It’s your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world’s most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR ’14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience complete with practice, qualifying, and race day challenges.
Data de lançamento: 18/fev/2014
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Chase pack DLC!

16 de setembro

Immerse yourself further into the world of NASCAR ’14 and add the fantastic Chase Pack DLC! This pack features special Chase liveries for all 16 initial contenders:

#2 Brad Keselowski
#4 Kevin Harvick
#11 Denny Hamlin
#15 Clint Bowyer
#16 Greg Biffle
#18 Kyle Busch
#20 Matt Kenseth
#22 Joey Logano
#24 Jeff Gordon
#31 Ryan Newman
#41 Kurt Busch
#47 AJ Allmendinger
#48 Jimmie Johnson
#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr
#99 Carl Edwards
#43 Aric Almirola

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Sobre o jogo

It’s your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world’s most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR ’14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience complete with practice, qualifying, and race day challenges. With your favorite personalities and live replay, NASCAR ’14 is the authentic NASCAR experience for fans.

NASCAR ’14 has everything you love about the racing experience:

• NASCAR Highlights: Take advantage of “NASCAR Highlights” to determine the outcome of the biggest race thrills from the season. Eutechnyx recreates the action where the condition of the cars is exact, weather the same, track positions identical – the only difference is you!

• Career Mode: Work your way through the ranks in a comprehensive career mode; complete with custom car builds, sponsor acquisition, and R&D to get your team into victory lane.

• Official Teams & Tracks: Race against the official NASCAR teams & drivers on your favorite tracks from the high banks of Daytona, to the twists & turns of Sonoma, and exhilarating speed of Talladega.

• Leagues: Take competition to the next level and host online leagues with your friends, fully supported by dynamic statistics, challenges, rankings and replay.

• Online Multiplayer: Take advantage of dynamic skill-based matchmaking, tournaments, and easy drop in/out server browser functionality for a fair and enjoyable experience.

Requisitos de sistema

    • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (2*3000 MHz)
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT
    • Processor: Intel Core I5-760 (4*2800 MHz)
    • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 260
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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12 de 14 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
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Infelizmente o jogo não é o que eu esperava, comprei apenas por ser fã da Nascar. Se vc está pensando em adiquiri-lo já fiquem sabendo que terão que comprar o G27, deve ser bem mais legal jogar com o volante (que não é o meu caso) jogo no teclado e pode crer, é horrivel !!! Uma curva que poderia ser feita tranquilamente mantendo o traçado da pista usando o volante, no teclado é frustração total, vc simplesmente não consegue se manter em uma posição, imagine o carro a mais de 320 km/h na pista e na curva, cada tentativa de virar o carro na direção certa são alguns mile/segundos que vc perde pois o carro reage bruscamente jogando com o teclado, e mile/segundos perdidos numa corrida vcs sabem como é. Resumindo só com o G27 mesmo. Fora isso, outra deveriam ter caprichado nos danos visuais do carro, bati de frente a um muro a 330 km/h e o que aconteceu foi alguns amassadinhos aqui e aculá, fala sério !!!!! Eu sei que o jogo é voltado pra simulação e não é um Next Car Game da vida mas peraí né !!? Instrumentos do painel não são funcionais, o unico ponteiro no painel que se move é o RPM o resto estão só de enfeite, coisa que não acontecia no Nascar Racing 2003 Season, onde todos os instrumentos do painel eram perfeitamente usual, (temperatura, pressão de óleo, temperatura do óleo, nível de combustível, etc) Como já falei, só comprei mesmo por ser fã, mas façam como eu vou fazer, comprem o volante e voltem para o Nascar Racing 2003 Season, o melhor simulador da Nascar que eu já vi e joguei na vida..
Publicada: 27 de junho
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This game has so many bugs. The developers don't seem to care about their customers. The game came out in Febuary and here we are in the middle of June and there is still no patch. Even though this game is part of the steam summer sale DO NOT BUY IT!!
Publicada: 21 de junho
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17 de 23 pessoas (74%) acharam esta análise útil
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Game sucks HARD... bought it because i had 15 bucks to burn.. would have rather actually lit the money on fire for more enjoyment. the 60FPS lock is a joke, windows are not in cars, horrible tearing even with vsync on... none of the realism issues were ever even looked at by the dinks who made the game... sorry. Stick with NR2k3- at least you know that the cars handle close, and the AI knows how to race...
Publicada: 22 de junho
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NASCAR '14 is a game that is kind of a hot mess as of right now. There are loads of things wrong with it but there is still stuff that they got right, but as of right now I'd recommend waiting for a Steam sale to pick it up and/if it is patched up.

First, here are some of the things it does wrong:
*Feels like a carbon copy of NASCAR the Game 2013, so if you own that then there really is no big upgrade here.
*Performance issues with some significant frame rate drops (go from 60 FPS to around 10 FPS mainly because it overworks the CPU, if you have an i7 this probably won't be an issue but I noticed that even changing the display settings to low still creates the drop in FPS.)
*The engine noise sounds pretty bad IMO.
*The AI lacks any sort of knowledge whatsoever and drive like they are drunk sometimes.
*The soundtrack is horrible.
*Extremely buggy, ranging from pit stops not doing what you ask (i.e. asking for two right tires and instead gives you four tires), camera turning to the left for a split second randomly, and even places on the track (apron entering turn 1 at Talladega) that cause you to flip your car randomly. Also the points system doesn't really work correctly either, I have drivers who have more points then drivers three positions higher then them.

The main thing they got right was that the tracks really feel nice. The atmosphere of the track itself is really supurb, hearing the chatter from the broadcast into the stands down the frontstretch, the giant television screen on the backstretch at Charlotte showing the camera angle from your car on it, the actual scoring towers actually show the correct position everyone is in, etc.

Even with all of these issues I still find it rather fun to play but it really doesn't do NASCAR justice. If you played any of the previous two/three (since 2013 = Inside Line for PC) then you can skip over this one. I picked it up to basically see how Eutechnyx NASCAR game was since I haven't purchased a NASCAR game since NASCAR '09, and I probably won't again until either Eutechnyx actually makes it right or a new developer works on it from now on.
Publicada: 30 de março
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Well, this developer got me again. Shame on me. It has the EXACT crash to desktop on pit entrance the last NASCAR game did with zero support. I am the idiot for buying the game again, but me and my friends will never buy another game from these people. Trash game, trash support, and trash developer.
Publicada: 20 de junho
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