Для запуску цього вмісту необхідна придбана в Steam копія Sanctum 2.

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Дата виходу: 5 вер 2013
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Для запуску цього вмісту необхідна придбана в Steam копія Sanctum 2.

Придбати Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme

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Придбати Sanctum 2 Complete Pack

Includes Sanctum 2, Sanctum 2: Britech Skin Pack, Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion, Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme, Sanctum 2: The Pursuit and Sanctum 2: The Last Stand

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Про це DLC

Explore the dark depths of the Slums of Brightholme! This expansion adds four new maps that will once again brutally challenge your maze building abilities! Play with the new unlockable towers such as the crazy random Makeshift tower, or saw your foes up into pieces with the very first melee weapon in Sanctum 2 – the Circle Saw! Of course you’ll see new enemies as well, such as the Infected Explorer, a hybrid between a human and a Walker. And finally, there will be seven new unlockable perks, including the Thor Module, that causes towers to emit shockwaves whenever they kill an enemy.

Key Features:

  • 4 New Unique Maps - Explore the dark side of Elysion!
  • 2 New Weapons - Nailgun and CIRCLE SAW!
  • 2 New Towers
  • 2 New Enemies
  • 7 Additional Perks ( incl THOR MODULE )

Note: Ruins of Brightholme is included in the Sanctum 2 Season Pass and is part 2/4 in a series of DLC for Sanctum 2
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more areas more enimies more fun
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(Sanctum 2 - Ruins of Brightholme)

The second of the Sanctum 2 DLCs, this one is waaaaaaay less useful in terms of whole-game content, mostly including silly stuff like the Makeshift Cannon and Circle Saw - yes, it's the first melee weapon, but going into melee against Lumes is as potentially fatal as you might expect it to be!

...it's also way, way better in terms of maps and new enemies, though, and comes in very recommended.
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