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Become an appraised bridge engineer and architect in Bridge Constructor. Create and design your own constructions and watch the cars and trucks pass over them - or see them fall and crash while your inferior creations collapse due to weight and the laws of physics!
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วันวางจำหน่าย: 16 ต.ค. 2013

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Become an appraised bridge engineer and architect in Bridge Constructor. Create and design your own constructions and watch the cars and trucks pass over them - or see them fall and crash while your inferior creations collapse due to weight and the laws of physics!

Progress through numerous levels and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. Stress tests reveal whether the bridge you build can withstand the daily stress of continual use from cars and trucks.

Choose between a range of materials for each individual bridge, such as wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars. Use the appropriate materials and stay within budget to build the perfect bridge. The choice of materials enables you to build each bridge in almost infinite variety – your budget is the only limit.

So get on the drawing board and set your imagination and creativity free!

The Steam version also includes SlopeMania, a fully sized Add-On to the original game, bringing more levels, features, a new setting and much more.

Key Features

  • 64 Levels
  • 6 Settings: City, Canyon, Beach, Mountains, Hills, Grotto
  • Option to build sloping roads
  • Map with all unlocked worlds/levels
  • 4 different building materials: Wood, Steel, Cables, Concrete pillars
  • Color coded load indicator for different building materials
  • Three different load bearing levels: Car, Truck and Tank Truck
  • High score per level
  • Steam achievements & Leaderboards


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ระบบปฏิบัติการ: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • หน่วยประมวลผล: 1,8 GHz
    • หน่วยความจำ: แรม 1 GB
    • กราฟิก: DirectX9 compatible with Shader Model 2.0
    • ระบบปฏิบัติการ: Mac OS 10.6
    • หน่วยประมวลผล: 1,8 GHz
    • หน่วยความจำ: แรม 1 GB
    • กราฟิก: Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0
    • ระบบปฏิบัติการ: Ubuntu 12.04 or equivalent (32bit or 64bit with ia32-libs installed)
    • หน่วยประมวลผล: 1,8 GHz
    • หน่วยความจำ: แรม 1 GB
    • กราฟิก: DirectX9 compatible with Shader Model 2.0
    • หมายเหตุเพิ่มเติม: Linux 64bit users need to have ia32-libs package installed (sudo apt get install ia32-libs)
31 จาก 46 คน (67%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
5 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
4.6 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 3 ตุลาคม 2015
This game seems to be balanced so that reasonable-looking functional bridges are too expensive to build for any given scenario. This might be in pursuit of making it a better puzzle game, but I thought it just made it irritating. I'd rather have a difficult puzzle and the tools to solve it (Infinifactory, as an example) than a simple puzzle that I have to kludge something together for because my tools have been taken away. Not fun past the first few puzzles.
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4 จาก 4 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
2.1 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 21 กันยายน 2015
best fun you can have is building a failing bridge just to watch the crash , or you chould try finish the game but good luck with that one , ima stick to crashing trucks .
บทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์หรือไม่? ใช่ ไม่ ขำขัน
5 จาก 6 คน (83%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
3.9 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 24 มกราคม
8.2/10 - One of My Favorite Bridge Builders

I've played several bridge builders and this is one of my favorites. The game has a good variety of puzzles, lots of locations on the map and several levels of safety vehicles to test on your bridge. (car, truck, semi)

Completed the first map which consists of about 40 bridge building puzzles that were challenging but achievable. There are other maps to play as well, so I’m looking forward to continuing on.

I personally wouldn't pay the full $10; but there are tons of levels and I'm having lots of fun solving these bridge building puzzles. Look for on sale or in bundles!

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3 จาก 3 คน (100%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
3.1 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 3 กุมภาพันธ์
Welcome to Day Four of our Headup Games Gameathon. Today I have the privilege of teaching you how to build a bridge. If things go according to plan by the end of this review I will even have a bridge to sell you! I vividly remember when Bridge Constructor was first released that many gamers dumped it straight into the ‘just another simulator’ basket without ever giving it an opportunity. Then as more and more people actually played the game they realized that it was in actuality a pretty solid physics based puzzle game rather than being the pure ‘just another simulator’ game that had first been feared. Unfortunately, it never received the type of critical attention that the game warranted and so it languished sales wise until it was bundled multiple times.

It’s a game that is what the title says it is. You construct and design bridges in the hopes that when you test them that they can bear the weight of cars and trucks crossing them. But be careful in your design because if the structural design is poor then they can even collapse before cars or trucks ever reach the first part of the bridge. This is where it works rather well when looked upon as a puzzle game instead of just as a simulator. When looked upon as a puzzle game it works really well a majority of the time. The bridges that you are required to build are solved logically. I have a friend who designs blueprints for bridges for a living. I asked him to have a play of the game. He couldn’t get enough of it. However, he did make a strong criticism of the game from a purely architectural perspective. He claimed that some of the puzzles, which he agreed is what this game truly is, have some solutions that the game expects you to use to complete the level at the most successful level (there are multiple solutions to (almost?) every level) that would be structurally unsound while some of the true solutions result in the bridge collapsing.

However, the game doesn’t expect you to be an architectural designer of bridges and it’s just as much fun, if not more so, if you’re not. Probably the most enjoyable achievement that I’ve gotten in the game was the ‘stubborn’ achievement. In order to get the achievement you need to fail spectacularly 25 consecutive times on the one bridge. I’m not so certain if this makes me stubborn or stupid but I’ll take it knowing full well that I sent innocent little cyber minions to their grisly deaths.

For those of you who think presentation is everything the graphics, sound, etc. work perfectly well. This isn’t a title where any of that is significant. However, I do love the sound of the bridge breaking apart. I found it quite amusing. In all, however, the presentation is more than suitable for a game of this type and that’s all that really matters. It wont blow your socks off but it just doesn’t need to.

Bridge Constructor is an enormously fun game that can be quite challenging at times. But as I discovered with the stubborn achievement there’s success to be had in the most miserable of failures. Now, about that bridge I have to sell you….

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6 จาก 9 คน (67%) เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้มีประโยชน์
1 คน เห็นว่าบทวิจารณ์นี้ชวนขำขัน
1.7 ชม. ในบันทึก
โพสต์: 17 สิงหาคม 2015
Simple But Solid
The game runs very well and the consistency of the materials is great. This allows players to easily figure out what is going wrong with their design through trial and error without any element of randomness. However, the game limits creativity as the design from the tutorial, that is the triangles, sets the foundation for all of the bridges for the rest of the game. However that being said this makes it realistic and an easy going game to play. It is worth playing if you just want to relax with a little bit of a challenge.
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