Trace seu caminho pela galáxia neste épico jogo de ação dos criadores do Jogo do Ano de Estratégia da AIAS de 2011 o "Orcs Must Die!" e do Jogo do Ano para Dispositivos Móveis da AIAS de 2012 "Hero Academy.
Data de lançamento: 28 Jan 2014
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Trace seu caminho pela galáxia neste épico jogo de ação dos criadores do Jogo do Ano de Estratégia da AIAS de 2011 o "Orcs Must Die!" e do Jogo do Ano para Dispositivos Móveis da AIAS de 2012 "Hero Academy."

Lute contra hordas de perigosas criaturas alienígenas, piratas espaciais e mercenários assassinos com canhões e espadas, enquanto você viaja de constelação em constelação, descobrindo os segredos do multiverso.

Faça contato com os Ecos, seres misteriosos de universos alternativos que irão lhe emprestar suas habilidades e ajudá-lo em sua busca para salvar a humanidade de uma ameaça alienígena. Adquira uma infinidade de poderosas armas e armaduras, veja suas habilidades crescerem para níveis incomparáveis e prepare-se para enfrentar os adversários mais temidos da galáxia!

Inclui a trilha sonora de “Eco Prime”!

Principais Características

• Renovado para PC – Novos mapas, novos inimigos, economia repaginada, melhorias visuais e novos controles de PC.
• Novo modo Difícil – Teste suas habilidades de verdade. Até onde você consegue chegar sem morrer?
• Melhore seu arsenal – Mais de 100 equipamentos com uma mistura diversificada de efeitos mortais, de fogo a veneno: tudo pode ser desbloqueado sem custo adicional.
• Ecos do multiverso – Descubra e desbloqueie dezenas de “Ecos”, formas de vida alienígenas de um universo alternativo. Os Ecos dão força e habilidades para ajudá-lo em suas missões.
• Compartilhe Ecos – Use os Ecos dos seus amigos em combate para ajudá-los a subir de nível, e mais o nível dos seus Ecos aumenta quando os seus amigos os usam!
• Campanha aleatória – Cada jogador tem uma experiência diferente!
• Inclui a trilha sonora completa – Todas as 14 faixas da trilha sonora de Eco Prime estão incluídas na compra do jogo!

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 1200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Some integrated Intel HD graphics cards have been known to work but are not officially supported.
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Pleasantly Surprised!

The guys at Robot Entertainment have released another great title. However, it's another IOS title, that has been given a port to PC. Am looking forward to them doing another full PC game, most likely that'll be Orcs Must Die 3, but after having played Hero Academy, I was alright with trying out another IOS title from them.

Surprisingly it is better then expected. I went into this purchase with very low expectations, because I hadn't heard anything about it, you couldn't google much about it, and their certainly was little to no youtube reviews about it, so I really went into this game puchase blind, which after the CONSORTIUM fiasco (Don't Buy CONSORTIUM) really made me hesitant about buying another game so soon with such little information out there about it.

This game is a Hack & Slash, Side Scrolling, at times having a brawler feel, with RPG Leveling and Equipment "stats" elements. It has a lot of depth, for being IOS, and it's a great port to PC, so much so, that if you didn't know it was IOS, you might not suspect it being an IOS game initially. Although after about an hour of play through, it gets to a hint where it asks you to touch the screen, that's kind of a dead giveaway :D:

The game is definately best played in short bursts. It was meant to be a time killer on the go, and you may want to just play it when taking short breaks from other games, or while killing time waiting for other friends to log in.

It also has a friend network, where you can borrow a unit from your friend for a mission. Your friend will recieve the mission rewards at the end. Which I feel is a neat feature, but it also gives you a little bit of that "Facebook" vibe.

Right now it is 20 percent off, and you get a free copy of Orcs Must Die 2 with that purchase, so if you already own that title, then it's a great game to gift a friend. However if you don't own Orcs Must Die 2, but have thought about buying it, then now is the time, because buying this game is like getting Orcs Must Die 2 half off, and getting Echo Prime for free! No time to buy it like the present!

4/5 Stars on PC 5/5 Stars if you buy it to play on your Tablet
Publicada: 5 fevereiro 2014
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Truly an unimpressive game. Echo Prime was made for mobile phones and it shows. Its basic and shallow gameplay is fun for sessions of 10 minutes, after that it becomes extremely repetitive with its bland shooting and melee mechanics and awkward controls. The only decent part of the game is the fact that you can buy better gear, but what good is that if you don't even want to play it in the first place ? Skip !

[Rating: 62/100]
Publicada: 6 fevereiro 2014
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game is kinda a grind and the character u play as seems OP game will keep u busy max lvl is 40 as u lvl up u buy new gear
Publicada: 7 fevereiro 2014
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If you like mindlessly clicking things - this is the game for you!

Basically all you do is click stuff with your mouse. The levels are extremely repetitive - they all pretty much look and feel the same. Other then clicking stuff, you can dodge and block, but it's rarely needed if you choose a heal "echo" like I did. The echo's are a bit interesting, but the game itself is not. I'm very bored after an hour and I find the game's mechanics a bit annoying: you can't just hold down your fire button (and the shift key to stand still), you need to constantly release the mouse button, re-target, hold the mouse button again. It's hard to explain until you try it, but the bottom line is that it's just not very fun.

I can see this being decent for a tablet game, but it doesn't have enough substance for PC. Frankly I only bought this game to support Robot Entertainment because OMD2 is such an amazing game. Honestly I think they should get back to what they are really good at - Orcs.

Robot Entertainment: please release more DLCs for OMD2 and get to work on OMD3 (including a level editor) - that's the only reason I paid $10 for Echo Prime and the only reason I recommend others buy it too.

Your #1 OMD Fan
Publicada: 19 fevereiro 2014
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I found this game a blend of fun and frustrating. It isn't a deep game, every level boils down to either 'shoot things' or 'don't get shot', but that has a certain mindless appeal. The levels are short, and it's easy to digest quick matches when you only have 5 or 10 minutes to sit, which is nice.

The game has a few bugs, none of them game-ending. The most annoying one I found was clicking on the bottom right of the screen (where your active powers are) sometimes minimizes the game for no discernable reason. The game itself doesn't pause when this happens, so sometimes by the time I had brought the game back up I would be dead.

There is a story that you follow, which is minimal but adequate. Gear progression is reasonable, although I found myself shoe-horned into a certain type of gun because of a certain mission type that only rewards that type of gun.

Overall the game is a simple distraction, and if you need something mindless to fill the time it's probably worth it. That being said, you aren't missing anything special if you don't pick it up.
Publicada: 23 fevereiro 2014
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I purchased this without realizing it was an iOS/Android game. For a portable game Echo prime isn't half bad. I can see how the gameplay would lend itself well to that platform. However, the features that make it ideal for a cell phone don't translate well to a home enviroment. The game is clearly intended to be played in 10 to 15 minute spurts and that shows in the level design and make-up. Levels are blazingly short and incredibly repetative, most likely to compensate for the presumed limited space of a phone or tablet. Also, the designers left in many of the touch related instructions. During the initial traning mission the player is encouraged to "tap a place on the ground to move there" or to "Swipe to dodge!"

Echo Prime's gameplay tries to find a home somewhere between a clickfest like Diablo and classic arcade Beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage but it misses the key notes that make those two genres enjoyable. You gain money from grinding missions which you use to buy weapons and armor which you then grind kills on to get "Echoes" which are essentially spells that can level. It's a fairly steep and obvious treadmill. Though, the only incentive I can see for continuing to upgrade your gear is the chance to unlock new Echoes. You aren't encouraged to upgrade your gear because the enemies are hard, in fact quite the opposite. I was able to play to level 8, about an hour in to the game, without purchasing new items. The AI is too predictible or, in some cases down right dumb, to pose any type of a threat to a competent player.

Lastly, the story: more spefically the almost complete absense of one. You're a guy on a ship flying around space and beating up aliens, pirates and robots whose character models don't really differ that much.

All in all, I can understand how this would be an enjoyable game on a mobile platform but at the end of the day there is enough substance or depth here for the game to have lasting appeal.
Publicada: 29 janeiro 2014
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