Time to Party! After Raquelle accidentally switches the helpful house butler "Closet" to "Party Game" mode, Barbie and her friends must party and play their way through the Dreamhouse to switch Closet back to "Normal" mode.
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Time to Party!
After Raquelle accidentally switches the helpful house butler "Closet" to "Party Game" mode, Barbie and her friends must party and play their way through the Dreamhouse to switch Closet back to "Normal" mode.

  • Featuring the characters and world from the Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse web series, where you can play as one of your favorite characters
  • Play a variety of mini-games from fashion to dancing, pet grooming and accessorizing
  • Customize characters in today’s latest fashions, as well as with styles from the show
  • Explore the Dreamhouse and collect photos to display on the Barbie Inspiration wall


    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
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this game made me go lesbian
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This game changed my life
10/10 Story Sound Gameplay Graphics
I reccomend this to any hardcore gamer and video game lover
If you don't own this in your libary your slacking off man
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It is so good that it gave me cancer.
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my sister like it
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I got all the b!tches with this game 11/10 made me a badass
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Do I recommend this game? Well, firstly, I feel that I must approach this topic in the most unbiased manner possible. As such, allow me to provide you with a short commentary on "Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™," to grant you insight into the nuances of this game (please keep in mind that, as always, the players personal preferences in regards to video games are the sole determining factor in whether or not the game will appear to be “of quality.” I recognize that the player him/herself will be the sole determining factor by which the game is deemed worthy of purchase, and, thusly, the game is thereby nuanced by the respective opinions of the player; for the inherent value of a game is not determined by a substandard review by a community member. I provide this review as a matter of opinion regarding the mechanics and structures supporting this game. I realize that differing opinions may be had in regards to the relative quality of the game, and therefore submit this review to be observed with an open-mind and an unbiased analyzation).

What to expect: At first glance, Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ may appear to be a game targeted for children and fans of the Barbie franchise, and that's what it is. This, "game," is, at it's core, targeted to audiences that already share a love of the Barbie franchise and merchandise. It allows one the opportunity to experience all that is Barbie, in a virtual realm. The gameplay is pretty straight forward. At the end of the day, Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ is your standard run-around-collect'em-all. You'll be spending most of your time viewing your gallery of photos and videos, taking screen shots of your favorite outfits, unlocking items and equipping items gained through playing mini-games with your pals, playing a variety of mini-games with Barbie and friends, searching for new things to add to your photo gallery and having brief, straightforward small talk with your pals, scattered throughout the house (not to forget Ken).

-So, without further hesitation, let's get into the meat of the game. What can you really expect?

Pros: Well, this game is fairly simple. Easy on the eyes and on the mind. Don't expect any cringingly difficult puzzles or intense bloody pvp action (although why would you from a Barbie game?). So what does this game have to offer? This game has decent replay value. The collecting portion of the game will be enough to last you for a few hours and after that, the game is what you make of it. If you are a completionist with an established inclination towards games that fall on the more "casual" side, then this game is most definitely suited for you. Moving past that though, special consideration must be made in regards to the actual gameplay, i.e. the mini-games. The mini-games are a bundle of fun, depending of course on what you're looking for in a game. They are incredibly simple and easy to master. They encompass all of the things that you could hope for them to. From make-up challenges to dance-offs to modeling competitions to pet cleaning competitions, this game most definitely does not drop the ball when referring to it's in game components. The loading screens are fairly short, allowing the player quick and easy access to the fun. The menu is incredibly easy to navigate, and little to no confusion should be had. The in-game soundtrack is phenomenal. It perhaps most readily will remind the player of the cool-edged, punk rock vibes of the early 2000's found in skating games with it's up-beat high energy teeny pop. The game is beautiful and fairly easy to run as well.

Cons: The initial loading screen cinematic music can be quite harsh on the ears. It is exceptionally loud (more of a pet-peeve rather than a crucial in game flaw). The responsiveness of Barbie on some of the mini games, especially ones where a bit more precision is required such as MAKE-UP MADNESS, can be a bit janky at times; robbing the player of an opportunity to truly crush the other girls in competition (all in good fun of course). In addition to the occasionally wobbly controls, interference from the other girls can become a problem in some of the mini games, namely in ones that require you to perform activities in which any interference renders the game much more difficult, such as in BUBBLE CRAZE (Let it be known however that the interference from the other ladies might not be all that bad of a thing. In certain games, the intrusion of space by the cpu many times simply adds to the fun of the mini-game by adding a level of difficulty which would not exist otherwise. Take this into consideration whilst continue to read this review, and in regards to your purchasing of this game). By interference, I mean simply that at times, if your are walking in a certain path, if one of the other girls walks by or in front of you, the game will block your movement as if they truly are walking in front of you. This seems like a solid game component. Perhaps one that would add a touch of realism; but, while that may be the case, it causes an unprecedented amount of difficulty in completing certain tasks throughout the game.

-In synopsis, Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ has both its pros and cons and they are are follows:

Pros- Simple, yet fun, gameplay
Visually appealing
Replay Value
Child friendly
Short loading screens
Great soundtrack

Cons- Occasionally janky controls
CPU interference
Lack of initial guidance in regards to how to play the game

Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ is a game encompassed around three things: Item collection, Character customization and Mini-games. If you are the type of gamer who can appreciate casual, straightforward game play, then this game is for you. There's plenty to collect and plenty to play. Overall, even with it's incredibly minor flaws, I give Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ a

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Pretty funny game: graphic, sounds, gameplay. But one problem - chars at this game so much talking but i know how to fix that: you must be blonde (Yes baby, i mean you if you read that :D), but better if you are stupid blonde :D
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Before I entered the dreamhouse I thought it was going to be a simple little game about some cute barbie's who occasionaly took of their clothing but what I was given was something out of this world.

It all started when I enterted the Dreamhouse and took my first glance at Barbie, she was a thin plastic looking doll whos apperence alone helped me develop naughty fantasy's about her and her barbie friends. But then I entered a room and all of a sudden a robot had appered, this robot had locked me in with the other barbie's forcing us into doing tasks far beyond what a typical barbie brain could handle, I quickly tried to move towards the door but it was locked just like my dreams of survival. The amounts of despair I feelt once the door locked was overhelming, I tried to yell for help but I was stuck in with the other barbie's forced into doing the robots activates/mini-games, for every second I spent within the locked down dreamhouse I could feel my sanity just fading away as the other barbie's mocked me. Slowly I started to see the patterns of the challenges while slowly losing the sanity I once had, I came to the conclusion that I had to find something and put it somewhere in order to get to a new room, thus started to look for the evil mecanics the robot wanted in order to get out. Once the things were collected however the robot forced me into a competion, where I slowly but painfully got defeated by the other barbie's, I started to struggle with keeping myself sane and fighting the barbie's. After a crazy amount of barbie involving challenges I thought I had defeated the evil robot and would be able to leave the dreamhouse but no.
I quickly looked down and saw my fingers bleeding from the enourmous challenge this game put on 'em, I started to walk towards my computer medkit but once I feelt the blood running down my eyes, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes then I fell to the ground and the last I saw was the evil robot on my computer screen starring at me as I threw up blood on my floor before passing out.

Oh and 10/10 would recommend to all of my friends.
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This game makes me feel like a lesbian! And I like it!
I rly love this game!

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Tehbunney is a ♥♥♥♥boi and knows nothing about how amazing this game is. It was trademarked twice, thats how you know its good. 11/10, it was alrite i guess, wud blow ken again
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3.1 小时(记录在案的)
Action, MOBA, FPS, RPG, MMO and RTs! THIS GAME HAS IT ALL! Barbie's Dreamhouse party truly is a party with endless hours of fun for anyone young or old! In the Barbie Dreamhouse all of your dreams will come true in a game.
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fun game.
5 人中有 2 人(40%)觉得这篇评测有价值
13.7 小时(记录在案的)
I love all the mini games.
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0.7 小时(记录在案的)
I bought 5 copies when it was on sale and gifted 4 to my friends for laughs. I do not regret this purchase.
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Will fully recommend this game to anyone 10/10 GOTY
0.4 小时(记录在案的)
My genitals actually didnt shrivel up into nothing. 10/10
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"Like Skyrim with guns."


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I bought it for £7.49 becuase it was on sale.

Do I regret it? Yes.

Would I recommend it? Depends, do you want a reason to committ suicide?
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waiting for the game of the year edition, hoping for a sequel
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Cant stop fapping