The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new game from Ubisoft Montreal that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!
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Çıkış Tarihi: 5 Şub 2015

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"A brilliant game with a lot of depth involved in castle building and attacking. Plus, it is also free to play!"

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27 Mayıs

P2W Concerns

Dear Mighty players,

MQEL has a significant competitive aspect, so we want to be sure there are no gameplay advantages available exclusively by paying for them.

The competition between all players must be fair, regardless of our different commercial offers.

The time-limited presence of rare creatures or traps in the crafting lab could create unfairness between players who bought the Infinite Pack or Material packs and those who are only crafting creatures from materials looted during attacks.

To improve this situation, we’re going to make the following modifications in the upcoming patches:

- Step #1
- Reduce the number of different material types. This will make gathering desired materials easier.
- Increase materials drop rate; giving you more opportunities to choose how to improve your defense.

- Step #2
-The Return of the Rares event: For one week starting tomorrow, all the rare creatures and traps will be available in the crafting lab (without level restriction but with a limited quantity of 5 per creatures/traps). This will allow players who didn’t have the chance to play the game while previous rares were showcased to catch up.
- After this event, the rare creatures and traps won’t be sellable on the Steam market anymore (those already on sale will stay on sale, but no more will be added).

- Step #3
- Last but not least: All the rare creatures and traps will be permanently added to the crafting lab without any quantity limitation. They will be unlocked following the crafting lab progression (like any other creature) mimicking the same type of unlock progression as the ones in the Infinite pack.

The Devs.

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27 Mayıs

Patch Notes - May 27th

The Knight is free this week!

This week, the Knight is available for free from Thursday 12h00pm until the beginning of next week. Here are the conditions to get a discount on its cost in Blings:


  • Reach level 5: 50 Blings discount
  • Reach level 10: 150 Blings discount
  • Reach level 12: 350 Blings discount
  • Reach level 15: 650 Blings discount

Note: Due to the functionality of the replays, all replays prior this update have become invalid.


New Features:

Big Changes to the Materials!
The changes to the Materials are finally here. What does it mean and how will it affect your game? Let us tell you…

3 of the Common Materials (Explodium, Eau de Trappe, Cursed Cog) have been removed and replaced by Smoldering Eye. All Creatures, Traps and Equipment which used those Materials in the Crafting Lab/Blacksmith now will use Smoldering Eyes instead.

3 of the Exceptional Materials (Essence of Awesomeness, Hard Shell and Limbo Dust) have also been removed.
Essence of Awesomeness will be replaced by Sacred Branch, Hard Shell by Forgotten Stone and Limbo Dust by Long Horn.

The cost of the following Creatures will be affected:
Punching Cyclop, Ground Punch Cyclops, Healer Bone Puppeteer, Enrager Bone Puppeteer, Aura Guardian, Stare Master - Ominous Orb, Stare Master - Displacer, Bad Dog, Battering Ram, Dampener, Explodifier, Pete Poundmore, Slim Scott, Dr Howser, Dr Dunhammer, Shallnotpass-o-tron, Pew Pew, Mittens, Mega Mutton, Mr Boomboom, Captain Clubbage, Lord Marleybone, Terroraptor Overlord, Goatman - Bola Strike, General Cluckenstein, Clustercluck, Manaferatu, Hot Cluck, Snowser

The cost of the following Traps will be affected:
Trap Generator, Glue Mine, Spike Trap, Hamster Wheel, Ballistic Cannon, Springboard, Rotating Cannon 3 Flames,
Gelatinous Wall, Acid Cannon, Fire Mine, Corrosion Mine, Hush Machine, Rotating Cannon 1 Flame, Rotating Cannon 2 Flames, Hot Roller, Caustic Carpet, Chargoyle, Sadistic Cannon, Burn'n Hell-o

The Damage Rune (for the Totems) is also affected.

The cost of the following Items will be affected:
Bamboozler, Smoughsher, Amulet of Jackpot, Slice a'Life, Splattering Ram, Snake n'Bake, Sabrehawk

Since we will be exchanging the removed Materials for the new Materials, if you were saving up to craft one of the above mentioned items, you'll still be able to craft them, hopefully faster now.

Loot Drop System
As mentioned in our article last week, we also modified the loot drop system so that the drops would be more consistent and give us more control. We will be balancing this in future packs.


Bug Fix:


  • An issue were Audio sounded compressed has now been resolved
  • Numerous random crash issues reported from the last pack are now resolved.
  • Out of Mana feedback around screen has now been re-enabled
  • Minor fixes to video settings buttons
  • AN issue where some events/traps would not play their SFX has now been resolved
  • Fireblob missile alignment has been tweaked

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"Diablo meets Dungeon Keeper"
PC Gamer

"Mighty Quest is like pop-corn. You take just a few to taste them and you end up finishing the whole pot without noticing."

"At its core, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot shows a lot of promise. I love the dungeon building and the quick and instant gratification the hack n’ slash looting gives."

"The name may be a bit confusing, then, but there's no mistaking the warmth lurking within wonderful chunky art and the neat dovetailing of complimentary systems."

“Mighty Quest is on its way to becoming the essential multi-player game for the non-multi-player”
The Examiner

Bu Oyun Hakkında

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a brand new game from Ubisoft Montreal that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!

As a newcomer to Opulencia, you will hack n slash your way through hundreds of castles designed by the ingenious minds of your fellow players!

Don’t forget to show them who’s boss by constructing deadly keep of your very own – in this kingdom, size really does matter!

Key Features

  • Castle Looting: Prepare your hero for battle and charge into one of many player-created castles to test your skills and might! Oh yeah, and don’t forget all the loot and gold waiting for you in the treasure room at the end of the castle.
  • Castle Defense: Protect your treasure from the greedy hands of your neighbors. You and your friends can build custom castles with majestic rooms and fill them with deadly monsters like fire-breathing dragons, nose-picking Cyclopes, swarming vampires and more. Then, surprise your foes by boosting your castle’s defenses with fearsome fire cannons, spike traps and other surprises. The more enemies perish in your castle, the higher the reward.
  • Variety of Heroes: The outlandish world of Opulencia has an eccentric cast of characters ranging from the knight, Sir Painhammer, a good-natured tough guy to Blackeye Bowgart, an archer with a chip on his shoulder. More will be available in the near future.
  • Character Customization: Plain armor is out this season, shiny metal is in. Use your well-earned gold to shop and customize and level up your heroes in style.
  • Showboating: Think you are the baddest of the bad in all of Opulencia? Prove it by creating different challenges for your foes and compare yourself on the leaderboards.
  • Intense Action: Play on your own schedule. Short sessions means you can play when you want to. It also doesn’t hurt to have others playing at the same time, but you don’t need them playing simultaneously to experience looting at its best.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 3.00 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant Video Card with at least 256 MB of memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: The minimum configuration is currently higher than what it might be when the development is complete. Please understand that the current version is work in progress and is not yet optimized.
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kayıtlarda 5.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 15 Mart
Şu oyunu F2P yerine normal parayla satsalar müthiş olurdu standart ubisoft ek paketler ile para koparmaya çalışıyor :)
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10 kişiden 6 tanesi (60%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 3.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 5 Ocak
Nadiren kendini oynatabilecek bir oyun. Başlarda zevkli geliyor fakat zaman geçtikçe sıkılabiliyorsunuz. Yine de kötü bir oyun değil.
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401 kişiden 306 tanesi (76%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
7 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 3.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 8 Aralık, 2014
It's VERY pay 2 win, and unbelievably annoying at that. Basically, a game about paying for imaginary green thingies to buy other imaginary thingies with them.

0/10 I'm poor.
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300 kişiden 233 tanesi (78%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 14.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 28 Aralık, 2014
Good concept, poor implementation.

The hack-n-slash element starts off feeling basic and never really goes anywhere, don't expect your character to develop a great deal beyond slightly shinier loot. The classes and skills never felt particularly well balanced, with a lot of the balance patches at best feeling arbitrary and at worst made by people who don't actually appear to know very much about their game.

The dungeon building element at first feels like it could be good fun, with some good potential for murdering attacking players with a variety of traps and monsters. You'll quickly begin to realise that it's exceedingly shallow, with repetitiveness kicking in quickly. The only practical differences between two random player dungeons is what monster and castle skins they wanted and, importantly, how much real money they were prepared to spend.

Pay to win is strong with this one and, if you aren't dropping real money on it, you're going to be at a significant disadvantage attacking or defending against those who do.

The whole thing has the feel of a mobile or browser game that you dip in to now and then, playing short sessions and paying money to make things happen quicker. It doesn't stop there though, you can spend money to buy outright stronger dungeon defences and markedly better weapons. You could likely get there eventually without spending a penny but it's going to take a very long time and a whole lot of grind.

Top all this off with a nice dollop of mandatory Uplay client and you have fairly shallow and dull game, that will never tire of you spending money on it.
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211 kişiden 151 tanesi (72%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 156.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 5 Ocak
Hi I have played this game from around the time it came out, it got a little repetive and the extra currency you need to pay for was a little worrying. After a few glitches I stoped playing this game it was in the development stage which I payed for.

Thought maybe it would get better and so I recently played it again and it was good to see you can now at least gain the green gems in more ways than just getting to a new region. But after receving laucher issues with this game I decided to leave the game until it's out of the beta phase.

It's clear to see that it was never about making a good solid game, it's only about making money. There are honestly some good ideas in this game, but its a shame the company also put lot effort in ideas for making more money.

"Who's looting who?"
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86 kişiden 63 tanesi (73%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 4.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 24 Şubat
[NOTE]: I have downloaded this game from its official website and played most of my time (around 70+ hours) on it, before downloading on Steam, mind the low playtime.

Okay so I get this game when it was in Open Beta, back one year ago.
It was all fun to play and so on (I haven't played Diablo III at that time, otherwise I would have uninstalled this game and made my life 10 times better).. but it was forcing you to play non-stop. Haven't played for... 2 DAYS?? That's it, you got raided of money, crystals and almost all your crowns! That is, frankly, just horrible, Ubisoft. What were you thinking? I had the urge of uninstalling because of this downside really often. I opened the game to buy some new upgrades for my castle, but.. guess what? 50 players defeated my defense and ''stole'' all my items (and, please, don't come saying my castle defense rating was too bad and it's my fault; if you've played 5 hours you probably know that ALL, literally ALL people are using the same techinques to avoid traps and kill all minions faster; it's basically no matter what you do, your castle will get raided of everything and the only way to keep up in the leaderboards is to play non-stop, which won't happen, at least for me).
Alright so new games got out and I uninstalled, with a bright smile, this game, promising I will never touch it again and cry at how empty my chests would be if I haven't played for more than a week.
Now it gets ''fully released'' (which is not surpringly, really, Ubisoft is well-known for selling half-finished games) and reappears on my Steam Market page.
Nostalgia hits me in the hardest moments and I couldn't help but reinstall it, REALLY HOPING (praying while it was downloading) that Ubisoft did something about that horrible downside.
And guess what?
Exactly. They didn't do ♥♥♥♥.
Surprisingly I still had a few gold and crowns when I started the game, but that most probably was because my castle was inactive for too long and it just wouldn't show up on other's PC. The gameplay was almost the same, they just made the HUD 3x times uglier. That was 2 weeks ago.
Today I open it up (repeat, 2 weeks after last launch) just because of boredom, and guess what? EVERYTHING was raided from my castle.... That is just NOT what I call a good, fun game, a game which you enjoy playing.
Let me get one thing straight before I summarize this review: I LIKE the fact that people are also playing on my castle. After all it's ok to lose from time to time, so it wasn't the number of looters that dissapointed me. As stated, it's just publisher's fault for making a horrible balance. It's fine for me to see them getting to my treasure room (using the same techniques from one year ago, doesn't seem that Ubisoft give a damn about rebalancing those either), but losing everything you worked HOURS on? No, that is the ULTIMATE BUG, gamebreaking, unimmersive and leaving you in hatred for knowing that you could've spent those hours in other activities, which would let your effort be seen afterwards).

*sigh* It's rarely that I get to be so dissapointed by a video game. I have played not-so-great games (with a rating under 50 from Metacritic) and all user reviews not recommending it, and I can say that NONE, EVER, was so bad as this game. And it's just sad, The Mighty Quest had a FINE gameplay, but really, Ubisoft ALWAYS has to ruin their games in some way... If it's not horrible optimized, then let's just add a game-breaking mechanism.
I am not glad to say this, but this game has definitely shown me just how bad a game can make me feel. Uninstalled, unsubscribed and hope not to hear from it again (at this point it just brings too bad memories to take it only as a simple game; it's dozens of hours ruined, in fact, fake giving me the impression I would finally achieve something..)

For this review I am not going to add a [+] and [-] rubric, nor a personal rating. I just want to finish with it already and forget about it. If you have tried it, I bet you can relate, if not, I beg of you not to play this game, unless you like gathering a lot of gold and then see it all gone in a matter of time.
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130 kişiden 83 tanesi (64%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 21.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 11 Aralık, 2014
For the first levels the game is very enjoyable.

After sometime it becomes boring. Always the same thing, also players tend to use anti-game tactics ingame so their castles can not be invaded.
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105 kişiden 68 tanesi (65%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 10.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 17 Ocak
This was a very good game for a couple of months. However it turned into a pay-to-win.
Would not recommed
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111 kişiden 70 tanesi (63%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 43.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 17 Ocak
I played this before it became pay-to-win, if you want a game where you defend things, attack things and shoot comedy baddies with bows and stuff, buy "orcs must die", or at least watch the trailer.

If you're reading this, and have the skills or friends required to make a game, then please make an exact copy of this game, but make it a fiver, and not pay-to-win... also hit me up when it's done.

TLDR: pay to win.
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35 kişiden 26 tanesi (74%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 115.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 27 Nisan
Conceptually-speaking, the game has a lot of potential. My main gripe with it is how vast the difference is between paying and non-paying customers are. I am only floating around the 700-800 range (due to lack of commitment) but the difference in castle defenses are already quite significant. Keep in mind I only play this game for a minimal amount each day. I am sure that as you get higher in the ranks, the premium~free gap only gets larger. I don't recommend this game if you are looking for balance. It has a lot going for it but unfortunately that's not one of them.
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27 kişiden 21 tanesi (78%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 392.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 15 Şubat
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

A game that started of like a great, similar to Diablo 2 game, but with much more enjoyable graphics and gameplay experience quickly turned into a "Who can spend the most money?" game.
When I was playing the beta, it was still a good game, because the prices of the ingame items were very high and you could rarely see anyone having too many pay-to-win items in their castles.
Now the prices sunk by a lot and if you check the castles, (almost) everyone that has more than 1000 crowns, has spent money on the game, whether by purchasing ingame currency, called "Blings" or by purchasing items for their castle defense on the community market!
You can still enjoy the game though, by exploring other people`s castles and attacking lower crown castles or demolish higher crown castles and their pay-to-win defenses, when you are good in the game and have good equipment (also partly buyable with Bling)!

I`m gonna end this review with some quotes from my friends and clan members, who also have more than 200 hours in the game and a lot of game experience:

My question was: Try to describe The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot in 1 sentence!

"Still a lot to balance about this game. Same like with all of Ubisoft`s recent unfinished games!"

"Dont start playing it if you are not willing to spend 20-50 Euros to have a good castle defense!"

"A great example of how easily f2p games can turn into p2w."

"Ubisoft should have given us a credit card alongside the game..."

"What I would say about the game, you ask me? Well, if you will already use that in your review, let me describe you the game in 3 words: UBISOFT, UBISOFT, UBIF*CKED."

"Just when I thought: Finally an enjoyable strategy MMO game, where everyone has the same chances.. Bamm... Ubisoft and their "Lets get as much money out of the stupid costumers as possible" marketing strategy!"

My final thoughts:
I will still keep playing this game, because the attacking part is not f*cked up yet, it s actually really enjoyable seeing p2w castles with more than 70% win ratio burn and i want my clan to get into the Top 5 or at least into the Top 10! :) (Current rank: 15, Name: GymCyan) (12.2.2015)


I really hope this review or rather critics to Ubisoft helped you out by deciding whether to download this game or not.
If it did please leave a thumbs up, so more people can read and agree/or disagree on my opinion!
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100 kişiden 58 tanesi (58%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 16.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 19 Ocak
So this review is going to be odd but trust me worth the read.

This game has gone Pay-to-Win, plain and simple. You have $512,586,348,954,125 to spend on games then you will have a super amazing castle with super amazing traps and everything. Here is the flaw. A lower level skilled enough can still beat your castle.

Would you believe me that is the pro?

Here's why, there is nothing more satisfying to a person who is playing all legit(free) and beats a cheating(pay-to-winner) with nothing but skill alone. Takes nothing but a small about of skill to beat most people. The only thing that makes a castle hard is the level of the monsters in relation to the player and layout.

To make this simple, just download and play this game. It is point and click so if you are not a person who likes those kinda games then maybe not for you. but if you like DoTa, LoL, or Diablo(1-3)(1-2.5) then you will enjoy this game.

Small edit for a REAL con - crafing things take a while if you take that route and dont pay money. only crafted a few things (not chickens) in 14 or so hours.
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86 kişiden 50 tanesi (58%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 3.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 19 Ocak
+Feels a bit like Gauntlet
+Create your own castle and attack other player's castles, then comment and rate them
+Fun gameplay
+Only one gb
+It's made by Ubisoft but it doesn't use Uplay (even if I never had any problems with Uplay)

-You can chose only one character for free (But they get usable for free on some days)
-No co-op
-A bit too repetitive and grindy

Don't forget this is still in beta.
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73 kişiden 43 tanesi (59%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 0.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 20 Ocak
If you played torchlight before and you liked it , u cant miss this game.
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60 kişiden 36 tanesi (60%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 14.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 19 Ocak
Ok, Mabey its because im older and dont mind spending money in game to get ahead so to speak. I really like the game, the concept of dungeon raiding and castle building have fascinated me for many many years. People here complain and shoot the game down with not recommending the game at all. The creatures and traps are cool and original. The graphics are awesome for this type of game. Its honestly fun to play! Please give it a chance you wont be disappointed.
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47 kişiden 29 tanesi (62%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 29.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 17 Ocak
simple, funny the voiceovers are most hilarious!

i love the game for some relaxing gameplay.
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21 kişiden 15 tanesi (71%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 2.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 10 Ocak
A great game played it for hours on end would recommened it to all my friends can be rickey at times but still a good game
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23 kişiden 16 tanesi (70%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 5.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 13 Ocak
Like Diablo III with traps. 10/10
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105 kişiden 60 tanesi (57%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 16.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 18 Ocak
First note, I would like to say that I played in the alpha of this game - which was not on steam. This means that the hours displayed here does not show my entire experience.

Type of game: 3rd person dungeon runner / dungeon master - Casual gamer appeal.
You have two different playstyles in this game. You either raid dungeons made by NPCs or players, for gold, that is spent on upgrading your own hero or your own castle.
Alternatively you devote your time maximizing your own defenses against the raids from other players, seeking to steal your treassures.
The game somewhat requires you to explore both playstyles.

Graphics, Audio and controls:
The game looks nice, feels nice - and sounds nice. I'd probably give it a 10/10 on this.

Review: The first 7-8 levels are the most fun you will have in this game, but in turn it is challenging and enjoyable.
In the beginning levels you will see a wide range of dungeons, some which are challenging, some are easy - and some downright impossible. This started very fun and was utmost enjoyable, but soon turned to be a tedious grind.
The castles eventually turned into clones of eachother as certain trap builds were proven more effective than others, and that's when the game seized to be fun. After raiding the 10th castle in a row with the same trap setup (catapult block + mines), at which point i was getting somewhat used to dodging and breaking the traps by running on and off them, i no longer had fun. This is where I changed over to only working on my own defense, and tried very hard to make something fun but nothing remotely close to the trap build. I did and do still enjoy the defending part of this game, but as the prices for upgrades and similar went up, I found myself having to either wait a month or to grind NPC castles over and over 100 times to get an upgrade.
As a gamer with plenty of experiences grinding, I came to the conclusion that I did not feel the results were worth the effort, which is when I stopped playing this.

Fun game to try and play for a while, but it gets incredibly tedious and grindy for what is supposed to be a casual game.
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51 kişiden 31 tanesi (61%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
kayıtlarda 61.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 10 Aralık, 2014
This game is very enjoyable. Great blend between diablo, dungeon keeper, orcs must die and evil genius.
I strongly suggest to give it a try, despite the hoard of "not recommend" on the top comments.

Personally, I don't care if it is a pay-to-win game. If goal is to win, you can still have lots of fun beating easy castles. It is up to you.
It is possible to get the same stuff as people who paid, it just take longer.
Also, there are no impossible traps. Basically, people who paid offer real challenging castles. If you want to have fun, thanks these guys for offering such hard to beat content and don't get frustrated if you looses, it is part of any games.
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