Newly updated with 7 singleplayer/co-op missions, a brand new multiplayer map and vastly improved hit detection! Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay. Play co-op or multiplayer on dedicated servers around the world.
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Data de lançamento: 2/jul/2013

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O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

“We're a small team pouring our blood, sweat and tears into delivering an FPS that merges the best from tactical shooters with believable science fiction and role-playing-- think Half-Life meets System Shock, giving birth to Rainbow Six in space!

By purchasing Early Access to Interstellar Marines, you’re actively supporting the development of the game, and as we release frequent updates we invite you to give your feedback and suggestions to help us create the best game possible.”
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Early Access to Interstellar Marines including all future updates and expansions + Join the Spearhead unit (unique honorary game profile) + Your username in the Hall of Honor and your name in the credits of the game + Digital download of the Interstellar Marines: The Beginning soundtrack and all future soundtracks + Digital download of art book when it’s ready + Get 1 extra Interstellar Marines Steam Key to gift to a friend.

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"Nice Early Access First person tactical shooter game with more to come. Solid game; Campaign, Co-op, Multi-player with lots of fun and things to do."
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9 de fevereiro

Update 17: Welcome On Board!

Update 17: Welcome On Board!

Every new year should blast off with something exhilarating, so for this update we're moving you along at a blistering speed with the addition of the new sprint movement mode AND a free week on Steam!

Update 17
Version: 0.5.17
Released: 6th February, 2015

What's New

ADDED: New Introduction Mission: Welcome To Project IM
ADDED: Early iteration of the Accuracy, Stamina and Sprint changes. These changes will be completed in Update 18
ADDED: Hell Week introduction video and sign up form to main menu
ADDED: Admins can now change multiplayer map from in-game
ADDED: Spawn locations of power boxes in Operations are now completely randomised
ADDED: Server browser is split into Coop and Multiplayer servers for easier and quicker browsing
ADDED: Chat is now logged on a per-server basis
ADDED: Warning message given to players joining a high-ping server
ADDED: New hit detection is default on servers
ADDED: Spearhead icon now shows for Spearhead players on singleplayer scoreboards
ADDED: Several new Steam achievements
ADDED: Several new TP rewards
ADDED: List of TP rewards in the Profile tab, removed outdated list from levelcam view


UPDATED: The NeuroGen Incident re-built as version 3. Improved map, resolved several issues, improved performance, added mercenary bots to different team, reworked several areas of the map
UPDATED: Server browser filters are now expanded by default
UPDATED: In-game chat function now allows multiple lines
UPDATED: Several additions to stats tracking
UPDATED: Arch to ensure players cannot glitch out of the map
UPDATED: New reticule for the Assault Rifle

Known Issues

- Some new achievements and TP rewards may not work. We're investigating
- Not all new achievements have icons, we'll add next week
- New achievements do not show up within the in-game Profile tab. We will add these soon
- The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
- The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4)
- View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
- Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
- Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
- Potential to fall through elevator when moving


FIXED: "Keycard in crew quarter in NGI sometimes not appearing"
FIXED: "Inability to revive in multiplayer maps other than Dynacore"
FIXED: "Logs can only be played once in NGI"
FIXED: "Death skull now shows for bots in Playground maps"
FIXED: "No more floating bots at the start of Stronghold Coop"
FIXED: "No extraction marker on Starcrown"
FIXED: "No extraction marker on Colony if you leave and rejoin during a match"
FIXED: "Bots sometimes not appearing in single player"
FIXED: "The 'no run/crouch' triggers occasionally cause permanent 'no run/crouch'"
FIXED: "Multiplayer scoreboard styling"
FIXED: "Difficulty in single player sometimes incorrect after playing co-op"
FIXED: "Revived players experiencing black screens'"
FIXED: "Cargo elevators in NGI have crate shadows above them"
FIXED: "HUD difficulty text not going offline when HUD goes down"
FIXED: "Bots spawning and instantly dying in NGI research"
FIXED: "Exiting the coop poster now works"
FIXED: "Revive no longer completes if reviving player is killed"
FIXED: "Spawn time is now accurate when waiting to spawn in Deadlock"
FIXED: "Players not correctly first person spectating other players when dead"

Your team at Zero Point Software

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9 de janeiro

Hotfix For Update 16

Hotfix For Update 16

Today we've released a hotfix for Update 16. This introduces some performance improvements, fixes some minor issues, brings back The NeuroGen Incident servers and fixes some issues with the stats system.

Update 16a - Assault On Starcrown Aerospace
Version: 0.5.16a
Released: 9th January 2015


UPDATED: Physics performance enhancements
UPDATED: Revive time depends on mode and difficulty setting
UPDATED: Xmayhem game mode put back in Santa's Christmas box, and Mainline Winter reverted to original version


FIXED: "Incorrect Unity build setting creating issues with resizing screens and vsync"
FIXED: "Issue in The NeuroGen Incident (NGI servers are back up)"
FIXED: "Not being able to find the last bot in Elimination game mode"
FIXED: "Online stats are now being recorded. Some further work to be done for edge cases. Stats will be reset in future"
FIXED: "Occlusion bugs on Starcrown and Mainline"
FIXED: "Blocker added to Mainline to ensure players cannot leave the map"
FIXED: "Crate occlusion on Stronghold"

Known Issues

-The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are wider than 16:10
-The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4)
-View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
-Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
-Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
-Potential to fall through elevator when moving
-Sometimes bots will not appear in single player maps. Restart the game and they will appear
-Sometimes the first series of bots on Stronghold Elimination A will spawn mid-air
-Revive does not work on multiplayer maps except Dynacore
-Scoreboard sometimes goes out of alignment

Your team at Zero Point Software

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Interstellar Marines - Regular Edition

Purchase Interstellar Marines and receive the following:

  • Early Access – be part of the development of Interstellar Marines and provide your feedback and suggestions as we expand the game update after update.
  • All In – receive all future updates and expansions completely free of charge.

Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition

In addition to Early Access to Interstellar Marines (including all future updates and expansions), the Spearhead Edition includes:

  • Access to Beta Builds of New Updates – Spearhead owners receive access to early beta builds of new updates before they're released publicly, allowing you to test out new content in advance.
  • Spearhead identity – A unique honorary game profile that with time will grant you access to special skins, helmets, weapons etc. (does not alter gameplay).*
  • Hall of Honor & Credits – Your name will be acknowledged in a special in-game Hall of Honor and you’ll also get your name in the credits.*
  • Digital Soundtracks – Download the Interstellar Marines: The Beginning soundtrack as well as all future soundtracks as they are released.
  • Digital Art Books – Download digital PDFs released periodically, filled with high resolution concept art, screenshots and behind the scenes information.*
  • Extra Steam Key – You’ll receive an additional copy of Interstellar Marines to trade or gift to a friend.
  • Digital Concept Art – You’ll receive early copies of concept art and other images in a special Spearhead folder on your hard drive.
*Not available yet

Steam Greenlight

Sobre este jogo

7 Singleplayer/Co-op Missions and 9 Unique Multiplayer Maps Available!

We now have seven singleplayer/co-op missions available to play, including the new Assault on Starcrown Aerospace and The NeuroGen Incident campaigns, which propels you into the middle of two pivotal missions inside the Interstellar Marines universe. Play singleplayer or co-op with up to three friends in intense action with more co-op, singleplayer and multiplayer missions coming soon!

Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and non-linear gameplay. Set in a believable future, you take on the role of an elite soldier handpicked to join Project IM, a top secret military program being assembled to protect mankind from all dangers outside our solar system.

Interstellar Marines is inspired by Half-Life, System Shock 2 and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Our game is all about evolving the FPS recipe with all the inspirations we've assimilated since the birth of the genre. Our goal is an evolutionary leap forward driven by our compulsive interest in science fiction, role-playing, military realism, and respect for first person immersion.

Features Currently Available

  • Singleplayer and co-op stealth campaign called Assault on Starcrown Aerospace with sandbox gameplay, randomised locations and multiple difficulty levels.
  • Massive singleplayer and co-op level titled The NeuroGen Incident.
  • 5 additional co-op and single-player challenge missions against our unscripted AI for you and your friends to test your abilities.
  • 9 unique indoor and outdoor maps featuring dynamic environment configurations such as time of day, rain, thunder and lightning, emergency lighting, fire alarms, movable platforms etc.
  • 100% dynamic lighting and real-time shadows as well as destructible light fixtures.
  • Full-body first person character simulation (no more floating hands!) with a physics-based dynamic character controller.
  • Advanced and intuitive crouch and cover system.
  • Physically present combat helmet with futuristic HUD projected onto the inside of the visor glass and affected by light and rain.
  • Deadlock game mode (5vs5 and 8vs8) in highly dynamic environments.
  • Full spectator and movie mode with freecam, first and third person views. Record movies, livestream, and cast matches.
  • Experience various maps and prototypes in “Playground” mode (singleplayer).
  • Play on high capacity dedicated servers in the US, Europe, Australia, Russia and Brazil.
  • Submachine Gun (CE6) and Assault Rifle (AR-3) with full-auto fire.
  • Shoot from hip or look through the Red Dot scope for increased accuracy.
  • Toggleable tactical flashlight for when it’s pitch black.
  • Toggleable laser to assist your aim (no crosshairs)
  • Smooth network play even on high latency connections with packet loss.
  • Realistically simulated ragdolls with momentum transfer.
  • Multiple Steam Achievements.

Vision of Interstellar Marines

  • First Person Simulation
    A razor-sharp focus on creating a truly immersive First Person Simulator via distinct graphics, audio and gameplay.
  • Tactical Co-op
    The entire game experience designed from the ground up to support up to 4 players in co-op, with true cooperative interaction.
  • Progressive Role-Playing
    Flat and classless progressive character development and skill system that is not dumbed down for consoles.
  • Nonlinear Game Design
    Open and dynamic game world that always presents a multitude of tactical options for navigating the environment.
  • Customizable Arsenal
    A comprehensive selection of weapon models and types, extension upgrades and equipment options, allowing on-the-fly choice in each tactical situation.
  • Thinking AI
    Enemies that react to input from you and the surrounding game world. We would rather have one smart thinking enemy than five stupid ones.
  • Believable Science Fiction
    Realistic and rich sci-fi environments, ranging from claustrophobic space stations to large outdoor worlds.
  • Interactive Storyline
    A cinematic narrative centered around first contact with another sentient species, where your choices and actions will have consequences.

    Roadmap (Near Future)

    These are the features we are planning on adding fairly soon, and are in no particular order. Many of them have already been partially completed:
    • Steam features (stats, achievements, friends).*
    • Advanced character movement (sprint to be added).*
    • Tactical gameplay (fatigue and adrenaline).*
    • Co-op features (multiplayer).*
    • Weapon features (rate-of-fire, extensions, reload types).
    • Extend general game UI and HUD system.
    • In-game profiles.*
    • More weapon types and models.*
    • New multiplayer maps.*
    • Environment variations, theme and context.
    • Shooting range (singleplayer).
    • Developer Commentary mode.
    • Oculus Rift support.
    • Server / LAN support.*
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI).*
    *This is already partially completed and in Interstellar Marines

    Your team at Zero Point Software

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4770
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • OS:Win 7 or later
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 5830
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:10.7.5 (Lion)
    • Processor:2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3850
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • OS:10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Intel Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GT 120 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Linux
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:2 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4770
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • OS:Latest version of Ubuntu (14.04)
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 5830
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Publicada: 9 de março
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What will it be?

A sci-fi, story driven tactical coop FPS.

What is it now?

Systems are incomplete, no campaign, but there are good coop PvE missions and team PvP.

How is it different?

Darkness. Real darkness. Clever flashlight usage needed. Scary.

Bots. Real bots. Scary.

Controls. Good controls. Holding a key holds, 'hitting' a key toggles crouch, aim, flashlight, laser. Hold time determines jump hight. Inventive, user-friendly.

Teamwork. Needed. Do not reload at the same time. Cover all angles. Assign roles. Use voice comms.

Is it fun?

Yes it is.

What else?

Community is quite mature.

Game has quality and polish already.

Developer is independent, crowd funded (before KickStarter!).
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Publicada: 19 de março
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"When is the next update?"
"Next update."
~ ZPS.Bozar (the community manager) answering my question.

Alright, now for an actually correct review.

This game first of all is in Early access, as you may have noticed already. Surely some of you might think "Oh great, it's another one of those sh*tty games where people are only begging for money, instant downvote." okay, no, it's not as bad as it sounds, in fact, the game is quite decent even though it's a Unity engine based game, and I don't blame them for using such an engine, knowing how they got bankrupt a few years back. So far I will only say the game is in decent condition, not that many gamebreaking bugs, some neat coop and gameplay experience, and it's filled with good people (except for me, I am the biggest ♥♥♥♥ of the game... probably), the community is mostly lively, and one of the devs (A.K.A. ZPS.Bozar (the community manager)) make Monday and Tuesday (possibly Wednesday even) community gatherings to keep the community updated with what's going on, what are the plans, when will be the next update coughnextupdatecough, and some off topic randomness with a couple of good laughs and shooting eachother in the faces, because hey, that's what the game is about.

Speaking of updates, yes, this game gets updated monthly as soon as possible, while almost 95% of the updates do get delayed due to some bugs and glitches that seem to pose a threat on what the gameplay might end up like (stuff like missing keycard spawns in which they don't spawn at all, waypoint breaks, AI errors, falling through stuff and so forth), personally, even though the devs do put up annoying delays which just make us wait a few additional weeks for a hyped update to come out... and thus likely crash a train labled "Hype train" full of innocent people who are only looking to see what the game has to offer. But still, the devs always do it for a good cause, they want to make the game as solid and stable as possible, whilst also give a few balancing tweaks to make sure that no one is overpowered in any way, so that's always an up. And besides, all the scripting and modelling and animating and map making is not as easy as it sounds for a small dev team, really.

But now, onto the fun stuff: The gameplay.

The gameplay is pretty solid, you are brought in with so far two guns (an SMG and an assault rifle, more are on the way, so give it a wait), at 7 PvP maps, all with a constant changing enviroment and increasingly good atmosphere, which will always keep you on your toes. Several singleplayer maps which can be played in coop on certain servers (more on that later on), and right now, a gamemode called Deadlock (before it was Deathmatches and Team Dominations, though these will also be brought back soon enough in the later update). Personally I like the Deadlock gamemode, it's an onslaught of an 8v8 (if you're lucky to get in a full server) where the two teams have to either capture all of the 7 points or eliminate the entire enemy opposition before they lose all the zones or get mauled by the enemy force. It's like Insurgency with Skirmish, capture a point to get your team back, although in this case, it respawns only one but (hopefully) useful teammate which has died before, which is always a good thing to do, because having the enemy outnumbered is a always an up for your team, although, just because they have only one last marine standing (or LMS for short, that, or "That guy who is gonna die and fail our squad because he has no idea what he's doing.") can always, and I mean ALWAYS, make a turn to the game where in the end it's YOUR team that gets outnumbered, and guess what, it wasn't because your team sucks, it's because the enemy team knows where to go first, where last, where the enemy might be, what point to cap, where to camp, and so forth, it's all basically tactics that bring this up, and that's the best part, there is always a way for something to go right or painfully and horribly wrong, and the game can easily be twisted by a single person's actions, wether was it a point capture or an enemy neutralization... or just smart corner camping, HELL, ANYTHING GOES BASICALLY. But mainly, it's the teamwork that keeps the team rolling, covering certain areas to prevent flanking, reviving dead teammates next to you (did I tell you that there is actually reviving in the game? Well, I tell you now, there is reviving in the game, use it dammit) to keep the odds against the enemy, and usually an accurate aim and some good reflexes will be able to get you out of the frying pan (and possibly into the fire if you're unlucky enough...), even though some people say it feels a bit like CoD coughgodieinafirecough and a bit like quake, well, I might have to agree there a bit, it does have a slight feeling to it, but never too much, as one going CoD style against the enemy will have him killed and his team to utter failiure (never underestimate the enemy, they can always appear smarter than they look). As for the AI of the game... weellllll... let's just say they still have a lot to improve with their robots, since they're buggy as hell (running into walls, shooting at people's feet, staring at the sky for no apparent reason, did I mention running into walls?), but nonetheless always fun to play against on harder difficulties (Realistic is the highest difficulty, just so you know, and I recommend that difficutly to be palyed at all games and times), beacuse it will always give you more of a reason to use cover and move around slower, because a few shots means death. So yeah. Speaking of dying, headshots are always instakills, so keep your head somewhere safe at all times... no, not underneath a bucket you baka. In the new update they introduced a stamina and accuracy system, which will obvously affect how you aim and such, so don't run around too much or you'll be hitting everything but your target, plus, you'll be moving with the speed of a snail if you drain out completely, you have been warned.

But what are the singleplayer/coop games like?

Well, so far there are 2 campaign mission, The Neurogen incident and Starcrown aerospace, which are both pretty good, even though Neurogen is a little bigger and darker, which is always good, while Starcrown is basically "Take that keycard to open that door so you can get a keycard to open that door so you can then pick up the intel thingy that looks like a keycard so you can open the evac zone and spawn tons of annoying robots which will blow your head off in a split of a second." ... That could've been better said, but sadly, I am being honest here. The Starcrown map is basically taking keycards to open doors like all the time... Still it does give the option to go through several enterances (Front door (my favorite), a side enterance at the left (which somehow looks more like a lobby...), a giant hangar door at the back, and a very convenient fence opening on the left storage area) which does give a little more variety to what ways you want to do this, always an up, even though in the end you end up Rambo-ing out to the evac zones with your friends, nevertheless a good laugh of constantly getting shot at. There are also several other coop maps, 2 Elimination maps (Mainline and Stronghold) in which you have to kill all the robots to win, 2 Survival maps (Colony and Operations) where you have to turn the power back on (CONTRADICTION + SPOILER ALERT: You actually end up turning the power off, not on, if you get the idea), and avoid getting killed by all the robots, and lastly an Escape map, in which you gotta get topside by doing some simple objectives.

Welp, looks like I'm running out of space to type stuff, so I'm just gonna conclude this with a "Must have!". I would've typed in so much more if I had space, sadly, Steam hates me. :C

Buy this game, buy the spearhead edition, support the devs, and I get a cookie. C:
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Publicada: 5 de março
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Honestly one of the best tactical games ive ever played. if you like great graphics, shooters, realististic lighting and levelution, definetly pick this game up.

...Like seriously this game is boss...

For a better review check out this link to MWNs video:
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Publicada: 14 de março
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Hmm. You can review the game without buying it. How the...
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Publicada: 26 de março
Análise de acesso antecipado
Let me start my review by saying this game is not complete quite yet, but as far as I'm concerned, it mind as well be a full game.

In essence, Interstellar Marines is a tactical FPS simulation game with sci-fi and mild horror influence. Even though there are some premises and technology that are currently not existent in modern day, it feels realistic. I feel like that in ten years or so, this is could be reality, especially with good physics, annoyingly lifelike recoil, pain and exhaustion wobble and other environmental effects on your condition and visor. The 'realistic' difficulty is certainly true to its title: it is a true challenge to complete tasks with that difficulty active.

First off: gameplay. As of yet there are about 10 singleplayer missions of ranging objective, such as escaping a space station, clearing an area of hostiles, or restoring power to a building. In every mission you have two long weapons (no handgun, which I am not personally happy with) : one for longer range sniping, and one for fast, full auto, close range bursts. Recoil makes handling both of these weapons a great task, especially when scoped in. A silencer, laser and flashlight can be utilized at any time. The enemies are (in every mission I've done so far) robots. They have fairly good AI, and can be pretty fearsome when charging out of the darkness with ear splitting shrieks and slamming you around. They can recognize your flashlight and triangulate your position accordingly. Some are armed with weapons similiar to your own, and some use only their limbs. As for co-op/multiplayer: it's amazing. I love it. Some of the best co-op I've ever played in any game, ever. The tactical potential is immense. Working with your team mates to complete objectives and eliminate other players or robots is the best feature of this game. Nothing to be missed there. I personally much prefer the co-op to the multiplayer, as objectives often seem distorted and chaos seems to ensue in player vs. player scenarios. It is also frustrating to be killed in dark maps, where your enemies may be in a shadow, so they are invisible (or practically so) to you, but you are standing under a light. There is also no spawn protection, which can also prove to be aggravating.

Secondly: graphics. Absolutely stunning. The vigetting, superb textures and smooth atmospheric lighting truly makes this game a joy to look at. Some of the best lighting work I've seen in a long time. The way that each map has it's own feel and atmosphere is almost completely a result of the fantastic graphical work by the developers. 10 years have obviously been put to good work. The sound design is also very good. The maps are dynamic, as they change weather, time of day and general status (emergency lockdown, totally silent, in tranisition, etc.). In each mode, the sound adds very well to the atmosphere. The sound of the rain is consistent; robots' groans and creaking adds to the tension and fear of a startling encounter; the overwhelming sound of gunfire accurately represents how an actual warzone would sound.

And now, the conclusion.
Singleplayer --> 8/10
Graphics --> 9/10
Co-op --> 9/10
Multiplayer --> 7/10
Replay Value (singleplayer) --> 7/10
Sound design --> 9/10
Overall --> 8/10. Fantstic game, would recommend to any sci-fi/simulation/FPS/tactical fan.
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Publicada: 27 de março
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I actually didn't expect very much from this game when I saw it was free to play for the weekend. So I gave it a go and was surprised, Recommended game. :D
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Publicada: 16 de março
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To be completely honest, I didn't buy this game, I invested in it. Several years ago they had a promotion for people who spent a certain amount of money to obtain "stock" in the company. I was one of those people. (I had to sign paperwork and mail it to them.)

This was all before it was ever greenlit on steam. Now, a lot of people say that it's slow or it won't be finished. Most people compare a small time-frame of from EA release until now, or an even shorter time-frame of "Free Week" until now. What I compare is literally from the time I invested in it, it was a browser-based unity engine, without an actual "client" to now.

Then, it had a few things to play around with, empty maps to explore, the visor, changing weather/day-night cycles, etc. Now it has multiplayer, coop, an emerging "campaign," and even some fun little things to find in some of the maps. (Personally found one of the shark models and took a screen-shot of it.)

While a lot of Early Access is considered failures or scams, eventually being abandoned by devs, I don't believe this is one of them. Sure it's slow, but how long does it take a AAA company to pump out a mediocre game with teams of 100s of people? Two or three years? This game has less people, and are working on a level of immersion I have yet to see in an FPS. I'd say that would take a lot of time.

Now, call me crazy, maybe I wasted hundreds of dollars, (Yes, I spent several hundred dollars), but I am excrutiatingly picky about games I buy, and even pickier about games I "invest" in. To date, only one of them has "failed" me, and that's Star Forge. Should this game succeed, I can see it changing the face of the FPS genre from here on out. A lot of "new" FPS's are simply revamped graphics with the same content. This one promises to introduce new "features."

Bottom line:
Don't buy if you are: Impatient, don't have faith in Early Access as a general rule, expect a whole lot of content right out of the box (current box at the time of this writing)

Do buy: If you actually read what I wrote, are willing to place faith in a potentially genre-changing title, don't mind slower updates.

Why: Because no matter if you buy it now or not, if the game fails, it's impossible that you will have wasted as much money as myself (Unless you also bought into the stock option back then, in which case I was on the lower tiers).
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Publicada: 26 de março
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it's a good game with amazing lighting system but it's needs limited ammo because having unlimited ammo just kill the tension
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Publicada: 26 de março
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A perfect game if you like si-fi first person shooters, even though that the game is early access it is still amazing. 10/10
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Publicada: 31 de março
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Based on the free weekend, i really enjoyed this game.

Basicly its hard to spot what really distinguishes this game from alot of other fps, but w.e it is... it definetly works!

Simple, pretty fluid movement and combat, alot of "skill cap" potential and imo good graphics.

Another major point is the constant attention from devs and the possibility of it going competitive.

anyway its a early access game and some stuff is obviously unpolished or not 100% yet. Campaign and single player is slow and not that good.
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Publicada: 1 de março
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This is a great game with good devs that actually took their time to deliver without many issues. I remember playing the test range in Kongregate some years ago (Bullseye I think) and Immediately knew this had potential.

I'd recommend this game to those that like to spend just some time on a game and then for some coop action.
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o Joguinho Ainda Esta Em Faze De Desenvolvimento Mais ele é um jogo bem interresante,Contem Graficos Bons, Jogabilidade Boa,Voce Ja Começa Numa Missao Muito Boa Meio Que Um Treinamento ele tem os seus Modos De Jogo Como o Coop e o PVP Um Fps Muito Bom.

Sobre o jogo:
"No game, o usuário assume o papel de um soldado de elite que é escolhido para participar do Project IM, um projeto militar secreto que está sendo desenvolvido para manter a raça humana protegida contra inimigos que vêm de fora do sistema solar. Tudo isso acontece em futuro não muito distante e o jogo tem elementos bem reais."
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Publicada: 13 de fevereiro
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Rainbow Six feelings. Não é pra criancinhas.
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Publicada: 12 de fevereiro
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Cara o jogo esta em fase alpha ainda e mesmo assim está muito bom, o coop é muito fera, o multplayer dinâmico, o que o pessoal não conseguiu entender é que as armas e o uniforme é de treinamento, as armas não são letais, e até onde eu joguei os robos do coop são de treino, ou seja, até agora é só TREINO.
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Publicada: 16 de fevereiro
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muito bom !!!
pretendo adiquirir!!!
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Publicada: 12 de fevereiro
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very dark, you can not see anything and when it hits a flash of light for a little while, you are face to face with the enemy, to the sights laiser the delivery position. very tense
muito escuro, você não consegue ver nada e quando bate um clarão de luz por um pequeno instante, voce esta de frente com o inimigo, até a mira a laiser entrega sua posição. Muito tenso
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Publicada: 10 de fevereiro
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É um jogo que me interessou principalmente por que o jogo é inspirado em half life , system shock 2 e rainbow Six3.Vale a pena jogar muito viciante.
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Muito bom,recomendo
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jogo ♥♥♥♥ mas tem alguns bug ainda

com CO-OP MULTIPLAYER E SINGLEPLAYER,as misões são bem dificeis mas como tem CO-OP fica muito mais "jogavel".no MULTIPLAYER nao tem desigualdade, todos tem as mesmas armas com os mesmos recursos e é só em equipe nao tem FREE FOR ALL, mas o jogo vale apena compra é muito bom de graficos nem é tao pesado mas não quer dizer que é aquele PC da XUXA que vai rodar
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Publicada: 24 de outubro de 2014
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'Quick' & simple review:

  1. Dedicated developers, even if progress on the game is slow. (For goodness' sake, it's a small indie studio!) Plus great community managers!
  2. Generally mature, close-knit, and wonderful community.
    (I must warn you, a few black sheeps exist.)
  3. Intentionally challenging game mechanics: (devs are aiming for realism)
    • No HUD crosshairs,
    • real weapon recoil,
    • hearing impairment after taking damage (with disabled HUD until you recover),
    • dynamic character breathing (which affects gun wobble),
    • limited movement speed and hampered jumping,
    • no checkpoints/save system in campaign/co-op
      (aka. permadeath, 'cuz it's hardcore),
    • long respawn time in PvP to force the players to be vigilant,
      (you can never be too careful in this game)
    • fair & balanced PvP
      (for now, SMG and rifle are available, and NO KILLSTREAK BONUS, HA!),
    • bots are literally robots who can flank you, snipe you a mile away, and make you wish you are wearing adult diapers on harder difficulties.
  4. Innovative game mechanics:
    • First-person simulation
      (no floating hands, no viewmodels,
      full first-person body is rendered where FP camera resides... and that helmet faceplate you see in first-person?
      Yep it's a real in-game, in-environment model too)
      wtf, the HUD too?,
    • dynamic crouch & cover system,
    • changing environments and game states.
  5. Dynamic maps! (This deserves repetition!)
    (Laugh as a wall rises to block your opponent off, or ragequit when a ninja jumps on you.)
  6. Awesome audio & visuals!
    (Provided that your hardware can take it and max out all the settings, and it's in Unity.)
    • Hear the water splatter around you at different places
      (on the ground, on your helmet, on the roof...)
    • Watch how the water splatters on your visor
      (hint: slowly look up and down... if you bought this game)
    • "" (Officially denied by the devs & CM)
    • Check out the lighting!
    • ...and maybe many more fine details that are too damn obscure that you must pay attention to actually notice.
  7. Tense atmosphere in both campaign/co-op and PvP.
    (Your flashlight may or may not be your best friend.)

  1. It's Steam Early Access.
    (not really a bad thing, but I guess some people don't like the notion of buying an incomplete game.)
  2. It's hungry for hardware, and not Mac/Linux-friendly ('cuz OpenGL and Unity).
    • On my iMac:
      30-60fps main menu, 15-30fps in PvP,
      drops to 1-5fps on NeuroGen Incident (biggest map in the game)
    • *turn off beamsync*:
      OVER 90... yeah... until NGI, it drops to 5fps
    • Switch to Bootcamp Windows 7:
      40-100fps main menu, cool 30fps in PvP, 20-30fps on NGI... not bad.
    • *switch from DirectX to OpenGL*:
      screw this... OpenGL & Unity hate each other.
    • Machine: Intel i5 2.5GHz, AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB, 8 GB RAM
  3. Plenty of bugs to stomp (which I actually enjoy, but then, again…)
    • I mean, check out the pinned post I'm keeping (or I had been keeping) in the Steam Discussions page. It's friggin' long...)
    • Seriously. The list, although unofficial, is longer than this puny review. The official buglist is much longer.
    ("...where the **** is the keycard?!" "HOLY CRAP I AM FALLING THROUGH THE MAP!"
    that kind of thing. But a marine keeps his cool, no?)
  4. Server rollback has yet to be coded & implemented. (keyword: yet)
    • Client-server feedback latency may vary for different people.
      If your opponent/robot manage to shoot you in the head before you can even react, blame lag.
  5. Small multiplayer population + surplus servers + high ping (in my area)
    • Perfectly good money wasted on empty servers, IMO.
  6. No landsharks, yet.
    • Devs are so perfectionist that they want to perfect the AI code before introducing the sharks... *hype dies out*
  7. Spoiler: Not in space, yet. (The NeuroGen Incident is a reenactment underground.)

Thus, in the current state of this game:

Recommended For:
  1. Gamers looking for a highly balanced and tactical FPS.
  2. Gamers looking for thrills with replay value, and tired of mediocre jumpscares.
    (Advice: Never play on Easy mode. It kills the atmosphere.)
    But this is not meant to be a horror game. It's... uhm... a test!
  3. Live by the game tagline: In space, your friends can hear you scream.

Not Recommended For:
  1. Gamers used to and prefer mainstream FPS, like CS, CoD, BF etc.
  2. People who don't like buggy and incomplete indie games.
  3. Gamers who set the same high expectations like they do with heavily funded games by big publishers.
...which I can totally understand. This review is meant to help your research.

All you have to decide is
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