Murchison 2 is a merging of the original Narrow Gauge Murchison logging layout with an extensive Standard Gauge rail network. By incorporating landscape based on actual New Zealand electronic map data with specially developed Nature Series sets (animated waterfalls, river splines, textures, cliff splines, rail ledge splines, rock...
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发行日期: 2010年10月22日


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Murchison 2 is a merging of the original Narrow Gauge Murchison logging layout with an extensive Standard Gauge rail network.

By incorporating landscape based on actual New Zealand electronic map data with specially developed Nature Series sets (animated waterfalls, river splines, textures, cliff splines, rail ledge splines, rock splines), Murchison 2 takes Trainz to a new level of realism. The result is a photo-realistic colonial layout, set in the steam/diesel transition era, that users can submerge themselves in for a complete interactive rail experience.

Whether a steam-era NG enthusiast, or solely interested in SG steam or diesel operation, the 440 board Murchison 2 layout contains a huge variety of interactive and inter-related industries for operational pleasure that will keep the train enthusiast immersed for 100's of hours of interactive operation.

Key features:

The Murchison 2 pack includes the full NATURE SERIES pack of TRAINZ add-ons. These are used extensively in the Murchison layout and are also available for use in your own layout building (to add that extra level of photo realism).
  • Waterfalls - 40 different animated waterfalls with built-in sound
  • River splines - 188 river splines from pre-built full rivers splines to river sides for assembling you own unique rivers
  • Textures - 200 textures from the Lord of the Rings country
  • Cliff splines - 390 3D textured cliff splines from arid country to mountain cliffs including rail cuttings
  • Rail Ledge Splines - 408 3D textured rail ledges for creating those unique river gorge and hill country rail effects
  • Rock splines - 80 3D rock splines.

Layout Specs:

  • 2 years and 3500 hrs in the building
  • 440 boards of spectacular 3D terrain incorporating the NATURE SERIES 1 & 2 sets
  • Extensive SG and NG inter-related and interactive industries
  • Set in rural pioneer country
  • Country towns and rail yards
  • Steep hills and spectacular high-county, ravines, gully's and Fiords
  • Fully signaled with Coloured Light Main line signals and Semaphore Branch line signals
  • Breath-taking realism
  • Continually changing landscape and terrain
  • Comes with 28 sessions for quick familiarization
  • Operational rail ferries - load and move rail ferries between ports
  • Operational River Steamer - navigate the interactive river lock
  • Operational aerial flight - explore aboard the helicopter
  • 100's of hrs of operational pleasure


  • 190 km (120 miles) of scenic SG mainline and branch lines
  • 55 km (34 miles) of NG logging and mining lines
  • 175 km (110 miles) of aerial helicopter route
  • 100 km (63 miles) of Ocean / River ship routes


    • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium D 3.4GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia Geforce 7200/128MB or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2GB Free Hard Disk Space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
    • Other Requirements: Internet connection required for access to the download station
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To me this is supposed to be a dumbed down version of TS2012.
No building and just less.
So a intro to trains, all the fun but no work, except ...

I don't find this a fun game.
You move a slow moving train up and down preset tracks.
It's a job to play this game, which is not fun to me.

If you get this really really cheap try it out, if you have to pay more than $3 ... just pass at it.
If you have a choice between TS2012 & this, get TS2012.
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i dont recommend this becuz you only get to drive trainand go into the railyard and no serveyor (building stuff)
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Got this cheaply from a bundle and was not at first impressed at all. after awhile the simulation part starts to show and you go deeper and it starts to look much better.

This particular game is however basicaly 'trainz lite' due to non-functional save game. If you can keep the PC on at long times then no problem using this game. This game managed to hook me pretty well quite quickly even without save: there just is something in it trying to manage a huge freight train, or trying to keep up with timetables when you move passengers. Steam or electic trains for choice, Simple toy train DCC controls or realistic CAB control modes spice up the experience well.

Things go sour if you really must have save and dont have any other trainz game that saves sessions properly like Trainz 12.
I'll be playing that game now. Working save. Better content and proper tutorials that this game lacks.

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Absolutely Great, and everything I used worked just as it should. Even sounds and actions were co-ordinated, more than I can say for Rail Simulator 2013! Pity about lack of instructions though, but that is common in all these simulator games. Lucky I have crystal balls.
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Trainz: Murchison 2 is not a very good game. Problematic UI and lack of content are only some issues with this unoptimized mess of a game. It's good to acknowledge this is only a standalone expansion though so it explains the lack of content. If you're looking for fun, you won't get it from Trainz: Murchison 2, you can crash the trains but it doesn't do much. As for it being a train simulator, it still isn't the best option for the genre I think, though I'm not an expert. But I'd definitely say look elsewhere to spend your money unless you know the train simulator stuff and already are in love with this game type. If in doubt, don't buy this.
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This is great for the new player to Trainz, If you have Trainz 12 you should get this. its may be more expensive, but it is still better then most simulators I've seen. The instructions arn't that great, but the're understanable.
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recently purchased this game, it could and should be good, plenty of interesting content but it wont save part way through an session , also only 25 of the 58 sessions are accessible .

currently trying to get some sense out of the publishers support team .
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not all the sessions included are playable :( DO NOT BUY
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Meh, got this game on one of those indie bundles... it's not very fun, nor does it look very good... maybe I'm just not into hardcore train simulators... but yeh, I can't give it a good recommendation. :P
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Can SOMEBODY here tell me WHY surveyor for this game is NOT working? It has so many locomotives I~I mean WE love and they don't let us make our own railroads to make the game bigger? What a rip-off '_'... AND THE ROUTES ARE TOO LONG naw just kidding.
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Warming!: I'm reviewing this through Trainz 2009 as I mounted it onto it.

Murchison 2 is a great addon to a base.. as a standalone its pretty ♥♥♥♥ so I would recommend having Trainz 2009/2010 to mount this onto for some real enjoyment.

Thas it basically. It has a ♥♥♥♥ ton of NG and SG from SP to New Zeland and so on, and I would highly recommend to someone who enjoying NG to SG work.
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i changed my mind i love this game its awsome and fun
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The old and still playable train simulator. If you are looking for cheap train simulator, buy that! You will be happy.
It doesn't look like the Train Simulator 2015, but it's still classic and playable game! Just check it, if you dont believe me.
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What a fantastic set this is, nice landscape, track, trains, and industies for loading and unloading stuff.
The man who made this should be knighted by the queen for his work. ;)
Also works with the newer ts12 3d engine for even better and smoother look. Its a steal at 7 euro as you can use all the assets in your own routes too. Before i bought it I was hessitant because of all the bad revieuw this got but its great its the modeltrain track you always dreamt of as a kid only virtual so it gathers no dust and doesnt need an extra room in your house.
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This is epic! I would DEFINETLY recommend people to get it especially if theyre gonna add this pack to TS12 since TS12 comes with only 3 steam engines ( not including DLC ). Plus I think if you want to do a machinima kind of thing its map would be great for that! Oh yay another thing, this pack comes with ALOT of steam and a few dieasle locos.
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i tried to kill people and crash trains for almost an hour before giving up
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