertaining for about 20 minutes
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