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Every time we wake up on the other side we have a small chance of falling in to never ending dream. Honestly – which side is the true one? We wake up in our beds, but is it possible to remember second awakening? You remember well what you have done in your dream, what happend, who was there and what was your goal or desire.
发行日期: 2013年9月30日
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New Windows Build On Beta


As in title. There is new update on beta for windows. Due to some problems with engine crashes we are going to post new update for OSX and Linux next week.
Thank you for your support once again. We are doing our best and realy appreciate your help.
Best regards

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New Builds For All Platforms


There are new builds for HM for every platform. There are still known bugs on old cards or AMD/Radeon cards (DOF and light issue). We hope that new save system (for both episodes) is going to work for good from now. Major fixes are done for second episode. Ep1 still have to wait a little. Thank you once again for patience and have a nice time with a game.


Before play erase all game files (especialy saves) and install fresh game. It should spare you some strange behaviors.

Best Regards

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We are still here!

Due to the upcoming merger that our company will be going through we are temporarily halting the sales of Haunted Memories: Episode 2. Please don't worry, it doesn't mean that the game will be removed from your library or that the development stopped. We are working with twice the strength to provide upgrades, bug fixes and improvements for the game.


Every time we wake up on the other side we have a small chance of falling in to never ending dream. Honestly – which side is the true one? We wake up in our beds, but is it possible to remember second awakening?

You remember well what you have done in your dream, what happend, who was there and what was your goal or desire. Yes, but WHEN you have woke up? When you have crossed the barrier? How you have entered that world and why it often ends in some sort of tragedy, that pushes you out? The only thing that left are memories of dream. Shattered memories, Haunted Memories.

Now you have a chance to visit this haunted realm consciously, but you have to be warned. Remember – once entered, can’t be left. To the very end of your sanity, all six episodes of Haunted Memories are going to show you that sometimes darkness leads to light.

"Haunted Memories” series covers following episodes:

  • Episode 01 : Haunt - AVAILABLE IN EARLY ACCESS MODE (Stable release: 22/11/2013)
  • Episode 02 : Welcome Home - RELEASE DATE: 1/3/2014
  • Episode 03 : Lonely Twins - RELEASE DATE: 3/14/2014
  • Episode 04 : Understanding the Past - RELEASE DATE: 5/16/2014
  • Episode 05 : Trying to Cheat Darkness - RELEASE DATE: 7/18/2014
  • Episode 06 : Saved Fool - RELEASE DATE: 9/12/2014

Key Features:

  • Reveal past, present and future of your fate
  • Meet others who have fallen into the realm. Help them or condemn to eternal dreaming.
  • Discover what really happend to Mark Slender and why he let you out from his nightmare.
  • Explore immersive world directed in 100% by original „Haunt” team. Each episode will take you to next fragment of Jacks memories. Green Park is only a vestibule to Slender family residence and true fear of main characters.
  • Breathtaking visuals and audio design.
  • Episodes are divided to „Collector” and „Adventure” types. Each provides unique gameplay elements, therefore both of them meets in one place: you always have to survive and watch your back!
  • Old-school combination of puzzle and action elements forces you to think, run, feel or even kill. Sometimes you will have to do all these things at the same time!
  • OST complemented with tracks from „Fruhstuck” discography!
  • Stay in darkness…
  • …or live and lead to Light.


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIrectX compatible


    • OS: 10.7
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Nice game,♥♥♥♥ DLC
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I tried. Really, I did, and I'm a typically patient and stubborn person who will play through just about anything. So, when I tell you to avoid this game like the plague, I mean it. There's a constant lag regarding the controls, both for movement and for camera control. It's very difficult to see anything. You can hold down Shift while moving to run, but that just causes the camera to bob around causing serious motion sickness. There's a "being" person thing that apparently once you see him you die, but no explanation regarding him or how to avoid him. If you're going to download the free episode 1, you'll enjoy the 2 minute opening and the general ambiance, but beyond that, good luck keeping any interest in this game at all.
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I will never forget Haunted and how fun of a game that was. Then this game came along and made Haunted more fun. The developers updated the game and changed the scenery to something cool. They made this game fun with the elements of Slender being more animated and being a bit of a troll at some times.

Then there came the update.. They put a new episode and made more action. You can see your character now, there is a girl in the television that gives you a key and stuff. It is fun up to a point. That's where this game becomes unbearable and more of a horrible troll game that no one likes playing.

What I am talking about is that you don't have to go to a hard difficulty to experience the constant teleporting every two minutes. The constant Slender flying everywhere and the super low stamina you have. Even the flashlight is horrible and adds no advantage to the game at all.

Now you have to constantly backtrack and backtracking to your previous position, after every teleport, is impossible because when you are almost there you just get teleported at a random place again.

The changes to the bunker being blocked off and all the cutscenes makes it worse than before. Even blocking off the tower until you find out how to open it up, is just asenine!

The game also has many bugs that need to get fixed and my game has no sound at all. I do not recommend anyone playing this troll of a game until the developers use critical thinking skills to make the game useful again!
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Personal Rating: "Don't Bother"
Traditional Rating: 3/10
Genre: Free to Play Crap

Well that's a first - 20 minutes into the game and I immediately disliked it so much I uninstalled it. Where to start - well it's free so if you don't have anything else pressing to play then go ahead but be warned it's just another stupid take on Slenderman and if this was going for scary well I might have dozed off from boredom so I can't really tell you.

You play some anonymously badly acted Scandinavian dude who keeps getting chased by some insect looking take on Slenderman. Problem is the game telegraphs every encounter from like literally miles away and all you need to do is turn around and wait for him to vanish - yup I almost crapped me pants there turning my back on insect head. Ooh terrifying! It also appears as if the main protagonist suffers from emphysema, as a simple walk will induce bouts of heavy, heavy breathing.

Considering the graphics are nothing to shout home about, the game (even though I was getting more than 30fps) is sluggish and slow and it feels like your character has been mired in molasses as he walks. I thought I would give it a shot, I have and I have now uninstalled it. Far more better things to do with ones time.
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