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Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru. Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat. Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
Data di rilascio: 15 Ott 2013
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Gioca a Solstice Arena

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“Best MOBA of E3”
WarCry Network

“The biggest and best surprise at E3 2013.”
The Escapist

“Deep, well-balanced, and an inventive take on the burgeoning genre.”

Informazioni sul gioco

Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).
Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru.

Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat.
Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
Take on players from around the world (PvP mode), or face challenging bots (co-op or single-player mode)!

Build your Hero your way. Pick up the recommended items for each Hero or completely customize to suit your play style. As you level up, spend your upgrade points to enhance your abilities and find your advantage in battle!

Choose a Hero from the Sun, Moon, Earth, Iron, or Void discipline. Get to know the different hero attributes. Play to your team’s strengths to win!

New Heroes, new Skins, and new Abilities! There will always be something new to master!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo equivalent or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with DirectX9+ (SM 2.0) Support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Premessa: leggendo il nome zynga ero partito già prevenuto contro questo gioco, pensavo fosse una delle solite schifezze fatte per facebook giusto per rubare due soldi, il principio penso sia comunque quello ma questo gioco ha dei lati positivi!

- Meccaniche estremamente semplici (ovviamente non per tutti, molti non sanno nemmeno che hanno delle "spell" da usare, però le meccaniche rimangono semplicissime!)
- Le partite non durano più di 10 minuti a parte casi eccezzionali!
- Il gioco di squadra non è essenziale (Se tu sai usare bene il tuo eroe essendo solo un 3vs3 puoi tranquillamente vincere le partite da solo, anche se il tuo team è scarso, quindi evita rage e cose varie!)
- Non c'è la chat, finalmente un "moba" dove non c'è la chat, così la gente non spamma cazzate durante il gioco, infatti l'unico modo di comunicare che abbiamo sono i ping che indicano varie azione come "attacca ora" "avanzata" "ritirata" ecc...


- Annoia facilmente, massimo 2-3 partite e passa la voglia di giocare
- I prezzi degli eroi sono eccessivi, ma con 10 ore di gioco potrete avere un carry, un tank, un support e un assassin! Scegliete i migliori e non avrete bisogno di altro!
- Non è spiegato come funziona il sistema per salire di livello e di rank, penso però che sia solo in base alle vittorie, se vinci prendi un numero indefinito di esperienza!
- Non esiste un menù, infatti avremo solo un tasto per giocare e uno per vedere il nostro profilo, il resto è pubblicità e aiuti vari
- E' della zynga, quindi giocate se volete, ma non regalategli altri soldi che non meritano!

Prendetelo come un gioco per perderci una mezz'ora, non come un gioco competitivo, per quello ci sono altri giochi molto meglio!

Voto: 5/10
Pubblicata: 23 Febbraio 2014
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Solstice Arena gioco Free to Play di Steam è un bellissimo gioco sia in multi che in singol player spero che tutti voi mi inviate motli mi piace per questa stupida recensione hahahaha. scerzavo
Pubblicata: 5 Febbraio 2014
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• No Chat •

Why.... oh why, is there no chat. Let me just say that it is completely unreasonable, for a game that requires teemwork, to not have chat.
There will be times when you find yoursefl hitting the "enter" key, even though you know that it doesn't work. This is most evident when one of your teammates walks off alone to fight the enemy by himself. You REALLY want to tell him not to go in, or to wait up, but little can be done.
Alerts? Ain't nobody got time for that.

• Matchmaking •

Quite simply, you pick your preferred character then que up to get matched with two others.
◘ Well whats wrong with that?
- Random people.
◘ Isn't that the point?
-Yes, but they do it without a lobby system.

Typically you get matched with your teammates and opponents. Then you go to the game lobby where you would select your character, masteries and such. M̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶m̶a̶t̶e̶s̶.̶
Then the game would start and you would go from there.

The way they do it in this game is you pick your character first. Then your just throne into a game with whoever. And since you pick you character beforehand, unless your with 2 friends, your team composition can be anything. Your completly at the mercy of the draw.
P1: Wow what a nice team comp.
P2: We got 3 tanks....
P1: No us, the other guys.

Im guessing thats what a conversation would look like, if there was chat. Too bad we'll never know.

• Other •

Other stuff thats not so important, but still notable.

Well know to anyone whos F2P. Gotta get that "Valor" to get them champs. Some say pvp others co-op vs a.i. So I played some games in both and averaged them to see which was better.
The results are as follows:

► PVP - 8 min 37 sec. - 297 valor/xp avg.
►Co-op - 4 min 30 sec - 282 valor/xp avg.

While pvp yeilds higher rewards, co-op get them faster. With a competent team you can get 2-3 min victories.

-Game Speed-
When I hear "Speed Moba" I think of fast moving/combat gameplay. "The map", cause I've only seen one, is very small. So apparently to make up for this, they made the characters slow. Its like running though water, and if you walk throught the water in game its like walking through mud. Dodging projectiles is somewhat akward, especially with some of the hit detection on some of these attacks.
This may be nit-picky but "Worlds First" Speed moba? Bloodlines Champions has quick games, its a moba too.

▬ Its an ok game, but with no chat or pre-game lobby you probably won't be putting any real time into this. Yeah the games are short but the gameplay is a little too slow to my liking. It does alright considering its used to be a phone game. But if your going from Phone to Computer you gotta make changes.
Pubblicata: 26 Novembre 2013
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I've played alot of it and games take around 10 minutes. It's fun but frustrating at times, with no real way to communicate there isn't alot of room for teamwork. Also, Like any Zynga game, money makes you progress way faster- Though there is nothing money can acquire that you can't get through HOURS of play. If i'm frustrated with Dota 2 I'll play a quick round or 2. but aside from that, your time is better spent in Dota2.
Pubblicata: 25 Novembre 2013
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I've seen this game get a lot of flak for not having a Chat, Balance (Release Khronos anyone?), or a dedicated Ranked system. But i will not review this comparing it to League or DoTA like others have; I'm going to take this game for what it is, and if you do too, then you may have as much fun as i do.

The main draw to this game, for me atleast, is that the matches are quick. Real quick. This, to me, gives it a Hearthstone-esque feel; It's a game that you can pop in, play a quick match, then go do something else.
That's not to say that it isn't fun; The idea of no Creeps/Minions may sound odd at first, but the constant combat and rush of trying to get a power up first or the Chest make for a fun experience.

People also knock the art style, but that was one of the major draws for me. I love bright, vibrant art styles, no matter how 'Cartoony' it looks. While it isn't the sharpest around, it is at least fun to look at. I've also never had a problem seeing where i am in all the ruckes, which is a huge plus for me.

The lack of chat is by far the biggest problem here, but it also has a few up sides; Toxicity is very very low within this game, in a Verbal Abuse manner that is. This is something that all other MoBA's struggle with. Now true, you cannot plan tactics, but if you're really trying to win every game instead of having fun, i would highly suggest you get two friends and hook up on a voice chat system anyway.

The Hero progression is also an interesting mechanic. Playing matches gives you EXP for the Hero you chose that match. Once they get enough EXP, that Hero levels up. Leveling up gives you a skill point to put into one of your Heros three abilities, such as Lifesteal or Damage Reduction for the skill you are improving. Because of the Hero Specific Queue system, you can pick your favorite and go to town, never having to worry about someone else getting the Hero you wanted.

All in all, i have a lot of fun with this game. Yes, the balance is terrible. Sure, it's not as strategic as other MoBA's. But shouldn't even think about getting this game if that's what you expected.
If you want a quick, fun game where you can pop in for a quick match and pop right back out, then i highly suggest Solstice Arena. It will not replace League, DoTA, or whatever it is you play, but it is nice to kick back for some good ol' fashion brawling every once in a while.
Pubblicata: 4 Gennaio 2014
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Awarded "Best MOBA of E3" by WarCry Network
Awarded "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru