Your ultimate music creation arsenal now includes a digital studio, an armory of 6000 loops, and every instrument imaginable. Music Maker 2014 Premium comes with double the loops and sounds plus all the features of the classic version and more advanced instruments, effects, and mix functions. Play an entire band - no experience necessary.
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Release Date: Jan 8, 2014
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September 18

Receive a 40% discount when you purchase Music Maker 2015 Premium.

Owners of MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium receive a 40% discount when you purchase Music Maker 2015 Premium. Offer expires September 26th 2014.

NEW! Now available on Steam: MAGIX Music Maker 2015 Premium
Use all instruments and sounds from MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium in the new version - and take advantage of all the features from the latest generation:

More information:

6000 New sounds from various genres:
Hip hop including elements of Trap, Drum & Bass, Metal, Reggae, Techno, Rock Pop, Chillout, Funk and Movie Score
(All loops can be freely combined with the sounds from the 2014 version)
New virtual instruments:
• Urban Drums: Virtual drum machine for Hip Hop & Dubstep beats
• Analog Synths: Legendary hardware sound based on decades of music history
• Exclusive Premium instruments: Celtic Harp & World Flutes
• Vita Sampler: Add your own audio files and fire them up with the Sampler

Numerous handling improvements:
• Improved onscreen keyboard with arpeggio function
• Import songs from the free app Music Maker Jam and perfect them with the software
• Vocal Tune 2 allows you to quickly and precisely correct off pitches in vocal recordings
• Pitch Wizard: The software automatically adjusts all underlying objects when making pitch modifications
• Pitch Presets: Select preset and the song will take on the selected structure with intro, verse, chorus & harmony

In order to use the sounds & instruments from Music Maker 2014 Premium, this version must remain installed on your PC.

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September 4

MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium Updated

Important changes:
  • Updated Vita Solo Instruments

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About This Software

Your ultimate music creation arsenal now includes a digital studio, an armory of 6000 loops, and every instrument imaginable. Music Maker 2014 Premium comes with double the loops and sounds plus all the features of the classic version and more advanced instruments, effects, and mix functions. Play an entire band - no experience necessary. Let yourself get carried away into the world of Hip Hop, Electro, Ambient, Rock, Dubstep, or create your own. Every sound has a story and you decide how the story is told. Push it to the limit with a studio quality integrated mixer, huge range of effects, and auto mastering.

Premium Features

  • More than 6000 Sounds & Loops
  • 10 different Soundpools
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Vocal Tune
  • Power Guitar
  • Electric Piano
  • DN-e1 Synthesizer
  • Drum Engine
  • Vita 2 Sample Player
  • BeatBox 2
  • Loop Designer
  • Vandal SE guitar amplifier
  • Share tracks online
  • VST support

Additional Premium Functionality
  • Pop Brass
  • Vintage Organ
  • Jazz Drums
  • Mastering Suite 4, incl. Auto Mastering
  • Analog Compressor
  • Revolta 2 Synthesizer
  • 5.1 Surround Mixing
  • Live Performer
  • Music Editor 3

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Onboard Graphics 1024x768
    • Hard Drive: 9 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Internal Sound Card
Helpful customer reviews
282.8 hrs on record
Not bad at all

check out some of my beats here :p
Posted: October 16
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15 of 17 people (88%) found this review helpful
9.8 hrs on record
Very easy to use. Just watch the introduction video on first start and it will get you going. I made my own song within about 4 hours of messing with it - much of the time spent purusing the sound loops for what I wanted in my song and putting it together. I surprised even myself and was able to make my own cool techno song that I like listening to.

I consider myself a beginner and never used software like this before. I plan to view the other videos out there on the web to learn more about its features and making music. This software has so much in it I doubt I would use all the features. This really got me interested in making music as its simple on the surface.

No issues with install. Only issue was I accidentally hit a wrong key and somehow hid my menu. Remember to hit F4 to reset the window back to default. lol.

I love this! Definitely recommend for someone wanting to get into making their own music.

Posted: June 18
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
35.5 hrs on record
This is the first music making software that actually has Metal Loops in them. Im bored of having the same Pop, RnB, Classical crap and I love the fact its there! I would say its not worth £89.99 though. Guys, unless it drops in price don't get it. Cheeper and better software is available but all the same, this is decent
Posted: August 13
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
11.3 hrs on record
Fantasic software for beginners, I purchased this so my kids could bust out my old MIDI keyboard and after a few tweaks it works perfectly. My kids LOVE messing around on it and creating music.
Posted: July 17
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Music Geeks unite! This is the software for us!
Posted: August 19
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
13.5 hrs on record
Too easy. Intuitive operation and excellent instruments (although many need to be downloaded seperately to the main install).
Posted: June 21
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
29.5 hrs on record
Couldn't ask for a better program (y)
Posted: August 31
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4 of 13 people (31%) found this review helpful
12.4 hrs on record
This Program would be fun and easy to use... if it would not crash/freeze all couple minutes.

I really loved it the first couple minutes because the Layout is clear and even tho I didnt spend that much time with making music yet i got used to it in ~60mins.

BUT even with my beast of a computer which ram/cpu usage hardly exceeds 30% with this software it will crash/freeze all day.

The software seems to be just unstable since the crashes and freezes happen often no matter if you have tons of sounds/effects or just one single loop without any effects on it running.

I'm not saying this is generally a bad piece of Software but if you want to buy it make sure to save after every little change you did to your current project.
Posted: June 19
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5 of 16 people (31%) found this review helpful
22.5 hrs on record
I've used magix music maker since the first version.
This is the last time I'm buying a product from this company.
Unable to import mp4 videos and other stuff. The included Documentation and tutorials are a joke. They didn't improve a F***ing thing and in ways made things worse.
Just added a bunch of features that will almost do what you want but will fail.
The interface and midi recording are complete trash. Doesn't record audiobox midi (only one of the most popular) and only the line inputs which is completely useless if your instruments are going through audiobox midi.
F*** you guys for turning this program into $hit!!
Posted: July 15
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1.7 hrs on record
I have used programs like this before and this one simply has them all beat. The range of instraments and sounds available and the ease of putting your own voices in to the songs makes it a great tool. You can create or even alter the samples given to you to make your OWN music instead of just slapping a bunch of beats together. While this is more complicated and will require some learning. If you are into it, this will not be a problem.

If you are not as skilled or have the time, there are hundreds of beats you can put together and still be able to create your own works of art. I feel this was worth my time and money!
Posted: August 25
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78.4 hrs on record
Where do I start... Long story short, I got this on sale, and I want my money back.

If you are not a serious musician and just want to have fun mixing loops and make tracks, or have made your own loops in other software and want a different place to arrange your music or add 5.1 surround sound, you will probably enjoy this. While I don't recomend this program, it does have some cool features, and if you aren't expecting an under priced Ableton live, you might be happy with this.

If you are a serious musician and want to make your own music and loops and tracks, this is not for you. I have been a musician for over 20 years, done studies in theory and have played in a variety of settings. There are so many other programs that are way more expensive, yes, and I have learned there is a reason why. I truly wanted to enjoy this software and will admit it is great for mixing up the loops that come included, but if you want to make your own customized and intricatly composed loops, get something else. I have found so many features simply don't work with each other, the beatbox doesn't play the pattern I made and makes up it's own or misses beats, effects I set wont apply to the track and also I cant find 6000 loops. I read in the discussions it might be that each pitch a loop can be played in counts as a new loop which is over 6000, but if that is the case than that is just bs advertising. FX don't work with MIDI composed tracks, FX automation only works with their loop I have no commercial right to use. The program always tries to restart evry time i close it through both flie>exit and the [X] button and I have to cancel restart 2-3 times. I have registered my product and sent several messages to support detailing all my issues and have no resopnse yet and it has been a week. If they respond and are able to help me fix these issues I will update in this review.


Unable to help me with any of the issues I am having, I now have the 2015 version. I tried it out and while a few issues where resolved in the latest version, many issues do remain. The new features though make up for it I suppose, and I have found some work arounds for the issues I had with 2014.

Update: 2015 is a horrible mess. Magix is aweful and their support is unhelpful. I won't recomend their products even for free.
Posted: August 28
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121 of 136 people (89%) found this review helpful
15.4 hrs on record
Okay, how do I put this...
Let's do it with an example:
This one is what I made using nothing but only 1 set of material provided in the program, in 40 minutes.
I think this speaks for itself. Hope it helps.
Posted: March 13
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80 of 101 people (79%) found this review helpful
17.4 hrs on record
On my previous review I stated that there was a problem with the installer with steam.

Upon booting up today my 1.34GB Install had been patched to a 5.78GB install.
My hopes went skyhigh when I booted to to test the program and low and behold it all works flawlessly.

My conculsion is that either MAGIX gave steam a botched installer (it happens.) Or Steam had the VTS and poolpack's installing seperately.
Either way it has been resloved in less than 24 hours.

I would also like to say that in my previous review, one of the MAGIX dev's actually commented and attempted to assist me. While the problem is with the way the MAGIX site does its support. I would like to make a shout out and say cudos to the dev for actually responding.

Now for a review of the program itself.

Being a long time Fuity Loops user. I must say MAGIX has a new convert. The interface is smooth and easy to use. The Syth gernerators are amazing in how close they can emulate a real instrument.
The Store Page says it has 6000 loops, what it doesn't say is that each loop has 6 differing versions of itself. Either just by pitch or in some cases almost completely different. This puts the loop count over the 20,000 mark.

The program itself is very VERY memory efficient. I am unsure if it is X86 or X64 bit. But even creating larger bits of music there is almost null client lag. (That is assuming you have a decent CPU and alot of RAM).

The interface is easy to use, and just about every tool has rollover help. So even someone new to the program (like myself), can find thier way around it very easily.
The program also supports recording, and importing. If you have a loop or a sound bite you like. Importing it is as easy as drag and drop.
You can actually do pretty much everything without having to go menu diving.

Having used other Audio programs I would say MAGIX is the best. And with the speed of responce and the speed of the fix. I am happy to support future products from this company.
And I would HIGHLY recommend this program.

I would say. This is the PREMIUM version. If you are new to making music, or just want to dabble. I would say get the standard edition to tinker with.
Posted: January 9
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37 of 46 people (80%) found this review helpful
796.0 hrs on record
Pretense - I'm an amateur and only make tracks for enjoyment. I'm not reviewing this from the prespective of a professional.

After a day with this software, do I think it's worth it? Yes. The layout is intuitive and responsive. There are a ton of samples and tools, most of which I haven't even touched yet. There are a lot of effects and it's fun to toy around with them until everything sounds just right.

The samples are sorted in to different genres, which makes finding the type of sound you want a bit easier. There are features that are good for beginners (for example, asking you if you'd like to sync your samples to the proper pitch/bpm as you put the track in to the project).

This probably isn't the best software for professional music production, but I'd recommend it if you want to make some music without struggling with 3 different pieces of complex (and usually expensive) professional software.
Posted: January 11
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63 of 100 people (63%) found this review helpful
216.8 hrs on record

BEWARE of this, for me it just freezes while initializing soundpools. And Steam takes no responsibility what so ever. And steam does not give you a refund or anything of the likes.

Don't buy this yet, download the demo first to see if it works.
And I also noticed while roaming the forums that you can not use any of the soundpools which you get from Magix to make your "own" songs. As long as you are using loops provided by Magix you have to pay extra to be able to publish anything.

The reason for the neagtive response, is not because of the software, because this is a great software . But I do not recommend buying this software at Steam, instead you should buy it from the Magix homepage. Because I had an issue with the software and was not able to get any help.

After I wrote this review I got alot of help from the Magix support team, and they helped me get the software to work. So thumbs up on the support :).
Posted: January 19
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13 of 17 people (76%) found this review helpful
104.8 hrs on record
Brilliant piece of software for musicians of all levels. Pre-made sample loops for beginners just looking to stick a tune together, more advanced midi instruments for composers, easy audio input for performers and instrument editors for fine-tuning synths and filter effects. The price tag seems big, but it's well worth it for the sheer quality of the midi instruments that are available. Power guitars that sound just like guitars, truly magnificent synths... the only drawback is the lack of classical instruments (for instance, there's no tuba or even a harp, at least that I can find).

So if you don't have the equipment for recording your own instruments or you're a composer with low-quality software, or even if you're just looking for an introduction into composing, this software is easily understandable and musically beautiful and definately worth getting.
Posted: January 17
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
778.8 hrs on record
Great program to create your "own" music using loops provided by Magix.
But if you want to make money off of it, don't use the loops and just use the VSTi's instead. Else you have to buy a 1 time €39,99,- license.

This simple DAW is great for beginners but it cannot run VSTi's from Native Instruments or similar. It instantly freezes the program for an infinite time. Buy VSTi's from the Magix website instead.
Posted: January 13
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13 of 32 people (41%) found this review helpful
21.6 hrs on record
Can't believe i wased 100$ on this what a dissapointment boring dull loops played around with the midi functions no bass power at all and im using THX speakers with sub, im a rave dj and the only almost accurate demo for the rave genres they had would be dubstep even then its pusing it tried making some hardstyle but again the bass is way too weak sorry not my thing but if your looking to familiarize yourself in the studio this is definitely for you.
Posted: January 25
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2 of 12 people (17%) found this review helpful
21.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 25
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