The complete solution to manage and monitor devices and their drivers. Install, uninstall, backup, restore and download drivers with ease. The effortless health check, with an automatic driver updater to update outdated drivers and install missing drivers, can scan and fix detected issues quickly.
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Release Date: Jun 11, 2015
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"Look no further this is the best driver updating and removing program. This will keep your computer running great and smooth. Love this program!!"
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June 11

Driver Fusion 3.0 Update Released

We are delighted to announce that Driver Fusion 3.0 is available for download now. The most important change of this update is a redesigned menu based on the feedback we received. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Interface - Community suggested feature - The menu has been redesigned to improve usability. It is now possible to go directly to each screen without having to select another tab first.
  • Interface - Added a help button to go directly to the manual.

Changed features:
  • Device control - Added a progress indicator while scanning for hardware devices.
  • Driver family - Improved caching of installed driver families.
  • Driver family - The installed driver families will now automatically refresh after a delete operation.
  • Driver family - Added a progress indicator while scanning for installed driver families.
  • Driver family - History items are now saved even after cancelling the current operation.
  • Interface - Improved the responsiveness of driver family.
  • Interface - Improved font scaling of the notification bar.
  • Interface - The scrollbar is no longer invisible when it is disabled.
  • Interface - Many icon changes to clarify their function.
  • Localization - Community suggested feature - Added right-to-left language support.
  • Localization - Added Kazakh and Uzbek.

Resolved issues:
  • Device control - Devices without compatible ids could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Changing between different sources in the driver backup install dialog could occasionally result in an empty title bar.
  • Desktop - The user name was not stored correctly for all languages.
  • Interface - A white line was occasionally rendered at the bottom of the window.
  • Steam - The Tree Mulcher Steam achievement could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.
  • Filters - The new filter entry could also be added with cancel.
  • Filters - Multiple filters with the same name could be added.
  • Filters - Add new filter entry button could in some cases be visible without a selected filter.
  • Driver family - Scanning for installed driver family entries could in some cases get stuck at 0%.

Since last year we've been working a lot on improving the interface of Driver Fusion. Many parts of the interface, including the redesigned menu added in this update, are improved based on the suggestions we receive. Please continue to share your thoughts with us as this is important for us and the future of Driver Fusion. As with all updates, it's free for everyone to enjoy.

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April 1

Interface feedback needed

Since last year we've been working a lot on improving the interface of Driver Fusion. As a result are many parts of the interface improved based on the suggestions from the community.

The part we receive the most feedback on is the menu. Because we receive both positive and negative feedback on the menu, we would like to hear your opinion on it.

We've been working on a couple of variations on the menu and will show you some below.

On all screenshots, the icons are placeholders and do not represent the final idea. The blue color might also be changed (feedback is welcome).

On #3 and up you can also find a question button shown on the top of the screen. This button links towards the manual of that specific screen. This is planned for the upcoming version.


The current menu, the hints shown.


A menu on the left side, the hints shown.


A menu on the left side, no hints. The most important hint is now shown as a tooltip when you hover over the menu.


A menu on the left side, no hints and a question icon where you can hover over (or click on) to describe the feature. This question icon is only shown when you hover over health check. Here, you can also find a settings icon on the bottom left instead of the top.

With this type of menu there is no longer a separation between the screens we use at the moment (maintenance, computer, management). We also made some variations with separation integrated:


Implied separation, but not naming them.


Separation with names.


Separated by category, you first click on a category and then it expands to the different screens.

Your idea for another type of menu (or another variation on the screenshots above).

To just name a few questions we have:

  • Should we change something in the menu? If so, what should it be changed into?
  • Do you find the hints at the top of each screen useful and would you prefer to keep these hints as-is? Or would a tooltip be enough to describe the feature (with or without the large question button on top of the window)?
  • Is the separation of the screens (maintenance, computer, management) useful to you?
  • Another idea we've had was that the question icon on top of the window had two options, one would be to go to the manual (as described above) and the other one would be to show the tooltips in a dialog. Is this something you see as an improvement?

You can leave your feedback on this announcement, in the discussion forums or contact us through email. Please tell us about your opinion as your feedback is very important for us and the future of Driver Fusion.

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“Driver Fusion is looking pretty sweet.”
PC Gamer

“A program that most PC users should download.”

“Driver Fusion is a handy solution.”

Steam Greenlight

Just Updated

We're very excited to announce the release of Driver Fusion 3.0! This release introduces many community suggested features, along with several other changes that you can find in the announcement.

About This Software

Driver Fusion is the complete device and driver solution for your PC that can manage and monitor your devices and their drivers. You can install and uninstall drivers with Driver Fusion, including the ability to backup, restore and download drivers with ease. The effortless health check, including an automatic driver updater to update outdated drivers and install missing drivers, lets you scan and fix detected issues quickly. Furthermore, you can disable, enable and restart devices while Windows is running. With our cloud-powered removal engine you can delete the driver entries that are left behind by the normal uninstallers, which is especially useful when you are updating a driver or changing a device.

In addition, Driver Fusion can help you to identify devices that Windows does not recognize, generate a device and driver report, backup and restore your desktop icons and screen resolution, or read the sensor values of your devices. Driver Fusion provides you with all the information that you need to know about your devices and their drivers, allowing you to detect and solve problems or simply find your computer specifications in one place.

Get started today and take advantage of the wide and growing range of features that Driver Fusion has to offer and keep your PC running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To try Driver Fusion, download the demo for free. You can unlock the premium features by purchasing.

Demo Features

  • Health Check
    Health check helps you to keep your computer up to date by automatically finding the latest drivers.
  • Driver Family
    Driver family enables you to delete the software and driver entries, such as files and registry keys, that were installed by a vendor installer.
  • Desktop
    Desktop helps you to backup and restore the desktop icon positions and resolution of each screen.
  • Filters
    Filters enables you to create new or extend built-in driver families to detect software and driver entries that were installed by a vendor installer.
  • History
    History allows you to view and restore the operations that you performed.
  • Process Assist
    Automatically stops blocking processes and services to assist driver family.
  • Localization
    An interface that is available in 73 different languages such as English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  • Vendor Support
    Wide vendor support, including AMD / ATi, ASUS, Intel, NVIDIA, Logitech, HP, Microsoft, Marvell, Realtek, Creative and more.

Premium Features

All of the demo features, plus:

  • Device Control
    With device control you can view and manage the devices and drivers installed on your computer and check if they are working properly. You can view all device and driver information that you can possibly need for troubleshooting, including in use or reserved device resources and in use driver files. You can also use device control to install or uninstall drivers, disable or restart devices, and scan for hardware changes.
  • Health Check
    Everyone wants their computer to be reliable and run smoothly. Health check analyses your computer's health and helps you to easily fix detected issues such as outdated or missing drivers. It helps you to keep your computer up to date by automatically finding and installing the latest drivers through the automatic driver updater. Our online driver database is constantly updated, ensuring that you have access to the latest driver versions. New drivers often improve stability and performance by fixing existing problems or by introducing new features. With health check you can also create a backup of all installed drivers at once. A driver backup can be used to easily revert to a previous version or to install all drivers automatically if you reinstall Windows.
  • Device Identifier
    If you discover an unknown device with a yellow question mark in your system, it usually means that Windows does not recognize the device or that a wrong driver is installed. But what if you do not know the manufacturer of the device or are unable to locate the required information? With device identifier you can identify the type, name, and manufacturer of any device by searching through our ever expanding device database. After the device is identified, you can immediately search online for the discovered information.
  • Driver Backup & Online
    If you install or update Windows it is likely that you invest a considerable amount of time and energy in finding the correct drivers. You can either use driver backup to create a backup of existing drivers first, or you can rely on driver online to download and install drivers for your devices with ease through our ever expanding online driver database. This feature is also helpful if you encounter problems with your computer or devices, or if you want to revert or update a driver to another version.
  • System Protection
    System protection is a feature that creates and saves information about your computer's system files and settings. This information is saved in restore points. The restore points are automatically created before key changes are made to the system, such as the removal of a driver. You can use these restore points in System Restore, which helps you to restore your computer's system files and settings to an earlier point in time. With system protection you can always decide to go back to a previous system configuration and it can even save your desktop icons and resolution for you.
  • Enhanced Removal Mode
    If you ever tried to delete driver family entries you might have noticed that there are usually several entries left behind. The free version of Driver Fusion is not able to delete files, directories and registry entries that are currently protected, locked or in use by the operating system, other users, or programs. You can rely on Driver Fusion Premium to automatically take several additional measures through safe Windows procedures to delete these entries, ensuring that the driver families leave absolutely no trace behind.
  • Monitor
    Monitor gives you insight into the sensors from the devices installed on your computer, such as the power usage, temperature and clock speed. You can monitor sensor information from your processor, graphic card, motherboard, hard drive and fans. The majority of devices from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA are supported but not all devices have sensors or can be monitored. Device support will continue to grow over time.
  • Reporting
    The reporting feature allows you to generate reports from your system or from maintenance actions. Reports are provided in an easy to read, formatted design that you can view and print using any web browser. The reporting feature is also ideal for doing analysis and can be easily used in papers or other documents. A system report is perfect for creating a reminder of the original configuration or for sharing your system specifications with others.
  • Top Priority Support
    We provide support in two languages (English and Dutch) for our users around the world. With Driver Fusion Premium all your support issues will be given top priority as well as any feature requests that you might have. And best of all, Treexy does not charge you extra for support.
  • Cloud Driver Database
    The cloud-powered database provides a flexible and powerful feature that significantly improves the analysis and detection of driver family entries for the cleaning process. It gives you direct access to possible new driver family entries instantly, without having to wait for the next product update. And perhaps best of all, Driver Fusion does it all automatically for you.

Upcoming Features

All upcoming features will be delivered completely free of charge to all customers!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Any
    • Hard Drive: 60 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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10.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
Driver Fusion Premium Review Summary

Driver Fusion Premium is by far one of the best utility programs available on Steam for pc. If like myself you have invested thousands of Dollars/Euro into your gaming rig, then Driver Fusion Premium should absolutely be in your software library. It will detect and resolve multiple driver issues that you were previously unaware were either missing/corrupted or outdated and I guaruntee after your first Driver Fusion Premium health check you'll be amazed at how many instrumental and obscure drivers begin populating the page. Driver Fusion Premium offers multiple driver maintainance features of which, I have listed in the lower portion of this review.

Simply put, I can't recommend Driver Fusion Premium enough. The combination of the softwares seamless functionality, accessable interface and excellent customer service support offered by the developers Treexy here in the Steam forums are more than enough to warrant my recommendation to anyone interested in computer maintainance.

Driver Fusion Premium Review Score:
ːss13okːːss13okːːss13okːːss13okːːss13okː out of ːss13okːːss13okːːss13okːːss13okːːss13okː

Treexy's Driver Fusion Premium customer service here on Steam is second to none

The custormer support being given here on Steam by Treexy is second to none. If you have an issue or a question in regards to Driver Fusion Premium, Treexy will answer your questions and offer guidance for those who need it. Simply put, where other developers here on Steam fail Treexy succeeds. Treexy communicates directly through the forums in a candid manner on a daily basis, answering any questions you may have including but not limited to product questions, technical support and more. If you have a question about Driver Fusion Premium, post a thread and I guaruntee they'll respond in a timely manner.

Why am I such a huge supporter of Treexy's Driver Fusion Premium?

Driver Fusion Premium solved the infamous MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T 7 issues that have plagued so many but, had previously gone unsolved even by MadCatz and Cyborg themselves. Their answer has always been that it may be a faulty laser issue and an RMA may be the only solution. This wasn't the case whatsoever and was due to a driver distribution issue on their homepage. Driver Fusion Premium succeded where a manufacturer couldn't within seconds.

If you are a MadCatz Cyborg owner and have experienced similar issues to what I explain in the thread below, more than likely Driver Fusion will resolve it. Due to space limitations if interested, please follow the link below to read my entire thread in regards to Driver Fusion Premium solving my MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T 7 issues here in the Steam forums.

Is the premium version worth 39.99?

No, it's worth far more than that and it issues you a lifetime Steam liscense to use on multiple computers. I like many in the forums questioned as to whether or not Driver Fusion Premium functionality warranted it's price. After running the health check feature for the first time I was instantly converted into a believer, after seeing how many drivers were either outdated or missing/corrupted. If you value your tech and consider yourself a true entusiast, you owe it to yourself to make the purchase, you won't be dissapointed that you did. Read below for my detailed overview of the features you recieve with Driver Fusion Premium.

Driver Fusion Premium Features Overview
  • Premium Health Check: The Driver Fusion Premium health check is what I and many other Driver Fusion Premium users consider to be it's most useful and more than likely most frequented feature.You will be presented with three available options to utilize during the health check, Driver backup, Missings Drivers and Outdated drivers which can all be selected either individually or as a group depending on your needs at the moment via check boxes residing next to each corresponding category. At the bottom left you will then be presented with the option to scan and once it's completed a fix option will replace it in the same location.

    Driver Fusion Premium edition will manage this section semi-automatically creating backups before anything is performed and then begin populating the screen with data in regards to missing and/or outdated drivers and offer available certified/signed driver to either replace them with. It will then ask if you wish to proceed with it's recommended fixes. Once the fix option is selected Driver Fusion Premium will begin downloading and installing the necessary driver file you have selected. Within minutes your installation is complete and you will then if necessary be prompted to restart your computer as with any driver installations, restart and everything will then be completed.

    I really can't praise the Driver Fusion Premium health check feature enough because it truly is something that any true enthusiast should own. If you like myself have heavily invested in your gaming rig or computer in general, this investment will pay for itself usually within it's first launch. Like myself most users proclaim an instant gain in general computer efficiency and some have even remedied ingame issues such as low fps, launch issues and more. I guaruntee if used correctly this program will absolutely be one of the most appreciated pieces of software in your library.

  • Driver Family: Driver familiy offers and much more efficient and effective method of creating backups, deleting installed driver entries such as files and registry keys. Simply put this feature eliminates the need for programs such as CCleaner anymore and the mistakes that come with it such as deleting incorrect reg files etc. All driver associated tasks can now be accomplished directly here in Driver Fusion Premium in an easily organized and stress free manner. Another fantastic feature of Driver Fusion Premium.

  • Device Control: Device control is basically access to windows device manager, although that can be achieved without Driver fusion Premium it is a welcome addition considering it makes management much easier with it being in this location as well.


  • Desktop: Desktop will allow you to backup different layouts and screen resolution for furture restoration with the press of a button.

  • Monitor: Monitor is exactly that, a hardware monitor that presents on the fly information in regards to functionality such as Processor, Graphics card, Hard drive and motherboard information.This is another nice addition that although may not be the most detailed monitor available, is fantastic to has such easy access to while working on maintainance.


  • History: History offers information that can be reviewed such as previously deleted/restored drivers which can also be rolled back to at this location. This is another essential feature in Driver Fusion Premium that shouldn't go unnoticed. Simply put it's a feature in the case you experience any issues after installation and need to revert back to a previous state.

  • Filters: Here you can create filters in regards to all driver maintainance actions.

Purchased Driver Fusion Premium and would like to learn more about it's functionality?

Check out the Comprehensive Driver Fusion Premium Guide (work in progrees) for a detailed explanation of Driver Fusion Premium and it's features. The guide will be completed by February 1, 2015 but, already offers quite a bit of information that may assist you.
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Posted: June 2
6/24/15 Update 1: At bottom
6/02/15 First Review: As a person who rarely even has an active antivirus running, I usually avoid buying any software like this. Read the reviews on steam here, and i am super glad i finally caved! Updates ALL of your drivers with a couple clicks, about 50 i didnt even know about! Also showed me that i still had the drivers for my gtx680 installed (using 970 now). It also easily lets you pick and choose what drivers to back up. And another great feature ive been using is the monitor, keeps track of processor and graphic card loads, and temperatures all on one nice screen. And what really convinced me to buy it, is its yours for life. Free updates, never have to buy a "new" version. And you can use it on any PC you install steam on! Try the free version from their website, then if you like it buy it on steam.
Treexy responded and I believe you can download driver fusion (free version) from steam and then later upgrade if you want. Also, steam achievements for cleaning up your drivers! A much much better achievement then looking up a girls skirt in lolipop chainsaw.

6/24/15 Update 1: So bought downloaded arkham knight, it recommended i update my nvidea drivers. I did, crashed my pc acouple hours in. Wouldnt restart if it wasnt in safe mode. Deleted new nvidea drivers in safe mode, restarted. PC worked normally again, loaded up driver fusion because thankfully i backed up my nvidea drivers when i bought it. A couple easy clicks and back to stable drivers! One thing i might recommend to treexy, make the help section offline? I couldnt check it in safe mode as i wasnt connected to the internet.
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A developer has responded on Jun 3 @ 2:41am
(view response)
11 of 11 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 24
This program is a life saver, it really is. Built myself a new computer earlier this year & ever since I've had crashes (usually about one a week but sometimes like one a day), I worked out it was something to do with my graphics card (I use MSI, I've heard before there not exactly the best on quality...) and it was getting to the point where I thought I was going to have to have an (expensive) graphics card change. I was browsing forums to see if there were any solutions & this came up, I saw it was on sale & thought "♥♥♥♥ it, why not". One of the best decisions I've made. It managed to update all my drivers properly and as well as not having a crash since, with updated drivers that weren't updated with AMD Catalyst Control I've noticed a marked improvement in visual quality. Saved me about £200 so I'm very happy with this, would highly recommend to any one with driver issues.
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Posted: June 1
I would.
if you find yourself having not a lot of time to do updates manually & if you hate your desktop icons getting ♥♥♥♥ed up when your resolution changes (it has a feature that backs up your icon layout)

I personally don't use many utility programs like this cause I know how to do everything manually but the speed at which this program does things makes me love this program.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 15
Never had a particular Problem with drivers or my PC going bananas but still bought this, so I can take a look at what I might be missing. Turns out, my PC wasn't missing any driver, which is pretty cool, considering that most of the time I don't give a rat's ♥♥♥. But also turns out, I had 113 outdated drivers and a couple of those were for stuff I used quite a lot. Also I never had a backup of all my drivers or a restore point to boot.
In a couple of minutes and after one restart everything was up to date, I have a full driver backup on my SSD and OneDrive and a restore point.
So it does what it promises and the couple of recent reviews explain in detail.
Since it's probably quite the complicated piece of software the regular price seems alright and the Summer Sale Offer is quite appreciated. I'd say, get it, as long as it's on sale.
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