Incarnez vos personnages favoris à la fois du 4ème film TRANSFORMERS et de tout l'univers de Cybertron !
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Date de parution: 24 juin 2014

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Pack Combat Dark Spark
Pulvérisez vos ennemis avec ce pack tout-en-un contenant 2 armes et 3 personnages.

Skywarp : Loin de chercher le pouvoir, Skywarp n'a qu'un seul objectif, le savoir. Il a rejoint les Decepticons dans l'unique but de fabriquer des armes et des systèmes de combat expérimentaux.

Thundercracker : Ce Seeker Decepticon est un maître du combat aérien. Il est entré au service de Megatron en même temps que Starscream et Skywarp.

Stinger : Un guerrier silencieux et mystérieux. Ses motivations sont incertaines, mais ses aptitudes de combat sont incontestables. Il se pourrait bien qu'il cache quelque chose...

Canon vitro-gaz : Cette arme puissante crée un champ de distorsion qui suspend les ennemis dans les airs avant de les jeter au sol à une vitesse fracassante.

Électro-harpon : Cette arme tire des projectiles dévastateurs. Leur énergie cinétique repousse les ennemis à l'impact et peut même les empaler contre les murs.

À propos de ce jeu

Traversez le temps et l'espace avec vos personnages favoris issus du film TRANSFORMERS : Age of Extinction et de tout l'univers de Cybertron !

  • Plus de 40 personnages jouables issus de deux univers !
  • Au-delà du film et de la Terre, explorez l'univers de Cybertron pour la conquête du Dark Spark.
  • Coopérez jusqu'à quatre joueurs contre des vagues d'ennemis et à l'aide de dispositifs de défense à améliorer !
  • Changez de forme en un instant entre la forme robot et la forme véhicule !
  • Un nouveau système de progression cross-mode permettant aux joueurs d'utiliser leurs récompenses reçues dans un mode et de les utiliser dans tous les autres (solo et multi).

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows® Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8750
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB RAM or ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Broadband connection and service required for Multiplayer Connectivity. Internet connection required for activation.
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Posté le : 1 novembre
My least favorite part of TF2 is dealing with enemy snipers from halfway across the map while running around as the slow heavy weapons guy.

In this game the snipers are very small, hard to see, FLYING, aimbot-accurate, high dps, hitscan monsters that kill you in waves before you can even see them. Your character can't aim straight up so enjoy being griefed by these hovering jerkoffs you can't aim at.

Allied AI enjoy falling on their backs without killing any enemies then expect me to pick them, rendering myself prone to being instantly killed.

There seems to be no connection to this game and its prequel, no explanation of how we got where we are from where either of the last two games ended. I guess they were in a hurry to connect these games to the Michael Bay movies and cash in on the movie tie in.

There's a poorly executed weapon upgrade system that's only good for eating my time away and shattering my immersion.

Dialouge and characterization is solid, hilarious, and memorable.

There were so many impressive moments in Fall of Cybertron, it's sad to see this game sink so hard.
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Posté le : 28 octobre
I'm a huge fan of Transformers and this game was just a huge failure! After those great games WfC and Foc(War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron) we get this. The campaing sucks and WE HAVE NO MULTIPLAYER! Only escalation(it's the only good thing in the game). But still you get next to not even a new thing in the game and how everything is put together is terrible. If you like me and loved the past games don't buy. not even worth it on a 50% sale! This game mad me sad really sad. don't buy it!
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Posté le : 17 novembre
The developers of this should not make video games. The ai is crap. The story is crap. Everything feels awkward. You get boxes after you beat enough enemies, and what they contain is random, which does not make sense. Vehicle mode is OP most of the time. Characters are less unique then before. There is no PVP. There is only escalation. The thing that I dislike the most is how the developers tried to rewrite what happened in WfC and FoC. How many new characters are there? About 6. Everything else is taken from the last 2 games. Grimlock has the same animations for both Cybertron and Earth modes. The game crashes when I try to pick anything up as Grimlock
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Posté le : 30 octobre
Omg the multyplayer of this game is soooo much... FUN!!!!! But the story not so much...

Beeing a HUGE transformers fan of the movies and games but this game whould have ben beter if it was a DLC in my opinion I'm just saying. But the multyplayer is soo much fun and soo glitchi I love it.But gamplay... nothing new for me at least.It's all the same attack's same weapons but some few new chereter's here and there some bug's agan here and there but they won't let you change the cotrolls and suck's for the people ho don't have mouses and why to you ask because they can't change ther heavy weapon to there nonormal weapon. But I have to say i'ts not a bad game but i'm givin it a 7.9/10 the game is just fun

( sorry my Inglish riding is bad :P )
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Posté le : 10 novembre
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is made by Edge of Reality, whom have the characters from the Highmoon's Cybertron series and the Age of Extinction movie.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is a game which takes place of Earth and Cybertron itself (But mostly Earth). The story takes place on Earth where a lost artifact called the Dark Spark, the opposite of the Matrix of Leadership. A bounty hunter named Lockdown is seeking the Dark Spark and to use it to his own will. But Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots will not allow this to happen and now he must retrieve the Dark Spark before Lockdown.
The Dark Spark was originally on the home planet of Cybertron, where Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, wanted it to rule over Cybertron and the Universe. But Optimus destoryed it, whilst it was in Megatrons hands, well so Optimus thought. It had ended up on Earth and noe Optimus must destory it.

The multiplayer in this game is called Escalation, a survival that contains up to four players and all the maps from War and Fall of Cybertron also with two earth maps.
You can play as any character that is available in the game, by unlocking them though packages called Gear boxes.
But however Escalation gets boring really fast.

All in all, this games Cybertron side of the Story is made very well, but the Earth side is very bad.
If this game was just the Cybertron side it would have been ok, but the multiplayer only has Escalation and thats it...
This game gets 5/10 only for the Cybertron side of the story.
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8.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 octobre
Honestly I have always been a fan for Transformers and this game is awesome. All the fans that want to micro manage this game for its flaws is a waste of time. The animations are key and it is basically an update from FOC. You get a ton of cool characters and arent restricted to use who ever in Escal mode like in FOC and just plan awesome. Yes it does has a 30 FPS lock for Escal mode and they have their reasons for that I am sure but other than that I like it. The dialog is cheesy and makes me laugh but take the good with the bad. I am not really a picky gamer unless they didnt sound like they way they should and they do so in that aspect I like this game and all the others. Id get the whole trilogy honestly because they all have there ups and downs but as a whole they are awesome to have in ones collection.

And about the controls being buggy I never had a problem and I am utilizing a 360 red clear Afterglo. And that hype about how they move too slow in Vehicle mode is a lie they all have a boost added on to the regular speed up button so it goes in 2 tiers.
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Posté le : 5 novembre
Pretty cool game but i rather prefer the previous ones.
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Posté le : 26 novembre
Felt buggy, sometimes i didn't know if i was expected to go certain ways that i came across. Finished fast? Small missions. Not a really epic fight as it was in the 2nd game end. Felt really like the pc version was a fast addon to the game. Couldn't you have taken the time to atleast remove the xbox controlls for it in pc version? When you play you want to get the feeling of you are a big bad ♥♥♥ robot doing awesome things....Just didn't get the the right feeling in this game. Sorry
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Posté le : 27 juin
A Great game in the continuation of the precedent games WFC and FOC. This game adds some new things to the gameplay but the overall gameplay feels very identical to fall of cybertron.

The campaign mode is good and keep us interested in it through all the missions. Some people say it is bad that they have mixed earth and cybertron (future and past) but it's not bad as they can tell you. All the story is around thze dark spark and transitions from one period to the other are made with no problem and without confusions.

The multiplayer is maybe the only bad aspect of this great game. Competitive multiplayer has been removed and now only escalation is remaining. But now escalation is totally new and fresh. It is mainly based on traps we can activate and there are tons of them. There are nonetheless no more doors to open. Some Maps from older games have been kept and there are also new maps on earth.

I recommand it for those who like Transformers. It is definitely a great game to play. And who knows, maybe competitive multiplayer will be back one day.. But even with Campaign and Escalation alone you will have lots of fun!
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Posté le : 26 juin
One of the best Coop games out there, for sure it's not a revolution over previous transformers games, but it's still fun and that's the essential. Battlepacks and achievements are here, and many transformers to play. I recommend.
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Posté le : 24 juin
If you're played the other two Cybertron titles you'll know that they had no right being as good as they were; the first was a solid third person shooter with an enjoyable story, co-op and a good multiplayer. The second game improved everything about the first game, removed the co-op for a better campaign mode and had a really good multiplayer mode. Where's this game fall into place? Bottom of the barrel.

I've only played one mission (about 20 minutes in) and part of the second and this game is a massive disappointment. The first mission has you as Drift, a new autobot from the forth film who's a Samurai that blurts crap about "honor" but has a deep voice that makes him sound Native American. Right. Oh, and you're also on Earth and things are going down all over the place. You're just dropped into some conflict without any explanation and Lockdown (the seemingly villian) is already established as the enemy. I take it you'll have to see the movie first for this to make any sense. The gameplay is the same from the first two titles, you mow down enemies, transform into vehicles and use special abilities. This game each character has a unique ability, in the case of Drift you get a one-hit-KO attack where he dashed to any nearby enemies and kills them. It looks really really bad. Speaking about looking bad the environment looks awful, you get a drab looking city without any details that looks like it's from a game made 10 years ago, painted brown (of course) and the characters really just don't fit in. Character models look great by the way. Except their vehicle modes, not because of a lack of detail but because I don't think they licensed any vehicles. So instead of turning into a Bugatti Veyron like in the film you turn into a generic sports car that somewhat resembles a Veyron, like how Rockstar does for the GTA games so they don't have to pony up the money. I didn't get a chance to play as the other characters in the intro and Bumblebee and Optimus didn't Transform so I can't say if all vehicles are imitations of what they're supposed to be.

The second mission I was playing as Shockwave and Soundwave on Cybertron and it looks just like the old games which is really nice, Cybertron has lots of detail and the characters really fit in. They also retain the aesthetic the first two games established and the same voice actors reprise their roles. All is well on Cybertron. But I'm not sure why I'm there? If you remember the end of the last game all of the characters battle on the Ark and get lost in the depths of space in a cliffhanger and presumingly to arrive on Earth but nothing is explained here. The first mission I was already on Earth and the second mission I'm on Cybertron? Again? After we already left? I'm going to assume the rest of the story explains it and that the game is taking place during the other two and after the other two games. At the same time. Or something.

Last but not least, and the greatest offender and the whole reason why I can't recommend this game:

There's NO multiplayer.

Well, there is, but in only in the co-op "Escalation" mode that was in the previous two games. You fight waves of enemies with friends on different maps and nothing more. This mode was never populated in either of the previous titles because the team deathmatch was just so good. I've dumped more hours in Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer than I have in most of my Steam titles. It was that good and if you've played it you know that I'm right. I was hoping this game would improve upon it, give us more characters to use in multiplayer and repopulate the playerbase which at this point is lacking in Fall of Cybertron. It's ironic that the team that made this game, Edge of Reality, made their mark with the multiplayer only "Loadout" and then completely scrapped the best mode in the Transformers series in favor of a bad campaign and lazy horde mode.

Don't buy this game and instead buy the first two and enjoy the hell out of them and join me and the many Russians that still play Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer. I hope that if his series is to continue, it's under the hand of High Moon Studios. I will amend my review if I feel the game gets any better as you play further into the campaign.

Update: 3 hours into the game I'm on Chapter 8 out of 14, there's probably 2 hours left into it. The game has stayed mediocre throughout, but thankfully most of it takes place on Cybertron. I actually haven't gone back to Earth, though I'm guessing the end chapters take you back. So far everything has been a rehash of the same art assets from the previous two titles but don't live up to either games' level design. You even get to play as Bruticus again and it's completely boring; you're in a small area and you spend 10 minutes fighting three different types of enemy and nothing changes. There's a lot of areas where you have to fight wave after wave of enemies and can't progress until you kill enough enemies.

The dialogue is fantastic though, and you get to play as a lot more characters in this one which is a really nice touch, but the rest of the game doesn't hold up. If you're a big Transformers fan and you have to play it, wait until it's $15.
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Posté le : 24 juin
I really, really love the Cybertron franchise but as a loving parent and devoted fan I have to slap this one silly.

So where do I begin ?
I did not like it and I don't recommend the game. It's sad to see something that I really like assembled in sush a lazy way with no love or care put in to it. The way the game is played is EXACTLY like its predecessor Fall of Cybertron, with little to no effort to optimize. It's littered with re'used animations, props and models from both Fall and War slapped together in a lazy and awkward manner. There are also lots of inexcusable texture fails as well as some really awkward animations in the cutscenes. As an artist this really got on my nerves. The level design was also random and awkward with random prop everywhere or the lack of any with a single console in the middle of an empty room.
[Edit: What I mean is that many times the game feels really flat with empty rooms and flat textures. Other times I see pieces of the world placed strangely serving no purpose, it's just there.]

Playing this game made me feel like it was Colonial Marines all over again.

The audio was inconsistent and the com link had this strange and really annoying sound, was driving me nuts ! It got bugs and glitches everywhere, the companion A.I. is really bad too. It really feels like an unfinished product.
Lastly the Story feels like a really bad fan fiction ... There are 2 story lines, Bayformers and Cybertron. The first 2 or so chapters begin with Drift in Bays universe discovering the EVIL plot device ‘The Dark Spark’. The rest after that is pretty much just explaining how "the EVIL plot device" got there in the first place through the Cybertron universe. And then there's another 2 er 3 or so chapters in the end again with Bayformers with MIGHTY GRIMLOCK !!!! Slapped in there at the last moment as a ‘glorious finish’.

Honestly it's all a real mess and the Bayformers part feels really off from the rest of the game.

But ... I did really like the dialogs. The interactions between the characters were as awesome and wonderful as always. It had an interesting level and upgrading system. I will say that the game works smoothly in combat, the vehicle forms are still a little clunky. But I say that cuz’ it's more or less exactly the same as Fall of Cybertron.

Does this make up for all terribleness in this game, no. Do I recommend this game, no.
However as I wrote, I did like the characters, they’re awesome. Shockwave, is. Weird ...
So it is worth a look at ... But please for the love of everything that is Transformers !!
Do NOT, pay full price for this game !!!

Or maybe, watch a game play of it first ?
Just to make sure you really wanna spend money on it.


Edit: Thoughts on Escalation.

I don't like escalation that much I'm more in to tdm multiplayer; sadly Dark Spark did not have one. However Cuz' it's so identical to Fall I can see why they did not have one. But anyway; the escalation is definitely one of the games strong points but the maps do suffer from the things I've mentioned previously. And the bad A.I. doesn’t help. This version of escalation does provide a lot more freedom in both characters and gear, you can mix and match as much as you want, (This also leads to some characters gettin' a tad ooc "out of character" e.g Grimlock with stealth and sniper). However I felt it lacked a sense of progression and the dispensers were placed a little odd, or I dono, it was a lill' off to me.

But in the end, I can see the charm in it. Personally I got bored with it rather quickly. Felt more or less like a DLC to Fall.

Edit, edit:
Ya know what ?
Sooo Mungry says it all: (Escalation)


Rating: 4 / 10 "Steves" Had its moments ...
+ Dialaugs and characters
+ Escalation mode
- Everything else !!
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Posté le : 24 juin
WARNING: This game is locked to 30 FPS for the multiplayer portion. The campaign runs at smooth 60 FPS.

- Coat of polish to the old and recycled assets from previous games to make them look good.
- The cybertron half of the game is great.
- Top notch voice acting
- uhhh...

- Difficulty spikes. Sometimes you have to fight little drones which are like over powered aimbots. They have extremely high accuracy, very small hit box, and very high rate of fire and damage.
- 'Cinematic' 30FPS for multiplayer portion (it is locked at 30 FPS. No way to change it. Tried altering V-sync but to no avail)
- Recycled animations/models/multiplayer maps
- Cut scenes are so bad its funny
- Grainy low-resolution cut scenes
- Unfinished details in environment
- Only 2 new earth multipayer maps, both of which are very small
- They didnt bother to recycle/add more maps, making the game feel lacking in content for a full priced game
- New assets (eg. models/textures/FX/Animtions) look like cheap ♥♥♥♥
- Very little new content, most content is recycled
- Campaign is very short
- There is no PvP competitve multiplayer, only 4 player coop horde mode (Escalation)
- Escalation is only 15 waves

If you are huge transformers fan and are willing to look past these flaws, pirate the game, see if you like it, then buy it if you like it.
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Posté le : 28 juin
When I heard about this game, I was excited about it. But after playing this...I somewhat felt like the game isn't worth its price tag. Note that I will be comparing this game with War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.
*Spoilers are here*
Plot: The game's plot iss underplayed. For a game that focuses on the Dark Spark, the Dark Spark nor its holders did anything. Lockdown did use the Dark Spark to simply time freeze the Autobots but never capitalize on that. Megatron only used the Dark Spark to create what I will call Terrorcon based from Transformers Prime. Other than that, Megatron never use the Dark Spark to his advantage. In contrast, War for Cybertron focus on Dark Energon. As such, Megatron utilizes Dark Energon to corrupt Cybertron tippng the balance. Thus, I feel as though the entire Rise of the Dark Spark's plot is just another Autobots vs Decepticons fight with nothing that can tip the balance.

Gameplay: This game is similar to Fall of Cybertron in terms of control. Progression is different. Instead of gathering energon shards from killed enemies, you now have leveling system. Leveling doesn't boost your character in the campaign. It only serves as a means to reaching Prime mode. Campaign and Escalation are linked with each other. So, if you level up in the campaign, your level in Escalation will be the same as well as the amount of EXP you have. Unlocking and upgrading weapons depend on gear boxes that you get from challenges and leveling up. While this sounds good, it's not. Every time you open the box, you have a chance to earn random items from weapon unlocks, upgrades, TECH item, HACK, and so on. With that said, it can get frustrating to go through many boxes and not get a weapon upgrade to get the last upgrade.

In terms of the game overall difficulty (assuming you play it on normal), the game tends to spike in difficulty. For example, in a mission where Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave are searching for the Dark Spark, they come across a group of Guardians. Okay, nothing too difficult...right? No, there are small drones identical to CLUTCH that can destroy in less than a second. Why? Because they hit very hard. Two or three shots can rip your shields and possibly kill you off. Again, these things are tiny and hard to see. Thus, you have to slowly progress through the level while keeping an eye in the air for one of those nasty thing.

For online gameplay, you are left with only Escalation...yes, no online competatitve multiplayer. While I'm not a big PVP kind of person, having no online competative multiplayer make this game not even worth the $50. While Escalation is fun, but I have seen people just simply spawn camped the enemies make the game even less of fun time.

Graphic/Presentation:This game is similar to Fall of Cybertron but a bit lesser. The Earth mission areas are somewhat barren especially in the city. The only minor redeeming factor is the looks of mission areas in Cybertron...but it's something that I've already seen.
The game does have its own soundtrack, but the majority of the music you will hear is from Fall of Cybertron. This is true when you are playing on Cybertron.

Summary:Overall, I would not recommend to buy this game until the price is down. Even then, you probably won't get your money's worth if you have played the previous game. If you want to get into the Transformers series, this is not the game you want to play.
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Posté le : 24 juin
A weak storyline, trying (and failing) to combine the War/Fall of Cybertron and the movie universe, making it more confusing than it should be. Added to the lack of PvP multiplayer, It's lack luster.
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Posté le : 6 octobre
I'm a huge fan of Transformers and this game was just a great failure! Really!?! After those great games WfC and Foc(War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron) we get this. The campaing sucks and WE HAVE NO MULTIPLAYER! Only escalation(it's the only good thing in the game). No new weapons, just 5 new characters who are from Bayformers... and if I remember right 8 maps to escalation mode where players fight together agains 15 waves of enemies. Thats it. SPOILER WARNING!!! The campaing start in cyberton and the transformers are looking for the mysterious dark spark. After many of boring levels(the leveld don't even fit to FoC storyline) we get to earth AND THE BAYFORMERS UNIVERSE! After great story in the other games before this stupid game, the makers of the game decide to kill everyone! Well Optimus, Bumblebee and Drift are alive... but everyone else is DEAD. No Unicron, no continuing the old story, just combaining Bay's movies and the old good games. The story really SUCKS. There is still some new things: You can level up your character in campaing and escalation(it doesn't effect the game anyway) to level 25, and then you can activate "Prime mode". It means that you have level your character again to level 25 and unlock all characters and weapons again. What is the point in it? And from like achievements and completing waves in escalation you get gearboxes. When you open those boxes you get new weapons, characters, abilities, and upgrades. First its fun, but after a while it will be very boring! You get like 100 gearboxes in 2 minutes! Well not really that much, but I think you get it. The graphics are the same they were in FoC, and controls too. Buy this only If you are a big fan of Transformers. I'm so disappointed to this game... maybe next time we get a better one? :) This was my first review in Steam, I hope it helped you. I give this game 3/10. Sorry Edge of Reality, High Moon Studios just makes better Transformers games.
UPDATE!!! I was wrong about the story(I went to wiki to check it). The Dark Spark just appeared in the movie universe. But, the story is still very bad. :(
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Posté le : 26 septembre
With High Moon butchered and sent off to make Call of Duty ports for the rest of eternity (hereby referred to as The Activision Purgatory), Rise of the Dark Spark is a game built over the grave of the phenomenal "Cybertron" series of games, by new developer Edge of Reality, the studio that bought you... err, The Incredible Hulk. And the console port of Dragon Age: Origins. With a pedigree like that, what could go wrong.

Technically, there's everything in this that made War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron work - appealing third-person shooting, familiar faces and voices from the G1 Transformers cartoon, and gimmicks hooked in from the Transformers universe that are, admittedly, as compelling as they have been, if nowhere near as fresh. It's deprived of a soul, though.

It's a product, built and manufactured with devious precision, from the inclusion of the Michael Bay film universe to satiate marketing drive, to scenarios that seem to be outright ripped from prior games. Very few new things happen in this game, instead opting to be some kind of weird, bad DLC for Fall of Cybertron, only selling at full-price, as a tie-in to a often-derided Transformers universe, at least by fans (the same fans that made the High Moon games successful). It's an insult, albeit a perfectly playable one, with a confusing plot, bored actors, tried-and-true gameplay that has nontheless run its course and has been sucked of all joy. Also, it is really ugly. Ech.

No-one deserved this. High Moon especially, their legacy trampled on as they scream silently in The Activision Purgatory. Rise of the Dark Spark, bafflingly, takes two of the most intensely passionate games of the last decade and turns it into the definition of "shovelware". I could recommend it to people who really, REALLY want to play more of Fall of Cybertron but much, MUCH worse - and if that sounds like it could be fun to you, well, bully t'you, but it's not exactly my idea of a good time, and I don't doubt most would agree with me.
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Overall 1/5


This game is a complete waste of money, and the most regrettable purchase I've ever made on Steam. It is SHORT, approximately 4 hours, with time wasted doing little achievements and challenges. The game feels completely unfinished and rushed, the storyline is pathetic. Nothing about the game makes sense, nor does it tie in to the previous two games in any real fashion. There is NO resolutiont o anything regarding the "War for Cybertron" universe. In fact, there are only a couple of levels even set in that time frame. The levels that ARE set in that time, occur BEFORE the "Fall of Cybertron" storyline, and are in no way reflected in the "Fall of Cybertron" game. Just a little pocket of non-relevant missions that in no way contributes anything to any storyline. There are bugs and glitches EVERYWHERE. GAME BREAKING bugs that will forcibdly close your game, or force you to reload an earlier checkpoint. Combat and hit detection is clunky, delayed, and completely unpredictable. Horrible terrain and pathing leads to getting hung up on 6 inch stones on the ground. Cutscenes are giant pixelated blocks of pre-rendered garbage, and audio levels throughout the game are completely butchered. Sounds are either blowing out your speakers, or you can't hear what characters are saying. This game is GARBAGE, I've never returned a game in my life, but if I could, I would return this. This seems like some programming student's ISP for graduation. Amateur trash with no storyline, every character is the exact same, just a different skin, same missions, same combat mechanics, same wapons. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, EVEN IF IT IS ON SALE.

This game has RUINED this series for me. I will NOT ever buy another game released in this series.
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This game is terrible. From the horrible textures, the xbox button prompts, the strange diminished sound when speaking, the reused maps, the aimbot robots, and the strange story line. The city in the first level looks like something out of a game from 2004. It's drab, bleak, grey, and the only colors in it are the bilboards. Unlike the first two games, In order to unlock weapons, you don't earn money. You have to level up. While some may not say that's bad. You can't save up for what you want to buy. You have to go through all the other weapons in order to get what you want. The first guy you play as, the samuri, his "Special Move" is to instal kill anything around him with a terrible animation. The enemys probably died from the terrible animation rather than his swords. I'd say there was little to not effort put into this and that it was proabably just created to make money off of the others' sucess.
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Do not buy this game.

Edge of reality makes poor console ports. If you want to play this without an Xbox 360 controller, you are out of luck. Most of the button promts are in xbox 360 commands.

This game is nowhere near as good as the first one. This game on PC is a poor console port. Where most of the promts showing as Xbox 360 buttons and not as keys. Options menu is poor, no customizable keys, so pretty lackluster in that regard.

The good:
The game models looks as expected from a title like this

The bad:
On hard difficulty the game is nearly unplayable, Poor design choice when it comes to map and enemies can make it hard to spot enemies, even at longer range there is pop-in of enemies of the smaller variety, as you will often find yourself dying to seemingly nothing a bunch of times, without any warning or ability to tell where the damage came from as the enemies spawn behind you and give you no indication of them doing so. This is the only game I have ever quit out of frustration, as the harder difficulty can not have been playtested at all. This seems rushed and there was no reason for the game to come out in this state. Some animations in-game are at what looks like 30 fps. So you will be following a AI companion and they will jitterly move forward as a result of only running at a peasant frame rate while as you run as a masterrace frame rate.

The game overall feels rushed and unfinnished, some cutscenes are in nice ingame render while others are in what looks like 2002 video renders of the game in terrible low quality all pixelated and grainy. It has some charm, but previous titles in the series were better. This is not one of Edge of Reality's stronger titles unfortunately.

I would suggest Edge of Reality stick to what they know best and that is growing potatoes for peasants.
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