Duke Nukem is back. Captured by an alien foe in the middle of promoting his best-selling book, “Why I’m So Great”, Duke must once more defeat the forces of evil to save himself from the knowledge-stealing Rigelatins, and ultimately prove his book’s namesake.
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发行日期: 1993年12月3日


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Duke Nukem is back. Captured by an alien foe in the middle of promoting his best-selling book, “Why I’m So Great”, Duke must once more defeat the forces of evil to save himself from the knowledge-stealing Rigelatins, and ultimately prove his book’s namesake. In this sequel to the 1991 high-octane, bot-busting video game, Duke Nukem, the King of Action must blast, cannon, missile and flame his way to victory - a victory that would stop the secrets of both ass-kicking and bubblegum from falling into the wrong hands.

Key Features:

  • Never Put a Good Duke Down: The sequel to 1991’s Duke Nukem and precursor to 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem II is a pivotal part of the legendary Duke Nukem saga.
  • I’ll Be Back: Absent from Duke Nukem II’s original release, Duke has been retrofitted with sun glasses for a third dimension of coolness in a two dimensional-world.
  • Don’t Try This at Home: Always the consummate professional, Duke must collect power-ups, fly space fighters, and drink six-packs to escape the clutches of his evil alien captors.
  • Damn... I’m Lookin’ Good!: Powered by 1993’s state-of-the-art, you’ll-think-you’re-actually-there cutting-edge technology, Duke Nukem II features vivid, lifelike, parallaxing graphics and speaker-breaking digitized sound effects.
  • Variety Is the Spice of Death: Kill things dead across 32 levels of action-packed mayhem. Super bosses, mutations, robo-droids, guards and traps await Duke’s destruction.
  • You Know Duke Nukem, Right?: A hero so badass they named a series of video games after him.


Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:1.8 GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Direct X Compatible GPU
    • Hard Drive:11 MB HD space
    • Recommended:Balls of Steel
    • OS:OSX 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor:Intel Core Duo 2GHz+
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:64MB Video memory
    • Hard Drive:11 MB HD space
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Whilst this game improved upon the first, it hasn't aged well compared to other games at the time. We're talking late '93 here, Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES is out, & Sonic CD is also out there, both very good platformers (just without the guns). StarFox exists and Doom is to be released just a week after Duke Nukem II. Some tough competition there, showing how aged Duke Nukem II must have looked at the time. Still, I found this to be more enjoyable than the first game.

Probably a 6.5/10
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A classic DOS platformer, with lots of carnage and attitude that a lot of Apogee (3D Realms) games had back then. And me personally, I'm not too bothered about the whole sunglasses change with Duke, but if others are, then that's fine. Still, even with that, Duke Nukem 2 is a great game, with hard difficulty and awesome music to boot!
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The King of Pain Title is back from my DOS Childhood Days!

"Since 1991, Duke Nukem 1 was released by Apogee Software for the MS-DOS PCs... Its' Explosive Action made it one of the most Popular games ever back in the day... Now, Prepare yourself to Relive its' New Experience on Steam Clients for Modern PCs via DOSBOX..."

Duke Nukem 2 back in action & here on Steam for a Second Round!
Now with awsome Shades from Duke Nukem Forever!
Apogee Software Rules the MS-DOSBOX once again!
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Highly Recommended for duke nukem fans
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cheap game and fun gameplay c:
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I see a few reviews talking about how hard the game is, but dern, isnt that the dern point?? What can I say? The game is awesome all the way around. Most definitelty worth the $3 any day.
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Duke 2, when the man started to evolve into the Duke you know and love today. Duke II holds up great in 2013 and it's FINALLY ON STEAM! AND WITH SUNGLASSES!
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As a little kid, I always loved this game and I still love it. This is fast paced action 2D Platforming at its best. The levels are hard, but not impossible.Controls are great, music is great and there's just a sense of Adrenaline in this game.
There are minor issues with the game. Duke walks really fast and the screen can't keep up, resulting in enemies seemingly popping up out of nowhere.

And also, I remember Duke not wearing any sunglasses. Those didn't came until Duke 3D. Why they decided to have the sunglasses on in this version is beyond me. Duke doesn't need the sunglasses to be Duke. I know it's a minor detail, but I guess you can compare to George Lucas changing minor things in the original Star Wars trilogy. It doesn't make it worse, it's just annoying.

But when it comes down to it. This is an excellent game and well worth the price.
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I bought three copies of 'Why I'm So Great'.
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Tough and fun. This classic game is so much fun. The way it plays is good and the action is really cool. Definately not the easiest game but you will have a great time. You should really pick this up. Especially if it is on sale!
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A blast from the past

This game is a game i grew up with in the time of floppies, for me it has still stands strong though its a simple game. Like i said its a game from the floppy era so no mouse is involved this makes it a perfect game to play on youre laptop in the bus or train. Sinds its such an old game any pc can run it altough you might want to watch out for youre battery in youre laptop because you still need steam to run it (on or off line). If youre not easely carsick and you want a game to play in youre car then this might be the thing you want. The game inst that hard but you need to time youre jumps right and shoot alot of things at the same time if you can do that (and like that ofcourse) on the backseat of the car with a crappy laptop then this is the game for you. If its on sale again during a winter or summer special its extra good because then the price will be even lower. I hope you found this usefull and if hesitant you should see some youtube video's that always works for me ^^.
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This sequel to Duke Nukem is pretty dang cool. It's so shocking that in a 1990s old scrolling game, it can include insane explosions and extremely challenging enemies. I really suggest you play it because it is awesomer than it looks and it has a good story. Also, the story can be pretty humorous. Get the game - an Apogee classic! 9/10
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hail to the king, this is where it all started fight ailians in these 2d duke nukem platformers
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a video game classic!
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Reminds me the early days of my gaming life. Not the best, but not the worst.
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Retro styled addiction!

Created in 1997, this game has been in a continual development till 2011. This is the second addition to the well known Duke Nukem series. If retro style games arn't your thing, recommend not purchasing this.

One negative thing in this game was the storyline was very hard to follow. The graphics were fairly good, for a retro game designed in the 90's. It is quite addicting yet frustrating further in the game. It is fairly fast-paced and repetitive, which gives it that arcade game feeling.

I had played this game for over a year, before my new computer couldn't run floppy disks anymore. Luckily, it had been on Steam. This game gives hours of gameplay and has a very interesting perspective. It is fairly cheap, so no loss trying it out.

First Posted: 20/12/2013
Last Edited: 21/11/2014
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Stupidly addicting. Even if i only have 10 minutes Play-Time total i already have this game installed on my PC.

I recommend it to anyone who likes Side Scroller Shoot em' up games.
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More like puke nukem, ya know what I'm sayin'?! Just kidding this game's awesome. (._.)
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BAD ♥♥♥♥IN ♥♥♥!!!!!
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