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"Tiny Brains" è un fantastico rompicapo cooperativo che segue quattro animali da laboratorio dotati di superpoteri nel loro tentativo di sfuggire agli esperimenti di uno scienziato pazzo. In questo gioco multigiocatore gioiosamente caotico, i quattro "Tiny Brains" devono combinare i loro specifici poteri per...
Data di rilascio: 11 Dic 2013
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Free update now available!

27 Marzo 2014

Today a new and totally free update of Tiny Brains is now available. Based on community feedback, we've added lots of new content, and also improved on the existing game.

  • New challenges in the new "Road to Stardom" game mode, including the Infernal Carousel, Battle of Sphereburg, and Matrix Ball
  • New star-based progression and scoring system in "Road to Stardom". Can you reach all the stars and unlock all the levels?
  • Souped-up superpower for the Minsc the hamster -- Now, he can freeze objects with his ice blocks!
  • Updated user interface that allows players to better navigate throughout modes and challenges
With the new price of 9.99$, its a steal! ;)

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Pre-order Now for Access to the Limited Beta!

21 Novembre 2013

As a thanks to the folks who have pre-ordered Tiny Brains, the upcoming co-op indie action puzzler from 505 Games and developer Spearhead Games, we'll be offering an early look with a limited beta. You'll get to play through the first few chapters of Tiny Story - where you must solve puzzles to escape the mad scientist's nefarious tests, and you will also have the chance to test your superpowers with endless Tiny Challenges. Enjoy, and look out for the complete game this December!

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“Tiny Brains is some of the most blindly entertaining co-op action you can find”

“The game is a blast with other players, and the wide variety of challenges should keep you playing for hours”

“Spearhead Games has done a pretty phenomenal job of creating a four-player puzzle experience that works with any combination of participants — or even alone.”

Informazioni sul gioco

"Tiny Brains" è un fantastico rompicapo cooperativo che segue quattro animali da laboratorio dotati di superpoteri nel loro tentativo di sfuggire agli esperimenti di uno scienziato pazzo. In questo gioco multigiocatore gioiosamente caotico, i quattro "Tiny Brains" devono combinare i loro specifici poteri per attraversare un labirinto pieno d'insidie.Tutti i rompicapi di "Tiny Brains" possono essere risolti in diversi modi, a seconda di come il gruppo combina i propri poteri.
Appetibile sia per i fan incalliti che per i giocatori occasionali, "Tiny Brains" presenta classifiche competitive, un ritmo serrato in cui l'interazione è centrale e comandi semplici in modo che i giocatori di qualsiasi livello possano buttarsi direttamente nella mischia.

• Gioco cooperativo: Tiny Brains richiede ai giocatori di collaborare tra loro per superare ostacoli basati sulle leggi della fisica. Con ciascun giocatore che controlla un superpotere diverso - Create, Force, Vortex e Teleport – i Tiny Brains devono lavorare di squadra per avanzare e fuggire dal labirinto letale dello scienziato.

• Gioca a modo tuo: tutti i rompicapi di Tiny Brains possono essere risolti in più modi, a seconda delle combinazioni di poteri del gruppo. La modalità cooperativa dà dinamismo al gioco, che si avanzi in modalità compagna, che si vincano sfide a tempo o che si competa in livelli infiniti.

• Mondo bizzarro: per fuggire dal covo dello scienziato pazzo, i giocatori esplorano un mondo colorato, pieno di ghiaccioli, nastri adesivi, piccole gabbie e macchine di Rube Goldberg. Lo stile grafico è comico e dà vita a un mucchio di personaggi giocanti leggermente mutati, ma in qualche modo assolutamente teneri.

• Per giocatori incalliti o occasionali: Tiny Brains è appetibile per i giocatori più incalliti, grazie alle sue classifiche competitive e a un ritmo di gioco serrato, in cui l'interazione è centrale e che porta i giocatori a combinare i loro poteri nel modo più efficace possibile. Allo stesso tempo, il gioco presenta comandi semplici e una meccanica basata sulle leggi della fisica, il che lo rende adatto a giocatori occasionali e meno esperti.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: P4 3 Ghz or Athlon 3400
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory with Shader Model 3.0 support; ATI Radeon X1600XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7800GS
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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FINITO IN 2 FOTTUTE ORE...Non ne vale la pena per 18 euro
Pubblicata: 6 Gennaio 2014
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Though hampered by the occasional bout of unpredictably frustrating physics, Tiny Brains is unique and creative enough that you forget to care. It's clear that the game was designed with multiplayer at the forefront, as playing solo is possible but significantly less rewarding. Multiplayer can be in the form of couch or online co-op or competitive play, and features gameplay so fun that it's difficult to get too worked up over the potential failures of your teammates.

The game never wants you to take it seriously, and that framework is part of what makes the game work so well. It's charming, packs a killer ear-wormy soundtrack, and offers brain teasing gameplay that will no doubt remind you of Portal. Though the main story campaign is pretty short, the package you get from the multiplayer is more than worth the price tag.
Pubblicata: 8 Dicembre 2013
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Tiny Brains is an excellent co-op puzzle game that I think anyone can enjoy. It's not portal, but it's still an excellent game, what really makes this game shine is when you play it with a bunch of friends- and that's the point. If you're going to solo play this, I think your time is better spent, but as a co-op game its definitely a great experience to test friendships working out puzzles, since each person is handed a single tool in your toolkit.

My only complaint about the game is that I wish there were more puzzles, DLC is likely in the future, but even so when my friends and I did our first playthrough it only took us 90 minutes- there are some challenge modes, which are definitely great to extend it's lifetime, as let me tell you, working together with 3 other people to keep the ball on the endless rotating pillar is pretty exhillarting and full of suspense, and when you do fail you just try to do it better again.

Finally, I will say this, the game is available on the PS4, and if you have one I would reccomend you get this game for the PS4 instead. The game's strength is as a couch co-op/party game. Its easy to play, it's kid friendly (if you're wondering) and the single player mode just honestly doesn't bring the same entertainment playing it with friends is. As of this moment, I think this is the best party game to get for a PS4, definitely something to grab if you were looking for a reason to invite your buddies over to play your PS4 with you.
Pubblicata: 11 Dicembre 2013
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Pretty good puzzle game/chaos simulator
Pubblicata: 7 Aprile 2014
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What an amazing breath of fresh air, this puzzle game is. Amongst all of the similar platformers and shooters and everything in between, this game somehow manages to bring back that hilarity that we so enjoyed on a snow day at a friend's house. It can be played alone, but the game really does shine when you are playing with others. If you can't do local or friends (which is preferred, you won't want to miss those moments), you can still play with others online, and it is simply a blast. The characters are lovable and zany, and the story completely out of left field, as to be expected from indie publishers. The game has a few kinks that need to be ironed out, and the story is quite short, but the challenges and extra modes don't get old when you play with friends - it's an overall very positive experience. 8/10
P.S: Beat the Jules mode to get the best achievement to ever grace our mortal kind!
Pubblicata: 11 Dicembre 2013
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