The Dead Linger is the definitive zombie apocalypse survival horror experience! Set in a planet-sized, procedurally generated world, survivors learn to fight, run, and survive against the never-ending and relentless zombie hordes.
Çıkış Tarihi: 27 Eylül 2013
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Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development. Learn more

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“Hello Survivors, old and new! The Dead Linger is currently in Alpha stage and in active development. Check out our comprehensive Development Roadmap for the bigger picture! We release updates frequently, usually alongside a dev vlog to show you what's new and let you know we're listening. As the game is in Alpha, there are bugs, missing features, and unfinished bits. Just remember to visit our forums at to participate in discussion, suggest features, and give us feedback! You can also follow us on twitter @thedeadlinger!
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The Weekly Dead 10

25 Temmuz 2014

Hey Survivors!

Friday blog time has come:

Linger on, Survivors!

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18 Temmuz 2014

We've released one last hotfix to correct a small issue with vanishing zombies and other objects.

This is the last patch we'll be releasing for Build 14 before moving on to Build 15 - Sirens of the City.

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Oyun Açıklaması

The Dead Linger is the definitive zombie apocalypse survival horror experience! Set in a planet-sized, procedurally generated world, survivors learn to fight, run, and survive against the never-ending and relentless zombie hordes. With pure sandbox, free-roam gameplay, multiplayer, exploration, barricading, physics, and intense realism, this is the zombie apocalypse experience you've longed for all these years. The zombie genre has died. We're bringing it back from the dead. Be sure to check out our Development Roadmap!

Latest Update:

Key Alpha Features

  • Explore a planet-sized world, full of the restless undead!
  • Slay the undead hordes, with whatever you want!
  • True free-form barricading; nailing boards wherever and however you want!
  • Interact and explore every item, weapon, object, and building that you can see! No fake doors, no fake windows, no invisible walls.
  • Full multiplayer support; as many survivors as your server can handle!
  • Survive the apocalypse YOUR way. True multiplayer zombie survival, with a major focus on classic zombies as the core enemy!
  • Once purchased, all future updates are FREE!
  • Yes, this is the zombie survival you and your friends have been waiting for.
  • Lower price during Alpha!
  • Be part of the Sandswept Legion community; led by a dedicated development team who listen and discuss the game with the community on a daily basis!
  • And a whole lot more to come as we roll out updates!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6000 series or equivalent AMD AthlonX2 processor
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8000 series or higher, ATI Radeon HD2000 series or higher. (512 MB or higher)
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
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232 kişiden 207 tanesi (89%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Hesabında 20 ürün var
3 inceleme
kayıtlı 12.3 saat
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Spawned near a farmhouse, found an assault rifle and some ammo, left the farmhouse and went to a small suburban neighborhood. Sun started to set, made a campfire in the upstairs bathroom. Left house through garage, found a bike, rode bike towards another set of houses. Parked bike in the garage of a house, scavenged for food, looked out window saw 50+ zombies heading towards the back of the house. Blocked back door with a couch, zombies decided to come through front door. Tried moving couch in a panic, couldn't move couch, jumped through window a ran for bike. Got bike stuck between two trashcans in garage. Got swarmed by zombies, got off bike and ran. Found a water tower decided to climb to loose the zombies, more zombies came. Shot said zombies, ran out of ammo, jumped off watertower, survived. Got mauled by 4 dogs and 50+ zombies.
Yayınlanma: 21 Haziran 2014
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158 kişiden 125 tanesi (79%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Hesabında 395 ürün var
25 inceleme
kayıtlı 33.1 saat
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Great game. It's a bit rough in it's current shape but give it a year tops and it'll be the best zombie survival game ever. So now you're probably asking "then why buy now?" Well the price is gonna increase later on and this company is an indie company. They fund this game with only the sales from it. So if you buy now you will fund the game aswell! Great company. Great soundtrack. Great Game. Get it!
Yayınlanma: 28 Mart 2014
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103 kişiden 76 tanesi (74%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Hesabında 57 ürün var
2 inceleme
kayıtlı 4.7 saat
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Spawned in and found a town near by. Ran into a couple houses finding a crossbow and some food. Went to a two story house to search it for supplies still not seeing any zombies. In the middle of this house was a massive maple tree. I decided to call this house the tree house. I slowly wondered through this spooky house not being able to see very far due to all the tree branches. Went up stairs into a bedroom and found a t-shirt on the ground so i went to grab it but the tree took it away from me so i ran around trying to grab this shirt from the magic tree finally i got it and put it on. Feeling stylish I walked down stairs when I was attacked by a dog. I shot it and continued to the front door. I heard banging on the door so I opened the window and saw about 50 zombies closing in on the house, (Including a zombie santa) I ran back up stair hopeing that the magic t-shirt tree would protect me. As I sat in the empty room listening as the zombies made their way through the house my roomate yelled in my ear as the zombies walked into the room and killed me. Too spooky for me but would play again in a bright room.
Yayınlanma: 27 Ocak 2014
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168 kişiden 106 tanesi (63%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Hesabında 55 ürün var
5 inceleme
kayıtlı 18.9 saat
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Boarded every window and door up on office block. Turned game of to go for shower (IRL). Started game back up, office block gone, surrounded by flying plywood. 10/10
Yayınlanma: 19 Mart 2014
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29 kişiden 24 tanesi (83%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Hesabında 39 ürün var
1 review
kayıtlı 18.2 saat
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Really happy with this game. very good for an alpha however it does need many updates to improve it, once all the updates are out this game will be the zombie survival game we've all been waiting for!!!!! although I do think the zombified dogs shouldnt be in the game as for me for some reason it takes a little realism out of the game ( I know im complaining about realism on a zombie game ) but i just feel the zombified dogs are not needed but overall this game is very good and has good potential
Yayınlanma: 10 Haziran 2014
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