Participez à des combats épiques dans l'arène de bataille en ligne multijoueur (Multplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA) n°1 au monde. Élu « Le meilleur MOBA de l’E3 2013. » par WarCry et « Meilleur jeu de stratégie de l'E3 » par RTS Guru. Formez des alliances et combattez à trois contre trois.
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Date de parution: 15 oct 2013
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“Ce jeu s’adresse autant aux débutants qu’aux vétérans des arènes de bataille en ligne multijoueur qui n’ont peut-être plus beaucoup de temps pour jouer.”
WarCry Network

“Solstice Arena m’a fait redécouvrir les arènes de bataille en ligne multijoueur.”
The Escapist

“Solstice Arena vous permet de combattre à tout endroit à tout moment. Les fanatiques de MOBA devraient adorer.”

À propos de ce jeu

Participez à des combats épiques dans l'arène de bataille en ligne
multijoueur (Multplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA) n°1 au monde.
Élu « Le meilleur MOBA de l’E3 2013. » par WarCry et « Meilleur jeu de stratégie de l'E3 » par RTS Guru.

Formez des alliances et combattez à trois contre trois.
Perfectionnez vos compétences en combattant aux côtés de vos amis.
Affrontez les joueurs du monde entier (mode joueur contre joueur) ou défiez des créatures redoutables (modes coopération ou solo).

Façonnez votre héros comme vous l'entendez.
Vous pouvez l'équiper des objets recommandés ou de ceux qui correspondent le mieux à votre stratégie de jeu. Dépensez les points d'amélioration obtenus lors du passage à un niveau supérieur pour développer vos compétences et prendre l'avantage au combat.

Choisissez un héros de la discipline du soleil, de la lune, de la terre, du fer ou du néant. Découvrez les différents attributs des héros. Jouez sur les points forts des membres de votre équipe pour gagner.

De nouveaux héros, de nouveaux thèmes et de nouvelles compétences. Il y aura toujours une nouveauté à maîtriser!

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo equivalent or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with DirectX9+ (SM 2.0) Support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Posté le : 28 juillet
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J'aime beaucoup ce jeux,le fait que l'on puisse up des perso en les jouant est une très bonne idée malheuresement les perso ne sont pas equilibrés,ce qui fait que certains perso sont vraiment inutiles et jamais joués.
Certains perso sont marqués comme invocateur(dps) et tank ce qui fait un perso trés puissant et trés resistant sans être forcement lent,donc quasiment impossible à tuer à moins de faire du 3v1.
le matchmaking est trés mal fait,vous choississez d'abord un perso avant de chercher une game du coup il arrive trés souvent qu'il y ai 3dps et ni support ni tank.
De plus,l'absence de chat est un gros défault on ne peux donner que quelques ordres pas trés clair(ex: lorque qu'un joueur marque "get it",veut il dire qu'il compte prendre l'orbe,ou qu'il veut montrer que quelqu'un doit le prendre?Pareil lorsqu'il marque "heal" veut il dire qu'il faut le soigner ou qu'il compte repartir a la base?).
Un autre énorme défault est le mode classé,il est ouvert à tout niveau,de ce fait des joueurs faisant leur première partie vienne en classé et ils pourrissent votre game en fonçant dans l'ennemi a chaque fois qu'ils respawn ce qui fait que l'ennemi est très rapidement feed est que votre partie est perdue et que votre rang dans le classement diminue.
ce problème est très grave car il arrive très souvent; environ 3 parties sur 4 ce qui est énorme,du coup la partie est déja terminée si il y a un hammock (perso gratuit du début joué par tout les nouveaux)dans l'une des deux équipes et cela gache tout car si il est dans votre équipe vous aller perdre en quelques minutes mais la victoire est assuré du moment que le hammock est dans l'équipe ennemie.
je recommande ce jeu si vous compter joueur avec 2 autres amis mais le déconseille du moment ou il y a une place libre dans votre équipe.
Posté le : 9 août
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Click for Gameplay Trailer - Preview

Zynga has created a good game that has the feel as Dota and other Moba games. one round 5- to 15-minute spurts rather than taking the better part of an hour. This is the first speed moba!
Solstice Arena is a 3vs3 battle with the final goal of destroying the enemy base. Each is guarded by three towers. gold is earned through pickup style power-ups and a single capturable chest in the middle of the map.
You must control the middle of the map to capture the chest through a channeling that slowly turns the chest toward your side. That channel can be interrupted by the enemy.

Skills in Solstice Arena have only one casting resource: cooldowns. no waiting for your mana. That moment is ready and waiting when all three of your abilities are off cooldown. The action is constant, and in the 10 minutes it takes to play a match.
You can purchase items from the spawn. you're given a choice of head items, accessory, off-hand, weapons, boots, and body armor and you can carry only one of each. each item has three base choices that can be upgraded into three final. each with a different passive that can improve your character's fighting potential.
there are 5 elements in the game. you have to find the perfect combination to maximize their potential. the attributes are tied to a stat as attack damage, movement speed, cooldown reduction, attack speed, or defense. you can pick up attributes that spawn as power-ups around the map.

Towers only shoot while a player is alive. If an entire enemy team is dead, their towers won't fight back. As the game goes on and respawn times get longer, this game become more dangerous, and a full whipe at the wrong time could be your end.
With only 25 heroes (more heroes come with updates) and steep costs to unlock them, things become a longer play sessions. You see many of the same groups of faces over and over your games. Zynga gives a fair helping of heroes in a free trial , the free trial refreshes every few days.
You can pay with real money or fight a lot of matches and unlock the heroes. you dont NEED pay real money!

Fortunately, character designs are all quite different from one another, and each hero has a unique style. Whether that style involves playing from the back lines as a high-powered mage of the sun, or turning to stone and spinning through the ranks of your foes, or throwing down a music box to pacify your foes while you spin around healing your teammates, heroes have signature abilities, and there don't yet appear to be redundancies among them. Each ability can be upgraded between games, as winning (or participating) earns experience for that hero. Each skill has three different paths that can be upgraded, but only two may be selected for the five additional skill points put into each skill. You can use these upgrades to suit your gameplay whims, whether that means making areas of effect larger, making stun durations longer, or just making skills pack a bigger wallop when you connect with an enemy.

This game is cross-platform with iOS and Mac. The three platforms integrated with one another, at any your teammates could playing on an iPhone or Mac while you sit at your computer. Sitting in the city and play with your iphone.
There is no chat function in-game. No players who scream, flame or talking ♥♥♥♥. The only form of communication is a single ping every few seconds.
The short encounters and matches make for a lack of depth in the game. With the upgradable abilities and the perks on each tier-three item, there are many item builds upon the opponent's composition.

Solstice Arena is a great and fast moba game. Quick matches and balanced heroes. Overall, I really enjoyed this game.

Thanks for reading! If you Like my Review, give me a Thumbs up in Steam (not the youtube video).
I make this for the Community and your help is greatly appreciated :)
Posté le : 19 octobre
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Best loading screen simulator 2014.
Posté le : 24 juillet
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Zynga made a good game? Yep.

Though it's not your typical MOBA, you will still find plenty of skill and teamwork is required to win- it is by NO MEANS easy. Now, I actually started playing this on my iPod believe it or not, before they ported it to PC, and I have to say that it's actually completely playable on a mobile device, and obviously a bit more playable on a PC, but mobile players can still be competetive without feeling like they are at a disadvantage.

What this is, essentially, is the MOBA genre, condensed. There are no minions, and tower rate of fire is based on how many heroes are alive, so basically if you wipe the enemy team the towers can't shoot. There is also a gold chest objective in the center. How a match typically goes, is a little bit of harrassment, followed by a teamfight, and the winner of the teamfight goes for an objective- the gold chest, a tower, or some of the stat-boosting pickups. And that repeats until one team knocks down all 4 enemy towers and wins. It's a constant teamfight with no minion farming and no down-time.. kind of like a 3v3 duel of sorts, very fast paced and a lot of fun.

Decent hero lineup, as far as I know they stopped updating which would be a problem for other F2P games but not such a big deal here. Games are fairly short, with a complete steamroll lasting 4-5 minutes and a long, drawn-out match lasting 10-15 minutes and no more than 20, which means if you get a bad team you will be able to get into a new match pretty quickly.

The item shop is very streamlined. You buy items like you would in a RPG, with 1 slot for boots, chest, helmet, weapon, etc. for a total of 6. Basically 3 tiers of items where every item costs the same and all tier 3 items have a unique passive of some description which can be huge game-changers. Since you can't sell items, buying items in and of itself can be a bit of a skill. For example, you might want to hold off buying *the* lifesteal item until all the enemies buy their weapon, but didn't buy the heal-reducing weapon. Alernatively, if the enemies don't buy have anything that you need to counter, you can try to pick up something like the stun hammer which can give you a huge early advantage. There is even a bit of flexibility in item builds, different heroes can be played different ways, for example the standard archer guy Artharion is usually played as a burst mage but I find him to be far more effective as a ranged carry.

I could discuss every mechanic which is different (stat types, pickups, towers, river, gold chest, etc.) but just suffice to say that it's fairly innovative and unique, and also easy for new players to get into.

So yeah, in conclusion, it's streamlined, but with a lot of hidden depth, and teamwork is EXTREMELY important just like it is in any MOBA game, and of course you can still get fed and dominate the enemy team like in any MOBA game. It obviously runs at a smooth framerate even on your grandmother's 8 year old laptop because it's meant for mobile devices, and the graphics are nothing amazing but not too shabby either. A lot of fun, reasonably competetive, and it's free to play, so there is no reason not to give it a try.
Posté le : 22 septembre
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Plus simpliste que League of Legend, ce MOBA est fait pour vous si vous rechercher un jeu qui ne prend que peu de temps. J'aime tout particulièrement le fait de pouvoir améliorer les compétences des champions en les jouant et en leurs faisant gagner des niveaux.
Le seul Bémol reste la communication innexistante via un tchat. La communication ce fait uniquement via des signaux que l'ont peu envoyez toute les 3-4 secondes. (Pas de double signaux différent possible.)
Il est donc difficile de donner des conseils a des personnes jouant trop solo, ou ne savant pas beaucoup jouer a des MOBA.
Posté le : 30 novembre 2013
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