Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru. Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat. Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
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Data lansării: 15 oct., 2013
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Joacă Solstice Arena

Free to Play

Ce spun criticii

“Best MOBA of E3”
WarCry Network

“The biggest and best surprise at E3 2013.”
The Escapist

“Deep, well-balanced, and an inventive take on the burgeoning genre.”

Despre acest joc

Experience epic battles in the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).
Awarded "Best MOBA of E3 2013” by WarCry, and "Best Mobile Strategy of E3" by RTS Guru.

Form alliances and fight together in 3 vs. 3 combat.
Hone your skills as you battle alongside friends.
Take on players from around the world (PvP mode), or face challenging bots (co-op or single-player mode)!

Build your Hero your way. Pick up the recommended items for each Hero or completely customize to suit your play style. As you level up, spend your upgrade points to enhance your abilities and find your advantage in battle!

Choose a Hero from the Sun, Moon, Earth, Iron, or Void discipline. Get to know the different hero attributes. Play to your team’s strengths to win!

New Heroes, new Skins, and new Abilities! There will always be something new to master!

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo equivalent or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with DirectX9+ (SM 2.0) Support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Postat: 2 noiembrie, 2014
Way too long since Solstice Arena isn't updated. There is a combination of champions that you can't lose with. And i really want Zynga to fix this. I waited for 7 months (and even more, i think) and still nobody didn't lift a finger. Well, i had a lot of fun with my two brothers, playing together, but now is almost unenjoyable, if you play as a premade team: you'll always fight against the undefeatable trio, and I DON'T WANT TO BE FORCED TO PLAY WHAT IS MADE TO WIN, but just play to have fun and win for skill.
But it is impossible, due to the combo of Helios, Lizeth and Kira.
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Postat: 16 decembrie, 2014
Name ingame : Varg
So I'm gonna give my opinion after 140 hours of play. I'm now in Champions Tier which is basically the "best players" and I'm 12th best ranked. This seems to be reset every two weeks and I'm not going to try to be Champion again as it takes a bit too much of time imo and there is no real benefit to it.
This game was made for portable devices such as IPAD but can be played on PC. I played only on PC so I can't say about the other devices. This game has great potential but also many development flaws due to the stupid Zynga company. So overall I would recommend the game. Let's check the pros and cons :

The pros :
1 - Great game and great pvp. The matches are 3v3. A mix of WoW arena and a Moba. No minions but 3 towers and a nexus for each team to destroy. There are permanent (for the duration of the match) and temporary boosts on the ground that you must collect to get stronger. Theses pickups increase one of your attributes or give a bonus like +20% movement speed for a decent time.
2 - No grind for gear, you get your gear as in a moba but contrary to games as Dota, everybody will end up full geared in 10 minutes. So even the supporting heroes are not useless in lategame.
3 - The game seems rather simple but it has an in-depths complexity. Easy to start, not that easy to master because you will have to check the build of other players, the amount of gold of their team, the position of everybody, their life points and estimate their skill to try some moves to get kills without being killed. However, it is easier then WoW Arena 3v3 and more fun imo because more relaxed (and because you don't have to deal with 4 action bars full of spells and macros with modifiers).
4 - The server isn't empty, there are still players all the time. You will encounter the same names often but you can play at any hour.
5 - Completly Free to Play, no gameplay benefit from paying at all. It takes some time but you can unlock every hero for free.

The cons :
1 - Main problem is that the company Zynga doesn't care about the game anymore so don't expect updates and balancing. There is a good playerbase but no company to update the game..
2 - This is an important point : there is a list of friend and many people will add you if you are a good player, but THERE IS NO CHAT !! AT ALL !! You simply cannot communicate with your teammmates apart from basic pings such as "attack" or "defend". And you can never communicate with your friend list...
3 - The cosmetical items in the shop cost too much (approx. 12 euros for one skin). I bought a skin myself (Dark Valkyrie Ava) but now I know that Zynga doesn't update so I no longer buy. Yeah the prices are too high, we would have prefered more items given for such price, especially considering that the company doesn't care about the game.
4 - The game lacks some balancing. Nothing you can't overcome with dedication and skill but there are better heroes or builds then others. For exemple, "Void" build Helios is OP while "Sun" Helios is way weeker. Balthazar (a demon with the ulti of Vengeful Spirit of Dota) is weak, Artharion (an archer with a dash) is really strong with either build (dps or nuker)
You can play melees at a high level but you have to be very aware of your capabilities and the distances/positionning beetwen players. I reached the Champions Tier with a melee tank/assassin (Lizeth) but the first time I tried Lizeth I though that she was completly useless. On the other side, most ranged with dashes or mobility are easier to play.
5 - As the game isn't updated, it lacks some heroes that should have been implemented for the sake of balance. This results into some team compos very hard to beat unless you really know what you're doing and what to build. I'm talking mostly about compos like healer Kyra + 2 nukers (artharion, helios..). The healing options are limited mostly to Kyra, and a lesser extend others can heal a bit. You CAN always win with good reactional build and teamplay BUT there is NO CHAT so you can hardly coordinate with people.

So you see the deal : a good pvp game with a HUGE potential but the worst company ever behind it. The worst as they simply don't care at all, they won't respond to any post and they have deleted their dedicated forum anyway.
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Postat: 31 decembrie, 2014
Solstice is an arena game, dumbed down 10x from their competitors, altough a pretty decent overall experience. Not as deep as Bloodline champions and other comparable games, but still enyoable for the casual player.
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Postat: 14 noiembrie, 2014
Fun moba to play casually while waiting during a queu on DotA 2 :D
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Postat: 22 februarie
Great Fun and Short MOBA. Really enjoyed it.
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Postat: 11 aprilie
Its ok, but why the hell we can earn only 3k valor/day in solo?And normal solo=Super Easy Advanced=Hard...
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Postat: 11 decembrie, 2014
Its Fun but needs to have more HEROES and a Type of communication with the teammates
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Postat: 15 ianuarie
Solstice Arena is a nice speed MOBA game.
Quick games
a huge community (well, 1 min and sometimes less to find a game)
Many heroes (but not too many, i think its about 30?)
Types of heroes
A chest in the middle, capture it and get gold for all of your team.

The more you play. the better your hero, you farm for exp and then upgrade your skills (unlike other MOBA games, the exp doesn't reset every game, and you recieve the exp after the game)
You start with Hamhock, all the other heroes you gotta buy (well, you earn valor (the game money) pretty fast and there are "free trials" - you can play like 5-7 heroes for a week and then it's changed.)
The developers abandoned the game, no updates incoming.

Towers aren't strong and pretty easy to destroy
wiping the other team will stop the towers from attacking (well they don't do a lot of damage anyway)
There isn't "creeps" or "minions" like in Dota or LoL, only heroes.
Elements: They don't carry over to the next game, but it's like farming, you pick them up (every hero needs 2) and get stronger.
For ex: the hero Lucky has the skill Mend (heals every seconds for some seconds)
with a certain amount of Moon you will heal 17 per sec and after picking some moon you will heal 18, 19 or 20 every sec.
There's only one "lane"
Gold: it doesn't have anything special, I just put in on autobuy and it makes me stronger, items don't have special effects.
There isn't a thing called "level up" (ingame)
All of the heroes are at the same level, killing heroes earn only gold.
There isn't a thing called Mana - spam your skills how many time you want (but there's cooldown...)
Every hero own 3 skills- 2 normal and 1 signature (ultimate)
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Postat: 15 decembrie, 2014
Fast and nervous .. good casual game, but only in ranked game otherwise its a real mess.
Only one champion availabe at start, which is quite annoying.. champions are really expansive though its a full ftp
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Postat: 16 octombrie, 2013
A horrible Zynga game gets ported from the iOS to PC - what can go wrong? Seriously, on the iPhone, it was more like an experiment - whether or not you can create a good MOBA (think League of Legends or Dota) on the iOS. The answer was that you can't. And now Zynga, seeing how much money Dotes or LoL get from a free-to-play MOBA genre, ports this horribly bad game to the PC. Why is Solstice Arena so bad?
Well, first of all, just look at it. It's like a five year-old's take on League of Legends. Way too cartoony. Looking at this game is like seeing how a unicorn vomits all over a paint factory. Too many bright childish colors, no proportions, horrible design, the list goes on and on.
Second of all, the game sucks. It says it is a MOBA, but it is just a 3 versus 3 bloodfest. No minions, no lanes, roles are incredibly stupid, items might as well be non-existant here - no item actives means that you will be using the same "build" on the hero all the time.
The skills are direct copies of Dota, the champion visuals of HoN and League, Originality - error 404. The champions are bland and uninteresting, absolutely no character in them. The spells here are a joke. Basically - three spells. Three spells you will be seeing all over the place.
All 6 players can blind-pick the same champion. Let me repeat that. ALL 6 PLAYERS CAN PICK THE SAME CHAMPION. Which basically means, all 6 players will be playing the most overpowered free-week hero. I'm using singular, because there's like 10 different heroes in total. Yep, 10 heroes. 10*3=30 different abilities in the game. League of Legends has 116*4=454 abilities, while Dota has even more.
The game is incredibly shallow, absolutely no complexity. You probably already mastered the game while reading the review. I would understand it might suit to a six year old, but I wouldn't give it to a six year old because that would be called "child's brain damaging" and you might go to jail.
Combine this "masterpice" with overpriced itemshop in which you won't find anything worth buying for even if they gave you a hundred grand for every purchase, the fact that you can't report players and (if I'm not mistaken) no leaving penalty - you get the worst MOBA of all time.
Seriously, don't even bother to install. Get Dota or League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth or Awesomenauts. About ANYTHING is better than this crap. Hell, go read a book, at least there you won't find two of your only teammates sitting afk for 7 minutes.
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Postat: 4 ianuarie, 2014
I've seen this game get a lot of flak for not having a Chat, Balance (Release Khronos anyone?), or a dedicated Ranked system. But i will not review this comparing it to League or DoTA like others have; I'm going to take this game for what it is, and if you do too, then you may have as much fun as i do.

The main draw to this game, for me atleast, is that the matches are quick. Real quick. This, to me, gives it a Hearthstone-esque feel; It's a game that you can pop in, play a quick match, then go do something else.
That's not to say that it isn't fun; The idea of no Creeps/Minions may sound odd at first, but the constant combat and rush of trying to get a power up first or the Chest make for a fun experience.

People also knock the art style, but that was one of the major draws for me. I love bright, vibrant art styles, no matter how 'Cartoony' it looks. While it isn't the sharpest around, it is at least fun to look at. I've also never had a problem seeing where i am in all the ruckes, which is a huge plus for me.

The lack of chat is by far the biggest problem here, but it also has a few up sides; Toxicity is very very low within this game, in a Verbal Abuse manner that is. This is something that all other MoBA's struggle with. Now true, you cannot plan tactics, but if you're really trying to win every game instead of having fun, i would highly suggest you get two friends and hook up on a voice chat system anyway.

The Hero progression is also an interesting mechanic. Playing matches gives you EXP for the Hero you chose that match. Once they get enough EXP, that Hero levels up. Leveling up gives you a skill point to put into one of your Heros three abilities, such as Lifesteal or Damage Reduction for the skill you are improving. Because of the Hero Specific Queue system, you can pick your favorite and go to town, never having to worry about someone else getting the Hero you wanted.

All in all, i have a lot of fun with this game. Yes, the balance is terrible. Sure, it's not as strategic as other MoBA's. But shouldn't even think about getting this game if that's what you expected.
If you want a quick, fun game where you can pop in for a quick match and pop right back out, then i highly suggest Solstice Arena. It will not replace League, DoTA, or whatever it is you play, but it is nice to kick back for some good ol' fashion brawling every once in a while.
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Postat: 25 noiembrie, 2013
I've played alot of it and games take around 10 minutes. It's fun but frustrating at times, with no real way to communicate there isn't alot of room for teamwork. Also, Like any Zynga game, money makes you progress way faster- Though there is nothing money can acquire that you can't get through HOURS of play. If i'm frustrated with Dota 2 I'll play a quick round or 2. but aside from that, your time is better spent in Dota2.
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Postat: 10 martie, 2014
For me its the best MOBA (Mutliplayer Online Battle Arena) game really its fun each game takes 10 minutes the Champions are awesome the graphics are beautifull and when i bored i just logging and i play a fast match its simple!!
Download it you have nothing to lose ^_^
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Postat: 1 februarie, 2014
Awesome game, kind of similar to League of Legends or Dota 2. But to me this game is better because the matches go way faster and its only the players in one lane battling. Highly reccomend getting especially since it is free.
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Postat: 14 aprilie, 2014
It’s extremely difficult to be all things to all people, even if we’re only talking about one relatively narrow genre of gaming, but Solstice Arena does a good job at of pulling it off. If you’ve never played a MOBA but always wanted to give it a try, this one is an excellent way to take that first step.Make no mistake, Solstice Arena isn't a full-blown MOBA. Still, I think there's enough here in the actual gameplay to overlook a some of the missing elements and quirky design decisions.Solstice Arena is a compelling, fast-paced multiplayer battle arena, packed with a lot of nice heroes and three different game modes.It'll ask you to invest significant chunks of time into it, and if you get really serious about it you'll definitely want to splash out on a character or two, but Solstice Arena's top presentation and accessible tactical play make it worth the effort.
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Postat: 26 decembrie, 2013
Short games to satisfy your pvp needs.
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Postat: 24 iulie, 2014
Best loading screen simulator 2014.
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Postat: 14 martie, 2014
Best game ever relesed for abot a wek. then doge was no longer fre so worst gam evr. was 11/10 much like legendz lege. now -1/10 not enuf lik cal of d00ty -IGN. also neds more dank in bank and mor farms. get on it zinga
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Postat: 5 ianuarie, 2014
Now, I'm usually one who HATES to see that person who has played a game for >5 hours then gives a recommendation, I often wonder "How can you even know what the game is like?! " that said, I feel I have to speak up now before any friends DL it, and maybe save another MOBA player the headache, first we'll touch with the game's general gameplay.

Breaking the Norm- There is no jungle, there are no minions, it's just you, two allies and three enemies. At first I was leary about this, but after playing it, I thoroughly enjoyed how it played out, I enjoyed the fact that games lasted between 4 minutes and 10 minutes (Most leaning on the 4-6 mark.) it sped up gameplay, and allowed me to play a few matches as I got ready for work, or waited till that time to go to work. So in originality, I enjoy it, it makes skills and teamplay more meaningful.

Dead Towers- To add to the factor of breaking the norm, towers go dormant(Dead, they stop firing) when your entire team is aced, or in the "fountain" buying. I really enjoyed this as well, as one would think, this makes people play more cautiously, carefully weighing when to engage, and use skills etc, and back out sooner in hopes of avoiding death, respawn times or fountain down-time. That's just the problem though, the tutorial doesn't stress this enough perhaps, or perhaps new players just don't care about the tutorial (As it's not forced.) As most of my games have been full of people running headlong on both teams towards each other, diving to fountain within the first minute or two of gameplay, albeit this leads to hyper fast games, but it also leaves me sighing heavily as I debate playing another one, sure it's only 5 minutes out of my life, but I'd rather be doing something else, like getting my nails ripped out with pliers, it's less painful as aMOBA player.

No Chatting- This is actually one of the two things that killed the game for me, I certainly understand WHY they removed chatting functions, have you ever seen League or DOTA2 all chat? MOBA players are some of the most toxic people in exsistence, it's such a competitive and fierce game people take it way to seriously (Myself included at times.) However the inability to explain to new players to stay together, or to not tower-dive, or "Hey wait until I stun them to attack, I'm tanky you aren't" is painful to the multiplayer functions of this game. I seriously hope they re-consider adding chat, as they've stated many times they won't, because it's what ultimately led me to not spending any money on the game, and uninstalling it.

Clunky Skills- Maybe this is my personal opinion of the game, or my personal experience (This entire review is my personal opinion after all.) But the controls and responsiveness from skills was dreadfully clunky and poor, there were times I was forced to completely stop moving, just to get a skill to actually fire, because ANY movement after clicking a skill will cancel the skill's use, any attacking will do the same, in a genre where you're constantly moving, dodging and stutter-stepping attacks, it was impossible for me to fire off any skill, because I'd Q, left click, expect a skill and get nothing because I clicked to move to a spot to avoid someone else's skill shot. It makes the game feel dumbed down, you're punished for being observant and trying to multi-task. This is something I hope they improve with time, if they do, there's a chance I'd play it again with friends, as it stands, I can't play without friends (No chat) and with the clunky skills I'd rather just get my friends to install one of the other dozen MOBAs out there.

Element System- I personally loved this, it was one of the main features I really enjoyed about the game, there was several element-types in the game, Sun, Darkness, Earth, Iron, Moon etc, these directly effect your stats, and your character's abilities, an example of this is the character Lucky- He's a tank/support type, two of his skills scale with Iron, one scales with Moon, this means the more Iron I collect in a game, the more those two skills do, and the more Moon I collect in a game the more my heal does, it was an absolutely wonderful system, the problem? Iron is good for everyone since it makes you tanky, which leads to an assassin like Marco (whose skills do not scale withIron) grabbing iron, etc this may improve when you get away from new players, but it's another frustrating thing to watch fast people with blinks, burning skills to get iron before someone who actually scales heavily with it, it's a hard one, I'd say it's an awesome system, they just need to explain it to new players better.

Tutorial- The tutorial is optional, which normally I love in a game, however in a MOBA, especially one that varies so many things from the normal and the big named MOBAs, they REALLY need to make it mandatory, and make it much more in-depth, explaining to you how elements effect your character, and effect others, make the GUI more intuitive to this design as well let people easily see what Element their allies primary in, maybe then people won't be grabbing whatever they can like greedy little imps, make it more team-oriented.

Sound- I don't really care about sound ing ames, after the first day or two, unless it's needed to play well (See FPS games) I turn it off and keep music on in the background, that said none of the sounds were overly annoying, loud or ear-piercing that I ran into.

Overall- 6/10 I know! 6/10 for a game I don't recommend? Crazy, they do so many things well, it's such a fun game, but I really, really can't play it myself. Maybe others will enjoy it and have more luck, for me the game is to clunky (It at times feels like you're playing with lag, that's on a good connection I feel sorry for those without such a connection.) and the lack of chat, or good starting tutorials makes it VERY hard to grind out of the low leveled player pool, there's alot of skill missing and it's mostly hoping you don't get people who run headlong to death repeatedly (One fellow went 0/12 in a 6 or so minute game, he literally died almost as soon as he was up constantly.) if you download it, goodluck I wish you the best, I hope the review gives you some ideal of what you're jumping into.
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Postat: 1 septembrie, 2014
Solstice Arena is (for me) a fun 3v3 pvp encounter, Que times are quick and the overall object of the game is easy to learn & very fun to play . I have a few suggestions that I think would make the game a little more epic....

1. New Hero's to choose from.
2. New Arena 's to play in.
3. The ability to have a player ignore feature, so a person can ignore baddies & not get thrown into a random que with them ever again.
4. An advanced que system that groups people based on level of hero . ( I hate it when you get stuck in a ranked with a level 1 Hamhock who dosent have a clue what to do.)
5. New Ranked games like ... 5v5, King of the Hill, Capture the flag .

Id love to see any of those suggestions happen , what about all you diehard Solstice Fans ...do you agree?
Anyway thank you for making this game , I really like it !
p.s. thanks for fixing the friend list bug .. working like a charm atm.
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