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REAL WORLD RACING is a top-down racing game using high-quality aerial imagery that lets you race through the world's greatest cities! Speed through London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and many other cities from a new and realistic perspective in a refreshing take on racing simulations.
Releasedatum: 6 dec 2013
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Real World Racing Version Update 1.27 Released - 5 New Cars, Free!

9 juni 2014

Hello everybody!

The Real World Racing Version Update 1.27 has just been released!

The main feature of this update is the availability of 5 new cars purchasable in the dealership, one for each of the game's car classes.
The theme for the new content is Italian cars from the past, including quite a few all-time favorites.

Below, the full release notes:

  • [Feature] 5 new cars available for purchase in the dealership, one in each class.
  • [Fix] No-collision distance statistic in end race menu now rounds correctly and is consistent with objective requirements.
  • [Fix] Full Fleet achievement now unlocks correctly under certain circumstances.

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Real World Racing Version Update 1.26 Released

27 mei 2014

Version Update 1.26 for Real World Racing has been released, reflecting feedback and suggestion following the RWR:Z DLC release and sale.

Highlights are car and track randomization button and rear camera.
The full details below:

  • [Feature] Added the option to randomize car or track selection in the car/track selection menu
  • [Feature] It is now possible to shift the camera slightly behind the car, allowing to take a closer look at the challengers immediately behind you. This action has been bound to the key that was previously used only for car repositioning after a crash (backspace), which has now more conveniently been remapped to spacebar for newly created profiles.
  • [Feature - RWR:Z] Added a statistic detailing the number of zombies killed on the end race screen.
  • [Feature - RWR:Z] Added option within the config.ini file to disable blood effect in the track selection menu.
  • [Fix] Greatly reduced cars jittering during multiplayer races.

To disable the menu effect if you have the RWR:Z DLC installed, open the config.ini file found in the Real World Racing folder located within your User’s Documents folder with a text editor. Then add “disable_menu_blood = 1” (without quotes) just under the language setting.

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New Free Content

5 new cars available as free content update, enjoy this Italian-themed selection which includes ageless classics.

Info over het spel

REAL WORLD RACING is a top-down racing game using high-quality aerial imagery that lets you race through the world's greatest cities!
Speed through London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and many other cities from a new and realistic perspective in a refreshing take on racing simulations.

The use of high resolution aerial photographic images with 3D terrain enhancements, weather conditions and lighting effects guarantees a stunning visual experience.

REAL WORLD RACING delivers faithfully modelled car parameters and physics simulation for the best control experience yet in a top-down racer.

With a full-fledged career mode, online multiplayer up to 16 players and special Online challenges, REAL WORLD RACING really keeps you coming back for more. Compete in a variety of events ranging from Slalom courses to arcade-like Checkpoint races.

Find your favourites among 80 cars, each with its very own driving style and swappable liveries, 50+ tracks running along world-famous landmarks, 80+ career events and 50 collectible challenge cards are only a taste of what awaits you in REAL WORLD RACING.

Developed by a small and dedicated indie team, REAL WORLD RACING is a live game, constantly updated and shaped by the playerbase, with free additional content planned and added regularly.


    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9, Shader Model 3.0 compliant (Intel HD Graphics Core Series)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2500 MB available space
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18 van de 22 mensen (82%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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104.2 uur in totaal
Very Fun Game. 9/10.
The Career mode is vey difficult, It demands patience but could be better if one could choose to avoid some challenges as they become very fustrating and boring.
Anyway I recomend it, Buy it!!!!!
Geplaatst: 20 mei 2014
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61 van de 101 mensen (60%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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0.7 uur in totaal
It looks really fun but even the junior league punches you in the stomach and takes your lunch money. They were using the same cars that I had in my garage but they were a lot faster. If you can't catch up thats it, you just cant catch up. It gets aggravating when you are at the rev limiter and still cant make up ground, No difficulty options, no driving aids of any sort its just what you see. To add to the aggravating the cars brake like they are using 4 drum brakes on 4 bald tires and the in game tips telling you drift here and there are best ignored because the drift slows you to a crawl. Going under bridges might have seemed really clever at first but in the game it can be a real headache as you lose sight of your car and when moving at speed that can be your doom easily.

Overall I was aggravated, there should have been more added to the game. Let me tune a car for speed/acc/handling or make the cpu cars as fast as the dealership says they are. I was passed by a car with 1 bar speed and 2 bars acceleration in my car that was floored on a straight away with 3 bars speed and acceleration....HUH? The cpus feel artificially fast but there is little that can be done other than memorize the track and make no mistakes, not even one! This game was a gift but I would not recommend it, its just to difficult for looking like a fun top down racing romp which it most certainly is not.
Geplaatst: 10 maart 2014
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12 van de 14 mensen (86%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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11 recensies
8.3 uur in totaal
I was very sceptic at first but having bought this on sale I thought I give it a shot.

At first I found it quite confusing to look at as the map details, while amazing, do tend to make you not being able to see your car that well.

However, this was amazingly easy to get used to. Soon I was able to look ahead a little of my car but steering correctly at the same time. What I found confusing at first turned out be now a feature for me I quite like as it adds to the difficulty of the game as you constantly have to re-check your position, then look ahead again, while trying not to run into any obstacles you occasionally find in narrowing lanes.

I find this game now very addictive.

- it looks great
- the steering is very nice (I use an XBOX controller)
- all cars you can drive handle differently
- you can power drift
- slipstream
- challenges in the licenses and the races along the way are great and difficult on places (nice)
- nice balance between frustration and fun ratio (it never gets to frustrating not to be fun as you always can see where you go wrong and can improve to be better next time)

This game is not for players who want to just race ignoring the environment and just get on with it as that way you will keep crashing into things.

You will need to get used to the feel of this game and then get used to each track. I find myself having to drive tracks several times before I know which corners cause me problems and what car is best for me to use in this race which in my humble opinion is a good thing and adds to the fun.

The only gripe I have is that you cannot switch cars when restarting a race but need to cancel out of the race before being able to try a different car. However, that is just my personal preference and not a deal breaker.

Great game 8/10

Geplaatst: 25 mei 2014
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10 van de 12 mensen (83%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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This is a top-down, 100% arcade racer with almost no frills, but lots of qualities. The most important is it's just plain fun to play. Almost as important is that it's fun to look at, especially if you've been to the locations since it's actual aerial photographs you're racing in. There are two primary modes: arcade and career. In career mode, like other games in the genre, you have to earn money to get better equipment and unlock various things. Unlike most others, everything is unlocked in arcade mode! Thank you, devs, for not locking me out of the game I paid for! There are two camera modes: rotating with the direction of the car (so you're always racing toward the top of the screen) or fixed (so your car changes direction as you drive, but the map always points north). Both keyboard and game controller work, but I find the controller a bit too sensitive, especially with the more muscular cars. The only thing I didn't quite like was that if you drive in a street that's covered with trees, your car will be UNDER the trees, which is visually cool and realistic, but you can't see your own car, what's on the road, or even if the road is turning. But I wouldn't even dock it a point on a 1-10 scale for that. I recommend this game without reservation.
Geplaatst: 20 mei 2014
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8 van de 12 mensen (67%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
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2.3 uur in totaal
The thought of racing on real world tracks where the graphics are provided by actual satelite photos of real world locations may sound cool and may even look good on the store page, but unfortunately the technology used is at 1280x960 resolution so the game does not look good on native 1080p screens (or even worse at higher standards). I've played plenty of low rez games even if they're not from previous decades... as long as they're good games. This one, unfortunately, is not.

I'm not a hardcore racing gamer and I only have mediocre skills across all genres of games. So If my skill is mid-range but the game is developed well, I should then at a minimum be able to get mid-range through completing the game (and usually do on most games). This game is entirely too difficult. Getting a driver license alone was a 1.5 hour task (where the entire drive time of the tests combined is about 6 minutes). Finally, I achieve victory.... just to start the game. Now, for my first race... 5th place. Try again... 4th place. Try some more... now I can't get out of 6th place. Again, entirely too difficult.

I paid less for Little Racers STREET and I enjoy that game. In my opinion, games should start out easy (especially to get used to the game), become challenging mid-way through, then finish difficult. Not start out nigh impossible and then either plateau the difficulty curve or somehow become more difficult which would then make the game impossible.

Do what I didn't do (because of eagerness to take advantage of sale price). Try the demo first, then go find a good game to play.
Geplaatst: 23 juni 2014
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its like racing on the maps of google earth
Geplaatst: 5 januari 2014
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