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The year is 2047. A massive nuclear fireball explodes high in the night sky, marking the dramatic beginning of the Third Tiberium War and the long-awaited return of the most groundbreaking Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time.
Data lansării: 28 Mar 2007
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Anunţ: WINDOWS 7 USERS: To ensure proper functionality, you must disable User Account Control ("UAC") via the Windows Control Panel before launching the game.

Cumpără Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars

Despre joc

The year is 2047. A massive nuclear fireball explodes high in the night sky, marking the dramatic beginning of the Third Tiberium War and the long-awaited return of the most groundbreaking Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time. Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars unveils the future of RTS gaming by bringing you back to where it all began: the Tiberium Universe. With the corrupt substance Tiberium blanketing most of the Earth, the infamous Kane is back to lead his Brotherhood of Nod in a massive global assault on the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the few remaining livable Blue Zones left on the planet. Only you can stop him. Featuring state-of-the-art next-generation graphics, an epic story, and truly innovative features such as the ability to transform online battles into a spectator sport, Command & Conquer is about to reinvent RTS gaming … again. Welcome back, Commander.
  • Fast, Fluid, Fun — The ultra-responsive, smooth-as-silk gameplay C&C invented is now better than ever, intuitively placing your entire arsenal at your fingertips.
  • 35+ Single Player Missions — In a vast open-world theater of war where each decision you make matters, you’ll experience one cohesive, epic story told from the unique perspective of all three warring factions.
  • RTS as a Sport — Play an RTS game as a sport for the first time! Observe, broadcast, and compete in thrilling online battles with innovations including all-new interactive spectator modes, VoIP communication, player commentary, and more.
  • Story Like You’ve Never Seen — High-definition, live action video sequences that seamlessly tie the game’s epic story together feature an unparalleled, diverse Hollywood cast, including talent from Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica, LOST, and House and the return of Joe Kucan as Kane.
  • AI with Distinct Styles of Play — The game AI matches your style of play—choose from play styles such as ‘rushing’, ‘turtling’, and more, or level the battlefield and let the AI use its own tactics to give you the highest level of challenge.
  • New Ways to Attack — Keep your opponent guessing by building flying battleships, wielding the power of terrifying Ion Storms, and combining units to form powerful, never-before-seen super-units.
  • Technology Makes the World Come Alive — Lose yourself in reflected sunlight and scream in sheer joy as you blow chunks off of enemy tanks, structures, and anything else you can launch a rocket at. The game world gains a new dimension and the battlefield comes to life as the atmosphere fills with smoke, fire, haze, tracers, explosions, and state-of-the-art weather effects.
  • Intuitive and Evolved Interface — A fully evolved side-bar interface allows you to completely manage your base operations while never leaving the action.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 2GHz AMD Athlon™ processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon 8500 or Nvidia GeForce 4 or higher video card
    • Hard Drive: 8GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • Other Requirements: Internet service required to access online features, Broadband modem required for 3 to 8 players and voice support
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tis the shizz-nit
Postat: 13 februarie 2014
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One of the last good Command and Conquer games. Do not get me wrong, all the story line of the Tiberium series was good up until the shocking twist in which Kane goes from terrorist cult leader to savior of himanity. This game is full of fun and challenging missions. Even easy, suprisingly, gives even a veteran CnC player like myself, who has played CnC since age 5 (12 years ago) a rough time. And for those who dont know whats in store.....your not only worrying about your factions nemesis....also to avoid spoilers, dont play skirmish or multiplayer. Heres my opinions on the game:

My Star Rating: 4.5

Good things:
1) Evolution of CnC base building and expansion
2) Adding a new foe
3) Change in difficulty
4) Referances many things in the past, including Humvees, Titans, Wolverines, TW2 and occasional TW1 buildings that litter some later battlefields.
5) Turned the commando into a faction specific unit, one being a bad ♥♥♥ demolitions expert, and other is a smoking hot red head.

Bad Things:
1) Replaced the well beloved corny and crappy acting I loved to see with professional acting.

Well worth the money!
Postat: 25 ianuarie 2014
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This is a good game, but I have noticed several things I did not like. It's not that the game is really lacking but it was less than I had expected. The maps are smaller and defensive capabilities are really limited. This is alright if you really like small maps with constant intense combat. Also considering that infantry is setup to take cover against buildings and line of sight is important the fact that formations are missing seems like an oversight. There are some things lacking from previous editions as well, for instance nod laser fences. Overall, the price is right for what you get but don't expect everything that came with C&C.
Postat: 26 februarie 2014
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Aliens? Hell yeah! Up until this game it was all about the GDI and NOD forces pitted against one another. Someone at EA thought they could just include a new race and that is what they did.

Considering EA developed this it is understandable that there were no issues with production value. The graphics at the time were top notch and once again the cutscenes have famous actors (e.g. Michael Ironside).

Finally, "building" soldiers does not happen one-by-one but instead this is now squad-based. You recruit squads and the good-old level-up feature from previous games were kept so the longer a squad survives the better it'll become. Also, upgrades are now important to add new features to the units. I liked how this was brought over from Generals.

We have a long and decent campaign with an interesting story. And this cannot be a true command and conquer game without Kane who also returns. You have some ingame database that helps you with the story-telling and entries are given once you complete sidequests within missions. Another likeable concept.

All in all, this is a decent follow-up to an already famous and successful franchise. I never liked Tiberian Sun but Tiberium Wars made me like this franchise again.
Postat: 11 martie 2014
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- Kane is a badass
- Not nearly as bad as C&C4
- Pretty good graphics considering it's from 2007 - those flame effects!
- Athena and Cameron!


- Not as good as C&C2
- Resolution doesn't go above 1280x768...really, EA?
- No amount of Kane is ever enough
Postat: 13 februarie 2014
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Command and Conquer 3 has to be one of the greatest in the series since the very first installment. If you aren't familiar with the series, pick this up. It's my all time favorite. Play as GDI, NOD, and god damn aliens. Evil god damn aliens.
Postat: 27 noiembrie 2013
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