New Free DLC SURVIVAL - CRAFTING - ADVENTURE Explore a vast hostile environment while crafting new tools to help you survive. Discover intriguing puzzles and the mystery behind the strange remains of artifacts left in the Amazon Jungle. Key Features : Start with nothing and craft, hunt, fish and fight to survive.
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Data de lançamento: 25 Set, 2013

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4 Junho

A new update is now available : 04-06-2015 #15

- Fixed : Default options in graphic menu.

- Fixed : Graphics optimization (A gain of 10 FPS).

- Fixed : Default options in audio menu that prevented music from playing.

- Updated : Meat and fruit now restore more health.

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“Day One: Garry’s Incident brings its own undeniable charm with the main character being an alcoholic slob”

“the concept is a compelling one, it's definitely a game to keep your eye on.”

“Day One: Garry's Incident is one of the most interesting independent projects being developed in Canada right now”

Acerca deste jogo

New Free DLC


Explore a vast hostile environment while crafting new tools to help you survive. Discover intriguing puzzles and the mystery behind the strange remains of artifacts left in the Amazon Jungle.

Key Features :

  • Start with nothing and craft, hunt, fish and fight to survive.
  • Hunt panthers for their meat
  • Catch fish and find fruits
  • Build fire and cook your food
  • Search for water sources
  • Sneak behind enemies to perform stealth kills
  • World Exploration & Survival gameplay
  • Craft tools and weapons to survive in the jungle
  • Patch yourself up with makeshift bandages
  • Adjustable FOV

Story :

Garry Friedman, a veteran bush pilot in his early 40’s , still broken down emotionally after a tragic accident involving his wife and his little girl, drowns himself in alcohol every night to escape his torment. Now numb to the constant dangers he faces, Garry keeps signing up for impossible jobs; he gets the cash, doesn’t ask questions, business as usual. Some doubt his motives but Garry needs this danger now, he needs the adrenaline, it’s the closest he gets to feeling alive again.

On Friday, June 13, 2014, a transport job has him going to a research facility in Yellowstone and bringing the some cargo to Nevada; the drop coordinates would then be updated during the mission. But Garry would never reach his destination…

0700 hours, slight ground vibrations, not strong enough for anyone to notice.
0735 hours, Garry has loaded the cargo and is flying off
0740 hours, The Yellowstone super volcano starts erupting

The sudden gushes of poisonous fumes send Garry and his plane spiraling through the skies. While he tries to regain control, the artifacts inside his cargo start to activate. A sudden burst of energy explodes and suddenly Garry`s plane, and everything with it, crashes into the Amazonian jungle; the drop slowed down by the enormous flora.

0750 hours, Garry blacks out. The carcass of his plane lies amongst the trees.

Wild Games Studio presents:

An extraordinary adventure awaits, where you will need to survive through hostile environments, explore ancient civilizations, and discover a truth that will change your understanding of the world, forever!

This cargo might have saved your life once, but what happens next?

It’s all up to you …Day One

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processador: 2.2 Ghz Dual Core
    • Memória: 4 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: 896 MB Nvidia Geforce GTX 260
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0c
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: DirectX Compatible
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processador: 2.8 GHz Quad Core
    • Memória: 8 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: 1GB NVIDIA GTX 570 or better
    • DirectX: Versão 9.0c
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: DirectX Compatible
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Publicada: 21 Junho
My friend bought me this game. We are no longer friends.
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Publicada: 12 Agosto
The only reason you are here is becuase you already know how bad this game is.
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Publicada: 24 Julho

No words can describe how bad this heap of dog sh*t is. It's the equivalence of if all the animals in the world took the biggest sh*t in their life and piled them on top of each other, oh and all of them had the diarrhea. Let's have a look at the strikes against this game shall we?

First off, the graphics in the game look like a late ps2 game and considering this is a game that was released when GTA V was released that's unacceptable.

Second, no matter how good your computer is and no matter how low the graphics are set to in the game, ur computer will have alot of trouble running this "game"

Third, most of the sound for the game is missing, for instance at the beginning of the game u need to escape a temple and all of it is falling apart and when some of it hits the ground there was no f*cking sounds! Tht is basic game design add the sounds in! Even old atari 2600 games had sound!

Another thing tht I noticed with the falling parts of the temple, despite the temple being made of stone all the parts that fell off were wood. How cheap were thes guys they couldn't copy and paste stone off of the walls and onto the ground so they had to do with wood?

I'm not sure if it was just my computer (but I wouldn't seem surprised if it wasn't) when u r in the temple the game seems especially laggy. When I got outside the rest was fine. only in that one temple.

And all of that is in the beginning of the game! I have more complaints when u get out of the temple.

The one thing u notice is that there are tons of trees around u and tons of nature. Just a shame u can walk though the whole thing! I'm not kidding you can literally walk through the trees. Apparently the game must have been a huge fan of another game "BIG RIGS: OVER THE ROAD RACING". The creator must have loved that game so much tht he wanted to turn it into a first person, survival game called "Day one: Garry's Incident"

Anyway a person takes ur flask u chase her to a camp and she wants panther meat in exchange for the flask. I find the panther and then he jumps on me and this panther looks really realistic (Sarcasm). It looks like he was made by a 5 year old out of clay. Then I take the meat back, get my flask then........ nothing. It gives me anther objective to find the plane that I crashed in but I've looked all over the jungle for a solid 3 hours and I can't find it.

I found other quests such as search temples and solve puzzles that the dumbest man on earth would call "child's play" A quest where u need to rescue a tribe leader and u get a piece of meat....... WOW A PIECE OF F*CKING MEAT! NOT A GUN! NOT AMMO! NOT BANDAGES BUT NO U GET F*CKING MEAT! I can't see why the other tribes leader wants to take over her village if the best she can offer for someone saving her life is giving them a piece of meat.

UPDATE: I eventually found the plane next to one of the villages. Garry drops his alcohol in one of the crates and it explodes... expect it to have a hangover.Then I get a bad cutscene that looks like it was made in microsoft publisher used in a slide show. It then tells u to escape the jungle. WHAT! WHAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF FINDING THE PLANE THEN IF ITS STUCK IN A TREE. HE KNEW IT WAS STUCK IN A TREE AT THE BEGINNING. WHAT DID HE THINK HE COULD SALVAGE IT! YEAH GO GARRY TRY AND PUSH THAT PLANE TO CIVILIZATION!

The next part involves u trying to find a gate to leave the jungle... wow. A gate. TRIBESPEOPLE ARE FORCED TO USE STRAW AND STONE (no wait no no no sry straw and wood yeah thts right) TO MAKE THEIR HOUSES AND HERE IS A FULL METALIC GATE! WHERE DID THEY GET THE MATERIAL TO MAKE THAT THING! and this is the part where I hit a dead end. The objective says open the gate. Sounds simple. But I tried everything and nothing works. Not sure wht im meant to do

UPDATE: Turns out I needed to use the artifact I found in the temples on a srange statue next to the gate. The gate opens and then the gate opens and I end up falling through the floor. I end up in an underground lair used by the unknown created by whoever made it. This is a big place for 1 simple objective... open a door...... there's no puzzle nothing uneed to do except pull a chain top open the door. THT IS JUST A HUGE WASTE OF SPACE ON MY MEMORY FOR MY COMPUTER NO WAIT! LET ME REFRASE THT.. THIS WHOLE GAME IS A WASTE ON MY COMPUTER'S MEMORY.

Another thing, u won't believe this, but someone at the development team must have been thinking "hmmm I like crafting... and I like QTEs (Quick time events) HA! I knw Let's fuse things together" That's right the cafting involves u needing to o a Quick time event. Ican't make that up. If u want to craft a bandage u need to press "W" in time to rip the cloth. To put on the bandage u need to tap "W" press "D" to get the cap off ur flask then tap "W" to clench ur hand at he right moment and then hold "S" to wrap a long bandage around urself. WHT WERE THEY THINKKING!

Another thing tht I have to talk about are the monkeys....They attack u. Yeah! monkeys hit u with rocks! plus the monkeys are completely bugged and are one of the most glitched things in the game. Once a monkey was facing the wrong direction to hit me with rocks and while he was still facing the wrong direction he still hit me. Also 3 times this next one has happened the monkey sometimes gets stuck in the huts of the villages.

While we're on the topic of glitches this game is one of the most buggiest messes I've seen. I died once and then I repeatedly spawned under the map and died again which forced me to restart the game. The panther bodies have disappeared for me several times when I want to skin them. Every time I try to climb up a temple I seem to get stuck on one of the stairs. In a few cases my game even crahsed when trying to bring up the inventory. The list goes on and on

Even worse the deveelopers of the game have the nerve of trying to convince people tht the game is good! They took down a youtube video game reviewer's review of day one garry's incident for criticising the game and the youtuber's name is TotalBiscuit. They claimed to be doing it on copyright claims for use of GAMEPLAY OF Garry's incident! Other videos with gameplay stayed on but totalbiscuits was removed as his was the most viewed and he eventually made them put it back on youtube. Another thing they did was that they payed a few people to put up positive reviews of the game on metacritic.

Another thing that shocks me is that they released a DLC For the game called "Survival". U HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! U RELEASE A DLC FOR AN UNSTABLE GAME! U SHOULD HVE AT LEAST PATCHED UR GAME FIRST BEFORE PUTTING IN DLC!

While we're on the topic of the DLC I'll tell u about it. It's basically u r trapped in te jungle but there is no story u just need to survive as many days in game as u can but it commits the biggest crime in a survival game THE DLC IS BORING! There are hardly any enemies in survival when u strt there r quite a few monkies and that is the hardest moment in all of survival the beginning. It's incredibly easy to survive aswell. There r tons of items surrounding the area, since there are hardly any enemies in the DLC there is hardly any threat! the only thing u will struggle to find is bamboo but objects regenerates.

This game has to be one of the worst, unstable games I've found.


+An interesting concept
+An OK plot

-Bad grphics for 2013
-Bad crafting interface
-Terrible performance on any PCs
-Glitched and bad A.I
-Dialogue sometimes repeats itself
-Some quests are glitched
-They release a DLC for the game before patching it as if saying "This is the best it's gonna get"
-An unforgiving price of £2.49
-U can make a list of all of the stuff u can walk through
-Quest objectives are sometimes unspecific
-Extra missions are deleted from ur journal once u leave the area
Verdict: 1/10 (scale of 1 to 10)
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Publicada: 18 Julho
I bought this game so i could write a negetive review
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Publicada: 3 Junho
The real price of losing a friend is the price of this "game"
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