Добро пожаловать в утерянную эпоху благородства, время магии и легенд, где на ваши плечи ляжет бремя правления страной в роли одной из живых легенд того времени: Артура, сына Утера Пендрагона, о котором в пророчестве говорится как о Короле Прошлого и Будущего.
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Дата выхода: 24 мая, 2011
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"In this RPG-Wargame you have to unite all of Brittannia. Real time battles. Turn based campaign map. C&C everywhere. Learn skills & spells. -> Pure fun!"

Об этой игре

Добро пожаловать в утерянную эпоху благородства, время магии и легенд, где на ваши плечи ляжет бремя правления страной в роли одной из живых легенд того времени: Артура, сына Утера Пендрагона, о котором в пророчестве говорится как о Короле Прошлого и Будущего.
Включает в себя полное собрание Короля Артура:
  • Военная ролевая игра «Король Артур»
  • Дополнение «Саксы»
  • Дополнение «Друиды»
  • Загружаемый контент «Рыцари и вассалы»
  • Загружаемый контент «Легендарные артефакты»
Выполните своё предназначение и займите принадлежащий вам по праву трон Британии. Отправьте своих героев и их войска на битву с легендарными воителями и чудовищами, пока святые и волшебный народ противостоят колдунам и злым рыцарям.

Особенности игры:

  • Сказочные сражения в реальном времени: участвуйте в зрелищных сражениях тысяч воинов, ведомых знаменитыми героями, такими как сэр Ланселот и Мерлин.
  • Пошаговая кампания, в которой Британия представлена в виде трёхмерной топографической карты.
  • Войдите в легенды: в ходе сюжетной кампании рассказывается сага о короле Артуре, эпическая история о завоевании Британии.
  • Шкала морали: каждое принятое вами решение меняет положение короля Артура на шкале морали. Этот выбор открывает особые возможности, союзников, героев, войска и постройки.
  • Ролевые элементы: герои учат навыки, заклинания и способности. Они также могут использовать магические предметы или стать сеньорами, облечёнными властью над провинцией.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
    • Процессор: AMD Athlon 3500+ или Intel Pentium IV с тактовой частотой 3,4 ГГц
    • Оперативная память: 1 ГБ (для XP) 1,5 ГБ (для Vista/7)
    • Видеокарта: Nvidia 6600 (256 МБ видеопамяти) / ATI Radeon X700 (256 МБ видеопамяти)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c или новее
    • Жесткий диск: 8 ГБ свободного места
    • Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX 9
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38.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 мая
King Arthur is a very unique RTS in how it tries to mix the classic genre which many will compare to Total War, with roleplaying aspects that set it apart from its main competitor.

+The battles are great! Standard human units mixable with beasts and the mythical sidhe! Each unit has its own pros and cons and has many different formations to help you adapt to different situations you may find your army in.

-The battles are also, very repetitive. Youll find trudging through the battles will be likely the only thing to turn you off from the game if you found it becoming hard to trudge through to the ending. Lucky there is an auto-battle function, but its not that great.

+The maps are beautifully designed and follow a capture the flag basis where your main goal is to capture victory points to lower the morale of your enemies.

-There unfortunately arent enough maps in the game, which further increases how repetitive the game is.

-+I find the graphics to be pretty decent, but many others may have an issue with how dated they are.

+The game sports a RPG-like quest system in the style of a CYOA book. These choices impact your characters based upon your actions.

+A Morality system rewards you for your actions and unlocks new abilities and units for your characters to use down four unique paths.

+Heroes and units can be upgrades and advanced by leveling them up, and heroes can even equip artifacts to enhance their strength.

+An in-depth kingdom management function allows you to set taxes, distribute or ration food, and build your kingdom the way you see fit. You can even give fiefdoms to your heroes (Whom govern of different efficacies based upon their skills which YOU have upgraded them with.)

+The expansions included in this collection enhance the game, making it more open and adding a diplomacy system in which your ability to rule as a king is greatly expanded.

Overall this game is truly a gem in a haystack. It didnt get the marketing it deserved but Id give this game a 7.5/10. It has flaws which make it seem mediocre at points, but it is strong in many of the aspect it tries to be. I wouldnt say you HAVE to pick this one up, but if youre an RTS or RPG fan, youll definitely enjoy this.
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66.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 20 февраля
This is kind of a cool little game actually. The graphics and sound are excellent but there are a few quirks that can get pretty annoying over the course of the game-- the #1 being overpowered archers and poor battle controls/dumb AI. The way quests and various storyline stages are triggered and are sometimes timed can be frustrating as well. Overall it's an interesting mix of Total War type combat, heroes with ability trees, city conquering with light building, and an RPG story.
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128.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 ноября, 2014
Picked up this game during a steam sale on the cheap and has been sitting in my inventory for a bit. My previous experience with Neocore were the Van Helsing games which i found very entertaining and so i decided to give this one a go.

I read of bugs and crashes but probably this is a patched up version (1.07) so in my over 100h playtime i have crashed 3-4 times, probably some memory leak as i have been playing long hours, and that was after you have set up your armies on the battlefield and you pressed for the battle to start, so no big loss there.

Excellent fantasy setting woven around the myth of King Arthur with quests and random events spicing up the story. Need a careful balance on the strategic map between economy and expanding/fighting or you will quickly find yourself in great trouble. There is a lurning curve and the game continues to challenge you.

RPG elements of heroes and unit advancements pay off and provide you with tactical options on the battlefields which introduce a system of victory points tied to precious army morale.

The morality/faith system is well implemented and encourages multiple playthroughs if just only to see the other sides units.spells/tactics.
All in all the best 5 euros i ever spend
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84.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 апреля, 2014
There are some games that take already established concepts and create something new and exciting.Such a game is King Arthur the Role-playing Wargame(short title i know), a game where you play as King Arthur on your mission to unite and conquer all of Britain under your banner.

The game's main innovation is this combination of Total War strategy gameplay and RPG gameplay: You build your armies and go on mass effect like quests, recruit heroes which can level up and use items.Heroes here similar to heroes from the might and magic series and also each has unique stats which when assigned to a territory can improve income or military stats.The game features a great morality system where the choices you make during gameplay unlock special units, perks and spells, and also influence the whole story. You can choose between Christianity or The old religion and Righteous or Tyrant, you cannot unlock all bonuses or be two of the same kind, ex you cannot be both tyrant or righteous and also you cannot be Christian or pagan at the same time.The system works like this, during quests you can choose some answers which add points to either religion or morality.

As you choose pagan or Christian the main quests differ and are unique for each but are similar towards the end of the game.The story of the game starts after Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone and is already king,the main story being the aftermath of sword retrieval,the race of the Sidhe called also the faery folk are a race of human like creatures from another dimension and the whole story revolves around them.As a Christian player the main story arc revolves around closing the portals to their world and killing them all after (lol) and as a pagan player you find out there are 2 types of Sidhe,the peacefull Seelie and their older more tyrant cousins the Unseelie,which for a pagan player are units in the morality charter towards the end of the game:Seelie for the righteous and the Unseelie for the tyrants.The Christian side has more units but some like the marksmen (crossbow) are useless,their spells focus on antimagic and stat improvement buffs making this gameplay feel like the paladin in Warcraft with heals and buffs, on the other side the pagans have a lot of spells like lightning bolts,meteors and other destructive spells which make the pagan side more fun and also easier to play,there is one spell called Curse of Shadows which is a cheap overpowered AOE,which can decimate weaker units in seconds also there are pagan units called changelings which are people abducted by the side and brainwashed into obedient soldiers,they are named after seasons: Springborn, Summerbreed, Autumnborn, Winterbreed .

Besides the morality units there are main "neutral" units like cavalry, longbows, axe wielders,e tc which can be upgraded, you also can get unique units from some quests like Saxon knights or welsh archers.Speaking of quests, you get them at the beginning of turns or after certain quests chains and there are also secondary quests which are essentially battles where you get an item if you win.

Heroes also are influenced by religion and you can have pagan or Christian heroes, some are famous characters from Arthurian lore like The green knight, Lancelot, Percival,Gawain and some lesser known heroes like Sir Luncan or Brandias.
The graphics are gorgeous, but the game is not well optimized, I can barely get 30 fps and have a strong PC and I'm not the only one with this problem.Although the game looks good when fighting the characters just wave their weapons at eachother and after a while one character dies, it feels unnatural, the designs of the heroes and characters are unique and very stylish.

Sadly the heroes have no voice acting and there is no direct interaction with them,or between them,also there are no siege mechanics and as such even when fighting an enemy on a building , the battle still takes place in a field,only when fighting an army in a stronghold( main base) you get like a siege but there are no closed doors so you just storm the place.Diplomacy is introduced only in the dlc, you can make some allies early game but they just give you the permission to walk in their territory, in the end you still have to conquer most of the territories.

The music is great, it has a unique feel and its different for the map screen and for the battle screen.
The game has a huge replay value and also it has 4 DLC's Knights and Vassals, Legendary Artifacts, The Druids and The Saxons which add more hours to play.

The good: Morality System, Graphics, Quests, story
The bad: no diplomacy(the main game has no diplomacy), no siege mechanic, bad optimization

Final rating :8/10
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66.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 17 июня, 2014
Possibly the best battle simulator I've ever played. Strategy purists may nay-say the RPG elements and/or the city management elements, but I rather enjoyed the side quests. The mash up, somehow, just ends up working, and because of the flexibility of ruling styles and quest outcomes, it's very replayable. Can potentially be played without going into battle courtesy of an autocalc feature, but really, battles are the best feature. The strategy is made a little different with the inclusion of magic, but it's well balanced -- you cannot win by magic alone. It can, at times, feel like a series of very complicated mini-games to balance the RPG, city, political, and military strategy, but I enjoyed it.

Go for it if: "CAVALRY, CHAAAAAAARGE!!!" is your favorite war cry, you love Arthurian legend spinoffs, or just appreciate a complicated strategy game.

Don't do it if: you like playing only one kind of game at a time, prefer guns in your battles, or really don't like mixing magic into your military games.
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