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Raise demons and spawn unholy weapons of war as a powerful Necromancer with an insatiable blood lust. Customize your minions to your liking and perfect your ideal "monster loadout." Tear your enemies limb from limb and harvest their corpses to strengthen your dark magics.
Release Date: May 2
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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“Nekro is a fully-functional game currently in Beta. We worked very hard to make Nekro a polished and solid experience, however bugs and unfinished features are to be expected. We encourage you to participate in Nekro’s open Beta if you are aware that the game is not finished. While the game is feature complete, it is currently lacking end-game content.

Early Access means giving you, the player, a chance to involve yourself in the production of Nekro. Currently, the game has 8 playable levels and lots of room for replayability through different builds and customization. Come join our community and share the experience of developing Nekro with us!

-darkForge Team”
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Patch Now Live!

August 26

Patch is now live. We've been listening to all of your feedback on the Steam Forums, and we're trying to address all issues. This patch is a 'functional patch' - it addresses many issues with useability and convenience and is more or less a set up for the big next patch, 0.8, which will be a massive introduction to new mechanics and units. Patch Notes

  • TRINKETS ARE TEMPORARILY DISABLED! - We are completely overhauling how trinkets work in the game and will be back next patch. Please bear with us.

  • Summoning a Pumpkin or Skeleton no longer costs a Scourge, instead one is generated for the purpose.

  • Corpse blood count is now displayed on mouse tooltip rollovers.

  • Removed cooldowns on summons at start of a level so an army can be summoned faster.

  • Hammers no longer stun, rather they do damage and knockback.

  • Confirmation menu added to 'New Game' to avoid accidental save deletes.

  • Nekro cannot be killed while 'slow mo' camera is in effect.

  • Mayor and Priest Achievements proc on level complete, not at the end of the campaign.

  • All mouse buttons are now bindable.

  • The UI can be scaled. (Find the option on the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.)

  • Adjusted AI so that enemies don't use their special attacks (hammer, trap, etc.) when they first enter combat. They will now use the special attack randomly, making the attacks much more staggered.

  • Camera controls are now bound by default to the Right Mouse Button. This will make camera control much easier. Alt-Fire is now bound to 'E' by default. (You can rebind any of these controls in the options menu.)

  • Added summon control groups: Summons can now be controlled by type using the F-Keys. Check the key bind menu for controls.

  • Summons will now wait where you tell them to go, essentially guarding an area. If the Nekro walks too far away they will return to following the Nekro. Summons can be told to follow again by giving them a move-command near the Nekro. This functionality works with the new F-Key control groups.

  • --------------------------------------

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give feedback. We are listening, and this is just the first step. The next patch will start to completely overhaul the weak parts of the game. Here's a small preview of what you can look forward to over the next few months:

  • Environmental Summon Overhaul - Environmental summons will be a huge part of the game. Everything from demon bees to rabid mushrooms, the Nekro will have unholy warriors to call upon at every turn!

  • Minion Specializations - Each unit will have a specalization they can employ at any time, allowing your army to take on whatever role you need it to!

  • Trinket Overhaul - (Next Patch) Trinkets are extremely cumberson, and many people forget to use them entirely. They will be taking more of a 'powerup' role in the game, where picking them up has an instant effect.

  • Nekro Overhaul - Each Nekro will unlock special attacks that can be equipped, allowing the Nekro to grow in power as the game progresses!

  • New Units - Look forward to the Hell Boar, Crust King, Templar, Berzerker and Pirate Ghost (or is it Ghost Pirate?) making an appearance!

  • New Levels - We'll be adding new basic maps such as Holdout maps, and more dynamic maps such as a map where the player seizes control of a pirate ship and must use Undead Pirate Ghosts to hold control of it!

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Next Patch Coming Soon!

July 26

Good afternoon everyone!

We've been holding back our latest update for a few reasons, and are ready to talk about them publicly.

Firstly, we've been taking a break. As a very small team all of us have been working extremely hard for two years now, some of us longer. We needed a bit of a breather but now we're refreshed and ready to keep going. This means more regular content updates!

Secondly, we were figuring out the direction for the remainder of the game. We knew a lot of our plans were going to change once we started to get Early Access feedback for the game. How many levels do we want, what features are important, and what can we put on the cutting board were all questions we were rolling around. We finally have a direction ironed out now that we heard from y'all what things are most important. Here's our list of improvements coming down the line for the next few months.

*Please note, as always, none of these things are final. These plans are subject to change for any reason.*

1) Multiplayer. We recognize this is the weakest aspect of the game. We are going to be working very hard to make the co-op experience feel complete and satisfying. This, however, will not being coming out soon as it will require a huge amount of work. We think it important to work on other features first.

2) Summon Specialization. We love that you can customize your army, but we wanted to extend the depth of this customization. Also, we recognize players can get 'trapped' into builds they don't necessarily enjoy. While we don't want to allow a complete respec of all summons we plan to allow switching of summon dynamics with a new summon specialization system.

What this means is that each summon with come in three flavors, standard (the ones you are using now) and two specialized versions of the standard summon. For example, the Punge will be broken up into a Standard Punge, a Vomit Specialization, and a Armor Specialization. The vomit spec will change the punge to more of a DPS unit, where as the Armor spec will make the punge do less damage, but hold agro much better. In addition to these specs, you will be able to upgrade your units with generic upgrades such as more health, attack speed, and damage. This will allow for an exponentially higher number of combos you can get with all units and vastly expand the customizability of the summons.

3) Environmental Summons. Pumpkins and Skeletons are really fun. We want more of them. We will be putting a higher focus on 'ABS' - Always Be Summoning. Giving players constant environmental summons to call to their aid can be a huge proponent of the fighting system and add a lot of dynamics to fights that are absent currently.

In addition here's what we have planned coming out in the next few patches:

  • Camera Fixes; the current system is a bit cumbersome and can use some love.
  • Achievements proc the second you earn them and don't wait until the end of the game.
  • Bindable mouse buttons.
  • Specific summon commands - the ability to command only a specific unit type for greater summon control.
  • Staggered attack timings - all units won't blow their special attack when they first enter combat.
  • Nekro can't take damage during the 'kill cam' to avoid accidental deaths.
  • The Airbane is getting a complete rework on how he fires and spawns.
  • Corpses will display how much blood they hold.
  • Health Bars.
  • Complete Shade rework.
  • New Units: Crust King, Templar, and Hell Boar.
  • New levels, including the new level type - Holdout.

That's it for now! Look for our next patch addressing many of these issues coming soon! Thanks for the support everyone and keep the feedback coming! :)

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About the Game

A legion of twisted abominations await your command in Nekro. Revel in the slaughter of the King's corrupted lackeys as you uncover the sinister history of your creation. Manipulate the flesh and souls of those who have passed beyond the veil. Use the sins of the fallen to unlock new summons and customize their skills in an ongoing battle of supremacy between the Undying Legions and The Order. Further tailor your experience by equipping various Powersets unlocking powerful new Nekro abilities with which to conquer foes.

Invite your friends to lay waste beside you over internet or LAN. Play as a powerful support character, The Evil and wield devastating psionic attacks. As your chosen ally progresses along side you they will unlock new abilities gaining both power and utility!

Collector's Edition

Digital Art Book: Delve into the colorful and creepy world of Nekro with the Digital Art Book. Enjoy a full book packed to the brim with high-quality HD character concepts and renders.

Soundtrack: Take home Nekro’s high quality soundtrack featuring over 10 blood-pumping tracks hand crafted specifically for the game.

Key Features

  • 3+ Upgradable Nekromancers: Choose between powerful Nekro specializations!
  • 13+ Unlockable Summons: Customize minions and create the perfect demonic army!
  • 40+ Unlockable Skills: Harvest corpses to strengthen your unholy followers!
  • 20+ Game-Changing Trinkets: Strike down your foes and take from them everything they ever possessed!
  • 8+ Levels to Explore and Dominate:Watch as limbs snap, blood permanently stains the battlefield and bodies explode with Nekro's unique Chaos System!
  • 3 Factions to conquer or enslave:Turn the environment against your enemy by manipulating mundane objects into your twisted necrotic creations!
  • Steam Enabled: Unlockable Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Emoticons, and Rewards!
  • Original Soundtrack: Over 12 blood-pumping music tracks!

Development Roadmap:

We will be constantly updating Nekro with new levels to explore and characters to unlock. Here are a few of the planned key features that are currently being worked on and can be expected in the final release:

  • New Nekromancers!
  • More Summons!
  • More Multiplayer Characters!
  • A Crap Ton of Trinkets to Collect!
  • Dozens of Beautiful, Uniquely Themed Levels to Explore!
  • Massive Boss Fights!
  • Battle-Changing Traps and Environmental Hazards!

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Follow us on Twitter! www.twitter.com/darkForge_Games

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 400 or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Quad Core 2.3 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 400 or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or Later
    • Processor: Dual Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 400 or Equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or Later
    • Processor: Quad Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 400 of Equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Linux System Requirements

    • Processor: Dual Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 400 or Equivalent
    • Processor: Quad Core 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 400 of Equivalent
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Early Access Review
Nekro is by far one of the most well built early access games so far. At 15 USD, I think it's worth a look into if you're looking for a fast paced fun little game. The game looks absolutely wonderful and whatever content they've published is so far very well done.

Now I saw this title in the Strategy tab so my opinions maybe coming from a different angle. I feel as though there isn't say too much depth in the actual strategy portion. From the screenshots it looks as though you play from a short of an RTS view however, in game it is much more a like to the overlord series. From the bottom of your screen you have a list of summons, AKA spells and actual summons. You use the spells as you might imagine and you plop down your minions using blood a reasource harvested from the enemy units. From what I've played, you can only issue very general orders to your minions, you can order them to attack and thats about it. I suppose there's some depth in the fact that you can say chain your minions and your own ablities. Playing as the support/healer caster type, I issue an attack or rather swarm order to my troops then throw down a healing potion at the enemy greatly enhancing the effect.

In the RPG vain, again the game is fairly simple at the time being. At the start of your campaign you lock into one of the currently three hero classes for the rest of the campaign. You can upgrade simple portions of your class such as the amount of damage, health and reasource caps after each mission. You can also gain item recipies which will allow you to equip some interesting items which can be used once per mission to great effect. I was a little dissappointed by the unit selection though. Over the course of missions you gain the oppritunity to unlock new minions, often there is a choice between two mutally exclusive types. However after about five missions into the game you start to run out of choices. The game doesn't seem to have the later minions done, so once you finish the first two branches the choice portion dissappears.

For an first hand look check out my video below!
Check out my channel too!
Posted: May 2
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22 of 29 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Early Access Review
Woah, just woah. This game is so much fun, truly a necromancers dream game.
Ranging from excellent soundtrack and artstyle, well made gameplay mechanics revolving around
consuming corpses to fill your blood amount to use for summoning spells and demonic beings.

This is a well made game even for being ''Early access' i recomend you to buy it and have a good time :)
Posted: May 4
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15 of 18 people (83%) found this review helpful
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97 reviews
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Early Access Review
Pretty good game being a early access game !! If you like the Overlord games im sure you will love this one! It has good gfx and decent controls.Not much that i can see as a Strat game myself but its a fun little Action game :) I say give this one a shot . FOR YOU MASTER!! :P
Posted: June 3
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
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1 review
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Early Access Review
Choose a hero, summon some duds and wreak havoc amond the populace. So far the combat is a simple set-up, I hope/expect it to mature a little bit as it moves into a full release. If you like commanding summons while you walk amongst them and dish out some pain yourself, then this will work for you. But the gameplay, so far, is repetitive.

Good voice acting, artwork, and fun idea.
Posted: May 31
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
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Early Access Review
Nekro is a very polished action/strategy game. For being an early access indie game, it has surprisingly great production value, and it looks, sounds and plays excellently. You can (for now) choose from three different classes to start as and can allocate points into new abilities from there, allowing many different builds.

My biggest problem is the difficulty. The first level or two start off simple enough, but the game gets hard, fast. Any other game and I would've assumed I picked 'Very Hard' by accident. This game, especially if you don't allocate your skills appropriately, can be overly difficult, to the point of great frustration. I can't recall the number of times I launched a grenade at enemies from afar only for them to ignore all of my minions and dash straight at me and overwhelm me. It takes some practice and some luck, but the game could probably use a slight difficulty adjustment, or at least a more gradual difficulty curve.

Still, it's a very entertaining early access game that's already worth playing.
Posted: June 11
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