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Dungeon Dashers is a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, bringing the enjoyment of a tabletop board game with friends to the PC. The game's design streamlines the core dungeon crawler experience to its essentials, for an intense, loot-grabbing adventure.
Data di rilascio: 25 Ott 2013
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“Hello! We're excited to bring you an Early Access version of Dungeon Dashers, a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler which has been lovingly crafted by a small team over the past 18 months. During Early Access, Dungeon Dashers will be available for a discounted price. By purchasing now you get the current version of the game and all future updates for free.

Dungeon Dashers is still in development, so please read the planned features list below to see what's in the current build and what we're planning to add. We're always iterating on the design, so things are subject to change. But we're aiming to have a fun and unique dungeon crawling adventure that you can enjoy with friends.

Specifically, we're hoping to test out new multiplayer features so that the final release goes smoothly and we'd love to get your feedback the game so far.

Thank you for supporting our game, and we look forward to your feedback on its development.”
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Build 283 Just Went Live! New difficulty modes and levels.

5 Febbraio 2014

The latest build has just been updated on Steam. There are many changes since the previous version, but the highlights in this one are:

  • New difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, and Harder (change in options screen)
  • New dialogue, puns, and cutscenes across many levels. (checkout "Freedom?" especially!)
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • More levels, including the Ancient Tombs
  • Level Editor launch option

Coming next: More levels, enemy types, and equipment.

Post your thoughts on the game so far in the discussion boards, and I hope you all enjoy the new content.

* P.S. restart your Steam client to get the latest update.

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Build 282 - Performance Updates

11 Novembre 2013

I've just uploaded Build 282. This build should have significant performance improvements for everyone.

After some people reported the game running slow last build, I spent a long time to look for the source of the problem, and I've made a fix which I've tested on multiple machines and improves the speed a lot. Please try the game out and let me know how it runs for you.

Additionally, I fixed a couple of minor bugs in this build:
* fixed bug with "Next Build" information not coming up (after dragon)
* fixed dagger not showing up in "Freedom"

You can also press F12 during the main game to see your framerate. It should be at 60 for an optimal experience. Pressing F7 will turn off lighting effects.

If you do not see "Build 282" in the bottom right of the main menu, restart Steam to force an update of the game.

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Informazioni sul gioco

Dungeon Dashers is a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, bringing the enjoyment of a tabletop board game with friends to the PC. The game's design streamlines the core dungeon crawler experience to its essentials, for an intense, loot-grabbing adventure.

Accumulate wealth by smashing boxes full of gold, slaying monsters, and looting glowing chests. Use your gold to buy consumables to boost your abilities or craft upgrades for your equipment. Find new swords, bows, staffs, spells and other equipment hidden in chests obscured by challenges and quests.

Current Features

These are the features that are in the current build of the game so far:

  • Tactical and diverse combat mechanics
  • Epic dragon boss battle and over 15 enemy types to face (many more bosses to come, and more enemy types)
  • Custom loadouts for each class based on loot found in dungeons
  • 13 unique player skills (30 skills planned)
  • 11 levels spread out across 5 environments (40 levels planned)
  • More than 15 unlockable pieces of unique equipment including swords and armour (30+ pieces planned)
  • Level editor with user campaign creation support
  • Original full-length chiptune soundtrack composed by Nathan “Derris-Kharlan” Antony
  • Compelling narrative and character dialogue spanning the entire campaign

Planned Features

Dungeon Dashers is still in development and we're adding new features every day. Here's what we've got planned for future builds:

  • Hardcore mode for those who finish the game and want more of a challenge
  • Online co-operative gameplay for up to 4 players
  • Consumable items, such as potions
  • Weapon upgrades using the gold you've found from looting
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Achievements

What Others Are Saying

"They've nailed that feeling of moving little adventurer miniatures around on a board"
-Colony Of Gamers

"Dungeon Dashers promises traps, multiple styles of play, tons of replayability, additional challenges and objectives and online multiplayer. Honestly, the whole package sounds too good to be true."

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows Xp / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or equivalent, capable of Shader Model 2
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
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È un concept sicuramente ambizioso quello dei ragazzi di Jigxor, giovane software house indie che ci propone in early access su Steam il loro ultimo progetto: un dungeon crawler a turni a metà tra un rpg party, un roguelike e, perché no, pure un pizzico di metroidvania alla Unepic. Detta così pare esserci fin troppa carne al fuoco e, si sa, quando si fanno piatti con troppi ingredienti c’è sempre il rischio di coprire i sapori e rendere il gusto un po’ anonimo. Per fortuna Jigxor sembra sapere il fatto suo e la commistione di generi sembra davvero riuscita. Se dovessi fare un paragone con il mondo del ruolismo dal vivo, attorno ad un tavolo, Dungeon Dashers mi ricorda quelle sessioni di D&D in cui era l’EUMATE (Entra Uccidi Mostro Arraffa Tesoro e Esci!) a farla da padrone.

La versione che abbiamo avuto modo di provare presentava già tutte le caratteristiche principali di Dungeon Dashers. Ispirato dal loro primo lavoro, un minimale dungeon crawler dal nome praticamente uguale (Dungeon Dash), con questo ultimo titolo il tentativo è quello di provare a prendere ciò che di buono era stato fatto lì ampliandolo con un certo concetto di cooperatività. Sia a fini strategici, nel gioco infatti ci ritroveremo a guidare un party di quattro personaggi, che a livello sociale, è prevista infatti una co-op online tra le features che in futuro verranno implementate.

Vieni a leggere la recensione completa su TheShelterNetwork.com: http://theshelternetwork.com/dungeon-dashers-anteprima/
Pubblicata: 27 Novembre 2013
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In my early access playthrough of the game, I'll give it this much: This game has more charm and potential than half of the stuff most developers are creating nowadays. Instead of shooting for over-the-top, big budget cinematics and new-fangled combat systems, Jigxor is instead creating a pixellated hodge-podge of classic, unmistakable characters and enemies in the sort of caves, castles and forests dungeon-delvers from across the ages have grown to know and love. Hell- even the way the characters and enemies move is remniscent of moving tiny figures across a pen-and-paper board game. Simply charming.
Yet, at the same time, the game was engaging. Not once did I feel as though there were any concepts beyond my understanding, or that everything was mired in computation and complexity. Not to mention the quick-paced combat allowed me to pick up the game whenever I wanted, whether I was interested in a full-scale exploration experience or a quick romp across some goblin faces.
Sometimes, you don't want to embark on a life-devouring journey through Skyrim, or read the pulse-pounding stories of Mass Effect. Sometimes, you just want to put on your robe and wizard hat, fill your pockets with loot and come out with a smile on your face. This game delivers.
Pubblicata: 1 Dicembre 2013
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Full Video Review at http://www.youtube.com/BrbteabreakTV

With modern technologies many old mediums of entertainment are being phased out, board games are a prime example. While there are still small subsets of gamers who play board games, it doesn't appeal to the masses as it once use to. Dungeon Dashers tries to break that mould with a PC turn-based dungeon crawler, while still giving you the feeling of a table top game which you'd play with friends. Characters move in a sort of jumping animation, just like you'd do if you were to move your character in any board game. The simple yet very effective tilesets help reinforce this feeling and gives this odd sense of depth, almost as if you're leaning over the board and playing.

Combat is simple enough to understand and you're able to get up to speeds with things very quickly. Keeping all your characters alive is another question and the promise of a hardcore mode in the future will really spice things up. You have an array of skills and gear sets which modify each of your characters, allowing you to tailor the characters to your liking, while still making them all feel unique.

The game is in Early Access and as such it's missing quite a lot. The story is quite short as of this review, not all the skills and items have been added yet and simple things like purchasing consumables with all the gold you collect are not yet enabled. In saying that you'll still spend a couple of hours trying to get the best score in all the levels, and working out the optimal way to keep all your characters nice and healthy.

While I highly recommend picking this game up just be aware of the Early Access, it's not a complete product. For $10 though you can't really go wrong, and you can keep checking back with the game and see all the awesome updates.
Pubblicata: 15 Dicembre 2013
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What's available in the game so far is enjoyable & has a polished feel to it. Gameplay is intuitive & easy to learn. It's also, at the time of this writing (Feb 2), over in about two or three hours. The game has been around in early access since late October. The first update was two weeks later. There has not been an update since.

First there was going to be an update "very soon". Three weeks later, it was "this week". The game remains unchanged, with no signs it has been worked on, aside from the dev saying as much. I have trouble recommending a game that can't keep up with its own schedule, & I certainly can't advocate spending money on an unfinished product that has remained stagnant for this long.

Wait until it's finished, if that ever happens.
Pubblicata: 2 Febbraio 2014
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Great game, Very fun to play and cannot wait till it rolls out finished with all the options of gear and upgrades, very entertaining for the little build it is so far, i highly anticipate the completion of this game 10/10
Pubblicata: 7 Gennaio 2014
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