Sins of a Dark Age is a dark fantasy spin on the MOBA genre. Explore your inventory, equip your Hero and enter a world full of decisive team battles, tide-turning quests, treasured rewards, crafted goods, and strategic trades.
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"DOTA-style game. All the heroes are free, interesting "quest" objective system. Fairly similar to LoL, but perhaps enough new to warrant a try."
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25 червня

New Hero! New Challenge Mode! New Objectives and much more! Six huge updates since F2P!!!

Sins of a Dark Age just launched its 6th major update since the launch of Free-to-Play in mid-May. Here are some of the highlights from all 6 updates:

New Hero

Meet Penn the Boy Mage!

New Mode

The first Challenge mode is ready!

New Contracts

Gameplay objectives that can be completed at your own pace over the course of multiple games.

New Match Making

Better skill factoring, team balancing, reduced pre-made party stomping, auto-joins and more.

Improved Community Features

New methods to deal with AFK players, Virtue farmers, verbal abuse and more.

Improved Graphics

Faster, more color contrast, better lighting, improved map textures and various unit texture upgrades.

Revamps, Rebalances and Redoes

Including many Hero abilities, Items, Glyphs, and Quests.

Expanded User Interface Options:

Including a complete revamp on binding options and the popular "Move to Cast" Advanced Casting option.

Loads of Optimizations:

Including major graphics and audio speed improvements and more multi-core support.

Improved Chest Rewards and Shop Features

Including Deep Sea Lithoron and Mad Jester Slag!

For the complete details on everything that has improved since the launch of Free-to-Play check out the following links:
Hope to see you in game!

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19 червня

New Hero: Penn the Boy Mage!!!

New Hero: Penn the Boy Mage

Penn is a precocious shepherd boy with a talent for magic beyond his years. At the Seeker’s urging, Penn has left his home to be trained to use his gifts. Quick on his feet, Penn supports his allies by conjuring helpful spirit manifestations.

Orphaned from a young age, Penn was raised on his uncle’s farm, north of the Imperial Mountains. It was a quiet, bucolic existence, learning to look after the herd, baling hay, caring for his aging aunt. Even with his failing eyesight, Penn’s uncle could sense something special about his nephew. The way torchflies seemed to swarm around him, or how the sheep would calm at his touch. His aunt soon came to rely on Penn’s help around the farm. But it was not long before all of that would forever change.

Following traces of lingering magic caught in the summer breeze, the Seeker discovered the mysterious child from the northern dells, and offered him a choice. To remain on his family farm, or to set off on a course for adventure, and learn to use his gifts as a mage.

  • Shepherd's Flock (Passive)
    • Penn draws energy from Heroes casting abilities nearby. When enough energy has been absorbed, an ethereal Sheep will manifest, which Penn may collect. Only one such Sheep may exist at a time.
    • Penn gains bonus Special Power for each Sheep he has collected.

  • Torchflies (Q)
    • Penn sends a swarm of torchflies from his staff in the targeted direction, dealing decreasing Magic Damage to any enemies it passes through and granting vision in a larger radius. The torchflies will linger at the end of their path for a short duration before returning to Penn when the effect ends or he recasts the ability.
    • If the torchflies pass through a Sheep, it will be drawn to them and follow the swarm back to Penn.

  • Battering Ram (W)
    • Penn conjures a spectral ram and sends it charging in the targeted direction, trampling minions for Magic Damage, and Slowing and dealing Magic Damage to the first struck enemy Hero.

  • Drover's Road (E)
    • Penn creates a Drover's Road in the target direction and quickly travels along it. While traveling he is untargetable.The Drover's Road persists for a short duration. During this duration, an additional allied Hero may also travel through it.

  • Paddock (R - Ultimate)
    • Penn conjures a fence around target area, trapping enemies within it. Enemies within the area when the fence manifests are dealt Magic Damage.

  • Torrace
    • Added Torrace's Lore Book.
  • Penn
    • Added Penn's Lore Book.
    • Added new Hero Gear for Penn:
    • Ramhorn Staff: Penn's Battering Ram deals more damage but applies a weaker Slow.
    • Torchfly Lantern:When Penn's Torchflies are recalled to him, a few of them stay at the targeted position and grant vision there for a moderate duration.

Quest Balance
  • Divine Lost Army
    • Drop off gold reward increased to 175/195/215/235/255 from 120 for the beacon carrier and to 100/115/130/145/160 from 60 for nearby allies.
    • Drop off experience reward increased to 450/475/500/525/550 from 250 for the beacon carrier and to 270/285/300/315/330 from 125 for nearby allies.

  • Path to Ascension
    • Checkpoint finished gold reward increased to 100/110/120/130/140 from 50 for the ascension candidate and to 60/65/70/75/80 from 30 for nearby allies.
    • Checkpoint finished experience reward increased to 260/285/310/335/360 from 80/100/120/140/160 for the ascension candidate and to 155/170/185/200/215 from 48/60/72/84/96 for nearby allies.

  • Raise Your Gryphon
    • Drop off gold reward per critter meat increased to 5 from 3
    • Drop off experience reward per critter meat increased to 12 from 5

    Design Context: Most quests involving substantial map movement were setting participants disproportionately far behind heroes who remained in lane, so we've increased the rewards for partially completing the quests' objectives. Troll's Treasure was left as is since the majority of the time it is a teamfight oriented quest so less relative disadvantage occurs if greater fractions of each team are participating.

Gameplay Balance
  • Increase Siege mode death timers to 10/12/14/16/18/21/24/27/30/34/38/42/46/51/56 from 10/12/14/16/18/20/22/25/28/31/34/38/42/46/50
  • Increased death timer scaling after 30 minutes to 4% per minute from 2% per minute (still capped at +60%)

    Design context: This change is aimed at reducing game length by lengthening the window of opportunity to take objectives after winning fights, especially in the later parts of the game.

  • Fixed a bug where transforming Soul Snare or Hungering Blade into their respective upgrade while near max Mana or Health resulted in ending up with more Mana or Health than your maximum of that resource.
  • Fix a bug where Soul Snare was granting less Mana per stack than intended.

  • Players can no longer upvote Twitch streamers with vice levels.
  • A player's Twitch stream rating is now displayed at 0 if the player has vice.

Match Making
  • Removed match search counts and estimated wait times. An average of extremes isn't very useful and for the most part it was just a source of confusion.
  • Edit: We will be bringing back the tool tip on the matchmaking bar that shows you what modes you have queued up.

User Interface
  • In-Game
    • Fixed a bug where a Hero portrait may not show up in the minimap.

  • Front End
    • In-game store now detects if the Steam Overlay is disabled. If so, an error message is displayed that shows you how to enable it in the Steam client.

Last Hit Challenge Mode
  • Fix bug where you couldn't reload your state properly when returning after a skirmish match.
  • Centered leader's high score in LHC HUD top bar instead of left align.
  • Updated high score icons for friends, global topmost and global self.
  • Updated colours slightly on LHC score sorting icons.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming a partially completed Last Hit Challenge.

  • Numerous optimizations.
  • Changed Bloodrop to Blooddrop for consistency.
  • Tweaked the Horen base healing well visual effect.

Version 45529

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Про цю гру

Sins of a Dark Age Overview

Sins of a Dark Age is a dark fantasy spin on the MOBA genre. Explore your inventory, equip your Hero and enter a world full of decisive team battles, tide-turning quests, treasured rewards, crafted goods, and strategic trades.

Join fellow players to form a party that will ravage the enemy's army, execute their Heroes, siege their defenses and then raze their Keep to the ground. But that is the just the beginning of the adventure!

To discover what else awaits be sure to check out the Top 10 Reasons to Play!

Choose Your Hero: The entire roster of Heroes will always be free - no grinding! Before heading into battle customize your strategic and visual preferences by equipping Hero Gear, allocating attribute points and choosing your favorite skin.

Battle the Enemy: Fight in a changing world and decimate your enemies with powerful abilities, glyphs and items. Revel in visceral combat brought to life with an immersive physics and animation system. Bodies will fly, flail, fall and flop as you wreak havoc across the battlefield!

Embark on Quests: Adapt your strategy as each adventure includes a series of tide-turning Quests. Fend off swarms of plague infected vermin, resurrect the undead, steal a Troll's treasure, or feed and raise a powerful Gryphon! Complete quests to earn unique advantages that you can use to crush your enemies!

Treasure Your Rewards: Collect random loot where Artifacts are the most desired but even Trash may eventually come in handy! Gather the right materials to craft powerful Hero Gear and rare Skins! Join the community market to buy, sell and trade with other players as you seek the perfect inventory.

If you would like more information be sure to check out the Top 10 Reasons to Play!

Вимоги до системи

    • OS: Windows XP/7/8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated GPU with 512mb VRAM supporting Shader Version 2.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
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65.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 17 липня
прикольна игра похожа на доту2 но в неї є ше багато мінусів но то нічого
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237.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 22 червня
☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ Ой карамба... 9\12 Черепів
Купував гру коли вона ще була в Бета-Тесті!!! Зараз вона безкоштовна і привелей пре-ордери не мають.
З того часу мало що змінилось. Мала кількість варіантів для тактик. А так зовсім звичайна МОБА гра, в деяких питанях вона пішла далі від хон, дота і тд. Іноді поганий пінг. Малий онлайн ( іноді чекаеш пів години щоб пограти 10-15 хв.)

+++Гра на українській мові
++Безкоштовні картки
++Можливість торгувати лутом у стім!!!
+Ідея Hero Build
+Легкість фарму
+Безкоштовна гра
++Динамічна гра, добре виглядає і доброзичливі адміни.

-Поганий фарм у лісі
-Погана система розподілу характеристик
--Багато нубів, москалів або нубів москалів на всіх серверах.
-Нема покарання за фід, лів і тд.
--Довге очікування гри.
Гадаю що у гри є майбутнє. :)
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Додано: 19 квітня
Рецензія на гру з дочасним доступом
Чергова MOBA. Нічим не цікава.
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0.7 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 23 травня
Игра очень даже не плохая.
Есть много своих +
Всем любителям MOBA посоветувал обратить на нее внимание.
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110 з 124 людей (89%) вважають цю рецензію слушною
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16.0 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 13 травня
Review for players interested in the game:

I'm a veteran of Dota 1/2 and League of Legends. I say this not to brag, but to let those of you know that this review is critiqued by a person who has been playing this genre of game for years.

NOTE:This game was originally put out in an Alpha state to help test some of the mechanics and fine tone the game, and it has caused a mixed review setting, but I can tell you NOW as of May 2015 the game is well made, and a worthy entry into the MOBA genre.

Let's go over some of the pros and cons for this game!

As of May 2015

  • It has an extremely customizable matchmaking system. You can have five different search "playlists" which can be customized heavily. Want to have a solo playlist with EU friends? Make it. Want to have an unranked playlist to practice or get quick games in? Covered. Want a PvP ranked playlist? Done.
  • Like smartcast? Normal cast? Quick cast? They more than have you covered. Within the keybinding settings is an option to not only do individual heroes, but each individual skill. Want your heroes ultimate to be quick cast while your hero's Q be a smartcast? You can do that. It's a fantastic piece of user interaction that is done better than basically every other MOBA.
  • 5v5 matches include a special series of world quests that happen every 8 minutes. These world quests are objectives that can be completed by EITHER side in a competition style format that can FORCE teamfights, and/or give one side an advantage. The enemy team getting more kills then you? Try to level it out by working with your team to complete the world quests before the enemy team and start regaining ground. Quests can include things like transporting a chest across map for bonus gold, or ones that give special items to disable towers.
  • The business model. The business model in this game is exceptionally well done. Hate grinding for months to get all the champions in league? Don't worry, all heroes are available from the start similar to DOTA, and the main venue for money that this game gets is through cosmetic skins. Unlike many other F2P games you can not simply buy power.
  • Like playing a support, but hate never getting any gold to buy items? There is a percentage of gold share in this game similar to how Dawngate worked. Supports can gain gold by assisting in kills, assisting in quests objectives, and doing lethal / non-lethal damage to creeps.
  • There is a gear and crafting system which utilizes recipes and materials gained from matches. The gear works in similar way to runes in LoL, with some special pieces slightly changing the effects of a specific heroes abilities. The crafting system also applies to skins, so if you gather the recipe and related materials for a skin you can simply craft it to use. Retired skins that are no longer sold can be sold on the steam marketplace.
  • The community is exceptionally nice, and there is an in game system that rewards respectful players. I've seen developers and community moderators online quite often in the general chat to talk with, and it shows a great commitment to their work.
  • Twitch is integrated directly into the game, and if you go to the menu via Escape you can link your twitch account directly to SODA. With it enabled you can view your twitch stream chat while in game, amongst several other useful features.
  • A try hero mode can be played while waiting for your match Queue to pop. It allows you to warm up with a hero you'd like to play, or just mess around with various tactics versus an AI. It's a useful tool and a good way to pass the time!

  • There are currently 20 heroes. This is something that can be expanded with updates as more characters rollout, but it is a relatively slim selection compared to what MOST MOBA players are used to.
  • There are currently Frame hitches that will happen during games. Developers are working on a patch to fix these problems, but as of right now there are many people suffering from frame rate issues.
  • The inventory system in your profile can at times feel harder to navigate. Especially at later levels as the icons are quite large, and by the time you hit level 10 or so you will have a lot of various materials.

In Conclusion:
Sins of a Dark Age is a very well constructed MOBA that combines a lot of liked elements from the MOBA genre, and provides an effective way to come back with the use of team work. Especially when quest objectives and their respective rewards can really change up your plan in the game. E.G. If you complete the quest to gain the tower disable ability it is a smart time to push, whereas if you get the item to slow enemies it would indicate a heavy usage on ganks and team fights to be successful.

The game offers a lot of fantastic player options, user interface improvements, and gameplay that rewards teamwork without making it always needed. You can still solo Queue and do great with a public team. Especially when your teammates all know to help with objectives, but it will reward teams for being well coordinated and communicating well.

All of this with the price tag of : FREE means that I can easily recommend this to ANY MOBA player or people looking for an introduction into the genre. It encompasses MOBA aspects expected by veterans of the genre, and it can successfully introduce new players to the genre.
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