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Release Date: Mar 25, 2014

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About This Game

Hunt with the pros!

  • Bring home bigger game faster using advice from our pros, including Wade Middleton, Jim Shockey, and Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo.
  • The most authentic hunting ballistics ever in a Cabela's® game!
  • Traverse maps 4x the size of any previous Cabela's® Big Game Hunter® game!
  • Track, scout and target your trophy animal in all new ways!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP 32-bit (with Service Pack 3)
    • Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo E2180 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Socket AM2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or AMD HD 4850 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 16-bit
    • Additional Notes: Internet connection is for Steam activation only.
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Posted: April 30
I enjoyed this game while it was working properly. Unfortunately, the game stopped launching after a certain point. Many users, including myself, have posted in various forums requesting a fix, but the devs are either unaware or don't care. I can't recommend this game until the issue is fixed, unless you consider it a rental.
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Posted: December 3, 2014
Underrated Game. Seriously.

To get into that further, ive played several Cabela Steam Games as well as "The Hunter", before i started to appreciate this one here.

Most Games in the Cabela Series look and play like complete Garbage and thats not a Secret.
"The big Game Hunter pro hunts" on the other Hand, is really a well made Game, not perfect either, but its far from the other Trash in the Series.

Compared to "The Hunter", the only disadvantage of this Game here is, that it has an older Graphics Engine and no Multiplayer Mode.

The Game starts weird with a Call of Duty-like Tutorial, and the first Ammunition type makes it hard to kill anything, but after that its a really entertaining and Time consuming Game.
You got a Campain mode, which is not really demanding and rather short, you can walk around freely, on large Maps in different Regions, shoot on everything you like, or complete some Challenges for extra Cash to buy better Equipment.

You can kill every Animal you see, with different types of Rifles and Shotguns, different kinds of Bows, Ammunition and Arrows, you can buy additional Equipment like Scrent Masks, Animal Calls, and a variety of Binoculars.

You can also track down Animals, follow blood traces of injured Animals.

It matters where you hit the Animal! A Shot into the Brain, Neck or into the Spine mean instant Death and its easy to collect the Trophy, after a double Lung Shot the Animal will only walk a few Meters further...

A non lethal Shot into the leg, the Skin, the Skull or any other Bone wont kill at all or only after a long Time.
So you have to aim carefully or you will find yourself walking for hundreds of Meters, following the blood traces of your Prey.

You also have to watch for the Wind direction. First it will affect your aiming, second the Animals can smell you and run away.

Be careful, some of the Animals, like the Wild Boar, the Moose, Black Bear or Grizzly can and will attack and kill you if you come to close!

Another neat Featue is the slow motion Bulletcam and the X-ray hit Cam, that some People might know from the "Sniper Elite" Franchise.

Last but not least, there are some Statistics, like a Global and Friend Leaderboard and the Trophy Room.

I just list the pros and contras here, for the lazy Readers:

+ First Person view ( i mention this as plus, because most of the other Cabela Games have a sluggish Third Person view.)
+ Large and well designed, really detailed Maps in different environmental Regions like Forest, Swamp, Desert and Coast.
+ Open World exploring
+ Easy Controls
+ You can hunt and kill all the Animals in the Game like Black Bears, Grizzlies, Foxes, Coyotes, Rabbits, Moose, Roosevelt Elks, Whitetail Deer, Caribous, Blacktail Deer, Pronghorns, Mule deer and several types of Birds.
+ Different Rifles and Bows to Unlock like 223 Bolt Action, 223 Semi Auto, 270 Bolt Action, 7mm Mag Bolt Action, 30-06 Semi Auto, 338 Mag Bolt Action, 12 Gauge Shotgun, Recurved Bow and Compound Bow. Also Different Types of Ammunition for each Rifle and Bow, different Gunsights.
+ Realistic Animal and Gun Sounds, fantastic ambient sounds that really give you the feeling of being "In the Wild".
+ Good Animations, nice looking Light effects and Waterreflections.
+ Slow Motion Bullet and X-ray Camera
+ Good Soundtrack
+ You can Shoot from open Ground or use different kind of "Points of Interest", like Stands, Tree stands or Blinds.

- Sometimes it happens that the Animals get stuck between Rocks, Trees or just "freeze."
- No Multiplayer
- The Graphics Engine itself looks old, textures from Leaves, Rocks or Bushes look ugly when you get too close.
- Short and boring Campain Mode, its more fun to just walk around freely.
- This is more casual while "The Hunter" is more a Simulation.

All together Cabelas Big Game Hunter Pro hunts has a lot to offer for People who like Hunting Games and for me, personally, its currently the best Hunting Game on Steam.

As mentioned above, the only reasons to play "The Hunter" instead would be the better Graphics Engine and the Multiplayer option.
For everyone who can live without that, Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts must be the first Choice, even if some of the reviews cast a bad Light on it.

I can only recommend this, even for the full price of 29,99.

PS: If you need to see a few impressions, take a look at my Screenshots here!
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Posted: December 23, 2014
The only reason I'm still playing this game.....

Really I don't know why I'm still playing, between having to buy weapons I've already owned 4+ times to seeing my cousin/brother's game crashing all the time after 30hrs of gameplay. It is truly astounding how Steam hasn't pulled this game yet. The mechanics are fun, the gameplay isn't bad. The bugs this game has and the lack of support trying to fix them make this a "DO NOT BUY" for me. I knew I should've bought Sniper Elite 3 over this game. What a waste of money/time. 50Hrs in and I'm sick of having to re-buy weapons, calls, ammo, etc etc.

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Posted: March 5
My Game NO LONGER LAUNCHES AFTER 32 HOURS OF PLAY!!! Fun Game would love to play the game that I Bought but no longer able too. I'v tried uninstalling and re installing with no luck of the game running after that. Great game when it ran properly, but now 0/10 due to unable to play game.
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Posted: January 27
This game will crash about 2/3 through and can't restart. Why does STEAM still offer the game with this problem, I think it just comes down to the money. I'm not a big gamer, but I play to relax. They should refund the money or allow you a credit to your account. Don't buy this game until they fix the problem.
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Posted: December 6, 2014
Dont Buy. 27 hrs of game time and now crashes before starting. wait for fix
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Posted: January 17
First hunting game I have ever bought. I was on the fence because of some of these reviews, but honestly about 50 hours in, most achievements completed and the game is still working fine. So here we go.

Good, not great. I run a pretty high end video card and some of the textures are blocky, shadows as well. The animal models and vegetation are quite good though. The animals movements and animations are realistic and deserve some credit.

Again good, not great. About 10 hours in I was standing in the middle of a field, no cover, no scent mask and a Blacktail walked right up to me. I shot it in the face at point blank range. The calls are a nice addition however not realistic in the sense that they always work. There seems to be a bug also that has animals freeze in the grazing posture and you can walk right up to them and shoot them. Haven't seen it alot but it has happened. Ballistics are realistic in terms of penetration, bullet drop, shot placement etc, however the game allows you to pinpoint where the bullet will hit by pressing a key.

This is the only hunting game I own, so I can't compare with others. But I thought this was a good addition that lets you work towards the gear you want/need. I found this part of the game enjoyable.

8/10. I like the game enough to recommend to other Steam users. I have had no technical issues with this game. However there is one thing that you should know. If your speakers/bluetooth devices are not plugged in (indicated in windows by the speaker near the time having a red circle with a white X) then the game will crash. Once you plug something in then it will work fine.
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Posted: April 30
I'm the last person in the world to condone real life hunting. Luckily we live in the computer age where we can play realistic simulations without actually participating in said activity. All views aside this is a really good game, and one of the best hunting sims I've ever played. Granted I've only played a few, and all of them were pretty mediocre. This one, however, manages to keep me entertained. I've only played a few hours so far, but I'm already becoming addicted. Vast open world wildernesses to explore. A variety of hunting equipment to unlock. Lots of challenges and game to kill. And my personal favorite: bullet cam with detailed vitals.

Who knows. Maybe I will become a hunter yet, heh heh. Very doubtful, but at least I can still play this awesome game.
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Posted: November 14, 2014
Probably not all that realistic, but it scratches that hunting itch y'all
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Posted: April 1
Okay game, but when I reinstalled it the game wou;dn't start. Common problem, no fix. Apparently no support, so I can't recommend buying it.
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Posted: January 24
sniper elite but hitler is now a moose
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11.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 17, 2014
This is the best Cabella to date, and you will like the new additions. However it still has a way to go, since there are too few customization and hunting options available to you. Even so, the physics are really nice and accurate, and will keep you engaged for a few hours.

Don't expect this game to last you though, since after 7-8 hours you will have unlocked the most powerful rifle, bow and shotgun. By that time hunting becomes fairly boring since there's not much else you can do with your points other than buy scopes. If there were more ammo types, more bow and gun customization, and more gear such as camping gear, traps and lures, this game would be the best hunting simulator out there.

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255.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 14
Gives errors after a while, won't start up a bit later. Re-installing won't help, deleting the progress file (look in the user directory, saved games) will work, but you have to start from scratch. Or let the game run the whole time until you finished- this is how I finally completed it.

First signals: when you reach the south-west or hunt for so many hours, you will loose some of your purchases. Funny things; like it is telling you that you have to finish the tutorial while you actually completed already 100% of the south-east twice already. Development and Steam Support ignores complaints, while the issue seems small and quickly solvable (Probably some stack overflow affecting the file that keeps track on your progress called "progress".).
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21.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 29
Fun game to relax. But after 21hours, game won't start. I have done like 95% of the zones, too bad I won't be able to finish.
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31.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
Breaks at about 30hrs, developer is not willing to fix.
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
It's one of the better hunting simulators out there. The gameplay may feel a bit repetative, but it's overall fun. It runs really well and the graphics look good even on my old PC.
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Posted: March 14
Don't be dissuaded by the Cabela's label. Despite having a reputation for cranking out titles that range from the mediocre to the absolutely repellant, this Cabela's-branded game is a solid effort.

Dressed up with pleasant visuals, alluring ambient sounds, and a godawful, thankfully muteable hunting guide, Pro Hunts is a hunting game that straddles the line between simulation and arcade, and it does this better than any other title in the (admittedly niche) genre. The good news is that even non-hunters can appreciate the thrill of stalking quarry and lining up the perfect shot, thanks to relaxed tracking mechanics and an engaging ballistics simulation element that puts even realism-based shooters to shame.

Oh, that ballistics system. I kinda feel like there's a missed opportunity here for lack of a dedicated target range or ballistics-gel dummies that one could shoot at all day long, because the intricacies of it are really just that engaging. It's by no means completely realistic, as the bullet cam never seems to take windage and deflection into account, but the elements of parabolic drop and material penetration are present and accounted for, both of which affected convincingly enough by the type of ammunition fired. The differences between the various rifles in the game, and even the different types of ammo available to each, are immediately noticeable. Hunting with a bow is supremely enjoyable too, and its own special kind of fun.

For a game built around the whole bullet cam gimmick, Sniper Elite doesn't even come close to this level of detail. In even the latest entry, the bullet cam in Sniper Elite exists only to show off a bunch of quasi-gore effects, and is ultimately superficial - where you land the shots doesn't matter in the slighest. Not so here. No way. In Pro Hunts, shot placement is absolutely paramount. Bullets may pass right through a target without hitting a single vital body part, they may harmlessly deflect off of a rib, or just get lodged in the thick hide of your quarry. If you're unlucky, an otherwise perfect shot may bore straight on through into your victim's guts, which loses you points and earns you a verbal rubuke from your guide (because, y'know, it's just not *ethical*).

You're encouraged to go for sure shots ("broadsides," from the side of the prey into the lungs and hopefully the heart, which result in a quick, more humane takedown) rather than risky trick shots (you really shouldn't try shooting through the thick skull of a boar anyway). Pulling off an ethical takedown is a thrill unlike any other. Differing from most games that put a gun in your hand and ask you to shoot things, you really *feel* like you're earning your kills here, rather than mousing over the target of the day and having the game stroke your ego with every click.

The shooting is so much fun, in fact, that I found myself starting and ending hunts over and over again just so I could shoot at the first animal to come my way. Again, it's a shame there's no included target practice mode. That alone would practically be worth the price of admission. As it stands, however, the tracking and hunting that makes up the meat of the experience (super wicked pun) is substantial enough to keep one engaged. It's not as deep, detailed, and simulation-based as theHunter, but that might not necessarily be such a bad thing depending on your tastes. Expect individual hunts to take a half an hour to an hour of real time, rather than hours and hours of it. Again, it's just simmy enough to be engaging, but not so arcadey that you feel as though the game is just handing you cheap thrills. And make no mistake, getting those perfect shots is a game within a game, and it's definitely a game worth the price of admission here.

Bought it, no regrets. It won't rock your world, but it will provide you with an itch you'll want to come back to time and time again to scratch.
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Posted: December 9, 2014
I played this game for a while and i was really pleased with it, but however i force shutdown my computer and hasnt worked since so i looked and im not the only one who this had happened to. i tried their tricks with it but it didnt work so it was a good game some said it stopped working around the 30 hr mark mine stopped at 33 hrs.
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Posted: November 22, 2014
great game. Fun without being overly simple.
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Posted: March 25, 2014
I'd like to start by saying that if you have played previous Cabela hunting games, don't be put off buying this game by those games.

I was sceptical about getting it myself, because of some of the arcadey titles that Cabela have released in the past. I was pleasantly surprised by this game though, very pleasantly surprised. It is much more of a hunting simulator this time round.

You begin by playing through the tutorial mission that is very linear and a disappointing start, but then things really start to open up.

You unlock one of the four large areas of the USA and have three different types of hunts available. One of which is an OPEN hunt. That's right. Open world hunting on a very generously sized map (one of the available 4 to begin with). You complete all of the PRO hunts (one of the other types) to unlock the other areas of the USA.

You earn gear credits by hunting and there is a great selection of weapons and equipment.

You can view your best trophies in a trophy viewing area with shot information etc.

Bullet time with exact information about your shot and where you hit the animal (vital hits, deflection off ribs, shoulder blades etc. etc.)

At least 10 different big game animals to hunt as well as many other smaller animals e.g. rabbits, wolves, foxes etc.

I've only played for about 30 minutes so far, but this is already proving to be a great game for the price.

Thank you Cabela for a great hunting experience this time round!

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