Spiele deine Lieblings-Charaktere aus dem 4. TRANSFORMERS-Film und den Cybertron-Universen!
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Veröffentlichung: 24. Juni 2014

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Neuer DLC verfügbar

Vernichte deine Feinde mit diesem kombinierten Waffen- und Charakter-Pack.

Skywarp: Er war nie an Macht oder Eroberung interessiert, sondern nur am Streben nach Wissen. Er schloss sich den Decepticons an, um mächtige Waffen und experimentelle Systeme für den Kampf zu entwickeln.

Thundercracker: Ein Decepticon-Seeker: Ein Meister der Flugkunst und des Luftkampfs. Er lief gemeinsam mit Starscream und Skywarp zu den Decepticons über und dient nun Megatron.

Stinger: Ein stiller, geheimnisvoller Bot. Seine Ziele sind unklar, aber sein Können im Kampf ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Vielleicht steckt mehr hinter Stinger als der erste Blick vermuten lässt.

Glasgaskanone: Erzeugt mitten in der Luft ein Störfeld, das Gegner festhält und wehrlos macht, bevor sie mit voller Wucht auf den Boden geschleudert werden.

Elektrobolzengewehr: Verschießt tödliche harpunenartige Geschosse. Die kinetische Energie der Geschosse wirft Gegner beim Aufprall zurück und kann sie sogar an Wänden festnageln.

Über dieses Spiel

Reise in der Rolle deiner Lieblings-Charaktere aus "TRANSFORMERS: Ära des Untergangs" und den Cybertron-Universen durch Raum und Zeit!

  • Enthält mehr als 40 spielbare Charaktere aus zwei unterschiedlichen Universen
  • Wechsle jederzeit die Form: Müheloser Wechsel zwischen Roboter- und Fahrzeugform
  • Mehr als im Film - kämpfe dich in einer unvergesslichen Schlacht um den Dunkelspark durch Erd- und Cybertron-Universen
  • Epische Mehrspieler-Kämpfe: Erweiterter 4-Spieler-Koop-Online-Eskalationsmodus mit neuen verbesserbaren Verteidigungen und herausfordernden starken Gegnern
  • Neues Freischaltsystem: Das Freischaltsystem umfasst Kampagne und Eskalation, sodass Spieler Belohnungen freischalten können, die ihrem Fortschritt in beiden Modi dienlich sind.


    • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB RAM or ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Broadband connection and service required for Multiplayer Connectivity. Internet connection required for activation.
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21.4 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15. Februar
Das Spiel ist gut schade das es nur den Eskalation Moudus hat wenn ging könnte man einen Multiplayer part noch machen aber sonst ist da alles gut
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Verfasst: 6. Oktober 2014
I'm a huge fan of Transformers and this game was just a great failure! Really!?! After those great games WfC and Foc(War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron) we get this. The campaing sucks and WE HAVE NO MULTIPLAYER! Only escalation(it's the only good thing in the game). No new weapons, just 5 new characters who are from Bayformers... and if I remember right 8 maps to escalation mode where players fight together agains 15 waves of enemies. Thats it. SPOILER WARNING!!! The campaing start in cyberton and the transformers are looking for the mysterious dark spark. After many of boring levels(the leveld don't even fit to FoC storyline) we get to earth AND THE BAYFORMERS UNIVERSE! After great story in the other games before this stupid game, the makers of the game decide to kill everyone! Well Optimus, Bumblebee and Drift are alive... but everyone else is DEAD. No Unicron, no continuing the old story, just combaining Bay's movies and the old good games. The story really SUCKS. There is still some new things: You can level up your character in campaing and escalation(it doesn't effect the game anyway) to level 25, and then you can activate "Prime mode". It means that you have level your character again to level 25 and unlock all characters and weapons again. What is the point in it? And from like achievements and completing waves in escalation you get gearboxes. When you open those boxes you get new weapons, characters, abilities, and upgrades. First its fun, but after a while it will be very boring! You get like 100 gearboxes in 2 minutes! Well not really that much, but I think you get it. The graphics are the same they were in FoC, and controls too. Buy this only If you are a big fan of Transformers. I'm so disappointed to this game... maybe next time we get a better one? :) This was my first review in Steam, I hope it helped you. I give this game 3/10. Sorry Edge of Reality, High Moon Studios just makes better Transformers games.
UPDATE!!! I was wrong about the story(I went to wiki to check it). The Dark Spark just appeared in the movie universe. But, the story is still very bad. :(
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Verfasst: 26. September 2014
With High Moon butchered and sent off to make Call of Duty ports for the rest of eternity (hereby referred to as The Activision Purgatory), Rise of the Dark Spark is a game built over the grave of the phenomenal "Cybertron" series of games, by new developer Edge of Reality, the studio that bought you... err, The Incredible Hulk. And the console port of Dragon Age: Origins. With a pedigree like that, what could go wrong.

Technically, there's everything in this that made War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron work - appealing third-person shooting, familiar faces and voices from the G1 Transformers cartoon, and gimmicks hooked in from the Transformers universe that are, admittedly, as compelling as they have been, if nowhere near as fresh. It's deprived of a soul, though.

It's a product, built and manufactured with devious precision, from the inclusion of the Michael Bay film universe to satiate marketing drive, to scenarios that seem to be outright ripped from prior games. Very few new things happen in this game, instead opting to be some kind of weird, bad DLC for Fall of Cybertron, only selling at full-price, as a tie-in to a often-derided Transformers universe, at least by fans (the same fans that made the High Moon games successful). It's an insult, albeit a perfectly playable one, with a confusing plot, bored actors, tried-and-true gameplay that has nontheless run its course and has been sucked of all joy. Also, it is really ugly. Ech.

No-one deserved this. High Moon especially, their legacy trampled on as they scream silently in The Activision Purgatory. Rise of the Dark Spark, bafflingly, takes two of the most intensely passionate games of the last decade and turns it into the definition of "shovelware". I could recommend it to people who really, REALLY want to play more of Fall of Cybertron but much, MUCH worse - and if that sounds like it could be fun to you, well, bully t'you, but it's not exactly my idea of a good time, and I don't doubt most would agree with me.
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7.7 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 1. November 2014
My least favorite part of TF2 is dealing with enemy snipers from halfway across the map while running around as the slow heavy weapons guy.

In this game the snipers are very small, hard to see, FLYING, aimbot-accurate, high dps, hitscan monsters that kill you in waves before you can even see them. Your character can't aim straight up so enjoy being griefed by these hovering jerkoffs you can't aim at.

Allied AI enjoy falling on their backs without killing any enemies then expect me to pick them, rendering myself prone to being instantly killed.

There seems to be no connection to this game and its prequel, no explanation of how we got where we are from where either of the last two games ended. I guess they were in a hurry to connect these games to the Michael Bay movies and cash in on the movie tie in.

There's a poorly executed weapon upgrade system that's only good for eating my time away and shattering my immersion.

Dialouge and characterization is solid, hilarious, and memorable.

There were so many impressive moments in Fall of Cybertron, it's sad to see this game sink so hard.


I powered through the game since my review. The difficulty spike seems to have been specific to that one early level as I never died once after that point. However, the game is still the weakest of the three with far fewer memorable, powerful, moving moments.

The weapon upgrade system and uncrating system ate up a frustrating amount of my time, whoever greenlit the idea of having me sit down and wait on my thumb for thirty chests to open in a row needs to be slapped in the face.

I hear the studio responsible for these trio of games actually shut down, no doubt in response to this game's lackluster performance. To be honest though the first two magnificent games don't get nearly enough attention for how enormously they exceeded my expectations. Even fall of cyberton by itself is worth playing, just ignore that this exists eight hour long game exists since it does virtually nothing you don't get in the superior prequel.
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20.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Oktober 2014
Terrible game, the multiplayer was great, but the story was absolutley horrifiyingly terrible
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7.6 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17. November 2014
The developers of this should not make video games. The ai is crap. The story is crap. Everything feels awkward. You get boxes after you beat enough enemies, and what they contain is random, which does not make sense. Vehicle mode is OP most of the time. Characters are less unique then before. There is no PVP. There is only escalation. The thing that I dislike the most is how the developers tried to rewrite what happened in WfC and FoC. How many new characters are there? About 6. Everything else is taken from the last 2 games. Grimlock has the same animations for both Cybertron and Earth modes. The game crashes when I try to pick anything up as Grimlock
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26 von 45 Personen (58%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
7.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28. Oktober 2014
I'm a huge fan of Transformers and this game was just a huge failure! After those great games WfC and Foc(War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron) we get this. The campaing sucks and WE HAVE NO MULTIPLAYER! Only escalation(it's the only good thing in the game). But still you get next to not even a new thing in the game and how everything is put together is terrible. If you like me and loved the past games don't buy. not even worth it on a 50% sale! This game mad me sad really sad. don't buy it!
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5.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21. Februar
The story is decent, it gets kind of confusing at parts and was a little difficult to keep straight. The gameplay was very similar to the previous games in the series which is good. There were a few bugs with the game but overall an enjoyable experience.

There are some new mechanics with the power-ups and the weapons. You no longer buy them with the money that you get from killing people, you unlock weapons by killing a certain number of enemies and get locked boxes that have a large variety of items in them. You can unlock characters for the mulitplayer this way and get other assorted items. The extra items are "hacks" which can basically be challenges (like you dont regenerate shields) but they all have bonuses and an addition extra experience bonus. It is quite different in this regard from the other two games in the series, but this is about the only way it is different (which is a good thing).

The most annoying things about the game are that it only lasted 5 hours for a $50 game, the audio was not balanced at all, and that the interface almost always only displays the buttons for console controllers instead of keyboards even though there isn't one plugged in.

The best thing about the game is the variety of characters you get to play and interact with.

Story:------------ 7/10
Gameplay:------- 8/10
Completion time: 5/10
Overall:---------- 6/10

I recommend this game only if it is cheaper than the initial $49 tag and if you enjoyed the other games in the series.
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8.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29. Juni 2014
-viele spielbare Charaktere
-neues Freischaltsystem
-neue features in Eskalationsmodus

-eintönige und verbuggte Story
-Alle animationen und Waffen aus Fall of Cybertron übernommen!!!
-langweilige Bosskämpfe
-lebloses Level design
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18.5 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18. August 2014
Als Fan des Transformers-Franchise freute ich mich, als Rise of the Drak Spark von Activison angekündigt wurde. Auch wenn die Spiele-Reihe hauptsächlich durch Activison in den Dreck gezogen wurde, so waren doch zwei Spiele die eine Ausnahme, an den kein Transformers-Fan einen Bogen machen konnte: Kampf um Cybertron und Untergang von Cybertron. Zwar waren sie vom Prinzip her nur grundsolide Third-Person-Shooter, aber boten dafür die sehr gute Inszenierte Geschichte über Cybertrons Schicksal. Darüber hinaus noch ein Koop-Modus in KuC und eine spaßigen Multiplayer-Modus. Den vorallem UvC bot mit der Möglichkeit, aus den Teilen der einzelnen Transformers einen eigenen zu kreieren,unzählige Möglichkeiten (die DLCs lass ich aussen vor).Dementsprechend waren die Erwartungen hoch,zumindest bei mir.Ob Rise of the Drak Spark genauso gut ist oder sogar noch besser ist,werde ich euch nun zeigen,


Die ganze Story dreht sich um den Dark Spark, das Gegenstück der Matrix of the Leadership (Anführermatrix).In insgesamt 14 Kapitel versuchen wir,den Dark Spark zu Megatron zu bringen (auf der Seite der Decepticons),oder versuchen ihn wieder zurückzuerlangen (auf der Seite der Autobots).Darüber hinaus wird noch kurz beleuchtet,wie die Insecticons sich den Desepticons anschlossen.Das Spiel wechselt dementsprechend die Zeitschiene zwischen dem Cybertron-Universum und dem Erd-Universum von Michael Bay.Und mehr gibt es nicht mehr zu sagen,den das war bereits alles,was die Story zu bieten hat.es ist zwar nicht eine 08/15-Shooter-Story wie in einem CoD ,aber denoch wäre mehr möglich gewesen,zumal man sagen muss,dass das Spiel sich an Michael Bays Film stützt.Wenn das so ist,ist entweder das Spiel unlogisch oder der Film,je nachdem,was man sich zuerst anschaut.Um zu verhindern,dass ich den Film spoiler,komme ich lieber nun zum Gameplay.


Das Spiel ist ein reiner Third-Person-Shooter OHNE Deckungssystem.Von der Schulter-Perspektive aus steuern wir einen der 12 spielbaren Charaktere durch lineare Levels,werden immer wieder dazu verdonnert,in einem Raum gefühlte Stunden um uns zu ballern, bis wir weiter gehen können,können uns transformieren (warum auch immer man das sollte) und ist über die Einfallslosigkeit der Entwickler gelangweilt.Selbst die Passagen von Bruticus (ein Decepticon,bestehend aus 5 Combeticons) und Grimlock (ein Dinobot in der Form von einem T-Rex) sind schlecht umgesetzt worden, da man auch hier nur gegen herankommende Wellen an Gegner kämpft,bis das Skript aktiviert wird und uns davon befreit.Zwar besitz Grimlock noch ein zweites Level, aber auch hier ist es öde inszeniert und man ist froh,wenn es endlich vorbei ist. UvC bot deutlich mehr Abwechslung, egal aufs Level, Charakter oder Inszenierung bezogen.Aber das ist nicht alles, oh nein.Den das Freischalt-System aus UvC wurde so umgebaut,das ich beinah gegen meinen Bildschim gekotzt hätte.In UvC (um es kurz zu erwähnen) sammelte man Energon-Splitter, mit dem man am Teletran-1 Waffen kaufen(sofern man die Baupläne im Level gefunden hat) oder upgraden konnte.Vorallem die Baupläne haben dafür gesorgt,dass ich Level gern öfter durchspielte.Schade nur,dass das restlos gestrichen wurde.Denn nun erhalten wir nur durch Kisten,die man entweder durch Levelaufstieg oder durch Abschliessen von Herausforderungen bekommt.Durch Zufallsprinzip bekommt man entweder Waffen,Waffen-Upgrade für eine bestimmte waffe(egal ob man die hat oder nicht), und Schnikschnak für den Multiplayer (Charaktere,Techs und H.A.C.Ks).Zwar kann auch dies motivieren,Herausforderungen mehrmals zu erfüllen,und alle freigeschaltete Sachen können auch im Multiplayer genutzt werden,ich hasse es aber,wenn ich so dazu verdonnert werde,meine kostbare Zeit zu verschwenden,nur um endlich meine Lieblingswaffe voll geupgradet zu haben.Na ja,dennoch hab ich mich durchgequält, um endlich Grimlock im Eskalation-Modus spielen zu können.
Die Levels sind gefüllt mit aller Gegnerklassen.es gibt den normalen Fußsoldat, den Fußsoldat mit Raketenwerfer, den Fußsoldat als Sniper mit Tarnfunktion, einen fliegenden Sniper, ein Fußsoldat, der zuviel aushält, Arealbots und Insecticons. Allerdings suchen nur die normalen Fußsoldaten und die Raketenwerfer Deckung, während alle anderen Gegnerklassen stur auf uns losgeht und versucht, uns zu vernichten,manchmal halten sie an,um nachzuladen.Auch Bossgegner existieren,ich müsste allerdings lügen,wenn ich sagen würde,dass sie extrem geil und das Highlight des Spieles wäre.Einfach nur draufballern,bis der Arzt kommt, nachladen und weiter ballern.Das wars.
Bevor ich zum Multiplayer komme,noch eine Sache zum Schwierigkeitsgrad: Je nachdem,welchen Grad man gewählt hat, halten die Gegner mehr aus und machen mehr Schaden.Dennoch könnte es ein geübter Shooter-Spieler es schaffen, das spiel auf schwer durchzuspielen,wenn da nicht Stellen wären,die extrem unfair sind. Das betrifft hauptsächlich die Teile der Level,in dem man in einem Raum befindet, warten muss und währendessen alles abknallen muss, was sich bewegt.Diese frusten auf dem normalen Schwierigkeit schon und haben dafür gesorgt,dass ich an diesen Stellen auf Leicht gestellt habe,nur um durchzukommen.


Kommen wir nun zum Multiplayer.Wobei das Multiplayer bereits eine Frechheit wäre,denn bis auf den Eskalation-Modus aus KuC und UvC wurde alles gestrichen,Alsop kein Team-Deathmatch, kein Capture-the-Flag, kein Domination oder was auch sonst.Nur ein Modus, indem man mit bis zu drei anderen Spieler Wellen von Gegner überleben muss, die immer stärker werden.Das wars.Und da es kaum einer den Modus spielt,kann ich auch nicht mehr sagen, außer,dass ich so einen Modus extrem langweilig finde.Und ich bin (hoffentlich) nicht der einzige.


Ich möchte kurz anmerken, dass das Spiel neben Pc und Current-Gen Konsole auch für Ps4 und Xbox One erschienen sind.Was erwartet also einen, der Rise of the Dark Spark auf dem Pc oder Next-Gen Konsole spielt?Genau: matschige Texturen, kantige Objekte, weniger detallierte Charaktere als in KuC und UvC. Lediglich die Animationen, die aus UvC gerippt wurden, egal ob eine Tür aufgestoßen wird oder die Transformationsanimation der Transformers, sehen gut aus. Soundtechnisch ist anzumerken,dass es zwar nur deutsche Untertitel gibt, die englische Stimmen jedoch ihren Job sehr gut erledigen. Auch die Effekte hören sich gut und druckvoll an.Der Rest ins eher schlecht als recht.Und wenn wir gerade bei schlecht sind: Weder gibt es eine möglichkeit, die gut von der Hand gehende Steuerung (egal ob Controller oder Tastatur) zu ändern,noch eine Möglichkeit, die Grafik umfangreich umzustellen.Lediglich ein Regler existiert.Wow.


Nach knapp 7 Stunden hatte ich das Spiel durch.Um ehrlich zu sein: Ich war froh, dass Spiel endlich abschalten zu können. KuC und UvC kamen von Fans (High Moon Studios) für Fans - gute Spiele. Rise of the Dark Spark kam von einem noch relativ unerfahrenem Entwicklerstudio (Edge of Reality) für Fans.Das Ergebnis: Ein Spiel, dass alles falsch macht,was KuC und UvC gut machte.Mehr will ich nicht mehr sagen, den es macht mich traurig, diese Spiel zu sehen,das Potenzial hatte.Es macht mich traurig.
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Verfasst: 25. Juni 2014
So ein geiles Spiel ehrlich ...aber wie kann man hier nur die Multiplayermode weglassen!!!...und ich dachte wirklich das da sogar mehr als die Vorgänger kommen wird...Für Solo Gamer ,amazing aber sowas muss man einfach nur Online spielen können
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Verfasst: 25. Juni 2014
OK, Wer hat für ein Spiel zum Film wirklich was Gutes erwartet ? Niemand. Aber den ganzen negativ-reviews zu urteilen schon ein paar Leute. Dafür das es tatsächlich nur eine Linzenzschluderei ist ist es doch wieder gut. Denn hier heißt es mal wieder: Besser gut geklaut als schlecht selbst gemacht. Zu allerst noch: Wer Angst hat das das Bay-Universum den Vorrang hat der irrt, denn 2/3 des Spiels spielt im Cybertron-Universum, welches High-Moon Studios mit War for Cybertron und Fall of Cybertron verzaubert hat. Activision dachte sich dann: Um schnell Kohle zu machen kombinieren sie beides. Das kann natürlich in die Hose gehen zumal High-Moon grade mit der Last-Gen-Fassung von CoD:Advanced Warfare beschäftigt. Aber Edge of Reality hat es sich einfach gemacht. Man nehme sämtliche Animationen, texturen, Waffen, Charaktere und Gameplay-mechaniken aus den beiden Cybertron-Games und mache nur ne neue Levelwege, Dialoge und Cutscenes und schon sind 2/3 des Spiels fertig. Für das Bay-universum geht das mit den Chars und texturen natürlich nicht. Die Umgebungen auf der Erde sind einfach nur hässlich aber die Charaktere sind dagegen anschaubar.
Also wieso hab ich dem Spiel dann ein positiv gegeben ? Da ich nur 2 Sachen hiervon erwartet habe: Zum einen das Gameplay aus Fall of Cybertron und die Interaktion der Charaktere untereinander bzw das sie auch richtig dargestellt werden. Da beides zutrifft und sogar dieselben Synchronstimmen wie in FoC verwendet wurden bin ich soweit zufrieden das ich es empfehlen kann wenn man die erwartungen an dem spiel hat wie ich. Und es ist allemal besser als das Game zum ersten Film ^^
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12.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21. Juli 2014
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6.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24. Juli 2014
nice game
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5.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24. Juni 2014
If you're played the other two Cybertron titles you'll know that they had no right being as good as they were; the first was a solid third person shooter with an enjoyable story, co-op and a good multiplayer. The second game improved everything about the first game, removed the co-op for a better campaign mode and had a really good multiplayer mode. Where's this game fall into place? Bottom of the barrel.

I've only played one mission (about 20 minutes in) and part of the second and this game is a massive disappointment. The first mission has you as Drift, a new autobot from the forth film who's a Samurai that blurts crap about "honor" but has a deep voice that makes him sound Native American. Right. Oh, and you're also on Earth and things are going down all over the place. You're just dropped into some conflict without any explanation and Lockdown (the seemingly villian) is already established as the enemy. I take it you'll have to see the movie first for this to make any sense. The gameplay is the same from the first two titles, you mow down enemies, transform into vehicles and use special abilities. This game each character has a unique ability, in the case of Drift you get a one-hit-KO attack where he dashed to any nearby enemies and kills them. It looks really really bad. Speaking about looking bad the environment looks awful, you get a drab looking city without any details that looks like it's from a game made 10 years ago, painted brown (of course) and the characters really just don't fit in. Character models look great by the way. Except their vehicle modes, not because of a lack of detail but because I don't think they licensed any vehicles. So instead of turning into a Bugatti Veyron like in the film you turn into a generic sports car that somewhat resembles a Veyron, like how Rockstar does for the GTA games so they don't have to pony up the money. I didn't get a chance to play as the other characters in the intro and Bumblebee and Optimus didn't Transform so I can't say if all vehicles are imitations of what they're supposed to be.

The second mission I was playing as Shockwave and Soundwave on Cybertron and it looks just like the old games which is really nice, Cybertron has lots of detail and the characters really fit in. They also retain the aesthetic the first two games established and the same voice actors reprise their roles. All is well on Cybertron. But I'm not sure why I'm there? If you remember the end of the last game all of the characters battle on the Ark and get lost in the depths of space in a cliffhanger and presumingly to arrive on Earth but nothing is explained here. The first mission I was already on Earth and the second mission I'm on Cybertron? Again? After we already left? I'm going to assume the rest of the story explains it and that the game is taking place during the other two and after the other two games. At the same time. Or something.

Last but not least, and the greatest offender and the whole reason why I can't recommend this game:

There's NO multiplayer.

Well, there is, but in only in the co-op "Escalation" mode that was in the previous two games. You fight waves of enemies with friends on different maps and nothing more. This mode was never populated in either of the previous titles because the team deathmatch was just so good. I've dumped more hours in Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer than I have in most of my Steam titles. It was that good and if you've played it you know that I'm right. I was hoping this game would improve upon it, give us more characters to use in multiplayer and repopulate the playerbase which at this point is lacking in Fall of Cybertron. It's ironic that the team that made this game, Edge of Reality, made their mark with the multiplayer only "Loadout" and then completely scrapped the best mode in the Transformers series in favor of a bad campaign and lazy horde mode.

Don't buy this game and instead buy the first two and enjoy the hell out of them and join me and the many Russians that still play Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer. I hope that if his series is to continue, it's under the hand of High Moon Studios. I will amend my review if I feel the game gets any better as you play further into the campaign.

Update: 3 hours into the game I'm on Chapter 8 out of 14, there's probably 2 hours left into it. The game has stayed mediocre throughout, but thankfully most of it takes place on Cybertron. I actually haven't gone back to Earth, though I'm guessing the end chapters take you back. So far everything has been a rehash of the same art assets from the previous two titles but don't live up to either games' level design. You even get to play as Bruticus again and it's completely boring; you're in a small area and you spend 10 minutes fighting three different types of enemy and nothing changes. There's a lot of areas where you have to fight wave after wave of enemies and can't progress until you kill enough enemies.

The dialogue is fantastic though, and you get to play as a lot more characters in this one which is a really nice touch, but the rest of the game doesn't hold up. If you're a big Transformers fan and you have to play it, wait until it's $15.
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I really, really love the Cybertron franchise but as a loving parent and devoted fan I have to slap this one silly.

So where do I begin ?
I did not like it and I don't recommend the game. It's sad to see something that I really like assembled in sush a lazy way with no love or care put in to it. The way the game is played is EXACTLY like its predecessor Fall of Cybertron, with little to no effort to optimize. It's littered with re'used animations, props and models from both Fall and War slapped together in a lazy and awkward manner. There are also lots of inexcusable texture fails as well as some really awkward animations in the cutscenes. As an artist this really got on my nerves. The level design was also random and awkward with random prop everywhere or the lack of any with a single console in the middle of an empty room.
[Edit: What I mean is that many times the game feels really flat with empty rooms and flat textures. Other times I see pieces of the world placed strangely serving no purpose, it's just there.]

Playing this game made me feel like it was Colonial Marines all over again.

The audio was inconsistent and the com link had this strange and really annoying sound, was driving me nuts ! It got bugs and glitches everywhere, the companion A.I. is really bad too. It really feels like an unfinished product.
Lastly the Story feels like a really bad fan fiction ... There are 2 story lines, Bayformers and Cybertron. The first 2 or so chapters begin with Drift in Bays universe discovering the EVIL plot device ‘The Dark Spark’. The rest after that is pretty much just explaining how "the EVIL plot device" got there in the first place through the Cybertron universe. And then there's another 2 er 3 or so chapters in the end again with Bayformers with MIGHTY GRIMLOCK !!!! Slapped in there at the last moment as a ‘glorious finish’.

Honestly it's all a real mess and the Bayformers part feels really off from the rest of the game.

But ... I did really like the dialogs. The interactions between the characters were as awesome and wonderful as always. It had an interesting level and upgrading system. I will say that the game works smoothly in combat, the vehicle forms are still a little clunky. But I say that cuz’ it's more or less exactly the same as Fall of Cybertron.

Does this make up for all terribleness in this game, no. Do I recommend this game, no.
However as I wrote, I did like the characters, they’re awesome. Shockwave, is. Weird ...
So it is worth a look at ... But please for the love of everything that is Transformers !!
Do NOT, pay full price for this game !!!

Or maybe, watch a game play of it first ?
Just to make sure you really wanna spend money on it.


Edit: Thoughts on Escalation.

I don't like escalation that much I'm more in to tdm multiplayer; sadly Dark Spark did not have one. However Cuz' it's so identical to Fall I can see why they did not have one. But anyway; the escalation is definitely one of the games strong points but the maps do suffer from the things I've mentioned previously. And the bad A.I. doesn’t help. This version of escalation does provide a lot more freedom in both characters and gear, you can mix and match as much as you want, (This also leads to some characters gettin' a tad ooc "out of character" e.g Grimlock with stealth and sniper). However I felt it lacked a sense of progression and the dispensers were placed a little odd, or I dono, it was a lill' off to me.

But in the end, I can see the charm in it. Personally I got bored with it rather quickly. Felt more or less like a DLC to Fall.

Edit, edit:
Ya know what ?
Sooo Mungry says it all: (Escalation)


Rating: 4 / 10 "Steves" Had its moments ...
+ Dialaugs and characters
+ Escalation mode
- Everything else !!
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WARNING: This game is locked to 30 FPS for the multiplayer portion. The campaign runs at smooth 60 FPS.

- Coat of polish to the old and recycled assets from previous games to make them look good.
- The cybertron half of the game is great.
- Top notch voice acting
- uhhh...

- Difficulty spikes. Sometimes you have to fight little drones which are like over powered aimbots. They have extremely high accuracy, very small hit box, and very high rate of fire and damage.
- 'Cinematic' 30FPS for multiplayer portion (it is locked at 30 FPS. No way to change it. Tried altering V-sync but to no avail)
- Recycled animations/models/multiplayer maps
- Cut scenes are so bad its funny
- Grainy low-resolution cut scenes
- Unfinished details in environment
- Only 2 new earth multipayer maps, both of which are very small
- They didnt bother to recycle/add more maps, making the game feel lacking in content for a full priced game
- New assets (eg. models/textures/FX/Animtions) look like cheap ♥♥♥♥
- Very little new content, most content is recycled
- Campaign is very short
- There is no PvP competitve multiplayer, only 4 player coop horde mode (Escalation)
- Escalation is only 15 waves

If you are huge transformers fan and are willing to look past these flaws, pirate the game, see if you like it, then buy it if you like it.
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A weak storyline, trying (and failing) to combine the War/Fall of Cybertron and the movie universe, making it more confusing than it should be. Added to the lack of PvP multiplayer, It's lack luster.
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Verfasst: 28. Juni 2014
When I heard about this game, I was excited about it. But after playing this...I somewhat felt like the game isn't worth its price tag. Note that I will be comparing this game with War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.
*Spoilers are here*
Plot: The game's plot iss underplayed. For a game that focuses on the Dark Spark, the Dark Spark nor its holders did anything. Lockdown did use the Dark Spark to simply time freeze the Autobots but never capitalize on that. Megatron only used the Dark Spark to create what I will call Terrorcon based from Transformers Prime. Other than that, Megatron never use the Dark Spark to his advantage. In contrast, War for Cybertron focus on Dark Energon. As such, Megatron utilizes Dark Energon to corrupt Cybertron tippng the balance. Thus, I feel as though the entire Rise of the Dark Spark's plot is just another Autobots vs Decepticons fight with nothing that can tip the balance.

Gameplay: This game is similar to Fall of Cybertron in terms of control. Progression is different. Instead of gathering energon shards from killed enemies, you now have leveling system. Leveling doesn't boost your character in the campaign. It only serves as a means to reaching Prime mode. Campaign and Escalation are linked with each other. So, if you level up in the campaign, your level in Escalation will be the same as well as the amount of EXP you have. Unlocking and upgrading weapons depend on gear boxes that you get from challenges and leveling up. While this sounds good, it's not. Every time you open the box, you have a chance to earn random items from weapon unlocks, upgrades, TECH item, HACK, and so on. With that said, it can get frustrating to go through many boxes and not get a weapon upgrade to get the last upgrade.

In terms of the game overall difficulty (assuming you play it on normal), the game tends to spike in difficulty. For example, in a mission where Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave are searching for the Dark Spark, they come across a group of Guardians. Okay, nothing too difficult...right? No, there are small drones identical to CLUTCH that can destroy in less than a second. Why? Because they hit very hard. Two or three shots can rip your shields and possibly kill you off. Again, these things are tiny and hard to see. Thus, you have to slowly progress through the level while keeping an eye in the air for one of those nasty thing.

For online gameplay, you are left with only Escalation...yes, no online competatitve multiplayer. While I'm not a big PVP kind of person, having no online competative multiplayer make this game not even worth the $50. While Escalation is fun, but I have seen people just simply spawn camped the enemies make the game even less of fun time.

Graphic/Presentation:This game is similar to Fall of Cybertron but a bit lesser. The Earth mission areas are somewhat barren especially in the city. The only minor redeeming factor is the looks of mission areas in Cybertron...but it's something that I've already seen.
The game does have its own soundtrack, but the majority of the music you will hear is from Fall of Cybertron. This is true when you are playing on Cybertron.

Summary:Overall, I would not recommend to buy this game until the price is down. Even then, you probably won't get your money's worth if you have played the previous game. If you want to get into the Transformers series, this is not the game you want to play.
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Verfasst: 13. August 2014
Sorry but, i feel like ive wasted my money here. Ive played through War and enjoyed playing the campaigns through with friends. Then came Fall, which removed coop but added a ton of new features and playstyles. Then....This.., i dont even know. I started out playing and watched my fps lock at 30, then was plopped down with no explanation of where i was or why i was here. "Grab a gun, and meet us here as we leave you lost and introduce the villain" is an accurate description. I noticed also a lot of the assets were recycled from the previous games, and many of the cybertron characters were concepts from fall. It felt like battlefield having to unlock everything, and i hated how terrible the models were for the bayformers. Optimus Primes lips could totally suck the 1980s batsuit nipples in this game.
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