**FATE: The Traitor Soul is now live on Steam!** Play (or Re-play) This Classic Dungeon Crawler! During the golden days of action RPGs, FATE was a powerhouse, winning runner-up for PC Magazine’s Role-Playing Game of the year. Popular enough to spawn 3 sequels, this was one of the premier dungeon crawlers of its time.
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發售日: 2005 年 05 月 18 日




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**FATE: The Traitor Soul is now live on Steam!**

Play (or Re-play) This Classic Dungeon Crawler!

During the golden days of action RPGs, FATE was a powerhouse, winning runner-up for PC Magazine’s Role-Playing Game of the year. Popular enough to spawn 3 sequels, this was one of the premier dungeon crawlers of its time. Now is your chance to enter the legendary town of Grove and experience the original for yourself!

Hello, traveler. Journey to the outskirts, where the Old Wood meets the Dungeon Gate. Battle vicious creatures, collect unique weaponry, learn powerful spells and glory will be yours.
Rise and test your worth! Step forward and determine Your FATE!

  • NEW Steam Trading Cards – Fans of old (and fans of new) can enjoy this never-before-seen art!
  • NEW Steam Badges – 6 levels for you to collect, hoard and show off.
  • NEW Steam Emoticons – Oh, you’re old school all right, throw a little FATE into your chat to prove it.
  • NEW Profile Backgrounds – FATE up your profile with these beautiful works of art made especially for Steam players.
  • Gameplay – It’s quick, immersive and classic.
  • Procedurally generated levels – Explore limitless caverns, dungeons, mines and tunnels. What will you find?
  • Economy - Buy and sell items… or try your luck with shopkeeper!
  • Pet - Choose a dog or cat and evolve it into more and more powerful creatures. Rawr.
  • Street Cred – Up your gamer street cred by playing this classic game and show those hipsters what for!


    • OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 800 MHz PC or Better
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 16 MB 3D Graphics Accelerator
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
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張貼於:05 月 24 日
FATE is really good, particularly for a decade-old game. The graphics are simple, but cute and colorful. The music's cheerful. And the gameplay is a simple concept that really keeps you engaged. In my case, this definitely isn't nostalgia speaking, and I'm not looking at it through the rose-colored lenses of my childhood. I never played it, or any others in the series, until recently. And it's kind of impressive just how well this game has held up over time.

The game's premise, borrowed liberally from the original Diablo, is a basic dungeon-crawler RPG. Each level of the dungeon is randomly generated and filled with items and monsters. Villagers in town will give you quests tied to specific levels, and you journey in and out of the dungeon as you complete your tasks. You can only take three quests at a time, and it's up to you whether you take the maximum on every level and explore every corridor, or rush through on your way to the final boss.

As you complete quests and hack and slash your way through the dungeon's monsters, you gain experience, and leveling up allows you to increase your skills and stats in specific areas. Looting dungeons gives you gold and items, and there are also several vendors in town who can sell you items, or perform various services. You can also earn money (and find rare items) by catching fish in the fishing holes found throughout the game.

Got too much stuff to carry around in the dungeon? No problem. You'll have a pet, an un-killable companion that can also ferry your junk to town in exchange for gold. Your pet can also help fight enemies, but it will flee if its health gets too low and be no use in the fight. If the basic cat or dog isn't powerful enough, you can feed your pet fish in order to transform them into different monsters found in the game. If this sounds an awful lot like Torchlight, it's pretty evident that FATE was a huge influence on that game.

There is a main story quest that is basically just a harder boss on some random level close to lvl 50. Since the levels are generated randomly, you could just keep playing by continuing down for thousands of levels. Even without the practically unending dungeon, randomly generated levels and a pretty big combination of skills and gear gives FATE almost infinite replayability. This is actually featured in the game well, since finishing the main quest allows you to create a "descendant" character. This new character can keep one "heirloom" item but begin his or her own adventure. It's especially cool that you can also import characters from FATE into the sequels as well, heirlooms and all.

As an RPG, FATE is not terribly deep. But it is a lot of fun, and it's a great – if somewhat casual – way to blow off steam while crawling through maze-like dungeons and blasting or slashing your way through colorful mobs of creatures.

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張貼於:05 月 22 日
I would like to thank steam, again for giving me my childhood memories back.
This game was beautiful when I was 8, 10 years later, its still beautiful.
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張貼於:09 月 10 日
Isometric action-RPG dungeon crawler. A bridge between Diablo and Torchlight. Everything we have in the Torchlight we have because of this smooth project... And Fate itself is based mostly on the Diablo Hellfire best patterns.

If you're familiar with the Torchlight (and I guess you are), then you'll know everything the Fate got from the first sight.
Cartoon-styled graphics. Mild music, yet reminiscent to Matt Uelmen tracks. Very basic RPG elements but rich grinding system, making you constantly looking for more power-ups and new guns, which will be bigger and brighter... And many-many randomly generated levels (over 2 millions, and that's not a joke). Basically, you can keep playing in the Fate year by year and still be far from its depth (that's what Diablo 3 is only dreaming to be).

Comparing FATE to all other "Diablo killers" and especially Diablo 3 itself may not be the best idea, though. While generally all those games, would that be the Diablo itself, Titan quest, Sacred (etc.) - have some story on the plate, you can't say same thing about FATE. It is so randomly genarated, that even the main quest is not stable, and will be procedurally generated and different for any player. You'll not get any background there but only the very basic: you have a town with some folks, half of them will be traders or item randomizers, while other half will be sending you on some irrelevant quests. And all the quests in the game will be like "reach the level X and kill the monster Z" or "Bring me an item Y from level X".

Now, the main question: should you buy it? Yes.

Point one: it is good for any dungeon crawler fan. Hardly FATE can take your heart now, with all new titles like Van Helsing or Bastion (or dozens of others), but still it provides a very solid gameplay. A lot of challenge awaits!
Point two: even if you are not so deep in dungeon crawlers, but making numbers on Steam (would that be score of games in possession or achievement statistics, or both) - it is a good buy (especially with discount, of course). To make a gold on achievements, you'll probably need less than 5-6 hours.
Finally, this game has very high valued cards, so you have a good chance to buy the game and even make some money back on top of it!

Overall, it's not a hit or something you can't live without, but it's a very good pick. My mark 7.5/10
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張貼於:09 月 16 日
This is personally one my favorite games of all time.
Fighting mechanics are great and summoning minions is actually very helpful unlike some games.
The designs for each floor and the enemies were all worked on very well (for the time) plus the endless gameplay is actually endless, but very difficult.
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張貼於:05 月 17 日
Simply a classic!!
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