Turn-based tactical combat set in the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms. Command your custom squad of steam-powered robots and elite warriors in raging battles dominated by magic and mechanika. Battle in online multiplayer and play the epic 21-mission single player campaign!
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04 月 5 日

April UI Patch

April 2017

Hotfix will be coming later this week to fix a couple minor issues.

-Several pieces in the User Interface have been given a streamlined design and re-skin! Turn Timer, Combat Log, Mission Objectives, Enemy Targeting, Escape Menu, Confirmation Dialogs, OOT activations, Toolbox, and the Action Bar are all new and improved. Minimap has been removed.

Balance Changes
-No balance changes for this release.

Fixed Bugs
-Fixed a major bug that prevented Mac builds from loading.
-Turn timer is now disabled in single player games.
-Hotkeys are no longer disabled when tabbing between elements.
-UI now correctly clarifies when an action is disallowed and why.
-Private matches now have updated art and restored functionality.
-Stormcall and Detonate Halfjack Mine no longer cause crashes.

Known Issues
-Lines drawn to targets in range are sometimes not drawn to all valid targets.
-The Free Strike Warning message may appear incorrectly under certain circumstances.
-A warjack's model may not despawn if killed while knocked down.
-Enemy Cinerators in Mission 7 may become stuck if the player runs their army to the mine when the Mission begins.
-Framerate may drop or hang during the AI turn on Single Player and Skirmish Matches with heavy troop numbers or systems with minimum required hardware.
-There are currently no Hotkey or Keybindings settings in the Options Menu.
-Darius cannot deploy in ranked MP, this will be fixed in upcoming hotfix.
-Alexia can sometimes cause a stuck activation when crafting thrall runes.
-Currently overlapping old and new UI when deploying in No Man's Land campaign, this will be fixed in upcoming hotfix.
-If you experience a crash, please email us with the circumstance of the crash, your dxdiag file, and your warmachinegame.log file.
-Please check our Known Issues Mega List in the Bug Reports page on our forums for a full list of Known Issues.
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“Overall, Warmachine: Tactics early access is a blast to play for new initiates or grizzled adepts alike. For those already introduced to the tabletop game, they will find an excellent translation of the miniature combat, but now with living, breathing characters destroying each other as opposed to being put back in their foam. Those that have not yet joined into the geekcraft of wargaming will find an enjoyable, challenging player-on-player experience that is pleasing to the ear and the eye alike.”
4/5 – Nerd Reactor

“Gameplay, overall, in Warmachine Tactics is a blast. It’s not without its minor flaws, but getting to get into the nitty gritty of each unit and doing cool things like combined attacks, casting spells with your warcaster, or slamming your opponent to the ground with a warjack are sheer joy.”
The Dread Gazebo

“"I feel like someone opened the Ark and I wasn't closing my eyes..."”
4.5/5 – Hot Pepper Gaming


In WARMACHINE, the very earth shakes during fierce confrontations where six-ton constructs of iron and steel slam into each other with the devastating force of a locomotive, where lead-spewing cannons chew through armor plating as easily as flesh, and where bold heroes set the battlefield ablaze with a tempest of arcane magic as they forge the fates of their unyielding nations in the fires of destruction.

Take control of an elite battle mage known as a warcaster and his army of unstoppable warjacks and deadly soldiers in this intense and aggressive turn-based tactical combat game set in the award-winning, steam-powered world of the Iron Kingdoms.

WARMACHINE: Tactics is a next-generation turn-based tactical game developed with the Unreal 4 engine. Cutting-edge visuals, an immersive world setting, and squad customization features offer a rich multiplayer experience along with an extensive single-player campaign that will appeal to fans of revered tactical games like X-Com: Enemy Unknown and The Valkyria Chronicles.

Learn more about the WARMACHINE: Tactics and the Iron Kingdoms at: http://warmachinetactics.com


• Four armies representing the four core factions of the Iron Kingdoms. Each army contains three Warcasters, multiple Warjacks, and multiple Warrior units!
• A point-based squad customization system that allows you to decide exactly what units and strategies you take into battle!
• Five multiplayer maps: Forest Ruins, Trenches At the Border, Swamp Bridges, Orgoth Ruins and Snowy Valley. New Multiplayer maps will release regularly, always for free!
• An epic single-player campaign featuring 21 missions and an engaging storyline that will immerse you in the world of the Iron Kingdoms!
• AI Skirmish Mode!

DEMO Features:

• Four armies representing the four core factions of the Iron Kingdoms. Each army contains one warcaster, two Warjacks and multiple Warrior units!
• All available multiplayer maps!
• Three missions of our epic single player campaign!
• AI Skirmish Mode!

Join the fight, now!


Mac OS X
    • 作業系統: Windows Vista 64 bit
    • 處理器: 2 Ghz Quadcore or Better
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Intel HD4000
    • DirectX: 版本:10
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 30 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: Soundblaster Compatible
    • 作業系統: Windows 7 (SP1)/8 64bit
    • 處理器: 2 Ghz Quadcore or Better
    • 記憶體: 8 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: NVidia GTX 670/AMD Radeon or HD 7870 w/2GB VRAM
    • DirectX: 版本:11
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 30 GB 可用空間
    • 作業系統: 10.9.2
    • 處理器: 2 Ghz Quadcore or Better
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Intel HD 5000
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 30 GB 可用空間
    • 音效卡: Internal solution
    • 作業系統: 10.9.2
    • 處理器: 2 Ghz Quadcore or Better
    • 記憶體: 8 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: NVidia GeForce GTX 780M/AMD FirePro D300 w/2GB VRAM
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 30 GB 可用空間


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