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Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru. Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat. Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
发行日期: 2013年10月15日

玩 Solstice Arena

Free to Play


“Best MOBA of E3”
WarCry Network

“The biggest and best surprise at E3 2013.”
The Escapist

“Deep, well-balanced, and an inventive take on the burgeoning genre.”


Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).
Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru.

Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat.
Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
Take on players from around the world (PvP mode), or face challenging bots (co-op or single-player mode)!

Build your Hero your way. Pick up the recommended items for each Hero or completely customize to suit your play style. As you level up, spend your upgrade points to enhance your abilities and find your advantage in battle!

Choose a Hero from the Sun, Moon, Earth, Iron, or Void discipline. Get to know the different hero attributes. Play to your team’s strengths to win!

New Heroes, new Skins, and new Abilities! There will always be something new to master!


    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo equivalent or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with DirectX9+ (SM 2.0) Support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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It’s extremely difficult to be all things to all people, even if we’re only talking about one relatively narrow genre of gaming, but Solstice Arena does a good job at of pulling it off. If you’ve never played a MOBA but always wanted to give it a try, this one is an excellent way to take that first step.Make no mistake, Solstice Arena isn't a full-blown MOBA. Still, I think there's enough here in the actual gameplay to overlook a some of the missing elements and quirky design decisions.Solstice Arena is a compelling, fast-paced multiplayer battle arena, packed with a lot of nice heroes and three different game modes.It'll ask you to invest significant chunks of time into it, and if you get really serious about it you'll definitely want to splash out on a character or two, but Solstice Arena's top presentation and accessible tactical play make it worth the effort.
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for me its the best moba game really its fun each game takes 10 minutes the Champions are awesome the graphics are beautifull and when i bored i just logging and i play a fast match its simple!!

download it you have nothing to lose ^_^
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SA is a 3v3 single lane arena game. No minions, no ulties, just 4 towers to knockdown an gold drops to fight over in center lane with buffs that drop throughout the map. Matches last no longer then 10 min a play they really come off like a sort of mini duel. Think ARAM in other moba's but you can choose your champ.

The graphics are crisp an simple an show a levity in them that on the surface seems like there spoofing the big boys a little with light hearted ability names like "Spin to Win" or character knock offs that make figuring out whose ability first showed in which moba practically a game in itself.

The game was designed for mobile devices.

This title seems like it was built to sit beside your current favorite moba without stepping on there toes. poke a little light hearted fun at the big boys while eliminating the toxicity the is prevalent in the community. It also features the core set of features like leader boards a decent amount of champs to capture the spirit of the genera for the veteran players out there. That idea that there is fresh stomping ground alone should be incentive enough for most real competitors to come leave there mark an add the leader-board bragging rights to the list of game accomplishments. Beside that its free. no risk to try except you might find your self enjoying it over the heavy-hitters out there...This game may may just end up carving its own niche market of casual & entry to dedicated players.
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should have lower cost for characters
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Take this review with a grain of salt. It's a somewhat long read, but I'm giving it a fair chance.

The main thing above all that you have to remember is that this game was made for PHONES and TABLETS which is why there is no chat or creeps or whatever else you wanna pull out of other more platform appropriate games such as DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

After reading the majority of negative reviews, seemingly written by kids who were blessed with top tier gaming computers by their parents, just angrily comparing it to other games; I decided to go against their "best judgement" and give the game a shot.

After playing this game for a few hours, I found I liked it and that it did what it set out to do; Which is quick PVP. It is what it is and it's not trying to be a lot of different things.

The characters can be beyond over powered, more than likely because the people using them have leveled them up to max and have picked all the right skill upgrades or really underpowered which is mostly all low level characters, but that changes quickly as you level frequently.

The game is no where near pay to win since you can get the in-game currency "Valor", pretty quickly and the battle buff potions can be bought before each game for 100 Valor or you could just take the free one, their effect isn't too noticeable

The only problem I really have with this game is the inability to communicate after games have finished. You can add friends/refer friends but there is no way to chat in lobby or private message or add each other on Steam.

The longest game I've played was 12 Minutes long and the shortest was 5 Minutes. It takes about 40 seconds on average to find a game also, so I'd say if you want a pretty quick PVP game but don't have 30+ Minutes for a game of DOTA or League then this is a decent short term substitute but it's nothing to quit another game for.

For what it is, I've had fun with it and I think if you want a quick game and you go into it with an optimistic attitude then you will too. The lack of communication in game isn't that big a deal as most people respond well to the pings and games can turn around pretty quickly based on player skill.

I give it a 7/10 for what it is.
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不清楚为什么这种蠢游戏居然也能获奖,莫非是最佳山寨奖?而且我非常讨厌这游戏的引擎,UI也很怪异,哦哦,你说这是手机移植来的?那我该怎么办?用手指戳显示器吗?! PS:人人都能世界第一,只要你有足够多的定语加在前面." world's first speed-moba",r u kidding me?!


Awarded "Best MOBA of E3" by WarCry Network
Awarded "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru