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Frayez-vous un chemin parmi les étoiles dans ce jeu d'action épique. Par les créateurs de « Hero Academy », Jeu Mobile AIAS de l'Année 2011 et de « Orcs Must Die! », Jeu AIAS de Stratégie de l'Année 2012 !
Date de parution: 28 jan 2014
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À propos du jeu

Frayez-vous un chemin parmi les étoiles dans ce jeu d'action épique. Par les créateurs de « Hero Academy », Jeu Mobile AIAS de l'Année 2011 et de « Orcs Must Die! », Jeu AIAS de Stratégie de l'Année 2012 !

Combattez des hordes de créatures extraterrestres dangereuses, des pirates de l'espace et des mercenaires impitoyables dotés d'armes impressionnantes pendant vos voyages stellaires qui vous révéleront les secrets du multivers.

Entrez en contact avec les Échos, des êtres mystérieux provenant d'univers parallèles qui vous conféreront leurs capacités et vous assisteront dans votre quête pour sauver l'Humanité d'une menace extraterrestre. Obtenez une myriade d'armes et d'armures puissantes, observez vos capacités croître jusqu'à des niveaux sans précédents et préparez-vous à affronter les adversaires les plus terrifiants de la galaxie !

Comprend la bande originale de Echo Prime !

Caractéristiques principales

• Version PC remastérisée – De nouvelles cartes, de nouveaux ennemis, une économie équilibrée, des améliorations graphiques et de nouvelles commandes pour PC.
• Nouveau Mode Hardcore – Mettez à l'épreuve vos talents. Jusqu'où pourrez-vous aller sans mourir ?
• Un arsenal renouvelé – Plus de 100 pièces d'équipement avec une multitude d'effets dévastateurs, allants du feu au plasma. Pièces toutes déblocables sans frais supplémentaires.
• Échos du Multivers – Découvrez et débloquez une pléthore d'Échos, la forme de vie extraterrestre venant d'univers alternatif. Les Échos vous confèrent des pouvoirs et des capacités qui vous aideront durant vos missions.
• Partagez vos Échos – Chaque joueur peut utiliser les Échos de ses amis pour les aider à passer au niveau supérieur !
• Génération de campagnes aléatoires – L'expérience de jeu de chaque joueur est unique !
• Bande originale complète incluse – Les 14 pistes de la bande originale d'Echo Prime sont incluses à l'achat du jeu !

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 1200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Some integrated Intel HD graphics cards have been known to work but are not officially supported.
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I purchased this without realizing it was an iOS/Android game. For a portable game Echo prime isn't half bad. I can see how the gameplay would lend itself well to that platform. However, the features that make it ideal for a cell phone don't translate well to a home enviroment. The game is clearly intended to be played in 10 to 15 minute spurts and that shows in the level design and make-up. Levels are blazingly short and incredibly repetative, most likely to compensate for the presumed limited space of a phone or tablet. Also, the designers left in many of the touch related instructions. During the initial traning mission the player is encouraged to "tap a place on the ground to move there" or to "Swipe to dodge!"

Echo Prime's gameplay tries to find a home somewhere between a clickfest like Diablo and classic arcade Beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage but it misses the key notes that make those two genres enjoyable. You gain money from grinding missions which you use to buy weapons and armor which you then grind kills on to get "Echoes" which are essentially spells that can level. It's a fairly steep and obvious treadmill. Though, the only incentive I can see for continuing to upgrade your gear is the chance to unlock new Echoes. You aren't encouraged to upgrade your gear because the enemies are hard, in fact quite the opposite. I was able to play to level 8, about an hour in to the game, without purchasing new items. The AI is too predictible or, in some cases down right dumb, to pose any type of a threat to a competent player.

Lastly, the story: more spefically the almost complete absense of one. You're a guy on a ship flying around space and beating up aliens, pirates and robots whose character models don't really differ that much.

All in all, I can understand how this would be an enjoyable game on a mobile platform but at the end of the day there is enough substance or depth here for the game to have lasting appeal.
Posté le : 29 janvier 2014
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Fun game that still shows its mobile roots so it's best enjoyed in short bursts. Levels are small, short, and often composed of smaller sub sections separated by loading screens. Of course the main feature is the presence of Echoes, which are various boosters or abilities, both active and passive. They're really varied and you can borrow for each mission one of three echoes offered from other players (nifty!). There are a variety of missions but they mostly revolve around defeating enemies in a linear manner, defending an item, or surviving waves.
Posté le : 28 janvier 2014
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Game needs to be fixed. Controller does not funtion correctly. Also, I get stuck everytime after beating a level, so I have to exit game and open it back up to play the next level. I really enjoy the classic feel that it offers for the first couple of levels I played, but I just can't give it a good review right now--It's unplayable as is. If they fix it, I will probably, then, give it a thumbs up.


It seems they have fixed some of the issues. It works!

Ok, good linear side-scrolling classic type of game. Love upgrading echoes and gear, abilities are cool and fun to master, and there is a whole lot of monsters and robots to see and demolish. However, game does have a few drawbacks. Some controller functionality issues are still present but not bad. No, not all pc games need to have controller support, but its nice to have options. For this review, I used and took into account the functionality of both types of controls--keyboard and controller. Even when using a keyboard, I can go to wierd empty pages when selecting some of the menu links--but you can just back out of it by clicking back or pressing b on controller. With that said, functionality for both controls are fine now, and you should have no problem getting through game using either.

Game can seem a little difficult at start. Its not really hard to get from level to level to start, its just knowing what echoes are and following the story line that may be a problem at the start for some.

Anyway, I give the game 6.5 now and 6.75 if small glitches and controller stuff is fixed.
Posté le : 28 janvier 2014
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Ok. Let's be honest. This game is boring. And the only thing that bring me to buy this game is developer name. Robot... guys that create Orcs must die! (Awsome game btw). Well I played this game couple of hours hoping that something changed, but... few new enemies, same twin brothers-levels and mechanics like "Devil may cry" for very young childrens. One button i mean. Without combo or smt else.
Posté le : 29 janvier 2014
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First Impression
A Nice game! I feel like a little kid playing a Gameeboy game, that old pew pew game with those futuristic sounds! It's just, PLEASE it needs to be ported better onto PC.

This game is clerly an iOS/Android game, as a lot of people say, but if developers change it enought, so you can move with WASD, the skill work well with the 123456 and they also should put some special DLC for PC. I just ask one thing, IMPROVE the gameplay for PC, with that i mean:

1: More items (Come on dudes!)
2: More diferent enemies.
3: Controller?
4: PvP.

If you're taking reviwes seriously, do what people say this game needs, because if you develop this game well, it'll go fly fr and high.
Posté le : 30 janvier 2014
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